ARTIST SERIES// Jourdon Gullett

It’s about time to take a moment and thank all the gentlemen that support Babes Ride Out. To say “thanks” we would like to introduce the “THANKS B.R.O.” tee done by Jourdon Gullett. We are so stoked to be able to work with such a talented artist. A portion of the proceeds go to charity and the rest go back into making Babes Ride Out 3 our best event yet!!!
You can purchase the Thanks B.R.O Tee at the link below:
Get to know Jourdon @jourdon
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Welp, my name is Jourdon. I am 31 years old. I live in Chicago and I work for Solemn Oath Brewery, as their full time artist. I own a ’78 Chevy Van with my girlfriend Chantal, and I love skateboarding. Growing up my father painted motorcycles, he instilled the idea of being a good draftsmen. And I suppose everything art developed from there. He and his two friends, Goob and Churchy introduced me to the whole bike culture at a young age. And so, my love for motorcycles ever since.
I went to school in the city, got a BFA, with a focus in illustration and Design. I have worked with a variety of mediums, from mosaic glass murals with CPS High Schools, to sign painting letters. The last few years I’ve been pushing to do more illustrations, similar to the Babes Ride Out Tee. Producing work more directly with people that resemble a life style I surround myself with, like Skateboarding, Boogie Vans, motorcycles, and beer.
I stumbled onto Babes Ride Out from a friend, Cindy DuLong. Who posted information about taking some photos for La Motocyclette magazine. And so the rest goes…
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Leila Servellon's 1985 Honda Rebel sports a tank by Tank Lowbrow Customs that was painted by Jourdan Gullet of Chicago.

Leila Servellon’s 1985 Honda Rebel sports a tank by Tank Lowbrow Customs that was painted by Jourdan Gullet of Chicago.

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Meet Joel Meyer-England of 845 Motorcycles

There are so many unseen supporters of BRO that we’d love for you to get to know a few. Take a minute and meet moto painter Joel Meyer-England, owner of shop 845 Motorcycles, who resides in Joshua Tree, CA.

My  name is Joel Meyer-England, I am 30 years old and reside in a even smaller ton right outside Joshua Tree called Landers. I started painting full time a year and a half ago and have done about 60 tanks in that time and multiple helmets.


Favorite style of paint?
I love doing anything with lots of flake. The sparkler and shinier the better for me! 70’s kind of designs. Fun bright colors.
Why the big move from LA to Landers? That is quite the change
I moved to the area because I was over living in Santa Monica. I wanted to move somewhere where I could have space and that was interesting. The first time I came out here it just felt like home. And it offered me the ability to get out of my one bedroom tiny apartment and move in a house with a shop for me to work in and on 6 acres that opens to endless open desert for me to ride dirt bikes. It’s pretty magical out here. There’s just something in the area, the energy is so good. The sunsets and sunrises are truly spectacular. I love riding both in the dirt and on the street all over out here. Just down the street from where I live is the Integratron and Giant rock both of which have long and interesting history’s.
Is Joshua Tree, CA ready for the Babes Ride Out invasion? 
I am so stoked about all the ladies coming out to ride and enjoy it out here. It’s good for the area and it good for the motorcycle scene. I think it really important that there are events and gatherings for ladies, it’s so male dominated sometimes and the more ladies riding the better!
Do you believe in aliens? This is a serious question…
I absolutely believe in aliens. It’s actually really cool there’s so much alien lore just within a few miles of my house. The Integratron is built from alien blueprints they say. Just the other night I saw super night lights in the night sky hovering over the desert near giant rock. No idea if it was aliens but they were most definitely unidentified flying objects.
Any sites the ladies should see while they are visiting Joshua Tree, CA ?
Ride out to pioneer town and grab a bite at Pappy and Harriet’s if the line isn’t ridiculously long. Check out the yucca valley swap Saturday and Sunday morning (it’s free) there’s always lots of weird desert treasures. Ride out to giant rock, it can get a little dicey on a chopper or street bike but if you take it slow and careful it’s totally doable and worth the ride out the dirt road. Do a sound bath at the Integratron (make sure to book well ahead of time on their website). Check out the JT trading post it just changed owners and it filled with awesome stuff and they are expanding right now to have clothing and jewelry for the ladies. Go to the country kitchen for breakfast and try the yummy Cambodian food they serve.
Check out 845 Motorcycles’s custom motorcycle painting to dial in your ride or just say hi on his instagram @joel845
To find out how to win this custom Biltwell Gringo helmet painted by Joel, check out our insta @babesrideout 



