Babes Ride Out

Getting used to the bike you are going to ride

SafetyAnya Violet
babes ride out
  • Got a brand new bike?

  • Renting a bike?

  • Make some modifications to your bike?

  • Riding with a passenger for the first time?

  • Riding with you bike fully loaded with gear for the first time?

Just a reminder to make sure to spend some time getting used to the bike you are going to ride, as you are going to ride it before you set out on a long road trip. Depending on what you are used to, cornering and braking may feel different and you want to make sure you account for that while you are out on the road. Sometimes it takes more than a few laps around the neighborhood to get the hang of it. When in doubt, slow it down and stay on the cautious side. It is not a race and we want you to get there safe!