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Lori Bentley-Law | A Modern Vagabond & Her 1200 "Chromester"

Roll CallAshmore Ellis

“Somehow twenty-five years have gone by since I got my license. How did that happen?? In high school, my boyfriend had a motorcycle. I rode with him a few times, but his goal was to scare me. I swore I’d never get on another. Then I fell in love with a life-long, third-generation motorcyclist. Through him, I found the glorious freedom of riding. It took only a couple of times on the back before I got the bug to ride my own, and have been doing so ever since.” Lori Bentley Law

Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Genevieve Davis

Why do you ride: I have no deep philosophical answer to this. I ride because it’s fun. Because all of the senses come alive. Because it brings me pure joy.

Run us through the bikes in your life: Oh boy. This could get long. I still have every bike I’ve owned, except for the bike I learned on, a 1974 Honda XL175. I love vintage, so started with a ‘66 Yamaha YM1... that never wanted to run. I got a ‘77 Triumph Bonneville... that I had a heck of a time kick-starting. A ‘76 Honda TL125, a fantastic bike in the dirt. A ‘69 Triumph TR25w project bike. A 2004 Triumph Bonneville. Plus, a garage full of EVO Harley-Davidson that the hubby adopts and we share. But the motorcycle that truly has my heart is my Chromester, a 2004 Harley-Davidson 1200R, a bike I’ve had since new, and one that has taken me on the grandest adventures.

Photo by Cindy DuLong

Photo by Cindy DuLong

Funny thing, I had to be talked into riding a Harley-Davidson. Vintage Triumphs had my heart. My hubby kept saying I needed to ride a Harley-Davidson to understand, but I was stubborn. Finally, he surprised me with the 1200R for Christmas one year–whether I wanted it or not—and it sat in the garage untouched for months. Finally, he planned a 100 mile ride to Joshua Tree and said, just ride it. To appease him, I did. About twenty-minutes down the highway, something clicked and I was hooked. We stopped at a gas station and I walked over to him and said, “Yep. I get it now.” No other motorcycle has the iconic, visceral feel that a Harley-Davidson does. That V-twin engine pulses through your body in a way that can’t be described, only experienced.

From the moment things began to click with my 1200, I knew it was the right bike for me. Everything about it felt right. It fit my body, fit my personality, fit my style of riding. Over the years, hubby has suggested I get something new, with less miles, but my Chromester and I have a bond of shared adventures that can never be equaled. Will I have other bikes? Sure. But I will have this Chromester forever.

Tell us what its life to ride the Chromester: Magic. Yep. That’s what it’s like. The throatiness. The solid feel. That magical vibration while idling and the way it smoothes out on the road. The power. Here’s the deal. Every touch-point on a Harley-Davidson feels like quality. They may be heavier, but that’s because they’re not made of plastic. The fenders are metal as are all the mounting hardware and the mirrors. While my ‘04 Bonneville is fun and zippy, it feels like a toy in comparison with my same year H-D.

Why the sportster? I didn’t choose the Sportster since it was a gift... but if I were shopping today, I’d still chose the Sportster because of the timeless design. In the sixty-plus years since the Sportster has been on the road, very little has changed stylistically. Quite simply, the design works. There is no mistaking a Sportster. They look tough and yet elegant in the clean lines and simplicity.

Tell us how you modified your bike to make it your own: A friend joked once about what I have against paint. My truck is paint free and so is my Chromester. The checkered flag emblem is from one of my favorite cars, a 1955 T-Bird, and below it, we added classic-styled tank-pads. We also added fork gators, a fat laced front wheel, solid back wheel, Race-Tech suspension, Lyndal Racing floating brake rotors, Magura hydraulic clutch, a rare H-D headlight nacelle, H-D performance rear suspension, Screaming Eagle hi-flow air cleaner, Dynojet Thunder Slide carb kit, Screaming Eagle slip on mufflers. Even after fifteen years on the road, this thing still runs like a champ.

Lori Bently Law - Harley-Davidson Babes Ride Out

Favorite trip to date: Three-weeks searching for the oldest Route 66 alignments with my best feller, riding from California to Chicago—both of us on Sportsters—and then up to Milwaukee. No windshield. No saddlebags. Just miles of pure joy and exploration.

