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THANK YOU | Moto F.A.M. X BRO East Coast 4 Raffle Support

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Huge thank you to all of the brands that have supported the Moto F.A.M. X Babes Ride Out Raffle for BRO East Coast 4! Funds raised from ticket sales on site will go to support Moto F.A.M.’s efforts to help riders who have been involved in life changing motorcycle accidents. A cause we whole-heartedly support!

Thanks to these incredible brands below and the generosity of the ladies who attended Babes Ride Out East Coast 4, we were able to raise a total of $6166 for this amazing charity.

Photo by Heidi Zumbrun

Photo by Heidi Zumbrun

Babes Ride Out East Coast 4 x All You Need to Know

Event InfoAshmore Ellis

We can’t wait to host you this weekend at Babes Ride Out East Coast 4! 99 % of info can be found on the Babes Ride Out East Coast 4 ticket page and on our website This event is rain or shine so come ready and check the local weather day of your ride as weather shifts quickly in the area.

 At this time, all ticket sales and transfers are closed and we’ve gone to print. If you missed out on registering or transferring a ticket to another guest, we are truly sorry! We go off our list, not printed tickets, as some ladies got crafty last year 😊  Thanks for respecting the process.

1. Gates are at Friday 11AM sharp, no early birds please!

2. You will need your ID stating you are over 21 and it must match the name we have on our printed registry to hand you the ticket(s) in your name.

3. When you arrive, you'll be flagged into registration. You will get a wrist band, bike band, and sign waiver before you enter the campgrounds. There are no assigned spots but we have plenty of room for everyone within our rented space. Cars will be in one section, motos in another (but not too far of course!)

4. If you feel uncomfortable for any reason, have bike issues, not confident in your ability on two wheels yet, please drive! We will have car passes on site for cash purchase for any registered ticket holder who is a motorcyclist & decides to drive instead of ride. No need to switch “ticket” type or email us with your change of plans.


 HELMETS ON AT ALL TIMES. This is a rule that is not only ours, but the campsites as well. Anyone caught riding without a helmet on the property, hot dogging or doing burn outs will be asked to leave. Thank you sooo much for your cooperation here! NO DRINKING AND RIDING.


Feel free to bring your own food for cooking (but we have a delicious food truck on site), alcohol, whatever you like to help make your weekend more comfortable! The camp store sells wood and we will have group fires near the pavilion for you to enjoy.


  • Food

  • Coffee

  • Babes Ride Out Merch

  • Tattoos

  • ·Maker’s Market items

*Cell service is spotty and there is no wifi

 The township of Narrowsburg is within walking distance and has gas, ATMS, grocery store, ice cream, restaurants, a really cool bar at the Narrowsburg Inn (HIGHLY recommend checking out, built in the 1840's, was a speakeasy & brothel during the prohibition....and haunted).

 The campsite has a fully stock camp store with everything you want, need, and may have forgotten to pack. 

 PLEASE DO NOT BRING: ladies who did not buy a ticket (wristbands will be checked this year every time you re-enter the grounds), boyfriends, husbands, animals, kids, weapons of any kind (firearms, hatchets, bow and arrows, slingshots, BB guns, or anything that can be used as a weapon), no signs/banners, no eazy ups (sorry! it obstructs the natural beauty of the camp) no fireworks, no items to vend or handouts like stickers, buttons, flyers as we end up spending hours picking up these up as 99% of it gets trashed. Leave no trace :) Our security will be on patrol so please be kind when they ask you to put these items away or ask you and your uninvited "friend" to leave. Sadly, these rules are in place for a reason but will be enforced to ensure EVERYONE has a great time! 

Need more info? Please re-visit the ticket page by clicking HERE as there are several helpful links such as “What to Pack”, “Schedule of Events”, “Food Truck Menu and Pricing” , “Best Riding Routes in the Area” and so much more. If you still have more questions, simply wait until you get on site as all those extra tiny details of what fauna is in the area, how strong is the coffee and more will be answered there :)

Ride safe ladies! Enjoy the journey and we will have an ice cold 805 beer waiting for you Friday night! - Babes Ride Out 

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Get to Know Our Buds at Lowbrow Customs

SponsorsAshmore Ellis

We've been supported by Lowbrow Customs for a few years now as they've help us raise money for Moto FAM at each of our events through the artist series. These guys built their business from scratch and still manage to get after it with builds, racing, and throwing epic grassroots motorcycle events like the Lowbrow Getdown. Get to know them a bit better by watching the below.

BRO East Coast 4 Maker | Jenna Blazevich of Vichcrafts

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Babes Ride Out will be hosting our Makers Market at BRO East Coast 4 this year. The BRO Makers Market is a curated group of female makers that will be on site showcasing their talents and  providing a unique experience for attendees. Meet Jenna Blazevich of Vichcraft

babes ride out



Vichcraft is the independent and collaborative, multi-disciplinary studio of Jenna Blazevich.

With a focus on visual storytelling, she strives to craft charmingly unique brand experiences. Her agency experience has allowed for a portfolio ranging from small to large client projects. Vichcraft has a current focus on building small, meaningful brands, and partnering with their purpose-driven leaders to build an authentic visual identity. 

