Can you FEEL it!? 3 Weeks Out from Babes in Joshua Tree!

Helloooo Ladies!!! We are 3 Weeks Away from Babes in Joshua! Are you as excited as we are?!! Here is some stuff ya might want to know:

Registration cuts off Sept 23rd. There will be no on site registration. 

  • An email with exact address for campout  location will be sent Sept 25th to the email that is connected to the PayPal account you used to register with . If you are on the road this time and have limited access to emails, please email us at and we will dial you in :)
  • The site opens to motorcycles and cars at 3pm Friday Oct 3rd. Your name will be under the name and email from the PayPal you used to register.
  • Pick up wrist band upon arrival. It’s ok to park your moto first :)
  • Car parking and moto parking are different but there will be signs directing each
  • You are on your own for food Fri day/night. There will be a CASH ONLY food truck on site the entire weekend by Mad House Pies. Please click on her blog post to see pricing and menu. She has some amazing snacks!
  • We have a group ride leaving the Joshua Tree campground on Sat (maps will be given out). You must have a full tank of gas as the first stop is exactly 55 miles from camp location. We leave at 9 am sharp. We beg you to read the group riding etiquette via Biltwell by clicking HERE. The entire ride is 180 miles with gas stops every 55 miles and a lunch break. If you don’t feel like going, there will be tons of opportunities to do more mellow rides around Joshua Tree. NO PRESSURE to group ride. Safety and knowing your limits is key.
  • Dinner is at 6 pm sharp from Pie for the People. You will get 2 giant slices, salad, and a bottle of water (this is the only food provided as part of your registration fee)
  • PBR, Biltwell kegs, Ole Smoky Moonshine, and water is free until it runs out
  • There IS a camp store on property with snacks, gatorade, tylenol etc that will be open
  • If you have an RV please email us so we can sort the additional cost. Cars and Vans are of no additional cost.
  • The surface you will be camping on is hard packed dirt but please watch for any soft spots
  • There is onsite showers, bathrooms, port-o-potties, and a “cool down” station
  • The only cell service that does NOT work out there is Verizon
  • Not sure what to pack? Please read Tori’s Guide to Moto Camping via Poler and if you need anything, use this one time discount code “joshuababe30″ at checkout to get 30% off ALL your camp needs from POLER STUFF. Thanks Poler!
  • Shoppe815 is offering $5 off purchases over $25 with discount code BABESRIDEOUT14
  • We are going to make a short G-rated reel about BRO and have some GoPros mounted on our bikes. This is not a commercial or a production. No one has to be in the reel if they do not want to. There will be a release to sign upon arrival so we have permission to post it on facebook and youtube. You can pick up a “no thanks” wrist band at check in to guarantee to be edited out.  Please read more about it HERE . Our goal is share the excitement and get more ladies interested in hopping on two wheels. We hope you all want to be apart of it <3

Details on event schedule can be found on BABESRIDEOUT under “Reg & Event Info”. Info on group ride locations for LA and San Diego are updated on the site under “Meet up and Ride to Joshua Tree”.

We are so excited to see everyone soon!! – A&A

GoPro : Reel for Babes Ride Out

Hi! We are going to capture some footage via GoPros over the Joshua Tree weekend to make a reel about what Babes Ride Out is. If you do not want to be involved it’s totally fine and we 100% respect your wishes and privacy. We will have wristbands when you register at the event for those not interested so we can easily edit those people out. Our goal is to be able to capture the memories from the weekend by making a fun and professional reel for the site and hopefully inspire more female riders to join in the fun and make some new friends.

This is not a commercial

This is not a production

This is not being sold

This is not being filmed to sell product

We hope we can use the story to reach and encourage more ladies to hop on two wheels and ride which is the goal of Babes Ride Out.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at


Meet MoldieGoldies Creator Melissa

She is the kind of girl who can make a t-shirt sexy and hang just as hard as the boys. At MoldieGoldies creator Melissa has been designing for years and recently went full time to bring her brand to the next level.  Melissa has been kind enough to donate items for the raffle during Babes in Joshua Tree and we are crossing our fingers she can make it down.  Read on  to get her story and make sure to say hi via instagram @moldiegoldie.

M L Gee stands for my full name, Melissa Lynn Gee. I’m 27, Texas raised, now living in SLC

photo 1 (1)

Before I moved to SLC my mom and I ran a custom swimwear shop in Austin. We made everything from start to finish, that’s where I learned the majority of my sewing skills. Because my mom and I have such different styles, she’s into bright, funky stuff and I’ve obviously got a darker, simpler style, I started making more stuff that I would wear to try and reach out to a different crowd of people than what we were used to. I made an Etsy account to get more business into the shop and really didn’t think much of it, but people seemed to be into the stuff I was making. My friend Annick and I would brainstorm design ideas and day dream over coffee in my front yard about me completely detaching from the bikini shop and starting my own thing, it was a big step for me but I did it. I moved to SLC April 1st and that’s when I got serious about the MoldieGoldies line. I didn’t want a normal 9-5 job, I wanted to keep making stuff and being my own “boss” so I started coming up with designs to make an actual line. I like simple clothes with texture and mesh so I make designs that incorporate that.