Lori Bently Law - Harley-Davidson Babes Ride Out

You’ve been coming to Babes Ride Out for quite some time. Tell us about your personal experiences there: I’ve been to four Babes Ride Out events and I swear, it never gets old. BRO is truly the best weekend of the year. I’m not a rider with a pack. I tend to be a loner or ride with my feller. BRO gets me social. Every year I’ve ridden to BRO with someone different and each time had the most amazing experience. Every year I make new friends, get silly, laugh, go on adventures, bond, and reconnect. There’s no judging, no posturing, no cattiness. BRO has this incredible purity that can’t be matched. There’s no way to accurately describe what the weekend does for my soul. Last year was particularly meaningful since it fell just before I left a career of 24 years with NBC. Being with my pals was the perfect way to usher in my new life.

Any advice for ladies looking to take on two wheels? Put aside your fear, go to a class and learn the right way, and then get on your motorcycle and take a hundred mile trip. Seriously. No little jaunts about town. Put some miles under your tires in one day. Guarantee by day’s end, you will have connected with your machine and the road and you will fall in love.

Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Genevieve Davis

Ready to roll? Click HERE for location where you can learn to ride

Want to get more info on the 1200? Click HERE

Babes Ride Out East Coast 4 Tickets are Live!

EventsAshmore Ellis

Ready to celebrate 4 years together!? We are too! Join us for Babes Ride Out East Coast 4, a ladies only 3 day 2 night riding event and campout that takes you on some of the most beautiful routes in the lower Catskills. If you are ready to ride some green roller coasters and camp along the Delaware River in the beautiful town of Narrowsburg, NY read on! 

Flyer art by Jodi Drew

Flyer art by Jodi Drew

Please read all FAQ's below before purchasing any tickets as all tickets are NON REFUNDABLE but you can transfer your ticket to another guest ONLY when tickets are still on sale. After ticket sales end, you will not be able to transfer. Scroll down and please read FAQ on how to transfer tickets. 

 Ticket price includes:

  • 3 days and 2 nights of tent camping along the beautiful Delaware River

  • Real bathrooms and hot showers

  • Unlimited water to fill up your canteen 

  • 1 raffle ticket to the always amazing Moto F.A.M raffle (option to buy more for $1 each)

  • 2019 event patch

  • Karaoke contest (start practicing now) 

  • 90's THEME NIGHT and cover band Saturday night! Bring on the flannel (we know you have it!)

  • Motorcycle games with prizes galore 

  • Demos rides by Harley-Davidson (sign ups to follow!) 

  • Access to the Real Deal Workshop hosted by Jessi Combs

  • Bonfires each night 

  • FREE 805 beer until it runs out each night (and it probably will, east coast ladies can drink)

  • Maps of riding route options through the lower Catskills

  • Amazing structure for inclement weather (event goes on rain or shine but you'll stay dry)

  • 24 hour security & staff 

  • Roadside assistance via our friends at Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys 

  • After hours party at the Narrowsburg Inn Sat night

  • Best time of your moto lovin' life connecting with new and old friends!

Brought to you by Harley-DavidsonBiltwellRuss Brown Motorcycle Attorneys , SENAI am the Real Deal, and 805 Beer, Atwyld


Make sure to check out our FAQ for all Babes Ride Out events by clicking HERE

What ticket do I need to purchase?! What are my driving options?

Every single lady must have GENERAL ADMISSION ticket to enter the property. If you are the driver of a car or truck you must also purchase a Car / Truck Parking Pass. We cannot accommodate RVS or Toyhaulers at this time but you can bring a motorcycle trailer of 10 ft or less behind your vehicle. Tickets to the event must be purchased in advance. If you end up having to drive, there will be car passes only available at the gate for purchase (cash only). We repeat: no tickets to the event will be sold at the gate, only parking passes to those who already have a general admission ticket.

I am only coming for 1 night, do I get a discount?

Sorry! All tickets are for the full weekend. 

Do I get a specific camping spot assigned to me?

No spots are pre-assigned but you are guaranteed a space. The camp area is first come, first serve. There is plenty of amazing spots for everyone. Car campers will be in a separate area. We have rented the entire site for you to enjoy! There are tons of trees and lean-to's on the property and we are right on the Delaware River.

