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Meet Ashley Ricart and her Triumph Bobber

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babes ride out
babes ride out

How long have you been riding motorcycles?

I started riding Motorcycles November of 2015, so about 2.5 years. I wish I could have started riding sooner!

Why do you ride?

Initially, I started riding to save money on gas and to get through the soul crushing traffic of SoCal. I live in Long Beach and work in San Juan Capistrano so my commute is roughly 45 miles each way. After I took the CMSP course and got my M1 I fell in love with Motorcycles. I continue to ride for the pure joy, freedom, connection to the environment, and the amazing supportive and creative community of motorcyclist.

Run us through the list of bikes you have had in your past.

My first bike was a Kawasaki Vulcan S which was a great starter bike. It was fun and gave me the confidence I needed to start riding. I started to outgrow the Vulcan and wanted something that fit me a little bit better and had a little bit more power. I traded in the Vulcan for the Bobber after about two years and 32,000 miles. I plan on having many more bikes in the future.

What first attracted you to The new Triumph Bobber? My partner first showed me the Bobber when Triumph announced it in 2017 and I fell in love with it, I knew I had to have that bike somehow. I love the classic look of the bike, the floating seat, the fact that its 1200cc, and low 500lb weight of the bike.

How did you know it was the bike for you?

The moment I sat on the Bobber at our local dealership, it just fit so perfectly.

Tell us what it is like to ride?

It is the smoothest ride ever. It has a comfortable seat position that doesn’t leave your legs or back cramped and hurting after a 30 minute ride. The Bobber is agile, responsive, and just so much fun to ride. It will make you want to miss your turn so you can keep riding for just a little longer.

What made you choose the Bobber over the other Triumph Models?

I was deciding between the Street Twin and the Bobber for a while. I love Triumph bikes so I knew I had to get a Triumph. In the end the 1200cc engine, lower seat height, and in my opinion better aesthetic was the deciding factor. 

What has been your favorite adventure you have taken on your new bobber?

Since I am a teacher I tend to do all my big trips during the summer when I have time off and I got my Bobber in November of 2017 so I haven’t be able to take it out on any long trips yet. But I have done some fun day trips. Riding down to San Diego, through Palos Verdes, but mostly all my miles are logged commuting. That will change this summer though!

To find out more about the Triumph Bobber click HERE

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Katie McCanna and her Triumph Bonneville T120

PeopleAnya Violet
Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Genevieve Davis

babes ride out

Name: Katie McCanna ava @unicornfancy

Location: San Diego, Ca

Where are you from? I’m one of the rare and elusive San Diego natives.

How long have you been riding motorcycles? 6 Years

Why do you ride?

I grew up around motorcycles - my dad always rode Harleys (red ones) and my mom always rode on the back. While I had been on the back of motorcycles as a kid and teen, I wasn’t really interested in them until the day my boyfriend (now husband) took me down to a big parking lot to goof around on his 1969 Honda CD175 (that’s not a typo - CD is the Canadian model). As soon as I figured out the clutch, I was hooked. I bought my own bike and got my license within a month, and I haven’t gone longer than a week without being on the bike since then. I’m now so deeply obsessed that I have 3 bikes and run the women’s motorcycle blog with my platonic life partner Sanna - one of the original 50 Babes Ride Out attendees.

Run us through the list of bikes you have had in your past if any.

My first bike was a 1981 Suzuki GS450 that I bought at a swap meet for $800. I put new tires on it, got it registered, and rode it for about 6 months before deciding I wanted something I could ride on the highway at more than 65 mph. I picked up a used 2006 Triumph Daytona 675 (a yellow one) - which was an ambitious choice for a second bike. I was a little worried that I was going to die every time I rode it, so about a year later I sold that bike and got a 2014 Triumph Street Triple R. I LOVED that bike - it was the perfect balance between a sport bike and a standard and I felt totally at home on it from day one. Buuuuttttttt - that’s the bike I rode to MY first Babes Ride Out and I realized that it wasn’t giving me what I wanted in a motorcycle. I loved the experience of riding somewhere with my stuff and exploring the world by motorcycle, and while it’s totally possible to do that on a naked sport bike, I was ready for something more practical.

