Babes Ride Out

Ride Safe, Have Fun

SafetyAnya Violet

Babes Ride Out 7 is next week!!! We are so excited and can’t wait to see you all roll in to camp. Let’s make sure that everyone gets there safely! We have compiled some helpful info on how to stay safe!

babes ride out


The importance of practicing to make sure you are ready for the roads you might encounter


Ride your own ride

Riding at your own comfortable pace


Riding in a Group

Know the proper etiquette


Tips for New Riders

Everyone finds their way to two wheels a different way. Make sure the path is your own


First Responder

Advice on what to do if you see a rider down

How to Safely Pack Your Bike

Riding with a loaded bike does feel different so make sure to get a feel for it before you set out


Tips for riding in the wind

It’s good to be prepared for anything


Getting used to the bike you are going to ride

Just a reminder to make sure to spend some time getting used to the bike you are going to ride, as you are going to ride it before you set out on a long road trip.

A Tribute to Jessi Combs

Event InfoAnya Violet

This year, at BRO7 we would like to pay tribute to our friend Jessi Combs. Jessi brought so much to this community over the years. Right next to the Real Deal workshop we will have the “In memory of Jessi Combs” gallery tent. We encourage everyone attending to bring a photo you have taken with Jessi OR a photo of yourself that you feel embodies Jessi’s mission: “To reveal to this world what they are capable of, by showing them the confidence and abilities they already possess.” Maybe it is a photo of you on your first ride or on the day you reached a goal you didn’t think you could reach. Maybe its the photo of the day you met Jessi. In addition to the photos that you bring, we will have “Do it for Jessi” intention cards available for you to share with us a way that Jessi and her message have impacted your life. This space will be an evolving gallery dedicated to this inspirational woman and the impact she had on this community. #DOITFORJESSI


For more info on The Jessi Combs Foundation please follow

Roll Call | We Are Thrilled to Have Karen Davidson Attend Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast (Yes, THAT "Davidson")

People, Roll CallAshmore Ellis

We are thrilled to welcome Karen Davidson of the Harley-Davidson family to Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast. We had the pleasure of meeting her several times and can honestly say she is a genuine motorcycle riding enthusiast that is easy to talk to about any and all things two wheels. We are thrilled for you to meet her at the event, but until then, get to know Karen and what she does to push the Harley-Davidson brand forward, it’s pretty impressive!

Karen Davidson was born to ride. The great-granddaughter of Harley-Davidson's co-founder William A. Davidson, daughter of industrial design legend Willie G. Davidson, she degreed in fashion design, schooled in couture, joined the Motor Company in 1989 and was one of the original co-creators/visionaries of the Harley-Davidson MotorClothes line of apparel and accessories. She has been instrumental in the launch of high-level performance riding gear for men and women, and has been involved with the design, brand positioning and expansion of the Harley-Davidson apparel collections in the US, Europe and Asia.   As Creative Director for General Merchandise Davidson gives direction for future development of casual and functional merchandise, which in 2018 was a $240 million business. Based in Southern California and Milwaukee, Davidson enjoys riding year-round.

Karen Davidson x Babes Ride Out

What is your role as creative director for Harley-Davidson General Merchandise?

I assess macro forecasted and current trends and innovations on the casual side and the functional side of our business. On the casual side I’m really looking at macro apparel directions that involve emerging trends, fabric and silhouette proportion changes and opportunity for H-D to lead with our own uniqueness. I evaluate and choose new material, innovate function, and identify opportunities, build prototypes, everything to do with new ideas. I review apparel industry analysis and market evaluations. H-D has incredible brand strength and depth of meaning unlike other apparel brands and deserves an approach that leverages quality and innovation.  The design/production group in Milwaukee executes final product. On the functional side I can leverage my riding experience, my lifetime of riding, as we develop new designs and materials in riding gear that emphasize comfort in all elements, style and protection. Climate and conditions change when riding distance, so I value tech fabrics and innovation. I appreciate having great gear you can count on to be diverse, like our FXRG Collection.