What is up with food and water?

We will have a food truck on site and there is a camp store that is fully stocked! Feel free to bring your own coolers with food, water, booze etc. The WIFI doesn't work so bring cash (ATMS are in town but not on site). There are grocery stores / restaurants etc. in town less than half a mile away if you have special dietary needs. Gas stations are within 1 mile and a liquor store within walking distance. Google the area and see what is available.

I want to shoot, take video, do a social media takeover for this event for a brand, magazine, online editorial, etc Do I need permission? 

We’d love to hear more! Babes Ride Out is a private event and we do the best we can not to distract our guests so they can have the best time possible. If you want to shoot the event in any way for a media source, a brand, or other non-personal use, please email for permission as no commercial photography or video of any kind is allowed unless approved by BRO. Images for your own use are 100% awesome and appreciated! No need to ask if it’s for yourself and/or personal social media, we only ask that you be respectful to the other attendees :) 

How do I connect with other ladies to ride out?

Click HERE and post away in our Babes Ride Out East Coast 4 Facebook event page.  It’s a great way to connect with ladies who are attending the event prior :)

What the heck do I bring?

No stress! We are putting together a super rad gear guide. Stay tuned as this will be emailed to you and posted on our social, website, etc. 

Am I part of the first 150 registered motorcyclists? When will I know? What if I don't show up?

We kindly ask anyone who is wondering to please have patience and refrain from emailing in asking as they will know when they arrive if they were part of the first 150 registered motorcyclists when sales opened. These bags are a gift from our sponsors to reward those who commit to coming  and arrive on their own motorcycle. If you do not show up, the bag goes to someone who does at the end of the event.

Can I bring my boyfriend or husband?

No, this is a ladies only event. Please check for all co/ed events or check out Sierra Stake Out or Blue Ridge Stake Out.

Can I bring my kids and pets?

Nope, the event is not kid / pet friendly :(

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Must be 21+ to attend and have valid ID to drink

What can't I bring to the event?

Weapons, signage, fireworks, pets, kids, a bad attitude, hand-outs for a brand or marketing materials of any kind. 

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No ma'am! Just show up, you'll be on the list

What is the refund policy?

NO REFUNDS. Sorry, please do not ask. We have to pay for you whether you show up or not. All funds go back into the event so if you don't make it, know you made the event even better with your donation.

How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

You can transfer your ticket to another guest but you are solely responsible for doing so. Log in to your Eventbrite and click on your tickets. You will see options to edit your ticket information. You must type in the person's first name, last name, and email address and click to save and send new confirmation. If your buddy doesn't get the confirmation, they won't be on the list so please follow up and ensure they got the transfer. Click HERE for step by step. 

****No transfers can be made after ticket sales have ended****

The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

Your ticket must match your ID. If someone bought your ticket for you and did not put it in your name, you must show up together so the ticket holder can collect both tickets. 

Alright! Let’s get you registered! Click below to sign up!

Take an Oath to Look Twice for Motorcycles

SafetyAnya Violet

My name is Anya and I am one of the co-founders of Babes Ride Out. Last year I was in a very serious motorcycle accident from which I am still recovering. Never have I experienced so much love and support from my family, friends, and community as a whole. Through this experience, we at Babes Ride Out want to do our part to help spread a very important message.

Look Twice for Motorcycles!

We have partnered with one of our favorite organizations Moto F.A.M. to create the “Keep on Rippin’” tee and the “Look Twice” pin. By wearing these items you have taken an oath to always look twice for motorcycles each and every time you ride or drive. The more we talk about this responsibility the more lives we can save. By purchasing these items you are already helping as 100% of the proceeds will be donated to helping riders facing life changing injuries after a serious motorcycle accident through Moto F.A.M. Thank you for supporting all that share the road. Artwork by Jerimy Lumia

To purchase for yourself, family member, co worker, or friend, click HERE.

Introducing the 2019 Babes Ride Out and Babes in the Dirt Event Series!

EventsAnya Violet

We are so excited to announce the 2019 event calendar for Babes Ride Out and Babes in the Dirt. This year is going to be filled with good times, good friends and two wheeled adventure!