ROLL CALL// Meet DJ Margeaux-a-GoGo

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I couldn’t wait for October 5th 2013. All I knew is that I was going to pack up my van, since my Honda was down, and go camp with some chicks on motorcycles in the middle of nowhere.  I knew a few other girls going and figured why the fuck not go, and hopefully meet other girls that ride or are into camping and getting dirty. I grabbed my friend Sonya, my camera, some whiskey and one of the most important things,
my ghetto blaster and various selection of cassettes that were made up of Rock n Roll, Soul, Punk, Blues, and Garage. Little did I know how AMAZING and inspiring this overnight adventure into the desert was going to be. That energy still to this day was indescribable. I don’t think one woman there expected it to be what it was. So many beautiful, strong females in one place. This was Babes in Borrego.
I got my M1 in the summer of 2011 with my brother. We took the CHP safety course and learned so much. Our mom grew up riding dirt bikes in the 70s and used to ride us around on her Honda Trail 90 when we were kids. I also had become quite experienced at riding on the back of my boyfriends ’72 BMW R75 at the time.  I had a 63 Vespa VBB that I blew the motor on and a Vespa Ciao Moped that wouldn’t go over 24mph. Needless to say, I wanted to ride my own motorcycle. I got my 1970 Honda CL 175 as a 23rd birthday present from my then boyfriend, now husband. I rode it a few times and then began to have a whole lot of various issues. That Honda was the biggest headache of all time. I ended up getting it rebuilt and the electrical completely redone over the next 2 years or so. After that I was so broke I had to sell it just to pay it off. I have been motorcycle-less since!  Luckily my man still rides me around on the back of his chopper so I can get some wind in my face a fill that need for speed. We recently went on a road trip up the Central California Coast to get married on his bike and it was the time of our lives. I love the motorcycle community so much. You meet the nicest people who ride.
I started collecting records when I was in the 6th grade after I got my very own record player. I had a pretty strong collection going and began to meet other people who were in to collecting through going to shows and being active in the underground music scene in LA/OC throughout my teenage years. I always wanted to DJ but didn’t really know how so I would make mixed tapes for my friends instead. It wasn’t until I was 21 did I learn how to become a record selector. I started Djing shows for friends bands and had a residency at The Pike in Long Beach. As I got better and better I started spinning at The Secret Affair, which is a super fun all 60s, all vinyl Soul night. The first night I DJed that club there were 250+ people all dancing to what I was playing and it was the best feeling ever! I love making people dance and selecting vinyl records to set the vibe for any environment I’m put in. I really look forward to selecting records for all the bad mamma-jammas at Babes in Joshua Tree this year! I love to see how much this epic event has grown and I look forward to seeing friends.  I hope you all enjoy.

Roll Call // Meet Samantha Klukiewicz @brutalbelle

angles crest

I have always been a bit of a tom boy with a need for speed, adventure, a rush or whatever. If someone wasn’t getting hurt or dirty we weren’t having fun! Bikes weren’t a part of my childhood unfortunately. I had to discover them on my own. After I graduated college and started earning real money in my home city of Syracuse, NY,  my desire for more adventure continued. It is here In my early 20s I discovered motorcycles.

