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Passionate about Motorcycle Gear? Meet Cait from the California Moto Market

PeopleAnya Violet

After getting her first motorcycle, Cait found it really hard to find womens riding gear available for her to try on. She knew that there were some great companies out there but could not find it in stores anywhere. This inspired her to create the California Moto Market! What started as a local womens motorcycle gear shopping event has been growing into a multi destination roadshow that has making its way across the USA. She has pop-ups planned in Denver, Chicago and Seattle and much much more in 2019. Read on to learn more!

Alyssa Bridges @alyssab123

Alyssa Bridges @alyssab123

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, spending every winter on snowmobiles (which is practically required there) and vaguely remember my mother telling me never to get on the back of a motorcycle! I have been a hairdresser for nearly 10 years now, and will probably always keep that up. I almost don’t remember what it was like before motorcycles came into my life, and I think I’m really ok with that!

My first bike was a 1980 Honda Hobbit Moped. I might have bought it just for the name.. But the second I took off on that thing, the whole world shifted. About a year later, I sold it for gas money to get to California and once I was out here, I picked up a mint 1976 Kawasaki KH100. I found a helmet off Craigslist, a leather jacket at the thrift store, and set off learning how to shift in my neighborhood. I learned how to clean and tune a carb, rewire turn signals, and clean rust out of a tank. I even hauled that thing out to Babes Ride Out 4 ! It didn’t like being away from sea-level and mostly didn’t run.. But that definitely lit a fire in me. A month later I borrowed my friend Jayme’s Yamaha SR400 and after a quick 2 months and 2k miles.. I sold my car and bought my first Moto Guzzi V7. Might as well go all-in, right?

Amanda Bashir @musiqaddict26

Amanda Bashir @musiqaddict26

Somewhere along the way I started looking for riding gear, figuring that with the large amount of daily-riders in SoCal, it should be relatively easy to find some decent options. Oh boy, was I wrong. Here I was in motorcycle Mecca, and my only options are overly branded Harley jackets or sportbike-style track leathers, or even worse: riding gear designed by men who have only been described what a woman looks like, but has never seen one in person.

Now, there were definitely companies making awesome women’s riding gear back then.. but was it available in local retailers? Hell no. Were they interested in stocking it for us? Also hell no.

 This was the inspiration behind starting California Moto Market.. Bring together all the companies making women’s motorcycle gear in one place, so women can try things on in person and leave with the gear they love. [It’s not a new concept.. Stores have literally existed for centuries.] The side effects we’ve seen in the 3 years we’ve been running this market have been numerous.. riding groups started, brands created and launched, connections and collaborations everywhere.. we didn’t start the fire- but we sure as hell fanned the flames.

Our goal has been the same from the beginning: Get the gear to the ladies. One thing has shifted though, and that was how far we are willing to travel to make our point. Last year was the first time that the Moto Market has ventured outside of California, and it was interesting to see the reactions. Here we are bringing Stellar Moto Brand and Tobacco Motorwear to states that aren’t even used to wearing helmets… It’s been incredible seeing these women finally find something that fits them well, looks great, and offers all the protection they need while riding.

 And this year.. Well we’ve set our sights even further! We’ve checked San Rafael, Austin and Orange County off our list, with Denver, Chicago, Seattle and Las Vegas ahead of us! We’re so excited to work with local makers and share our favorite SoCal brands. The best way to find out where we’re going and who’s coming with is to follow us on Instagram: @californiamotomarket or check out our website


2019 Pop-Up Schedule

 Sunday July 28th, 11am-6pm

Triumph of Seattle

7409 Aurora Ave, Seattle, WA

More dates to follow, click HERE to stay updated


ATWYLD | Put a Layer Between You and The Road

SafetyAnya Violet

For many, it is so easy to just hop on your bike wearing whatever comfortable clothes you happen to put on that day. What if we told you that you can still do that and have CE Level 1 impact protection and abrasion resistance in case things don’t go as planned. ATWYLD has designed full collection of riding gear for the modern female motorcyclist. It looks good and wears well on and off the bike. Check it out!

photo by John Ryan @commonbloodmoto

photo by John Ryan @commonbloodmoto

Built for the Modern Woman That Rides!

ATWYLD has the best riding jeans in the business! Road tested and rider approved for comfort, quality and duability. Put a protective layer between you and the road!


  • Stretch Denim

  • UV Coated Leather panels

  • DuPont Kevlar Lining

  • Removable D3O knee and hip armor


  • Stretch Denim

  • DuPont Kevlar Lining

  • Removable D3O knee and hip armor


  • Super Stretch Denim

  • Dupont Kevlar Linin

Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo By Mike Pham

Photo By Mike Pham

ATWYLD at Babes Ride Out 6

SponsorsAnya Violet

ATWYLD was built for the modern woman who rides. Female riders have often been overlooked when it comes to protective riding apparel. Well, we are excited to say that Atwyld will be on site at Babes Ride Out 6 and you will be the first to see their newest collection! Come by their tent to get fitted, capture a memory on their photobooth, create a custom pin to take home or relax with a complimentary sample of Range Essential after your long ride on Thursday! See you there!

babes ride out
babes ride out
Babes ride out
Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Heidi Zumbrun

Photo by Heidi Zumbrun

ATWYLD | Babes Ride Out 6 Gear Guide

REVIEWSAnya Violet

Road trips on your bike are so much more fun when you know you have the proper gear on! It can boost your confidence while riding and protect you in case. We got to catch up with our friends at Atwyld to see what they recommend for a trip to Babes Ride Out 6! Read on to see their selections!