First up is Babes in the Dirt 5! Yep we are in our 5th year which still blows our minds. This event will be held at Quail Canyon MX Park at Hungry Valley SVRA April 26-28th. Tickets and all info launch on Friday January 18th so keep your eyes open :)

Next on the Calendar is Babes Ride Out East Coast 4 June 7-9th in beautiful Narrowsburg, NY. Come rip world famous routes in the lower Catskill Mountains and camp along the Delaware river. Tickets and all info for this event launch late Feb.

Introducing Babes in the Dirt East taking place Sept 20-22nd 2019! We are so stoked to bring the good times to Greeneville, Tennessee at I-81 Motorsports Park and will include tons of open track and trail riding as well as sign ups for training courses in flat track, moto X and enduro cross. You will not want to miss this one. Tickets and all info launch April 29th.

Ready for a new adventure? So are we!!!! After 6 years in the desert, we decided to shake things up a bit! Babes Ride Out 7 will be hosted at Santa Margarita Ranch Oct 11-13th. With tons of new routes to ride and lots of new fun to be had on site, the Central Coast of California is blow your mind with pristine riding and access to CA most stunning views. Just wait until you see what we have in store. Tickets and all the info will release Wednesday June 19th so stay tuned and we will see you there!

Want to connect to like minded ladies now? We have the official event pages set up on our Facebook. Simply click below and check the “going” box.

Babes Ride Out 6 | The Official Re-Cap

EventsAnya Violet

Babes Ride Out 6 far exceeded our expectations! The beautiful high desert graced us with flawless weather and clear skies all weekend. Well over 1,000 women descended on Joshua Tree and spent the weekend riding some of the best roads Southern California has to offer.

babes ride out

The festivities were jam packed and we want to thank every single person in attendance as well as all of the sponsors that helped to make this event possible!

As Riders began filling up the 40 acres of the Joshua Tree Lake Campground they were greeted in the event space with a Free Public welcome party. Kickstands down, Wine up! Enjoying some wine, meeting new friends and hearing about their journeys is what it’s all about.

We love to highlight the creative women in our community! There was so much talent in the Makers Market this year with chainstitch art by Rowdy Cowlick, DIY leather stamping by Pack Animal and custom stamped metal by Feral Silver. Attendees got to take home a custom hand-done piece or customize their own stuff thanks to these talented ladies. Jenn Hallett was hand painting flash on Biltwell helmets so that ladies can customize their lids.

babes ride out
babes ride out
babes ride out

Kickstands were down and the 805 Beer was flowing. There is nothing quite like a cold beer after a long ride. Thank you to 805 beer for bringing the taste of the central coast to Joshua Tree for Babes Ride Out 6!

babes ride out

The Moto F.A.M. raffle was poppin’ all weekend! Thanks to everyone that donated and participated we raised thousands of dollars to help riders who have sustained life changing injuries from motorcycle accidents.

babes ride out
babes ride out

Nothing brings people together quite like karaoke. Thursday night on the main stage was filled with the sounds of the greatest hits and a few Disney songs! Hahah Babes love Karaoke!

babes ride out
babes ride out

Friday morning after some delicious cold pressed juice, coffee and a breakfast bowl, riders grabbed a Biltwell route map from Mojave Desert Land Trust booth and hit the road. Rides ranging from 60-300 miles took you to Salvation Mountain, up to Big Bear, through the National Park, up to Idyllwild or in to Pioneertown. Every single rider came back with a story about their day.

babes ride out

The Real Deal work shop was putting tools in the hands of everyone that signed up. With workshops in welding, pin striping, and blacksmithing attendees could go home with a new skill or hobby to pursue. The Real Deal bike show was our most popular yet with over 40 motorcycles entered. We love seeing how riders customize their bikes and make them their own!

We at Babes Ride Out feel that it is so important to never take ourselves too seriously. That is why we loved the Girl on a Moto camp games on Friday night. Babes were lining up to go head to head in the sumo suit wresting ring. Who ever said that a motorcycle event can’t be like adult summer camp?