What bike do you ride now?

My everyday (literally) ride is my 2017 Triumph Bonneville T-120. I bought it from San Diego Triumph and traded in my Street Triple (like 20 miles before the 12k service light was going to turn on). I knew I wanted something that had enough power and sporty enough handling to keep me engaged after two sport bikes, but I also wanted a flat seat and room for luggage. I thought briefly about the Street Twin line, but something about that 1200 motor just totally caught me. I love how it sounds and how it pulls off the line while still looking like a classic bike.

In a weird twist - I also happened across a 1972 Triumph T-120, so I’m in the process of rewiring that and getting it running again too. And - also - I have a ¾ built 1975 Honda CB360 in my dining room I should probably finish.

What first attracted you to Triumph?

My very first Triumph appealed to me because it was different. I’d been looking at sport bikes and it's a sea of GSXRs and R6s out there, so the Daytona stood out.  I like my vehicles to be reliable, sporty, fun, and head turners, and each of my Triumphs have been each of those things. (Except the ‘72, which isn’t running right now, but it’s hard to blame the bike for that.)

How did you know it was the bike for you?

I wanted something that could keep up with me - I loved the Street Triple but sport bikes need more frequent service and I never went to the track to really test my skill on it. I ride a lot of miles in a year, and I need a bike that isn’t going to quit on me 2 years into our relationship or require a $1000 in service every 10 months. I also wanted a bike I could commute on and hit the twisties with in addition to taking epic road trips loaded down with gear. Something I knew I could ride 300 mile days on without being too beat up by the posture. The Bonneville does all of that for me - though I have added a few accessories to make her my own. The fairing and sissy bar are not popular choices for the Triumph classic line, but they make it easier for me to ride more miles. Plus my bike stands out in a parking lot now thanks to that nice round tush Ria the Welder made for me.

What has been your favorite adventure you have taken on your bike?

I’ve put some serious miles on the Bonneville since I bought it in January 2017. It’s about to roll over to 14k miles and it’s only 14 months old. It’s been to the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Big Bear, Joshua Tree (a couple of times), Palm Springs, San Felipe Mexico, pretty much all of Southern California. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think the time Sanna and I rode to the Grand Canyon and back over a weekend without taking any time off work stands out the most. ( The last 100 miles were in a huge storm. Sanna’s air filter clogged with water and my Sena drowned, but the Triumph didn’t seem to think that 100 miles over a mountain in a downpour was a big deal.

Would you recommend your bike to other riders? Why?

Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes! I looooooveeee my Triumph(s) and I loved the ones I had before. They have such cool character while being useful and sporty bikes. I may drag my pegs on the Bonneville all the time - but I also keep up with big cruisers on the freeway and can hit the occasional dirt road without concern. So if you need a bike that can be everything, the Bonneville is hard to beat.

Do you have any fun road trips planned?

DO I EVER! I’m plotting a two-week, 4000 mile round trip ride to Banff National Park in Alberta Canada this July. We’ll be going up via Utah and Yellowstone and heading back through Glacier National Park. I’m probably going to need to buy tires again before we hit the road.

Have you been to any Babes Ride Out events before? If so, what was your experience like?

My first Babes Ride Out was in 2016. I knew about the very first one, but I wasn’t able to actually make it until the 4th. It was AMAZING. I am totally sure I was in shock for my first time. It’s so deeply empowering to be surrounded by so many badass women on bikes. I’ve never felt so welcome and like such a part of something until Babes Ride Out. I came back for BRO5, and you can bet I’ll be there for 6!

Any recommendations for new riders?