Photo by Scott Toepfer of Joy Lewis in the Onyx, Convoy 2.0 and Voyagers

Photo by Scott Toepfer of Joy Lewis in the Onyx, Convoy 2.0 and Voyagers

When heading to the desert, versatility and comfort is key. On many of the BRO6 routes you go through elevation changes which bring different temperatures. We recommend layering to make sure you are comfortable and not distracted the entire time. The Onyx Jacket is perfect for this. It is designed with some room for layering the Convoy 2.0 Armored shirt for impact protection as well as another layer like the Enduro Fleece Hoodie to add warmth if you are going through a mountain pass. The Voyager Moto Jeans look and feel just like your favorite skinny jeans but have both Kevlar and removable D3O armor to protect you. You won’t find a better fitting more comfortable riding pant around! The Enduro Fleece set is your “go-to” kit for after hours around the campfire. it gets chilly at night and comfort is key. These are the perfect pieces to get you through a weekend at Babes Ride Out! See you there!

The Onyx Jacket

  • Perforated Leather for ventilation

  • Mesh lining helps air flow

The Convoy 2.0 Armored Shirt

  • Removable D3O armor at shoulders, elbows, back and chest

  • Moisture wicking jersey and mesh panels

The Voyager Moto Jeans

  • Kevlar lined ay all impact zones

  • Removable D3O knee and hip armor

The Enduro Fleece Hoodie

  • Perfect to layer under the Onyx jacket if it gets cold or to stay cozy around the campfire

The Enduro Fleece Sweats

  • Keep you warm and comfortable in your tent after a long day of riding

Conversations about Protection and Quality Gear are More Important than Ever

REVIEWSAshmore Ellis

We get emailed a lot about the gear we use on the bike. What gear you use or wear is a personal choice and we always recommend each rider to do some research, read the reviews, try stuff on, and make a decision that best suites YOU and your riding style. My only advice is "you get what you pay for". Here are a few things I ride in that have withstood hundreds of miles, are comfortable, and protect my assets. 

The Atwyld Two Wheels Jacket is my all time favorite jacket for many reasons. I originally bought it for those warmer rides but after pairing it with a Patagonia liner, this jacket has turned into my year around riding jacket for the great state of CA. My favorite feature besides being constructed from Dyneema (strongest denim in the universe and 15 x stronger than steel) was the outer zip pocket for easy credit card / cash / iphone access when I stop for gas on my rides.

Leave it to Biltwell to create a helmet featuring the best colorway in the world, introducing the Sierra Green Gringo . I personally love the Gringo because it's comfortable no matter how many miles you are mowing down and has a rainbow of shield selections for day and night riding. It has a classic retro vibe but with new age technology. I'll take one of each color please. 

I've been kicking it in the Iron Ranger boots by Red Wing Heritage for 2 years and they are my go to favorite pair (on and off my bike). I've waterproofed mine for an extra bit of protection and to be honest, I haven't cleaned them once. I know I should but a boot covered with dirt and grime just seems to be a bit more respectable.

The Convoy Armored Shirt by Atwyld is designed as a supporting piece to any leather jacket. Convoy is a second skin full zip long sleeve base layer with D3O® armor at the shoulders, elbows and back panel. I love this piece because I have many jackets but 99% of them do not have enough armor so this shirt makes them all functional to wear on my bike and gives me that extra peace of mind. 

But what about dirt? Oh man, I went wild on the FOX Womens website and got kitted out with protection this past year. Here are the items I purchased that have saved me from doing some real damage to myself : Women's R3 Roost Deflector, V1 matte black helmet, Launch Knee shin guards, and the Comp5 boots

If you have a favorite piece of gear that is holding up to the test of time and miles, share it! As we grow as a community, these conversations about protection and quality become more important than ever. Cheers to staying safe and finding what works for each of us on the road and in the dirt  - Ashmore 



ATWYLD | Two Wheels Jacket

REVIEWSAnya Violet

Allow us to introduce you to our favorite new riding jacket from ATWYLD! The Two Wheels Jacket is made from the strongest denim in the universe but is cut in a super casual workwear style shape that is so comfortable to ride in. Atwyld will have their full collection of womens riding apparel on display at Babes Ride Out 5!!! Read on to learn more about this style and make sure and try it on at BRO5!


Lets face it…. sometimes it is just too hot for a leather jacket. ATWYLD makes one of the best dang women’s leather moto jacket out there, yet we have to admit that it is not always the ideal thing to ride in. Hot weather requires lightweight and breathable garments but that still offer the abrasion resistance that a leather jacket would. Say hello to the Two Wheels jacket! Made of CE level 1 abrasion resistant Dyneema Denim that withstands up to a 4.5 second slide. Dyneema is 15 times stronger than steel making it the strongest fiber in the world yet floats on water and is cool to the touch. The Two Wheels jacket was designed to look and feel like your everyday favorite work wear inspired jacket, featuring pockets galore and a two-way zipper offering great adjustability depending on the shape of the wearer. Encased elastic at the waist and sleeve cuff minimize wind flow resulting in the billowing effect we all love so much. This jacket looks amazing on and off the bike and features the best technology available for single layer abrasion resistant fabrics. Simply through a flannel or fleece underneath if the weather starts to change while you're on the road. 

Check out their video " Elevate and Accelerate "

The Details!

Head to for more info or follow them at @atwyld