Ashmore and Mich go head to head. Sumo was ALL time! Photo by Savannah Rose

Ashmore and Mich go head to head. Sumo was ALL time! Photo by Savannah Rose

The ladies of Atwyld had their full collection on display at BRO6. Their mission is to get more women to ride in protective gear by designing a line that looks good, feels good and wears well on and off the bike. So many riders got to see that riding gear does not have to be ill-fitting or bright pink. Thank you Atwyld for all that you are doing to promote safety for the motorcycle industry.   

babes ride out
babes ride out

Westside Moto Academy handed out hundreds of bright neon safety vests to riders throughout the weekend. They offered their expertise as motorcycle instructors to give pointers to new riders and talk technique with more experienced riders. Not to mention they showed us how its done in the Triumph Moto games by getting 1st place in the technical course.

babes ride out

Friday night we got to recognize some very important people up on stage. It all started with the Real Deal Bike show winners. These ladies had some very unique bikes and it was so fun to be able to recognize their efforts on stage with custom built trophies from the Real Deal workshop. Next, we invited all the ladies over the age of 60 years old to come up on stage. These are our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends and many of them have been riding since before we were born. The oldest rider there was 68 years young and WOW did she have a story to tell. It is so inspiring to see the new generation find joy and love in the motorcycle world but it is forever important to respect our elders and the wisdom they have gathered through the years. The diversity at Babes Ride Out events is un-paralleled.

With clear skies and perfect weather Friday and Saturday night were ideal for the Star Party and Astronomy Show in the Astronomy Arts theatre! Deep space telescopes, sky maps, and virtual reality tour to Mars were all part of this amazing experience brought to you by the Southern California Desert Video Astronomers. Joshua Tree is a dark sky community and, for many, they have never seen the night sky quite like that before.

babes ride out
babes ride out

DJ Ry Toast and La Flaca Lee kept the dance party going and the energy high throughout the night as the dance floor was packed! Some stayed up until the music stopped while others headed back to camp for some fireside hangs with new friends.

Babes Ride Out 6

Red Wing Heritage Womens hosted a “Mamas who ride” meet up on Saturday morning. The idea that when you become a mother you must forfeit yourself and your passions for the sake of your family has become antiquated. Children and family rise to the top but should not replace a woman’s identity. This meet-up was about getting together these inspiring Mama’s who exemplify this modern woman.

babes ride out
babes ride out

Saturday was another perfect day for riding. Aside from all of the great routes to ride, the town of Joshua Tree also has a farmers market as well as the HWY 62 art tours that many riders decided to experience on Saturday.

Thanks to Sena, Babes were able to demo Bluetooth devices throughout the weekend and see what it is like to ride connected. Their blind-folded obstacle course was harder than ever this year and required teams of two to complete the challenge bind-folded using only the guidance of their partner through their Bluetooth device. It was hilarious!

babes ride out

Rolling back to camp we went straight in to the Triumph Moto Games. This was our biggest and best year yet! There were over 70 riders participating and several hundred more there to spectate. The competition was fierce and it was amazing to see so much talent on two wheels. The technical course, the slow race and the barrel race all take certain skills and patience to complete. There were so many types of riders and so many types of bikes involved! Choppers, dualsports, adventure bikes, café racers, baggers… you name it. Nothing like doing a slalom course on a chopper. Thanks to everyone for participating and to Triumph Motorcycles for bringing everyone together.

Had a friend that could not make it to BRO6? Triumph had their mobile post office on site where you could send a post card and let them know they blew it!

As of Saturday night, the talented tattoo team counted about 150 tattoos that they had done throughout the weekend. Over 100 ladies are headed home with a permanent Babes Ride Out souvenir! Thank you to the talented artist that come out every year! We love you!

babes ride out

Saturday night everyone gathered near the main stage to see who would be taking home the amazing raffle prizes. Thank you to all the amazing artists and brands that contributed to the raffle this year! The raffle announcement were followed by one of our favorite awards of the weekend. The “Most Miles Ridden” Award! This goes to the Babe that took down the most miles to get to Babes Ride Out 6. The winner rode all the way from New Jersey and zig-zagged across the country totaling in over 5,000 miles! DAMN! Thank you for coming!

babes ride out
babes ride out

Another important recognition goes out to the mother and daughter duos that ride out to our events. This year we had over 20 which is more than ever before. What an awesome bonding experience to be able to ride out with your mom.