For style I look at 90s rocker babes and lingerie designs. My bfs hard work put into his company inspires me to work harder on my own.

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

Next on the list will be a few fall/winter designs and really trying to get MoldieGoldies into shops locally, nation, and worldwide. I think it would be cool to eventually have a store front but then again I kind of just want to sell wholesale to shops and have them do the retail, dirty work haha. I guess only time will tell where this project goes, for now I’m just having fun with it and people seem to be into that.


photo by Gabe L’Heureux



Madhouse Pies Catering at Babes in Joshua Tree

We are pleased to announce that a Joshua Tree favorite, Madhouse Pies, will be setting up shop in their vintage Cortez out at Babes in Joshua Tree! Take a look at the delicious menu options that will be available for purchase all weekend in addition to the food truck dinner that is included on Saturday night. Now you don’t need to worry about lugging in all your cookware or blasting off late night for a midnight snack. Madhouse has got you covered!

madhouse pies postPrint

Camp Tricks from Polerstuff via Tori George

Tori from Poler Stuff is not new to moto camping. We asked the expert moto adventurer to write up some camp tricks that will make your camping adventure in Joshua Tree, Ca even better.  In addition to her advice, the good folks at Poler Stuff are offering a onetime use code for ALL items on their website for 30% OFF all your supplies! Just enter joshuababe30 at check out. Code expires Oct 3rd & make sure to check stock on items before you use your code. The 2 man tents should be back in stock Sept just in case you have your eye on using your code to pick one of those up!  Read on and make sure to say THANK YOU to Poler Stuff @polerstuff via instagram!

Moto Camping can be a tricky one if you don’t plan ahead. Being prepared is the best way to avoid falling in despair and hanging your head down low when asking for borrowed supplies from yer scowling buddy 200 miles in.

Where are you going to sleep?!?

If you aren’t a die hard that likes to sleep under the stars, a tent is necessary. A small light weight or one­ man tent is preferable while cruising on your motor steed. If you are a die­hard, good for you and grab a small tarp to keep a thermal layer between you and the ground.

What to sleep in and on?

Try to bring only ONE sleeping bag, this makes you think ahead and know the temperatures that you’ll be dealing with. If you know you get cold, bring a packable temp rated sleeping sack or bag. If you know its going to be a hot one, a light sleep sack or even a blanket can be used and packed on the bike. If you have a bad back and can’t stand the ground’s hard wrath, you can also bring a SMALL packable sleep mat, preferably a backpacking air mat that you can inflate with your own lungs and deflate when you’re done with it.

*(these three items should be your LARGEST items that take space on your bike, clothes should be to a MINIMAL)

What do I wear?

DONT OVER PACK OR OVER THINK THIS! If you can, wear your heavy gear while riding, and pack your little items in a small carry pack or small duffle. Again, plan for cold and hot weather but don’t bring “options” just one set of each. A small poncho that doubles as a towel is also ideal then you don’t have to pack both and can also be used as a blanket. 1 pair of boots or hiking shoes, 1 pair of small flip flops or vans and Swimsuit (always)

Camp/Cook Gear?

  • 1­ mug, use it for everything from drinking water, booze, eating out of it (mug), or pouring gas in it
    from your petcock if you happen to run outta gas etc. If you get the right mug (metal mug) you
    can even boil water out of them to make food.
  •  multi tool with knife, spoon w/ fork attached, these are radical to have if you don’t want to eat with
    your hands and you’re not wasting plastic forks/knives/spoons.
  • 1­ small camp plate. If your mug is too small to eat out of, these are nice to have.

Will there be light? 

If you bring light, there will be light! Always throw in a headlamp of some sort, super useful when the boozy side of you goes tromping into your tent. Headlamps are hands free and easier to find in the dark then a small tiny flashlight, and they keep your greasy hair out of your face.

Number 1 rule: PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT! Leave your surroundings how you found ‘em, or better

The Napsack   


Two Man Tent (back in stock soon)


Poler Lasso Camp Mug (set of 2)           


Water Bottle / Fuel Canister 


Worker Man Beanie                     


The Duffaluffagus


Trophy Motorcycles is the San Diego Meet Up Spot for Babes in Joshua Tree

The guys over at Trophy Motorcycles are hosting the San Diego meet up spot for Babes in Joshua Tree Oct 3rd from 9:30 -10:30 am. Chase vechicles are welcome to meet there too.

The guys will have fresh coffee for you and also be checking/ topping off oil levels as well as checking PSI as a courtesy. We recommend all the SD ladies be there by 9:00 am so you can get a free safety check on your moto.

The ride is about 157 miles(3 hrs) to Joshua Tree from this kick off point. Feel free to organize groups based on pace and route from this location.  Kickstands up at 10 am.


4952 El Cajon Blvd

San Diego, California, USA.

(619) 286 1800


Make sure to say THANK YOU to the guys @trophymotorcycles for hosting and checking the scoots!