I owe a lot of thanks to my friend Pat, he turned me on to the idea of riding. He took me out to the lake and taught me the basics on his cafe 1977 Yamaha XS400. I dropped it instantly, we laughed, and I picked it up quickly, literally. Not long after I had him come to a local motorcycle dealer with me for tips, and I bought a 2012 Honda rebel right off the sales floor. I wasn’t crazy about all the details of the bike, but that would come at a later time after I learned how to ride it correctly.

I feel fortunate to have grown up is upstate NY where I could practice on abandoned country roads of green rolling hills. Pat took me on many rides on these windy roads where I fell in love with riding. Bikes weren’t very common in our area, but before we knew it, we started a small community of riders. These became my best friends. Mostly guys, but some ladies too!

Two summers came and went and I grew out of my home town. The job opportunities for my chosen career path, Interior Design, were dull or non-existent and the riding was well, extremely limited. If there wasn’t snow on the ground for 6 months it was raining every other day. I began furiously job hunting and landed myself in Long Beach, California. I had visited the area a year prior and fell completely in love.

There was one thing for damn sure I couldn’t go to SoCal with, and that was my stock Rebel 250. I had three weeks before I had to start my new job, but that didn’t deter me. My community of bike friends and I started quickly transforming my bike into what I call my “baby bobber” and we shipped her off. It was very emotional leaving this group of people not to mention my family. These people became family too. I only had a few acquaintances in SoCal, and no family. I worried how I would find “my people” but I knew I would, somehow.

A month after I landed, Born Free 6 was happening. I was like “Yes! This is my first chance to find where all the moto babes are!” Sure enough one of the first tents I noticed was miss Lanakila’s. I had been following her account for some time so I figured she would know where the babes were. I introduced myself and explained how I just recently relocated here and she told me about the “Babes Ride Out” I was beyond stoked. I went straight home and signed up. I was planning on going solo but I discovered via Instagram an acquaintance that recently moved to San Diego, and I knew that she had a bike.

We had only hung out once before on the east coast but she jumped at the opportunity to join me. Despite her bike not being ready for the event, and tragedy striking her family not long before the camp out, she still came. It was a great escape for her. All of the girls were so welcoming. I instantly felt like I had a family. Because of this event and the help of social media, I instantly DID have a family of moto babes, and a few dudes too. I can’t imagine my life here in my new home without motorcycles or this community of people that I have met, because of a machine.

I take weekend trips often with my new found friends, and they have also introduced me to riding in the dirt. I am completely hooked. These bikes have allowed me to live the life that I enjoyed as a child. Getting a little dirty, a little hurt, feeding my need for speed (yes 80 mph on the 250 is enough) adventure, and that feeling of a rush when I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the new places I explore in California, one recently being the Salton Sea.


I can’t wait to continue to make new friends while having fun out there in the world, as we all should.

saltin sea SALTIN 2 fall  ny rides oil chnage dirt bike before and after



We are so stoked to partner with our friends at EagleRider Motorcycles. For Ladies attending Babes Ride Out 3 October 23rd-25th in Joshua Tree, CA, Eagle Rider will be providing a 33% off discount on bike rentals! Use promo code BABES15  June 1st – Oct 22nd at Participating locations are Las Vegas and Las Vegas Honda and Triumph,  Palm Springs, Los Angeles,  Newport Beach and San Diego! For the San Diego location the rate is $99/per day and you have to call in to book, at (619) 546-5066. We are so thankful and honored to be partnering with this amazing company that helps to put more people on bikes allover the world! Thank you for helping to support female motorcyclists!


BRO: How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

E.R: Anya from Babes reached out to us with a great opportunity to partner for the ride out to Joshua Tree. We have several female riders of our own, and it’s very interesting and exciting to see how the new generation of riders emerges.

BRO:  What was your reaction when you heard that it was a ladies only motorcycle ride /campout?

E.R: We loved it! The motorcycle world has been a male dominated community for a very long time. We see more and more women riding now than ever before. It’s always great to see the groups depart and have at least a few female riders easily handling large and heavy bikes. We definitely feel very enthusiastic about taking part in a ladies only ride. Of course, a lot of guys would really like to ride with such a great group of women as well.