Check out! We have a whole Riding 101 series aimed at new riders including what gear to get, how to learn, how to pick a first bike, and more. We also address reader questions.

photo by Genevieve Davis

photo by Genevieve Davis

to learn more about the Triumph Bonneville T120 click HERE

To test ride a Triumph Bonneville T120 click HERE



BRO5 | A 3 Day Love Affair With the Triumph Thruxton

REVIEWSAnya Violet
Photo by Tamara Raye for

Photo by Tamara Raye for

I have had my eye on the Triumph Thruxton ever since it was first released. A major redesign in 2016 introduced us to upgraded suspension and brakes and the body styling also has a new look. I’m not going to lie, I am pretty shallow when it comes to motorcycles and am easily dazzled by a good lookin’ bike. Before you turn the key and you hear the growl of the engine all you have to go off of is looks. Well, the Thruxton is a looker for sure! It would wink at me from across the room at the local dealerships. The sleek aerodynamic lines and upswept exhaust give the bike an overall more aggressive personality, even a bit cocky one might say. I think the allure came because I could really visualize myself on the bike just by looking at it. Entire riding fantasies of twisty back roads and deep turns filled my head before I even sat on it. Ok ok, enough about the looks. I finally got the opportunity to ride this beast at Babes Ride Out 5!!!

I was a little nervous, like a first date. Maybe because it was actually my first time on a Thruxton all together and the Thruxton name is about as legendary as it gets.  In 1951, the once Royal Air Force base (Thruxton Airfield) became a civilian airfield and was established to host 6 motorcycle race events as a part of the Festival of Britain. A 1.9 mile circuit became home to 15 years of legendary racing that afforded Triumph 19 out of 45 podium places over the years. The Thruxton model started as a souped-up race version of the Bonneville but in May of 1965 the first batch rolled off the production line.  The Thruxton name is synonymous with Triumph’s racing success throughout generations and here it was, the latest and greatest sitting in the driveway. It was like a blind date where your friend hypes up the dude so much that you have no option but to be semi-disappointed when you meet him. Well, I was not!

Being a Bonneville rider I was expecting a bit of an adjustment as I got comfortable with the more aggressive race position on the bike. Lower handlebars and rear sets had me positioned in a way that you feel a lot more at one with the bike which I liked instantly. Turning the key and firing it up, I was impressed to hear a more rich bass exhaust sound that only added to my excitement. I took off through Joshua Tree in search of a stretch of uninhabited backroad where I could open it up. That wasn’t hard to find and a with a twist of the throttle I could feel the thrill encompass my whole body. I sensed myself going in to the adrenaline fueled head space that comes during a race. Yes, it is up to the rider to push the bike to its limits during a race but isn’t the bikes job to inspire the rider to push themselves just as hard. While I am having this nostalgic and extremely nerdy moment with the Thruxton I realized that I am not racing, I am just cruising down a desert road and I need to chill.

Throughout the weekend I was constantly in search of winding roads with great turns and wide open straightaways. The Thruxton is extremely agile with sharp handling no matter what the road throws at you, even in a little bit of dirt. The bike feels stable and with 1200 cc’s worth of power and 6 gears it left nothing to be desired. This is the kind of bike that may or may not kill your romantic relationships because you just would rather hang out with it than anyone else. It understands you and is there for you no matter what kind of mood you’re in. All jokes aside, the Thruxton is the kind of bike that pushes you to ride faster and harder than you normally do. At least, that’s what it did for me. I had the most fun on it when I was riding solo and able to ride at whatever pace I felt like. I am already looking forward to my second date with the Thruxton R. I think we really have something together.   

To read more about the Triumph Thruxton  click HERE

To test ride the Thruxton  at your local dealer click HERE

photo by Heidi Zumbrun

photo by Heidi Zumbrun

photo by Heidi Zumbrun

photo by Heidi Zumbrun

Roll Call | Meghan Moorlach of The Burnout Babes

Roll CallAnya Violet

Hi all! I’m Meghan Moorlach, a freelance photographer and graphic designer based out of Des Moines, Iowa - and also run a female only motorcycle club, The Burnout Babes (link: I ride a 2014 Triumph Thruxton, which is a dream to ride, and I couldn’t love it more!

Two years ago my two best friends and I made the adventure out to California for BRO 3! We chose to fly out and rent bikes, since it was our first year. We landed in LA, where I picked up my 2013 Triumph Bonneville and then headed down to Joshua Tree! 

