Babes in Joshua Tree : The Re-Cap

Multiple moving parts and months of planning go into Babes Ride Out not to mention the work during the event weekend setting up, maintaining, and breaking down.  Pure exhaustion took over my body once I hit my bed on Sunday after the event and not until a week after was I able to even comprehend what actually happened at Babes Ride Out 2014. Finally, here is a re-cap of events that took place at Babes Ride Out’s 2014 event #BABESINJOSHUATREE.

Thursday was our first day on site to start setting up what we had been planning for months. Our helping team consisted of Jessica Fife, Michelle Clabby, and Jenny Smith (if you see those girls, thank them… they put in hours of work to get this event set up and we couldn’t have done it without them) We set up the sponsor row section for Biltwell, Ole Smoky Moonshine, PBR, Iron Resin, and Stance Socks. Food truck sections were laid for Mad House Pies and Pie for the People. Porto potties lined up, hand wash stations were filled, fire pits arranged, and stage was set up by moving railway pilings into place.  Babe City was constructed in 8 hours and it was beautiful (or at least we thought so).

Friday was spent hitting Home Depot and Walmart for last minute supplies, hanging banners, icing beers and prepping sound system. Once 3 pm rolled around bikes started filing in and they didn’t stop coming in until after midnight. All sorts of bikes were parking in the designated 2 wheel section. Pans, shovels, baggers, enduros, etc  were all there. Ladies were lined up at the Ole Smoky Moonshine booth and helping themselves to the PBR and the kegs. Stance Socks had a tent up and were giving all the ladies free socks. Women were meeting for the first time in real life after they had been Instagram friends for months/years.  Music was blasting as more and more riders entered the campsite.

Saturday a.m breakfast burritos and ice coffee started to get served by 7 am by Mad House Pies.  Ladies were able to join a 170 mile group ride that left at 9 am or go off on their own with new/old friends to explore Joshua Tree.  We had over 100 ladies join the 9 am ride which went up to Idyllwild and dropped back into Palm desert.  The Biltwell team van was in the hills ready to load and assist any ladies who ran into trouble efficiently and safely (Thank you so much Mike and Bill). The ride is beautiful with elevation gain and a change of scenery every 50 miles. It was a great break from the heat for those who rode it. Once back at camp, dinner got under way and the bands arrived.  We kicked off the raffle first and gave away hand painted tanks by Lowbrow Customs and custom painted helmets by Biltwell. Our raffle had over $6,000 worth of prizes given out to attendees. One lucky winner won a $1,000 card from REV’IT. After the first raffle wave, LA Witch went on followed by Death Valley Girls.  We ended the night with the 2nd part of the raffle and then let the playlist rip so girls could dance it up.

Next morning we got up early to break down while it was still cool. All the ladies did an amazing job picking up their trash and helping us get everything broken down and loaded. Some ladies continued their trips and headed north and east.

This event was a huge success because of the enthusiasm and attitudes of those who attended. Thank you to Biltwell, Ole Smoky, PBR, Stance, Chop Cult, and Iron and Resin.  Thank you to Deus and Trophy Motorcycles for giving the girls safety checks and allowing girls to kick off their rides from your location . Thank you to all the contributors who donated to the raffle and re-posted the instagram flyer. Thank you to all the ladies who spent the time and money to attend this event. Thank you to the dudes.. yes the dudes who were just as supportive of this event as the ladies were. We have something pretty special here and BRO 2015 is already in the works…


XO Ashmore

Update on Diamond Schiffers // $7,000 Raised

Huge thank you to all the men and women who have donated to Diamond’s relief fund. You all have raised $7,000 of the $10,000 goal which is incredible. If you are reading this and would like to donate to her fund, click HERE to help. Every dollar is greatly appreciated.

If you’d like to keep posted on her recovery, please click HERE for updates via her sister Tonya.

Diamond has a long road of recovery but is in great spirits and vows to get on a bike again. Thank you to everyone who has said a prayer and has wished her a quick recovery.




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