BRO: Why did you want to partner with Babes Ride Out?

E.R: We are always open to interesting and rewarding partnerships. With Babes Ride Out, we got a chance not only to take part and make this adventure possible for some of the participants, but also spread the word out about EagleRider. We have numerous locations in the USA and worldwide and it’s important for us to let the female riders know that we keep out doors open and are very excited to have the opportunity to be part of their amazing rides.

BRO: Why do you think it’s important to encourage more women to ride motorcycles?

E.R: Nobody should be in the way of a woman who wants to ride. We encourage all our female employees to ride! For us it’s important to have a very diverse group of people with various backgrounds and experiences. Whether you ride a Harley, Triumph, or a vintage Honda, the road is open. Riding motorcycles is an experience that cannot be put to words. It’s that state of complete focus, of unlimited joy, and of freedom of direction. It’s something every person should experience.

BRO: How do you see EagleRider playing a big part in helping to get more women out on the road?

E.R: EagleRider started over 25 years ago and today we are a global powerhouse in motorcycle travel. This is a huge accomplishment and every day we strive to achieve more. Because of all the hard work of thousands of people fulfilling their dreams with EagleRider, we have an opportunity to make a big impact on this new generation of riders. What we do is driven by passion, that same passion that lead someone to buy or rent a motorcycle. Everything that we do is open to any rider on any kind of bike. We get to see many women riding and we want to see more and more of that. Female riders are always welcome at any of EagleRider locations around the world!

The history of Eagle Rider:

In 1992, EagleRider pioneered the Harley-Davidson® motorcycle rental concept and the guided motorcycle tour business. Today, we are the world’s largest Motorcycle Travel and Tourism Company. From four bikes in a garage in San Pedro, CA we’ve grown to thousands of motorcycles for rent, hundreds of guided, self-drive, and custom tours, sales and service of motorcycles, exclusive apparel lines, and hundreds of thousands of happy motorcyclists who travel with us all year round. Our huge selection of bikes includes Harley-Davidson, Honda, BMW, Triumph, and Indian motorcycles. Every person who has thrown a leg over a motorcycle can tell you that it opened up their life to a world of amazing journeys, hidden roads, friends, and passion for life on two wheels.

In 2014 we opened our first full OEM dealership and plan to expand to multiple cities around the US. We are proud to present to you our newest Indian Motorcycle dealerships in Orlando and Los Angeles and invite you to the showrooms to personally explore the latest inventory, apparel, parts, and take a demo ride on the Indian of your choice. It is our sincere hope that you will allow EagleRider the privilege of being a part of your next great motorcycle journey.

Motorcycles available for rent:


Indian Motorcycle






Additional Services Include:

Airport and Hotel Pick-Up

One Way rentals

24 Hour rental period

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Secure Storage for Luggage

Rental Jackets, GPS, trailers

Large Apparel Selection

Free & Secured Parking

Unlimited Mileage

With the rapid growth of the Café Racer culture, we’ve been attentive to the needs to this unique group of riders. Our fleet of motorcycles can also take care of all your Bonneville and Sportster rental requests. We work with motorcycle friendly hotels and can help you make the adventure as raw and unforgettable as you want it to be.  From Bell Bullitt helmets, to a variety of bubble shields, to RSD jackets and apparel, we will make sure that you get on the road in style. 

The majority of our locations offer rentals, tours, sales, service, and apparel. Our qualified expert technician ensures that every bike gets serviced and passes our strict inspection procedures prior to the rental. Used motorcycles available for sale go though a complete 106-point inspection and come with the complimentary 60-day limited powertrain coverage and 12-month roadside assistance.

