Roll Call // Meet Jaime Dempsey @jme_demps

Jaime Bike 2

I didn’t have any family members or close friends that rode, but nevertheless I was attracted to the thrill, the freedom and the independence that riding motorcycles seemed to offer. Then I met a boy, we went on some dates, and one late night, after our shift at the bar we worked at together, he gave me a lesson. I fell in love…. with both the boy and the bike! It’s now 10 years later, and I’m still riding with that same boy who I now call my husband. Since then motorcycles I’ve owned include Yamaha XS650, Iron 883, Ducati Monster 695, and now a Triumph Bonneville. I love all kinds of bikes!


For years my only riding companions were my husband and his friends. Every time we rode by a girl on a bike (which back then was not that often) part of me would want to shout out “Stop! I want to meet you! I want to know what it’s like to ride with another girl!”. It wasn’t until after I had been riding for about 5 or 6 years that I met a girl at work who had just been to Babes in Borrego. I was instantly crushed I had missed an opportunity to meet so many other girls that love to ride, but when I heard there would be another event I knew nothing would stop me from going. I thought that by going to Babes in Joshua Tree I could maybe meet a girl or 2 to ride with in LA, but what I didn’t expect was that it would introduce me to a whole new community of women from all over who share the love of riding.

Social Media has also played a huge role in my newfound family of moto sisters. After I heard about Babes in Borrego I looked up Babes Ride Out on Instagram and from there I found the Venice Vixens, the East Side Moto Babes and a whole slew of new all girl bike groups. The women’s motorcycle scene seems to have exploded in the last 5 years and I am a huge supporter of that movement!


Motorcycles have not only introduced me to some really interesting people, but they have also taken me to some pretty far out places. I’m currently writing this on a plane headed to the Philippines to film my 3rd season of a television travel documentary called Ride N Seek. In previous season’s I rode motorcycles through Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo and Brunei while experiencing different cultures, cuisines, and amazing sights. This time I’ll be embarking on a month long trip through Luzon,Philippines. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me this time! Unfortunately the show only airs in Southeast Asia, but there are some old episodes on You Tube, and I will be posting on Instagram and Facebook while I’m the road so stay tuned!


Can’t wait to see you all at the next Babes Ride Out and hear about your moto adventures!

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Motos con Amigas & Amigos : Babes Ride Out is Going on EDR


Biltwell’s El Diablo Run is coming up quick and we are so excited to help sponsor this year’s ride. If it’s your first time riding down to San Felipe and Ensenada, don’t be nervous ladies. We will run you through what to expect, schedule of events with map, what to pack, expenses, and a few other useful tips.

What to Expect

It’s Mexico. Phones typically don’t have the best service or any service at all. Road conditions vary so keep an eye out for sand, massive pot holes, and turns without signage. Slow it down and always be aware especially in the twisties between the section from Temecula to the 98. Everyone is going to the same place so do not feel the need to keep up with a group you just met at the gas station but definitely have a buddy system with another rider. Have a plan if you break down. Usually people will stop if you wave them down for immediate assistance but don’t be too much of a damsel in distress, be smart, cover your own ass, and ALWAYS carry extra gas. It is highly recommend to get insurance such as BAJA BOUND as your American moto insurance is no good in Mexico. Print one copy to leave at home and another on your body. Mexico has an entirely different government and a different way of life that you may or may not agree with. Just stick with your group and keep your cool. I highly doubt you will have any issues but just be aware of your surroundings just as you would in any other city in America.

Map & Schedule of Events


THURSDAY: Ride to San Felipe. We have a Babes Ride out hut and you are more than welcome to crash anywhere near it or in it if there is room. There will be tacos and beers at the camp’s watering hole “Ruben’s Campo” and people hanging out all night.

FRIDAY: BEACH DAYYY!!! Full day of activities are planned via Biltwell. They have a whole schedule and you are encouraged to join in on the fun!  Click HERE. Mix, mingle, and have a blast relaxing.

SAT: Breakfast burritos then pack up and ride to Ensenada. Ride at your own pace but everyone should be across and into Ensenada around noon. Once at the Villa Marina hotel, everyone hangs out at the pool for more tacos and beers. Babes Ride Out has a hotel room here so feel free to shower up and relax in our zone.

SUNDAY: Full day at the pool with awards at night

MONDAY: Breakfast burritos and head back to the mother land.

What to Pack

Check the weather before you depart. The weather varies from 70-90 degrees with lows of 50-60 at night. You are closer to the equator in Baja so make sure to pack a higher SPF that is sweat proof.