We came down a day early so we could stay at the Hicksville Trailer Palace (link: If you’re in the area and you’ve never been there - do it IMMEDIATELY! They have a bunch of refurbished vintage camper trailers, an in-ground pool and beer in the vending machine. Also, don't forget the rooftop hot tub!

We woke up the next day for some breakfast at the Joshua Tree Saloon (link:, some cacti shopping, and lunch at Pie for the People (link: before we came to check in at Babes Ride Out. For those of you who’ve been, you know the feeling you get when you arrive. For those you haven’t been yet - it feels like coming home. All these women in one spot - that have the exact some love of riding you do - it’s so magical!

Once we arrived, there was so much to do! We checked in and got our goodie bags full of patches, stickers and other fun things. And of course, headed straight for the free beer from the ladies over at 805 Beer (link: We also ran over and got signed up for flash tattoos!

That night was a blur! There was pizza, beer, moonshine, and music! LA Witch and Dorothy were AMAZING. And the moon was literally so bright you didn’t even need a flashlight to walk around camp. The camaraderie of all these women hanging out and having a good time, is a feeling I can’t even put into words. Like I said before, it was magic.

The next morning We. Rode. Everywhere! Pie for the People, Pappy and Harriet’s, Joshua Tree National Park, Pioneertown, all of it! Let’s just say Des Moines, Iowa and Joshua Tree are a little bit different from each other, so we soaked up as much as we could get!

Sadly we couldn’t make it out last year for BRO 4, but this fall, we plan to ride the 1,600 some odd miles from Iowa! You can see the map for the route we’re planning to take, so if you’re close-by we’d love to ride with you! We met so many smart, beautiful, amazing women last time we were in Joshua Tree - and we want to meet more!

If you want to get ahold of me - you can find me on Instagram @madeinthemidwest and our motorcycle club @theburnoutbabes.




Nathalie Kossek & Her Stetson

PeopleAnya Violet

With over 150 years of rich history behind them, Stetson is an iconic American brand that is ever evolving and forever timeless. From true western cowboys, to Hollywood elite to U.S. presidents, these hats have brimmed the heads of many throughout history. We are proud to be supported by Stetson and show you a glimpse of the women in our community that have  a true personal connection to this brand. - Babes Ride Out

Our moto community is filled with talented and interesting people that constantly keep us inspired. Meet Nathalie Kossek! Nathalie has been coming to Babes Ride Out events for years now. We have always loved the beautiful way she captures people and places through her photography.

There are many things that make your personal style yours. Nathalie's style is almost always topped off with the iconic Stetson Tom Mix hat and we had to catch up with her to find out when she fell in love with riding motorcycles and wearing Stetsons.  

Name: Nathalie Kossek

Location: Los Angeles

Occupation: photographer + graphic designer

What kind of bike do you ride?

2014 Triumph Bonneville t100 SE

Tell us about how you got into riding motorcycles:

My dad always had a motorcycle and I loved riding on the back of it. I remember he would take me on short little trips around our town back in Ohio. When I got older I worked on a farm and messed around on atvs and little dirt bikes but nothing on the roads. When I moved to LA, I saw this motorcycle community growing larger and larger and I really wanted to be a part of it. I’ve never really been one to wait on others to live my life, so I went ahead and got my license and bought a really sh*tty bike that always broke down. I miss that first bike, but I sold it for a down payment on a bike that actually worked! It’s been such an investment and I’ve been rather in love ever since.

How has Babes Ride Out and the community impacted your life?:

I came to the second one and i was so excited to have the previously mentioned bike all fixed and ready to go. Literally, as I pulled out of my driveway, the bike died. Nothing, not even a pathetic engine start. I was so sad that my journey was going to be cut short. I was contemplating on just staying home, but I chucked my stuff off my bike and into my car and I drove out that year. I knew seriously NO ONE — not a soul. I thought it would be very standoffish and filled with girl squads already assembled. Luckily a lot of girls were in the same boat and were so kind, nice and hung out with me all weekend. I made some really great relationships that weekend, and have been to every one since. I get so excited for that weekend to come up because I get to see everyone in one place, riding together. It’s absolute fun and I feel like I get to ride Joshua Tree in a different way every time.