We had a very special guest join us on Saturday! Her name is Grace McKean. She has been riding motorcycles since 1946. In her 84 years she has seen so many changes in the world of motorcycles and Babes Ride Out 6 was her first time attending a ladies only motorcycle event. She came with photos and articles about her life on two wheels and we all walked away inspired by her. Thank you for coming Grace! See you next year!

Babes Ride Out
Babes Ride Out

No Babes Ride Out event is complete without some live tunes. This year Yachty By Nature had the crowd so pumped up! The sea of captains hats said it all. Thank you for playing the hits and keeping the crowd dancing! Babes LOVE Yacht Rock!

Smooth Sailing! Yachty by Nature

Smooth Sailing! Yachty by Nature

Before everyone hit the road home, they were able to stop by the Lucky Wheels Garage booth and check tire pressure and tighten bolts. Thanks to Lucky Wheels for providing tools for all the Babes!

babes ride out

Babes Ride Out 6 was such an amazing event! There were Babes from all walks of life and on all different types of motorcycles. Riders came from near and far to join together and connect over a love of two wheels. Thank you for coming to experience the beautiful high desert and all it has to offer. Thank you for being such an amazing community! See you next year!  

-Anya and Ashmore

 Photos by Heidi Zumbrun and Genevieve Davis

Babes Ride Out 6 | Everything you Need to Know (Consolidated)

EventsAshmore Ellis

It’s HERE!!!! We are so excited to consolidate ALL information for Babes Ride Out 6. Below is everything you need to know + rules and regulations of the event to ensure you are aware of the campsite’s policies. Please give this a read in its entirety (maybe a few times) as every single thing we can think of that you’d want to know is below:

Ride Safe: Please take your time and ride your own ride on the way to Babes Ride Out 6. Read through the safety section on our blog to get some tips on riding in a group, riding in the wind, practice and a lot more.

Weather and Roads: Joshua Tree had a little bit of a flood last week but the town has cleared the roads and everything is open. However, there are some patches of dirt, sand and debris here and there to watch out for. DO NOT speed on Sunfair rd. It is a very rough road with bumps and sometimes potholes! Please approach the campsite with extreme caution. The speed limit in camp is 10 mph. If you blow by camp, you'll hit deep sand 40 yards past the entrance. We see it every single year and still can't believe anyone would haul ass into the void like that. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME & SLOW DOWN! There are dips and bumps that will catch you off guard if you are speeding / not paying attention. Weather looks to be beautiful this week and next but as a responsible motorcyclist, you are 100% in charge of checking for roads closures, detours, weather, before you ride anywhere (not just to Babes <3). The most accurate source for weather in the area is Joshua Tree Accuweather Report.


No drinking and riding. We have gate staff that will not let you leave if you any indication of intoxication.

It gets VERY dark out in this area so we encourage all riders to be in by dark for your own safety. Registration closes at 10 pm. If arriving after, please consider staying the night in town. Our security will be at the gate to direct to a separate after hours section so you don't mow down people trying to sleep. You’ll have to check in the following morning.

 THERE ARE NO DIRT ROADS THAT LEAD TO BABES RIDE OUT! If your GPS takes you to a dirt road, re-route! This is another thing we see this every year so be aware of your route and take responsibility for your safety. The event is srtaight down Sunfair Rd which is right off HWY 62 (easy). Remeber that old joke "If your GPS jumps off a bridge would you?". 

No burnouts on site, helmets on at all times, no drinking & riding. Our security will be on patrol so if they catch anyone doing these things, they’ll get the boot for good. 

We want to ensure EVERYONE has fun, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation.
I am taking video, doing social media takeovers, snapping imagery for a brand or media source, what is the policy?

BRO events are private so no commercial photography, video, etc are allowed without consent. If you are there to cover the event for a brand, publication, or other media source, you’d need to obtain permission prior to event by emailing This is a strict rule to provide a non-intrusive environment for all of our attendees. Imagery for personal use & social are 100% awesome and encouraged. Snap it and post it girl!
What ticket do I need?

Every single lady must have either a MOTORCYCLIST or NON MOTORCYCLIST ticket to the event.  If you bought a moto ticket and now driving, that is ok, no need to email us to change your ticket type but you will need a car pass unless you are hopping in someone else’s car or back of bike. 
Do I get a specific camping spot assigned to me?