Packing list of commonly forgotten items:

  • Passport (make sure it’s up to date)
  • insurance papers
  • Reserve gas bottle (a lot of people run out of gas, you could be someone’s hero)
  • Tools to fix bike on side of road (tighten bolts, etc.)
  • Sleeping bag / pad / pillow
  • Headlamp
  • Tent
  • Lighter
  • Bottle opener
  • Sweat proof SPF
  • SPF chap stick
  • Ear plugs
  • Advil
  • Multi tool

Not wanting to camp & rather book a hotel? Click HERE for all info on reservations.


The below are some different price ranges for what you can expect to spend without additional costs for fuel, vehicle insurance and/or lodging.

    • $25 a day will get you a couple of beers and some meals consisting of rice and beans
    • $50 a day will get you about 10 beers and some better food
    • $100 a day and you are drinking and eating pretty much anything you want
    • $150+ and you are probably engaging in some sort of debauchery that you might regret.

And the final bit of advice…

Go over your bike for about an hour and check to make sure all your critical bolts are tight, belt/chain is not loose, brakes are working, lights are operable, and fluids are topped off. Practice strapping your gear to your bike before the night before the event. This seems simple, but can whoop your ass in the last hours before the ride. Know the route and keep a printed copy of a map on you at all times. Lastly, we encourage you to read our favorite article by Bill Bryant about riding in a group. This knowledge is pure gold and everyone needs to re-read if they have not done so lately by clicking  HERE


(Katy Zales @shoppe815 ripping up the Baja coast on EDR13 photo by Ben Zales)

Roll Call// Meet Amber Wheatland @ambswheat


Greetings from Australia, in a little ol’ town called Mildura, population 60,000.

My name is Amber Wheatland, I’m 23 years young, I like beer, fun and motorbikes! (see, we already have so much in common!)

My buddies, (you should check them out on Instagram) @danyellmurrell and @annie_walks, and myself (@ambswheat) are just 3 of a pretty small woman-riding-scene here in Mildura. And we are SUPER PUMPED and very lucky to be coming to Babes Ride Out 3, in Joshua Tree!

How inspiring it is to see like-minded woman unite, ride and laugh together.

My good friend Danielle first told me about BRO when she purchased a (super rad) Born a Bad Seed top online. Shortly after that the dates Babes Ride Out 3 were announced. So naturally, we thought “we HAVE to do this!”

And now, a 3 week trip to America has been booked. We will be working our little butts off to make this a trip to remember. I’ve never been overseas before, so obviously I’m very excited for this adventure.

I’ve loved motorbikes my whole life. My dad, in his day, was a very talented Speedway Racer, so naturally, he has had motorbikes and Harleys for as long as I can remember!

I grew up trying to keep up with my older Brother. We raced BMX competitively for about 10 years, so some of my fondest memories growing up are travelling Australia with my family racing BMX.

Since then, I’ve swapped my BMX for a motorbike. I’ve only had my license for about 9 months, although I grew up riding peewee 50’s and dirt bikes in the bush!

I currently ride a Yamaha Virago 450. Her name is “Sophia Virago”. One day I’d love to have a Harley Sportster, but for now, Sophia keeps my need for speed satisfied!

I’m so fortunate to have good friends to ride with, and I genuinely look forward to making new friends and riding with all you babes!

Instagram: @ambswheat

Lots of love, from Australia,

Amber xxx


Roll Call: Danielle Murrell @danyellmurrell


I’m Danielle! I’m 26 years old.  I’m from a small country town in Australia called Mildura!! Ive always had a slight interest in Harley’s growing up! My dad owned a superglide which was always so exciting to cruise around on. He passed away when I was 19 so I guess that made me want to get into riding more!
I started riding about 8 years ago a few years into my relationship with my big lover jack! Jacks parents own the local harley dealership so they all pretty well live and breath the shit! He taught me how to ride a dirt bike at first a KTM 530 and all the basic stuff!!. His sister @anniewalks and I tried to race a few times over the years. It was mostly just poppin accidental mono’s at the starting gate. :|

Jack and I rode around a lot of Australia on his street bob.. Eventually I got sick of Jacks mullet flicking me in the face while I sat behind him. So I decided to get my license and 2 years later I bought the bestest thing I ever owned!! My 2013 72 sportster! I love it. I ride it everyday no matter what the weather! If I don’t ride I feel like I could go a bit crazy, its almost like a form of mediation for me! I just let my mind go and I find myself thinking of the weirdest stuff!

Mostly I just ride around with jack and his mates or myself! .. The only other girl around my age that rode back then was @anniewalks! We would go for breaky and lunches and try to be hard core bitches!
In the last year there is now a group of about 5! We all ride different bikes and we don’t care we just love hanging out having fun and helping each other be better riders!! We have been following a group of girls called @thethrottledolls from Sydney. Our guy friends have said that we are too feral to be like the throttle dolls so they started calling us the throttle moles .. And it’s kinda stuck!!

