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Slow and Low coming to Babes Ride Out 7

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The crew from Slow & Low is excited to share their partnership with Becky Goebel, Brittany Wood, Jaime Dempsey, and Tamara Raye for this year's Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast event!
To kick-off, the BRO festivities, the ladies of Slow & Low will be treating attendees to welcome rides on the Whiskey Train on Friday evening. From 6-8 pm Slow & Low, along with their outstanding partners will host four scenic tour rides paired with specialty cocktails. Space is limited - so please be sure to arrive early to secure your spot on the 1900's steam locomotive! 

At basecamp, you can meet up with Slow & Low Van for a Rock & Rye tasting Friday night from 7-9 pm. Their rolling whiskey lounge will be onsite all weekend providing a perfect space to kick-back, relax, enjoy some cocktails and great company. 

In addition to pouring their liquid sunshine, the S&L ladies have arranged for some super fun (and still secret) activations. Be sure to follow @drinkslowandlow on Instagram for the upcoming announcements and exclusive Q&A's, BRO packing lists and Spotify road trip playlists by Becky, Brittany, Jaime, and Tamara! 

We look forward to seeing you next week! 

Meet the Fleet x Introducing the Brand New 2020 Harley-Davidson Demo Bikes at Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast

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We are thrilled to have Harley-Davidson on site offering demos at Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast! Each demo ride will allow you to experience the bike you have chosen for a self guided 1.5 hr route via an easy to follow route suggestion card given to you by Harley-Davidson. Please read the following very carefully before signing up. Since there are limited demo bikes the demos will fill up fast. Please scroll down to the FAQ to read how to be eligible to ride one and how you can get be "next in line" if the demos are full.

  • 1 demo sign up per person, no exceptions (please do not sign up more than once or for your friends)or you'll be automatically booted from the system. This helps keep sign ups fair.

  • *You must have a ticket to Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast already purchased to participate*

  • Must have government issued photo ID with a M1 license

  • Must sign a waiver release form (this will be completed on site before your demo ride)

  • Must wear proper riding gear. If you do not have these items or cannot borrow, please do not sign up as they are ALL mandatory before you get on their bikes. [DOT approved helmet, eye protection (shield or sunglasses), long pants, boots that cover the ankle]

  • Show up 30 minutes before your demo time slot at the Harley-Davidson booth. Failure to do so will release your demo to the next in line. 


Do I need a ticket to the event to demo?


Can I request a certain bike from the fleet?

Each bike per time slot is listed and you can scroll down to get details on each one to get the specifics.

Can I sign up more than once or for my friend? Can I sign up twice or more?

No and no :) You cannot sign up other riders or more than once to keep it fair. If we catch anyone breaking the rule, their demo will be cancelled without warning.

Can my friend ride on the back? Can I ride on the back?

No, one rider per bike :)

Shoot! There are no more bikes or time slots available, what do I do?

If the demos are full, make sure to stop by the Harley-Davidson booth 30 min before each demo takes place fully geared and ready to go to see if a spot opens up.

I don't have the gear listed, what are my options?

If you don't have the gear, you can't demo the bike. It's for your own safety.

I signed up and can't come. What do I do?

No problem! Please cancel your demo slot immediately. This way the spot can go to someone on the waitlist. It's very easy and very appreciated simply log in and cancel the free ticket. Click HERE for step by step instructions.

How do I know if any spots are available from cancellations?

A cancellation will auto populate an opening on the tickets page. A lot of times, ladies miss their demo and if you are geared up and waiting, you'll get to take their spot on site. Simply check in at the H-D booth 30 min prior to each scheduled demo. 

Are there ID or minimum age requirements?

Demos, just like the event, are 21+.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?


Alright! Now let’s meet the fleet!

  • You can click on each image to get even more details per motorcycle

  • Seat height is measured in inches

  • Weight is measured in pounds

Iron 1200

Seat Height 25.7

Weight 564


Seat Height 26.2

Weight 556

Iron 883

Seat Height 25.7

Weight 564


Seat Height 29.5

Weight 571


Seat Height 25.9

Weight 697

Breakout 114

Seat Height 25.6

Weight 672

FXDR 114

Seat Height 27.7

Weight 688

Fat Bob 114

Seat Height 27.7

Weight 676

Heritage 107

Seat Height 26.3

Weight 728

Low Rider S

Seat Height 26.5

Weight 679

Low Rider

Seat Height 26.2

Weight 661

Heritage 114

Seat Height 26.3

Weight 728


Seat Height 25.5

Weight 671

Fat Boy 114

Seat Height 25.9

Weight 699

Street Bob

Seat Height 25.8

Weight 655

Sport Glide

Seat Height 25.7

Weight 699

Electra Glide Standard

Seat Height 26.1

Weight 820

Street Glide

Seat Height 26.1

Weight 829

Road Glide

Seat Height 25.9

Weight 855

Road King

Seat Height 26.3

Weight 828

SENA Demos at Babes Ride Out 7 x Are You Riding Connected?

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Sena is back for Babes Ride Out 7! The leader in motorcycle and action sports smart communication devices, Sena will be on-site to show you all the latest and greatest tech, with the opportunity to experience riding connected yourself with SF2 demo headset units. You can pre-register for a demo unit here or on a first-come, first-serve basis on Friday at our booth! You’ll have all of Saturday to experience the device in the open highways of the California Central Coast before returning it that evening.

What are we packing for this trip? Whether you want to listen to your music on the go or you want to talk with your riding buddies on the open road, Sena aims to keep riders connected. A few of the units we’re bringing with us are the following:

Babes Ride Out Sena.jpg

  • Are you the type to record your adventures? The 10C Pro houses 4-way Bluetooth communication with a built-in camera to record the adventure. Want to share it on your favorite social media platform? Connect with your phone using the camera’s WiFi and post the content from wherever you’re at!

Babes Ride Out

  • The 10C EVO takes video recording to the next level by capturing video in 4K at 30FPS.  With Smart Audio Mix, you can record your group’s conversation via Bluetooth intercom alongside your highlight reel! Just like the 10C Pro, connect to the camera via a smartphone app and download the video on to your phone.

Babes Ride Out x Central Coast

  • The 30K features open mesh intercom, allowing a virtually unlimited amount of nearby riders to connect with a single click. The 30K also features 4-way Bluetooth intercom if you want to keep your conversation within a dedicated small group.

Photo credit: Heidi Zumburn

Photo credit: Heidi Zumburn

  • The Sena SF Series features a sleek 3-button system, perfect for those who prefer a slimmer device. you can experience the SF2 for yourself through our BRO 7 demo program. Pre-register here to make sure a unit is waiting for you when you arrive on Friday!

Even if you don’t get the opportunity to demo (or, you already have your own piece of Sena gear!), we hope you’ll stop by the Sena booth and say Hi!

Got a Biltwell Helmet? Get it Painted for Free at Biltwell's Customer Appreciation Station at Babes Ride Out 7 by @chicken_in_a_biscuit

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Biltwell has been supporting Babes Ride Out events for 7 years (our first believers!) and we are so grateful to have them participate year after year with their on site customer appreciation . This year they are bringing out Nicole aka @chicken_in_a_biscuit (who is also painting a Biltwell helmet for the Moto F.A.M raffle) to paint FREE flash on Friday & Sat evenings from 4-8PM. If you’ve got a Biltwell lid, make sure to bring it! Thinking you may be ready for a new lid? Click the link below as we go over when its time to replace your helmet to ensure you are actually being protected as much as possible.

Is it Time to Replace Your Helmet?! Probably!

Alright, now let’s get to know Nicole!

Babes Ride Out 7 x Biltwell

When I moved to San Francisco in 2003, I quickly decided the bus wasn’t for me, and I got a little 50cc Vespa scooter. It was awesome and I learned a lot about what not to do on a bike. Eventually, I wanted to go faster, get out of town and across the Golden Gate Bridge, so I bought a ’69 Honda Scrambler. I rode by myself for years because I didn’t know other people that rode. Some of my dude friends started riding and pushed me to go faster and explore more. Eventually I got a Harley and started doing rides to the desert and beyond. The first time I ever rode with women was BRO 2 in 2014 where I trailered my bike from The Sea Ranch to SF, picked up a gal I’d never met before and her bike, and unloaded in Venice and rode to JT by 10pm. It was so much to fathom going from no one to everyone literally overnight.