Can you share a favorite memory you have from a Babes Ride Out event?

Besides Jamie Charles somehow wrangling 60+ girls on the BRO stage to sing and dirty dance to “Pony” by Ginuwine? Well, my photo spirit animal, Genevieve Davis, and I took a little midnight trip through the park to take some long exposure star photos. It was a really magical ride going through the park at night with all the stars above you and a bit of Lord Huron playing in my ear. Also, Idyllwyld is a beautiful ride I did last year that made me feel like I went through four different seasons/ecosystems in one go.

What is your dream motorcycle trip?

Is everywhere a good answer? I took my first solo trip last year to Moab, Utah (for Motos in Moab) and that was exhausting, exhilarating and daunting all rolled into one. It really opened my eyes to possibilities. But seriously, I’ve dreamt of going down to Patagonia from LA. I’ve dreamt of going cross country from coast to coast. I think going across my home country of Canada would be amazing as well. Perhaps this year will be the year for one of those.

Describe your personal style:

You know what, I always try to define this one, and it never really works. It paralyzes me more than liberates me. I really don’t know. I can tell you that I have an obsession with vintage t-shirts and a good pair of black jeans. You can’t have enough black or enough ripped, paper-thin tees in your arsenal. I’m really inspired by people like Stevie Knicks, Hendrix, Bowie, Chloë Sevigny, Erin Wasson, Bardot, Janice Joplin, Patti Smith, Diane Keaton and more. I like those “Roman Candles” who didn’t/don’t really feel like they need to be defined by the clothes that they wore — they just “were”. Their clothes just became an extension of what was inside… and most were consistently evolving.

I guess not really having an “aesthetic” in a world that is so dependent on it (have you been on this thing called Instagram?) confuses some people. I like to wear what I like — sometimes it’s a tattered tee with moto boots and sometimes it’s a floor-length dress with 4 inch platforms. Really depends on my mood and the person I feel like that day.

But for all intents and purposes… right now, it’s feminine rock. :)

Oh, and always have big hair. Always.

How did you first hear about Stetson?:

I heard about Stetson when I was around 7. I was obsessed with horses and from that age until about 17 I rode western and english - competing in things like barrel racing to jumping. I volunteered from 15-17 leading trail rides and herding the horses into the stalls in the morning. All the ranch hands had Stetsons and I so badly wanted one. Having one made you an “official” respected ranch hand.

What drew you to the Tom Mix?

I picked out the “Tom Mix” because it’s one of the largest hats I’ve ever seen. I actually had them flatten out the brim at the shop to make it wider and added the feather to make it more my own. I plan on getting a great band for it soon, just waiting for the right one. I remember walking past a window in Seattle and literally walking backwards, backtracking to the display where my hat was sitting. I knew right then, I found my forever hat. I’m going to be buried in this thing.

How does wearing a hat make you feel?:

It makes me feel like my look is complete. I just really love a good accessory and especially one that not a lot of people feel like they can pull off. Which is silly… you should just do what you want and enjoy life; it’s just a hat. But then again, it’s not. You can be really pulled into a different world and character by what you wear. I feel like a lot of people stare when they see this hat, which I sort of really enjoy. Why not!? Harry Winston said, “People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

Jasmine Rose and her Triumph Bonnevile T120

PeopleAnya Violet

We first met Jasmine Rose when she hopped across the pond to ride Babes Ride Out UK with us.  Clearly she has got a thing for all things British because she just got her self a brand new Triumph Bonneville T120 from Thousand Oaks Powersports ! Only days after riding off the lot she hit the road for a summer road trip. Currently en route to Yellowstone via Valley of Fire, Salt Lake City, and the Grand Tetons! Read about Jasmine and why she chose the Triumph Bonneville T120!

Photo by Jessica Hagget

Photo by Jessica Hagget

How long have you been riding motorcycles?

I learned to ride about a year and a half ago.  As many others before me have experienced, learning to ride a motorcycle has changed my life dramatically. In the time that I have been on two wheels, I completely changed my career and  met my best friends. My life currently revolves around  motorcycles- I work for Harley-Davidson, the majority of my closest friends ride, and I no longer own a car.