What are your sources for inspiration? Also keeping relevant to growing diversity

We monitor trends specific to the apparel industry, casual and functional trends, current and future.  I take a deeper dive into functional apparel and invent with new technologies, specifically at a start point of finding the right partners, creating new innovation that will improve protection and comfort. I also observe the custom nature of Harley-Davidson culture and our riders. I go to many events, from national US events to local events and events in Asia and Europe, and I come away from those events with clear inspiration. H-D inspires individuality and that speaks strongly throughout the world. There’s also an on-going dialogue with the motorcycle styling department on design language and color direction.

Meet Your Babes Ride Out 7 Tattoo Artists and View Their Flash, Prices, and Tattoo Hours!

Event InfoAshmore Ellis

Sometimes the best souvenirs are the ones that last forever! Introducing the 2019 Babes Ride Out event flash! As always, tattoos are first come first served and not everyone will be able to get one as the space and time is limited. You can ALWAYS get one of these on your own at anytime you wish after the event. simply download the flash and click the artists below :)


  • FRIDAY 12:00PM-10:00PM

  • SATURDAY 3:00PM - 10:00PM


Vicky Coleman

Tiffany Huber

Vanae Rivera

Gloria Ulloa

Candice Bauman

Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Genevieve Davis

The flash this year is epic and will range from $50-$100 + tip! Bring cash as these ladies will be working their booties off. Each artist is able to do any of the below for you!

All options above are $50

All options above are $50

All options above are $50

All options above are $50

All options above are $100

All options above are $100

Complete Schedule of Events for Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast + Map of Grounds!

Event InfoAshmore Ellis

Alright ladies! As you know, there is still way more we are elaborating on leading up to the event like tattoo flash, merch previews, etc but we wanted to get the schedule of events and grounds map over to you sooner than later. This schedule and the map will be printed on site in a larger format for you to snap a photo of to use during the weekend but we highly recommend saving these images on your phone to use as a reference as there is so much going on during the event.

Map note: From camping section to barn, it’s a 4-5 min walk. To airstrip, about 10 min. No motorcycles or vehicles will be allowed past the camping sections due to traffic safety. If you are handicap, please bring your credentials so we can do our best to accommodate you.

Arrival Note: If you arrive after 10PM on FRI, you will be placed in temporary camping by security until we can safely get you into a designated spot the next morning. This is to protect all guests at the event.


From BARN to CAMPING : Less than 5 min walk

CAMPING to AIRSTRIP: 8-10 min walk


The Real Deal Moto Show in Memory of Jessi Combs

Event InfoAnya Violet
babes ride out

The Real Deal Moto Show

In Memory of Jessi Combs

babes ride out

Continuing their annual tradition, Real Deal Revolution will host the Real Deal Moto Show at Babes Ride Out 7 in memory of Jessi Combs. Launching the moto show in 2017 at BRO 5, Real Deal Revolution co-founders Jessi Combs and Theresa Contreras wanted to encourage women to be hands-on building and modifying their bikes themselves.

“Jessi loved the details,” says Theresa Contreras, “Appreciating one another’s handiwork by including the moto show as part of what we do at BRO gives us another opportunity to engage and encourage women.” From making the trophies in Real Deal’s on-site welding and fabrication classes to reaching out and welcoming women to enter their bikes, the Real Deal Moto Show embodies so much that Jessi was passionate about and lived her life for.

Jessi & Theresa began Real Deal Revolution with a mission to break stereotypes and empower women to fearlessly pursue their goals. In addition to the classes and moto show they sponsor at Babes, they’ve taken part in numerous other events, held workshops on welding, painting, blacksmithing and more. The BMW R9T land speed-inspired racer the two built together will be on display during Babes Ride Out 7 as well, alongside the bikes entered into the Real Deal Moto Show.

While we will forever miss her disarming smile and laugh, Jessi’s presence will remain. Dedicating the Real Deal Moto Show is one fitting way to celebrate her heart and continue working forward in her vision.


Friday October 11th 2019

· 12pm-4pm Register at the Real Deal Revolution Booth 

· 4:30pm-6:30pm Bike show and voting 

· 6:30pm Final Votes IN

· 7pm Bike show winners announced on stage

How to Register:

Once you arrive walk on up to the Real Deal registration booth to fill out the registration form and grab you bike pass to get access to bring your bike in to the show area.

Bike Classes: