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ATWYLD | Gear Guide for Babes Ride Out 7

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Hey Babes! Have you got your riding kit dialed in for Babes Ride Out 7 yet? ATWYLD has got you covered with all the best riding apparel! Designed by women that ride just for you! Check out our gear guide featuring some of our favorite road trip pieces! They will be on site with their full collection again this year so head over to their booth and see what they got!

babes ride out
babes ride out









babes ride out

Photos by Genevieve Davis

ATWYLD | Babes Ride Out 6 Gear Guide

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Road trips on your bike are so much more fun when you know you have the proper gear on! It can boost your confidence while riding and protect you in case. We got to catch up with our friends at Atwyld to see what they recommend for a trip to Babes Ride Out 6! Read on to see their selections!

Photo by Scott Toepfer of Joy Lewis in the Onyx, Convoy 2.0 and Voyagers

Photo by Scott Toepfer of Joy Lewis in the Onyx, Convoy 2.0 and Voyagers

When heading to the desert, versatility and comfort is key. On many of the BRO6 routes you go through elevation changes which bring different temperatures. We recommend layering to make sure you are comfortable and not distracted the entire time. The Onyx Jacket is perfect for this. It is designed with some room for layering the Convoy 2.0 Armored shirt for impact protection as well as another layer like the Enduro Fleece Hoodie to add warmth if you are going through a mountain pass. The Voyager Moto Jeans look and feel just like your favorite skinny jeans but have both Kevlar and removable D3O armor to protect you. You won’t find a better fitting more comfortable riding pant around! The Enduro Fleece set is your “go-to” kit for after hours around the campfire. it gets chilly at night and comfort is key. These are the perfect pieces to get you through a weekend at Babes Ride Out! See you there!

The Onyx Jacket

  • Perforated Leather for ventilation

  • Mesh lining helps air flow

The Convoy 2.0 Armored Shirt

  • Removable D3O armor at shoulders, elbows, back and chest

  • Moisture wicking jersey and mesh panels

The Voyager Moto Jeans

  • Kevlar lined ay all impact zones

  • Removable D3O knee and hip armor

The Enduro Fleece Hoodie

  • Perfect to layer under the Onyx jacket if it gets cold or to stay cozy around the campfire

The Enduro Fleece Sweats

  • Keep you warm and comfortable in your tent after a long day of riding

Babes in Borrego & The Original 50 | Meet Michaela George

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If you have come to any of our events over the past few years then you already know who Michaela (Mich) George is. She is the smiling face and the kind soul behind Moto F.A.M. What you may not know is that she was there at the first ever Babes in Borrego event back in 2013. She could not have known back then what a huge role this growing community would end up playing in her life. In her words "I have honestly never been a part of something so big, and so uplifting in my life." Read on to hear her story.

Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Genevieve Davis

babes ride out

On October 5th 2013, 50 women rode out to an undisclosed location for a night of camping and camaraderie. What would follow could not have been predicted by anyone. The positivity, passion and enthusiasm for those 50 women has fueled the growth and exposure of a community that has meant so much to so many. We are highlighting each of those 50 women and sharing their stories over the past 5 years. 

Michaela George

  • Michaela George (Mich)
  • @only_one_mich
  • Oceanside,Ca
  • Founder of Moto F. A. M. 

How did you find out about Babes in Borrego and what made you want to be a part of it? 

I feel like my story is going to be a little weird for some people because I have an unusually close relationship with my ex-husband. So a lot of my story includes getting to know Mallorie (his wife) better through attending the first Babes Ride Out event...It was kind of the motivation to go. 

My ex husband was the one that told me about Babes In Borrego. He knew Ashmore through mutual work friends and had heard she was organizing some kind of girls only Moto trip and campout. 

I reached out to Ashmore because I had been riding motorcycles for almost 10 years at that point and for the most part, with only men. The thought of riding with women was super exciting!

When you arrived at the meet up, what was your first thoughts?

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ride to Borrego, where the campout was planned to happen, weeks before the actual event. When I contacted Ashmore for the first time about Babes In Borrego, she invited me to do a test run. I remember sitting at Carlee’s (a small restaurant in Borrego) with Ashmore after we did our test run and laughing about the whole idea. There was nothing quite like this done before so there were zero expectations. 10 girls might show up... or 100. It was super fascinating. 

The day of the event Mallorie and I arrived at the gas station meet up spot and saw well over 20 women. I immediately this is going to be SO FUN!

Did you know anyone there?

I didn’t, other than Ashmore and Mallorie. 

Is going on an adventure solo like this something you do or was this a first time out of your element kind of thing?

Every once and a while I step out of my comfort zone but for the most part I’m not really one to go out of my way to do something like this.... but a big part of me going was because it was an opportunity for Mallorie and I to spend time together and get to know each other. 

To go to something like this and the destination be unknown is kind of crazy.  What did you think of riding with all those ladies and of the destination?

It was totally crazy, but sometimes I kinda feel like the crazy factor was such a huge part of what made me interested in going. 

As soon as the huge group of ladies started loading up and pulling out I was like.... holy shit, this is so rad, they did it.... this is going to be such a fun experience. 

(I literally get teared up thinking about it as I answer these questions... I didn’t know then the impact this experience was going to have in my life.... absolutely NO IDEA)

What was that one night like for you?

It was amazing. I met so many women. All at didn’t phases of their lives, different interests, different ages, areas, bikes and so on. 

I left the next morning wondering what would be next... when can we do this again... will there be another one? 

Tell us about the ladies you met and have your friendships have evolved over the past 5 years. Do you keep in touch?

My number one focus was getting to know Mallorie better and this trip did exactly that. We leaned on each other a little more than usual because neither of us knew anyone beside ourselves. We met so many interesting women though. We did a ton of socializing...but I have to say the people watching was insane. Good insane! Their were half naked women from LA that were beautiful and confident and SO interesting. There was a mom away from her new baby for the first time who spent time everyday on a breast pump, haha. There was dancing and singing and sand flat races. The sunset was gorgeous. 

I made so many friends at that first Babes that I am happy to say,  I am still friends with. 

As for my relationship with Mallorie, I feel like it was the perfect place for us to start a friendship. We are truly family now and we have attended every BRO since then, together!

How have you changed over the past 5 years?

Oh geez, this is a tough one. 

Five years is a good amount of time for change. 

Job- (This will be a long answer haha).... This is unquestionably the biggest change in my life since Babes in Borrego.  Babes/Anya & Ashmore play a HUGE part in that. Since the first Babes, I started a non profit named Moto F. A. M. Our mission is to help riders facing life changing injuries after a serious motorcycle accident. Anya & Ashmore we’re some of the first people I shot my idea to. Their input and support have been crucial to Moto F. A. M.’s success. For the last 3 years they have opened the door to share their event with my organization. Each year Moto F. A. M. gets to run the BRO raffle. This opportunity has generated a ton of exposure AND raises thousands of dollars each year to help downed riders. So far we have helped over 150 riders/families facing life changing injuries and have funded almost 40 riders the chance to participate in a motorcycle safety course, designed to improve a riders skill level. 

I am and always will be so grateful for their help!

Relationship: single then/single now

Motherhood: since the first Babes 2 out of my 3 offspring have grown and become adults. (Whaaaa) My youngest Mateo had actually attended the very first Babes in the Dirt. He passed out candy bars to all the girls that “did a good job” riding. 

Have you gone on any more camping / riding trips since that 2013 ride? If so, where and with who?

Every year BRO is mandatory! Some years we add a week long trip leading us to BRO. I’ve done a girls trip to Washington, one to Portland Oregon, several to Az. I have a planned trip to Sturgis in a couple weeks. I’ll be stopping in Denver to scoop up my long time Babes friend along the way.

What is it like coming back to Babes Ride Out as it has grown?

It’s definitely different now vs the first event. The first one was very intimate. It was small enough that we had the opportunity to sit and talk with everyone around a campfire. 50 girl vs 1700+ changes it up quite a bit. The change has it goods though. You might not have the intimacy anymore but you gain so many other cool things. More girls...more personalities...more people watching. There’s  live entertainment now..I love that.. especially the karaoke. It’s now twice as long. Girls can venture out and ride different routes that Anya & Ashmore have mapped out for the girls. It still has the welcoming feeling the first one had. The support, the ability to create new friendships. It has been a rad thing to watch grow. 

The past few years I’ve had a different perspective now that I’m working the event. I am in a position where nearly every attendee has to come to my booth. Which I absolutely LOVE.... I gotta say, by nature I would probably keep to my circle of friends but since I’m working I get to meet and talk with so many new faces. I get to hear travel stories, I get to learn why they came, who they came with. I love meeting people Moto F. A. M. has helped. I have honestly never been a part of something so big, and so uplifting in my life. I have told women before.... “Babes is a life changing experience”.... and I mean it. It truly is! 




ATWYLD | Two Wheels Jacket

REVIEWSAnya Violet

Allow us to introduce you to our favorite new riding jacket from ATWYLD! The Two Wheels Jacket is made from the strongest denim in the universe but is cut in a super casual workwear style shape that is so comfortable to ride in. Atwyld will have their full collection of womens riding apparel on display at Babes Ride Out 5!!! Read on to learn more about this style and make sure and try it on at BRO5!


Lets face it…. sometimes it is just too hot for a leather jacket. ATWYLD makes one of the best dang women’s leather moto jacket out there, yet we have to admit that it is not always the ideal thing to ride in. Hot weather requires lightweight and breathable garments but that still offer the abrasion resistance that a leather jacket would. Say hello to the Two Wheels jacket! Made of CE level 1 abrasion resistant Dyneema Denim that withstands up to a 4.5 second slide. Dyneema is 15 times stronger than steel making it the strongest fiber in the world yet floats on water and is cool to the touch. The Two Wheels jacket was designed to look and feel like your everyday favorite work wear inspired jacket, featuring pockets galore and a two-way zipper offering great adjustability depending on the shape of the wearer. Encased elastic at the waist and sleeve cuff minimize wind flow resulting in the billowing effect we all love so much. This jacket looks amazing on and off the bike and features the best technology available for single layer abrasion resistant fabrics. Simply through a flannel or fleece underneath if the weather starts to change while you're on the road. 

Check out their video " Elevate and Accelerate "

The Details!

Head to for more info or follow them at @atwyld