I’ve been following babes ride out on Instagram for a fair while now I dunno how I came across it I just seen a Babes in Borrego post! And I thought “I wanna be that” AND now it’s
happening this year! 3 of the @throttlemoles myself @ambswheat and @anniewalks are coming over and we are so excited we are pissing ourselves!!! It’s so inspiring to see so many girls riding! We can’t wait to meet you all! ….I’ve told all my mates to get on it and get a bike!!! And hopefully one day someone will start something similar here in Australia!!



Babes in the Dirt 2015 was such a good time! A damn fun group of ladies came out and joined us at Hungry Valley SVRA last weekend for some camping, off-roading and good times. It was so great to see some familiar faces from Babes in Joshua Tree as well as meet some new friends.  From as far as Denver, Humbolt, Las Vegas and San Francisco; babes loaded up their bikes and headed out. The weather may have sucked for riding on the road but it was perfection for riding on the dirt!!! Even the 3 minutes of hail was all in good fun!

I was so impressed with everyone that was riding dirt for the first time, the transition from street is no joke! Really proud of the ladies who were trying out motorcycles in general for the first time, dirt is the best way to learn! Such a rad experience to see everyone BRAAAAAAPIN’ like pros by the end of the day.

HUGE thanks to Husqvarna Motorcycles and their amazing demo crew for coming out and letting us rip around on their brand new fleet of dirt bikes. Those are some badass machines and I have not stopped dreaming about them since! Thanks also, to Dirty Girl Project for bringin’ it and teaching some beginners the tricks of the trade!

Highlight of the weekend was getting to shred some amazing trails with the ladies led by Victoria Hett of Husqvarna Canada. She is one talented babe on two wheels and I was so stoked to learn a thing or two from her this weekend. We hope this event inspired more ladies to get out in the dirt and have some fun! We had such an amazing time that we are going to do it again next year! Can’t wait to see you all in October at Babes Ride Out 3!!!

All Photos shot by Lindsay Lohdy @lohdyIMG_1305 IMG_2552 IMG_2159 IMG_2101 IMG_2085 IMG_2074 IMG_2053 IMG_2043 IMG_2042 IMG_2039 IMG_2031 IMG_2011 IMG_2002 IMG_1993 IMG_1975 IMG_1964 IMG_1959 IMG_1954 IMG_1926 IMG_1919 IMG_1894 IMG_1826 IMG_1753 IMG_1751 IMG_1736 IMG_1700 IMG_1665 IMG_1618 IMG_1611 IMG_1608 IMG_1598 IMG_1594 IMG_1589 IMG_1525 IMG_1521 IMG_1459 IMG_1416 IMG_1397 IMG_1395 IMG_1391 IMG_1375 IMG_1363 IMG_1345 IMG_1343 IMG_1339 IMG_1336 IMG_1322

IMG_1186 IMG_1245 IMG_1239 IMG_1226 IMG_1203

Husqvarna Demo at Babes in the Dirt

We are so excited to announce that Husqvarna motorcycles will be joining us at Babes in the Dirt and running a bike demo!!!!!

There are only 20 spots available for the Husqvarna Demo to please e-mail us at with your full name and riding level to sign up. First 20 to e-mail get dibs on the demo. Make sure and title your e-mail HUSQVARNA DEMO.

Husqvarna_Logo_horizontal_pos_4cHusqvarna Motorcycles has been pioneering since 1903 and is the second oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world with continuous production – creating their first motorcycle the same year as Harley Davidson.  Driven by a commitment to our core values, tradition, culture, and design are a huge part of what makes Husqvarna so unique to the marketplace. In tribute to some of the greatest legends in motorcycling, the Husqvarna Legends Tour event is designed for new and experienced motorcyclists to try a variety of motorcycles from our current model range in a fun, intimate environment.

Here are some of the bikes available to demo:

TC 85


TE 125


FE 250TC250

FC 250


FC 350


Demo Rules:

Husqvarna Legends Tour Demo Program

In order to participate in the Husqvarna Motorcycles Legends Tour Motocross Demo Program you must be 18 years or older and bring the following:

  1. Government Issued Photo Identification
  1. Signed Waiver Release Form 
  1. Proper Riding Gear including but not limited to:

DOT Approved Helmet


Motorcycle Gloves

Motorcycle Jersey or Approved Long Sleeves

Motorcycle Riding Pants

Boots (Full Length not Work Boots)





Meet Victoria Hett:

Accomplished motorcycle racer Victoria Hett will be there to connect with all you ladies and offer some tips on riding dirt. She has received numerous titles in events such as the ISDE International six days endure, WEC world endure canada, AMA national endure and WEC world endure Canada. She is one badass Babe on a the dirt and we can’t wait to hang with her!