Combining hand craft processes and tactile mediums with a digital design skill-set, Jenna strives to work right around the line between art and design to build a collection of activist-driven products. Her background in textiles and pattern-making continues to inform her approach as a graphic designer and feminist artist.

Harley-Davidson Woodstock Shares Their Favorite Rides Through the Catskills

Ashmore Ellis

Everybody needs a chance to slow down from time to time, a moment to pause, to tune out the business of work, family, obligations, etc. That’s why we ride, that’s why Woodstock Harley-Davidson exists. We exist to give you the chance to enjoy something entirely yours – your ride. We believe that riding is therapy for the soul and we want to help you enjoy every moment of it.

Riding a motorcycle in New York is an incredible experience and we’d like to share it with you. From historical sites to mountain views and other scenic treks, there’s a lot to take in, all over the great state of New York. Here are a few of our favorite motorcycle rides with help from the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

If you stop by Harley-Davidson Woodstock, say “hi” to their marketing gal Amara and see what they have going on as they gear up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous Woodstock Music fest.

Babes Ride Out East Coast Harley-Davidson

Great Northern Scenic Tour

Heading west on State Route 23A, the Great Northern Scenic Tour is a great day trip. With multiple spots to catch a view of the wonders of the area – waterfalls to bridges and more – it offers 70+/- miles of riding fun.

Phoenicia to Woodstock

The Phoenicia to Woodstock right ends in our backyard (or starting there if you want to ride it the other way), this trip gives you a chance to explore historic Route 28 and enjoy all the attractions along the way – nature, music and more!

Fishing Heritage Scenic Tour

A short 19-mile trek, this tour follows Willowemoc Creek. If you take the trip, be sure to stop by the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. It’s right along the route, just a bit northwest of where 179 and 151 meet.

Shawangunk-Catskills Scenic Tour

This route isn’t a loop, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. If leaving from the Kingston/Woodstock area, you can either head south on 87 to exit 118 for 299 or you can head northwest to catch 28. The route winds through the mountainous Catskills area, through wild forests and more, offering natural beauty at every turn.

Ready to make the trip? Get ready to Ride the Catskills with us, and learn more about our backyard – one of the best routes in New York state.

Pepacton-Andes Scenic Tour

If hiking, covered bridges, and fishing are your thing, then this is the route for you. The Pepacton-Andes tour starts in Margaretville and goes north, eventually following the Pepacton Reservoir around. Offering prime photo, hiking, and fishing spots, this is one trip where you get to enjoy the experience on and off your bike.

Heart of the Mountains Scenic Tour

Another route in our neighborhood, the Heart of the Mountains ride is a great loop, winding westward from Woodstock on 212. You’ll go around Phoenicia Wild Forest, stop by Mount Tremper and pass the Kenneth L. Wilson Campground before heading back to town. All in about 22 miles!

New York has some of the best riding around, especially upstate. Whether you join one of our group rides, go with your friends, or ride alone, you won’t want to miss these rides. And, be sure to stop by and see us at 949 Route 28 in Kingston, just down the road from world-famous Woodstock.

See you on the road!

woodstockdealer - WoodstockHarley Kingston, NY (1).JPG

Babes Ride Out East Coast 4 Food Truck Menu for the Weekend Featuring Good Mood Food and Java Love Coffee

Event InfoAshmore Ellis

Come hungry! We are stoked to welcome Good Mood Food, an award winning food truck and Java Love Coffee Roasters at Babes Ride Out East Coast 4. Below you’ll find the menu for the weekend.

  • Credit Cards are accepted (depending on cell service which isnt’ good) so bring cash

  • Concerns? Good Mood Food in advance for any questions or concerns via email at

  • There is no one food truck that makes everyone happy . If you have special needs or dietary restrictions, please bring what you need to stay healthy and happy. There are restaurants and grocery stores in walking distance from camp. Give the event address a google to see what is available that fits your specific needs.

Good Mood Food Babes Ride Out East Coast.JPG
Babes Ride Out East Coast Menu.JPG
Babes Ride Out East Coast Menu

Java Love Coffee Roasting Co Babes Menu

**All tax included

java love babes ride out.JPG


Drip Coffee

12 oz $2.50

16 oz $3.00

(price of small with reusable mug)

Espresso Bar Drinks

$5.00 (includes all dairy and non dairy--soy, oat, almond)

  • Cappuccino

  • Latte

  • Mocha

  • Vanilla Latte

  • Chai Latte


  • Hot Chocolate

  • Cortado


  • Double Espresso



  • Cold Brew

  • Iced Tea

$5.00 (dairy and non dairy options included)

  • Iced Latte

  • Iced Mocha

  • Iced Vanilla Latte

  • Iced Chai Latte

Prepared Foods:

  • JL Granola Bars $4.75

  • JL Raw Health Bars $4.75

  • Blueberry Muffins $3.75

  • Chocolate Horn Pastry $3.75

  • Raspberry Twist Pastry $3.75

  • JL Choc Chip Cookie $2.00

SPECIAL: Babes Bad Ass Breakfast $6 (Drip Coffee & Pastry)

  • JL Hot Travel Mugs $20

  • JL Iced Travel Mugs $20

  • Eco-Bamboo Travel Cups $15.00

  • Bad Ass Brew Blend Bags of Beans $15