No spots are pre-assigned but you are guaranteed a space. No cars can drive into the motorcycle camping for safety reasons. If a car is hauling your junk and you are camping with the motos, you’ll have to “sherpa” all your stuff over. Please be courteous of the space and make friends with your neighbors. If you want to ensure that you get a camp spot next to your friends we suggest arriving together.
Please Note: Each time you enter the campsite, get in the habit of showing your wristband. Security will be checking.
What is up with food and water?

We will have food trucks on site (some take cash only, some are card friendly) a full bar with drinks, smoothies, coffees, espresso drinks, and there is a camp store that is fully stocked! Feel free to bring your own coolers with food, water, booze etc or plan if you’ve got special needs. We’ve got plenty of free water for you so keep refilling your canteen. Cell service can be spotty so credit cards are not guaranteed to work so bring cash (ATMS are in town but not on site) for merch! There are grocery stores, gas, restaurants etc 10 miles away. Google the area and see what is available BEFORE you come if you need anything specific to ensure you have a great time. 

NO GLASS IS ALLOWED ON SITE! Box wine and cans ladies! Transfer any hard alcohol into plastic bottles. 

NO SMOKING IN FESTIVAL SPACE. Sorry, its the rules. If you smoke near camp, please dispose of your butts properly.
Can I bring my boyfriend or husband?

No, this is a ladies only event. Please check out the Sierra Stake Out, Blue Ridge Stake Out, White Lighting Campout, Kernville Kampout, El Diablo Run, and the million other moto events that are out there that you can enjoy together <3
Can I bring my kids and non service pets?

The event is not kid / pet friendly. Service angels only. It’s rattlesnake season so please be aware of those as they do tend to hide in bushes and dead leaves.

 Can my friend drive in drop my stuff off and leave?

Sorry, unless they have a ticket to the event and car pass we will not let them on the property. 
Are there ID requirements or an age limit?

Must be 21+ to attend any Babes Ride Out events.
What can't I bring to the event?

Weapons, signage, easy ups, professional video equipment, merchandise to sell, flyers, stickers, handouts, fireworks, pets, kids, a bad attitude.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
NO ma'am! Just show up with you I.D, you'll be on the list. 
What is the refund policy?

No refunds. Sorry, please do not ask. 
The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

Sorry, your ticket must match your ID. If someone bought your ticket or transferred a ticket to you and did not put it in your name, you must show up together so the ticket holder can collect both tickets. If the person you bought the ticket from did not change the name on the ticket, sorry, you’ll need to get your $$ back from them as we have no record of your personal transactions etc.
Oh man, I BLEW IT and did not get a motorcyclist ticket OR a non-motorcyclist ticket. Can I show up and buy one at the gate?”

Girl, you’ve had months to grab a ticket! Sadly we will have to see you next year. Please do not show up at gates, we’ve already planned portos, food, water, etc all around the # of people that have registered. We won’t be able to accommodate ya.
To see all other FAQs for Babes Ride Out events, click HERE
That sums it up! Hope you all have a beautiful ride to Babes Ride Out 6! If you have any additional questions you can ask any one of the “STAFF BABES” when you arrive. 

Schedule of Events


12:00pm – Gates open! Welcome to Babes Ride Out 6

12:00PM-11:00PM – Merch booth open. Come say hi to the MERCH MOMS!

12:00PM-11:00PM – Drinks and snacks available for purchase

3:00PM-11:00PM – Tattoo trailer open (first come first serve)

4:00PM-10:00PM – Sponsor booths, raffle and Makers Market open

5:00PM – 805 Beer Happy Hour (until it runs out)

6:00PM - 8:00PM – Free Public welcome party

6:00PM - 8:00PM – Sailor Jerry happy hour at the main bar

6:00PM - 10:00PM – Karaoke on the main stage

7:00PM– Welcome announcements on the main stage

10:00PM- Registration closes. If you arrive after, security will direct you to wards temporary camping and you will have to register in the am when booth opens.