Now, I’m a certified CMSP instructor and teach all kinds of people how to ride. I live and work at one school in San Diego, and ride up to San Francisco every month to teach at another school there. I paint helmets and tanks in between. It feels like I’m living a double life at times, but I’m so invested in these two endeavors that it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Painting flowers, snakes and other animals on helmets is so exciting because it’s something you don’t see in the motorcycle world full of skulls and flames. Although that will always be classic iconography, there is room for new style. I love painting flowers on motorcycle gear because it’s in exact opposition of motorcycles themselves—hard, clanking, loud machinery. The sight of something so delicate associated with something so tough is one of my favorite juxtapositions. Snakes and animals are reflections of ourselves I’m pretty sure...they’re wild and free, like how we feel while riding. I’m not sure exactly why I love it. It’s instinctual rather than intellectual.

Photo by @unstuckwoman

Photo by @unstuckwoman

I hope to keep doing this forever...and well, paint snakes as murals more too. Painting big is my favorite way to paint, and snakes have endless possibilities. Being able to use painting as a way to bridge my love for art and motorcycles feels like the epitome of who I am. It’s a simple thing but it’s not a job you find next to a checked box when you’re a kid at the school career fair. It took me a long time to find out that this was it for me, and now that I’m doing it, I can’t believe I wasn’t doing it

Babes Ride Out 7  Biltwell Helmet Flash

Nicole is available for commissions! She can be reached at

After the 4-8PM time slot , she will become part of the Makers Market and will do any brand of helmet with her flash for a small fee until 10PM

Hochstadter's Slow & Low Rock & Rye is Coming to Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast

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Babes Ride Out 7 is bringing together a new location with some familiar faces. We are excited to have Slow & Low rejoin us onsite for this year's Central Coast event in October!

Babes Ride Out

If you weren't with us in Narrowsburg for EC3, Slow & Low is an 84 proof, extra-dry, Rock & Rye - a rye whiskey-based bottled (Old Fashioned) cocktail. Their version is the perfect balance of aged straight rye whiskey, air-dried navel oranges from Florida, 100 percent raw honey from Western Pennsylvania, Angostura Bitters and a small dose of rock candy. Perfect for enjoying straight, as a cocktail or paired as a shot with an 805 beer.

Babes Ride Out

The Slow & Low crew will be pouring their liquid sunshine all weekend long at base camp and will be hosting a very special Rock & Rye whiskey tasting via a 1900’s steam locomotive on Friday evening! First come, first serve - so be sure to sign-up once you arrive! ! 

Babes Ride Out

Babes interested in learning more about Slow & Low can connect with the brand on their Instagram and Facebook channels. Stay tuned for more info and see you at Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast!

Babes Ride Out is Partnering with the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo

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ECOSLO is excited to take part in another powerful movement on the Central Coast and beyond! The Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo, known as ECOSLO, is a half-century old non-profit with a mission to educate, advocate, and act to protect and enhance the natural environment and human well-being of San Luis Obispo County. As the only Environmental Center in the County -- and the first, their small but mighty staff work all hours educating the public on local environmental issues, removing trash from our beautiful beaches, and motivating community members to think eco-consciously. Come October, ECOSLO will have hosted over 60 clean ups in 2019, extracting over 4,000 pounds of trash from entering our waterways, and protecting marine and terrestrial ecosystems. There’s no doubt that even the smallest changes in our habits as a human species can drastically change that number. 

Babes Ride Out 7 x ECOSLO

Along with our cleanups throughout SLO County, ECOSLO has an array of programs. Volunteer with us at one of the many SLO County Parks to take part in a Nature Project such as tree planting or picnic bench building. Or take a leisurely, educational hike with one of our volunteer docents throughout the City of SLO Open Space and learn about the local history, flora and fauna. ECOSLO is also one of the spear-headers when it comes to taking action in local advocacy initiatives as it concerns to land conservation, waste reduction and renewable energy.

Babes Ride Out 7 x ECOSLO

We’re proud to be representing and protecting San Luis Obispo County. It’s our home, and we hope you will treat it as your home when you are here as well. 

Babes Ride Out 7 x ECOSLO

There are many ways to be eco-conscious when venturing outdoors - even on motorcycle (stay tuned for our next blog update!), and that’s why ECOSLO was so excited to hear about Babes Ride Out exploring Santa Margarita and all that the Central Coast has to offer! There was an instant connection between the two organizations riding on the fact that they’re both led by fearless women - we knew it would be a great match. 

Chat with the ECOSLO Team at our booth on Friday and Saturday and learn about the magic of SLO County and the Central Coast, and purchase your very own Bamboo Utensil Kit to carry along for the ride! 

Babes Ride Out 7 x ECOSLO