Hett JMP_2015_Husqvarna Snow_IMG_5610 (2)

Age: 30

Riding experience: Started riding at 5 years old, racing at 12 years old

Favorite riding discipline: Off-road

Hometown: Cherryville, BC – Canada

Other hobbies: Horse-back riding, Snowboarding

My hero: My Dad

Rider/Racer I looked up to the most (other than my Dad): Malcolm Smith

Bucket list item: To ride a motorcycle on every continent (except for maybe Antarctica)


Racing highlights:


ISDE (International Six Days Enduro):


  • Bronze Medal – Canadian Womens Trophy team – 2010 ISDE, Mexico
  • Bronze Medal – Canadian Womens Trophy team –  2012 ISDE, Germany
  • Silver Medal – Canadian Womens Trophy team – 2014 ISDE, Argentina


WEC (World Enduro Canada):


  • 1stOver-all in Men’s Intermediate division ( And top Canadian Woman) – 2013
  • Over-all Canadian Champion 2013
  • Canadian Eastern Champion 2013
  • Canadian Western Champion 2013


BCORCS (British Columbia Off-Road Series):


  • 2ndover-all in men’s Intermediate division (East)
  • 4thover-all men’s Intermediate division (East & West)
  • 1stover-all women’s 2003, 2008, 2009


AMA (National Enduro):


  • 1STPlace AMA National Enduro, Cascade Montana 2009


Roll Call: Ash// @bikersplatt

10 9


Hi ladies!

I’m Ash, 24 from Perth Western Australia. And I need your help! J But first, a little bit about me.

I’m a motorcycling / photographing / beer-drinking / thrill-seeking and adventure enthusiast.
And I’m on the road to self-discovery! Geez, that sounds like a confession at an AA Meeting!

I have been riding since I was 17, so… 7 years now! I own a Cagiva Xtra-Raptor 1000 (SUPER rare, carbon fibre V-twin beast, 999 ever made, 5 of which are in my State – see pic below).

7 6

I’ve always been a petrol head of some sort as my Dad is a massive motor enthusiast. He built countless amounts of bikes and cars while I was growing up, so of course it rubbed off on me. My Mum never thought I’d be able to drive a manual car, let alone a motorcycle! Now she sits back and watches with fear as Dad and I go on motorbike trips for the weekend! I’ll never forget the smile on my Dad’s face when he first saw me riding a motorbike. That was a proud moment for both of us!

I’m yet to ride around another country with my Dad, but it’s definitely on the bucket list. I have however travelled around Malaysia and the North of Vietnam on motorcycle, with many more countries to go. I love being in the thick of it all, places that you can only get to by motorcycle, where nobody speaks English, where we are away from the modern world and in amongst the wildlife. Wild life and nature are a huge passion for me. In one of my pics you will see me on the floor cuddling wild puppies. The view behind me was breath-taking, but at that moment all I could focus on was those cuties!

5I could go on forever about my dreams and aspirations, but I hope to share that with you all in October if you will have me!… This brings me to why I need your help. I’m finished with routine life here in Perth for now, so I have plans to move to Canada in November 2015 to get a job in a ski resort (it’s not about the money – it’s the experience! And I have never seen snow before!!). My “grand plan” would be to work there for 6 months, before being able to ride down to South America and continue some travel, maybe stay long enough learn the language, make use of my British Passport before eventually returning home…. Where I will begin my other dream of custom building a CB750 ;) To do be able to afford all of this travel though, I’m working my butt off and will also sell my bike. My baby. My love! Love that much that I made a recording of it the other to show prospective buyers and I literally bawled my eyes out! The sound of it will make the hairs on the back of your neck, DANCE! The thought of not having that head-turning bike really makes me sad! Haha but, it needs to be done.

4 3

So anyway, I was hoping to be able to try my luck at being able to tag along with someone to Joshua Tree! As I will be moving over seas, I wont have (or cant afford) to take my own bike, will have no space for riding gear either. I am volunteering to do any work or help that may be needed for the entire event just to be apart of this! I have been hanging out to join something like that and when I first heard about it last year I thought… what a dream!!

If you would be willing to put a tent over my head and put my ass on wheels… I would pretty much owe you everything! Haha Please get in contact if you can!

IG: @Bikersplatt


Picture above from my Malaysian trip – some of the best riding I’ve ever done!

Pic below – having fun in the dirt races at a thing we call Aftershock