10:00PM - 12:00AM – Dance party

12:00AM– Quiet time


7:00-11:00 AM– Coffee and breakfast for purchase

8:00AM-10:00AM – Merch booth open

8:00AM-10:00AM – Mojave Desert Land Trust info booth will be giving out route maps

10:00AM-3:00PM – Go ride one of the many routes provided and enjoy Joshua Tree or sign up for a rock climbing class HERE

3:00PM-11:00PM – Tattoo trailer open

4:00PM-11:00PM – Drinks and snacks for purchase

4:00PM-10:00PM – Sponsor booths, raffle and Makers Market open

4:00PM-10:00PM – Merch booth opens

6:00PM – 805 Beer Happy Hour (until it runs out)

6:00PM - 8:00PM – Free Public Welcome Party

4:30PM - 7:30PM – Real Deal Bike Show

6:00PM - 10:00PM – Girl on a Moto “Camp Games” in the bowl

8:30PM -9:00PM – Announcements & Bike Show winners on the main stage

10:00PM- Registration closes. If you arrive after, security will direct you to temporary camping and you will have to register when booth opens in the am.

7:00PM-11:00PM- Astronomy Show in the Astronomy Arts Theatre

6:00PM - 12:00AM – Dance party with DJ Ry Toast and DJ La Flaca Lee

12:00AM– Quiet time


7:00-11:00 AM– Coffee and breakfast for purchase

8:00AM-10:00AM – Merch booth open

8:00AM-10:00AM – Mojave Desert Land Trust info booth with route maps open

10:00AM-3:00PM – Go ride one of the many routes provided and enjoy Joshua Tree or sign up for a rock climbing class HERE

3:00PM-11:00PM – Tattoo trailer open

4:00PM-11:00PM – Drinks and snacks for purchase

4:00PM-10:00PM – Sponsor booths, raffle, and Makers Market open

4:00PM-10:00PM – Merch booth open

6:00PM – Raffle closed

6:00PM – 805 Beer Happy Hour (until it runs out)

5:00PM - 7:00PM – Triumph Moto games in the lower lot

7:30PM -8:30PM – Announcements & raffle prizes

7:00PM-11:00PM- Astronomy Show in the Astronomy Arts Theatre

8:30PM - 11:30PM – Yachty By Nature Live on the Main Stage

10:00PM- Gates closed. No entrance past 10PM

12:00AM– Quiet Time


7:00-10:00 AM– Coffee and breakfast available for purchase

8:00AM-10:00AM – Merch booth open

10:00AM – Pack up and head out! See you at the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs for the AFTER PARTY! (Click link for super discounted room rate and 0 resort fees!)

11:00AM – Camp must be completely empty


Sponsor Activities

Triumph Motorcycles: Check out the latest models of Triumph Motorcycles and sign up for the Moto Games on Saturday evening. All weekend the ladies of Triumph will be running their “mobile” post office so bring your rolodex and send those friends who couldn’t make it a postcard (or a thank you to whoever is baby sitting your pets, kids, significant other!).

Sena: Demo the latest models of Sena Communication devices and try their obstacle course.

Atwyld: Try on some riding gear from their new collection, hit their photobooth with your friends, make a custom pin and get your name embroidered on you Atwyld X BRO collaboration jacket or any Atwyld apparel you have!

805 Beer: Grab a beer during their happy hour

Biltwell: Have a Biltwell helmet? Bring it to their booth for a FREE pin-stripping decal from Jenn Hallett’s flash page!

Free Public: Join in their welcome party for new and solo riders!

Westside Moto Academy: Stop by and connect with professional motorcycle trainers and get some pointers on ways to stay safe on the road.

Lucky Wheels Garage: Need a tool, Need to check your tire pressure? Stop by their DIY garage!

Mojave Desert Land Trust: Learn about how to protect and preserve the  desert, grab a Biltwell route map and choose your journey for the day!

Real Deal: Learn to weld, pinstripe or blacksmith in their workshop or join in the bike show on Friday night.

Sailor Jerry: Free mixed drinks during the SJ happy hr will run out of the main bar. Go easy, we hear the JTMF staff give a heavy pour!

Moto FAM: Check out all the awesome prizes available for raffle! Each ticket is $1 so go nuts! It all goes to a good cause.

Makers Market: Enjoy custom chain stitching, metal engraving, and leather stamping at the BRO6 Makers Market.

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