Why do you ride?

Riding eases my anxiety, puts a smile on my face, and gets me everywhere I need to go. My bike is my main of transportation, so I ride to get groceries, go to shows, and grab dinner with friends. I ride to donuts. I ride to National Parks. I ride because it seems to be part of my DNA. My father has always had bikes. Unfortunately, it did not ever occur to him to share that with his eldest daughter as I grew up.  We never had a close relationship, because he literally only ever talks about motorcycles. I didn’t understand it before, but I sure do now. It's the one thing we can bond over.

Run us through the list of bikes you have had in your past.

Previous to the T120, my first motorcycle was a Yamaha Bolt C-Spec. She was a lovely shade of British Racing Green.

What first attracted you to the new Triumph T120?

Styling, performance, function.  I love the classic elements that this model drew from the 1959 Bonneville. Also, how could I say no to the perfect combination of black and white and gold? I love that the gold stripes on my tank are hand painted.

How did you know it was the bike for you?
My affinity for British culture extends to their motorcycles. I had always been drawn to the Bonneville, especially. Last summer before BRO4, I took my Yamaha in for service at Thousand Oaks Power sports. The guys at T.O.P. prepped some Triumphs for me to test ride upon my request. That was my first experience with the T120. I also test road the Thruxton 1200. Such a beautiful bike  (that British Racing Green!) and fun to ride, but I knew that the riding position was not something I could sustain for prolonged periods. My bike is my daily commuter, and I like long rides and road trips. The Bonneville T120 felt right, is much easier to handle than my Bolt, and the 1200cc engine is the perfect step up from my 950cc. No more lagging behind my friends on their 1200 Sportsters and Dynas! Also, I have a long inseam and prefer to sit taller on my bike, which is one reason why, despite my working for Harley-Davidson, I chose a Triumph over a Harley.

Tell us what it is like to ride?

Riding a motorcycle might just be the closest thing to riding a witches’ broom as one might find. 

“Before, I was not a witch. But now I am one.”

What made you choose the T120 over the other Triumph Models?

I test rode the Thruxton 1200, the new Scrambler and the Bonneville T120. The larger engine is preferable for how much and how far I ride, as well as keeping up with those I ride with most. The Scrambler was really fun, but the extra power of the T120 is ideal for me.

What has been you favorite adventure you have taken on your new T120

The adventure is happening as I type! I purchased this bike just in time to break it in a trip to  Yellowstone National Park with some of the best and most badass women I know. We just rode through the Logan Canyon, bubbling creek on one side and pine-covered canyons on the other. Today we did Utah to Idaho to Wyoming and back into Idaho.

Do you have any fun road trips planned?

Currently en route to Yellowstone via Valley of Fire, Salt Lake City, and the Grand Tetons! Can you believe how beautiful North America is?!

Tell us about your experience at Babes Ride Out?

BRO UK was my first Babes Ride Out experience. I was fortunate to attend 2 BRO events in 2016, and let me tell you- it is beyond anything one can describe.  Joshua Tree is gorgeous and conveniently located for us here in Los Angeles, but BRO UK takes the cake. Meeting the VC London girls, along with loads of new friends from the UK and friends from the US- and then riding from London to Wales with these girls… I would do it over and over again. I am in love with the United Kingdom, with their history, their landscape, their literature, their music, and their tea time . Two wheels across cobblestone streets, round roundabouts, twisting on narrow country lanes, skirting herds of sheep, crossing centuries old bridges, searching for crumbling castles, and  turning corners into a galloping band of silvery wild horses. Simply put, you just had to be there.

Some of the London girls came out to BRO4, and it was the perfect reunion. Such vastly different landscapes, and such incredibly different women from all over, but the instant camaraderie is magical. We connect in a way that no other hobby or special interest has ever done for me. Those who ride have a particular instinct for risk and adventure and individuality, and Babes Ride Out has brought all of us together in one incredibly fun camping event.

To learn more about the Triumph T120 click HERE

To find a Triumph dealer in your area click HERE