Visit our nearest EagleRider location to get the complete EagleRider experience and make sure to check our new website


General questions call EagleRider at (310) 536-6777

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BABES RIDE OUT 3 Tickets on Sale NOW


EVENT INFO: Oct 23-25th 2015 women from all over the world will meet in Joshua Tree California for a weekend of motorcycle adventures, camping, music, and good times. This year we have partnered with Biltwell, Stance Socks, 805 Beer, and Ole Smoky Moonshine to create our best ladies only motorcycle event yet. To celebrate our launch, Biltwell has created 500 limited edition canvas totes for the first 500 licensed motorcyclist who buy a ticket to the event*. In that tote, is tons of items including a custom Babes Ride Out Stance Sock. Hurry, these will go fast! Stay tuned on instagram @babesrideout as we will be disclosing all details and will be doing incredible giveaways from our sponsors leading up to the event.

TICKET INFO: You’ll see an option to buy a motorcycle ticket or a non motorcycle ticket. They are the same thing! Pick the option you “think” you will be attending on/in, no worry if that changes, it’s to give us a rough estimate.  Now….. are you down for the ride of your life?  Click below and secure your ticket before they sell out!



*Totes are ONLY for first 500 registered motorcyclist. You must be present at event to pick up your tote and show your M1 license to receive your gift bag. No exceptions :)

Artist Series// Sarah Sadler @ssdlr

Our newest artist series features the work of Sarah Sadler, a self taught artist who has seen more of the world than you can imagine. Sarah is putting her comission for this shirt back into the event to pay for a first aid station at this year’s Babes Ride Out. We can’t think of a more genuine act of kindness. Give her a follow @ssdlr and wear this tank with pride. The Sadler Campout Tank is limited edition so once we are out, we are out. Pick one up knowing the money goes right back into making Babes Ride Out even better and also a percentage of the sales from each tee gets donated to @moto_fam! We are so proud to be able to help support the cause!



Meet Sarah Sadler! She is the talented artist behind our latest Artist Series Tee.530

I only know a few folks that grew up like me. Im from Alaska. I spent half my time going with my mom to her gigs and the other half at my uncles complex for the local branch of the H.A.  I have some wild memories.  My cousin and I were certainly a handful for those dudes. But ya know, I love them all to death!

For me, it was never about the bikes, it was more about where we were going. Lakes, concerts, fish camps, gold mines, mountain runs, to the store. If it was summer, you were outside. Come winter it was all garage time.  Garage time meant paints! So many colors! Somehow those big ol’dudes never got mad that I stole all the expensive paints to fiddle with. They were always encouraging, and more paints always showed up. When I was old enough I got the cast off dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. We moved to a farm in the hills. Endless trails. My friends and I would just follow them for days. Grab some supplies, swipe some liquor and a 22, head out, 24 hours of daylight, follow the river and have a blast. Alaska is endless adventure.  I still have land there and  I’ll always go back. I try to make it back every other year.

Theres a lot of stuff in between.  Im 34 and have done a pretty good job seeing 48 of the states and a good deal of canada, south America and Europe . i want to see asia.  A lot of it has been on the back of a motorcycle. Highlights- solo cruising the beach in florida just as the sun comes up, flying down the tracks in new Hampshire on an airhead sidehack learning how to monkey around corners with a partner, ridding scrambles in the red clay of Georgia, pushing a busted bike miles and miles back home in AK or anytime  sitting back and hugging my man, letting him cruise me around and enjoying every second. I love it all. I just enjoy getting out and going, anywhere.

I draw everything I can. I paint. Im self tought and getting better. what I strive for will take some time and a lot of work.  One day!  I play music. Music and art are my obsessions.  I studied Cello and classical guitar from grade school on. Drummed in few bands, sing in a few bands. I have other noise makers I toy with. My collection grows and  shrinks depending on my mood for selling stuff.  Currently I live in the mid west.  I have no internet on my hill and barely any phone reception. Its nice sometimes  but frustrating a lot of the time.  Im stoked on all the folks riding. Babes ride out has been a huge part of a lot of my friends lives. I’ve followed its adventures for these past few years and Im pumped to be a small part of it. Thanks ya’all!

110 (2) 471 386 384012614