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Sena | Babes Ride Out East Coast 3

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When you find a product that truly enhances your riding experience it makes you that much more driven to ride. Sena offers a collection of some of our favorites and we can't wait to see what lucky rider takes home a Sena 30K, 10C or 10R for the Babes Ride Out East Coast Raffle! Get to know a little about these devices by reading below. 

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The all new 30K Sena. When riding with 5 or more riders, the Mesh Intercom will intelligently keep the group connected at a range of up to 5 miles in ideal riding environments. Gone are the days of losing your connection when a rider goes out of range.  Click HERE to read more. 

Photo by Jay Cagney

Photo by Jay Cagney

The 10R is low profile and keeps it simple. Link it with Bluetooth to you phone and listen to music or get directions or chat with your fellow riders. Click HERE to read more

Photo by Maddy Talias

Photo by Maddy Talias

The 10C is one of our favorites. All the great bluetooth features you need to connect to your phone or your fellow riders AND an HD video camera to record your favorite routes! Click HERE to read more.

Babes in the Dirt 4 Registration is LIVE!

EventsAshmore Ellis

Ready to ride some dirt? We have rented the Honey Valley Group Camp Site at Hungry Valley SVRA April 27th-29th for a ladies only weekend of off road fun! You must be registered to attend this year and even though the event is still free, we strongly encourage a small donation when you register online to help us keep it going. Any amount is amazing but we do have some gifts to give those who give back based on donation.

  • Donate $10 - FREE Babes in the Dirt Patch
  • Donate $20 - FREE Babes in the Dirt Patch & Stance x Babes Ride Out Socks
  • Donate $35 - FREE Babes in the Dirt Patch, Stance x Babes Ride Out Socks, and Vans x BRO canvas tote.

Donations are non refundable and the gifts associated are not transferable & must be picked up in person at Babes in the Dirt 3 event. No exceptions <3. 

Art by @Desirae201&nbsp;

Art by @Desirae201 

Who it's for:

This is a ladies only dirt bike & ATV campout for those who want to explore dirt and learn riding fundamentals. We cater to ladies who: 

  • Have only ridden street bikes and want to see what dirt is about.

  • Have never sat on a motorcycle. We HIGHLY recommend that new riders start on a dirt bike (so bring those "bike curious" friends with you that always say "I wanna try").  This is a great learning event and we will have workshops, basics, etc. They do get full quick so stay tuned for sign ups! "How will I know when I can sign up?" - easy! Register for the event and you'll be the FIRST to know when that information is released. 

  • Have a lot of experience as a dirt rider. We have some pro ladies coming out that you can hit the hillclimbs and black diamonds with. 

The Basics

Rain or shine, gates to the group site will open at 12pm sharp on Friday.The group site is first come first serve but if the limited vehicle passes for the site run out before you get there, no problem, you will have to pay $10 per vehicle at the park's kiosk to cover your camping and may have to park in the adjacent site once we are full but you can still come hang out and enjoy the event. The park also offers $5 day passes per vehicle if you are not camping with us and just want to park and ride for the day.  There is max camping capacity in the group site is 250 people. This weekend is about off-roading, camping, and good times with friends. Babes Ride Out will be providing the group campground ONLY so BYOE (bring your own everything) and please make sure to scroll down to see what will be on site and what won't be.  

Don’t have a dirt bike but want to learn? No problem! You can rent a bike from Gorman Motorsport Rentals!  Ask for Glory 805-620-2620. They are ONLY open on weekends so please please be patient as they are family owned and you ladies always bring in a surge of calls <3 They have a wide variety of dirt bikes and gear to rent and they drop it all off right at our campsite. Glory can help you choose the right bike for your size and style of riding. Tell them you are attending Babes Ride Out and reserve your bike as soon as possible before they run out (and they ALWAYS run out). 

*We will have Husqvarna on site with a limited # of demo bikes (please stay tuned for more information on how to get on the list to give one a spin). These bikes will be on rotation so if you want to ride all day, please rent from Gorman Motorsports so you are guaranteed to have your own bike. 

Honey Valley Group Camp Site in Hungry Valley SVRA is nestled within the park. Please do not hesitate to ask the front kiosk, rangers, etc on how to locate the site, they are pros. They will have maps of this area that also show all of the riding trails and their levels so get one when you arrive. Enter at the "North Entrance" because it's close to where Gorman Motorsports is, there is a gas station for water/snacks, a McDonald's is there, AND it's a straight shot from there to the group site. 


Please note, these are just a few FAQs that are dirt specific. To know all FAQ for all BRO events click HERE

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? All our events are 21+ and ladies only.  IDs will be checked before you enter the site so make sure it matches the name you register with. Everyone MUST be pre registered to attend this year.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? Due to space, camping in the group site is for cars and trucks. If you have a RV or towing a trailer, you'll be asked to park in the Sterling Campground across from where the main activities are. 

What sticker does my bike need? Does my bike need a spark arrestor? Red or green! and YES you will get ticketed if you do not have a spark arrestor. Please read all the rules and regs for your offroad vehicle by clicking this link 

Can I bring my pet into the event? No animals can be in the group site unless they are service dogs. This is not a pet friendly environment. 

How will I know when the Husqvarna registration,  classes, etc are open for registration? If you are registered to attend, you will get an email announcing it. If you aren't paying attention, you may miss it! We do not have a date for when the email will go out so please do not ask. 

I donated, can I get a refund? We are going to pretend you didn't ask that :) But for real, all donations go back into the overwhelming cost to make this event happen. We will have much better amenities thanks to ALL who donate. 

I donated but now I can't attend can I get my free stuff mailed to me? 

Sorry, we do not have the bandwidth to accommodate this request. Please remember, this is a true donation so please only donate if you want to support the event <3 

How do I contact the park for additional information about the trails, weather, terrain, longitude and latitude, wind speed, composition report of the dirt substance?!

  • Public Information Inquiries: (916) 324-4442
  • Email: 
  • Website: OHV Parks CA GOV
  • Link to view our campsite: Click HERE

Are there medics on site? Every ranger is trained as a first responder. An ambulance is within 15-20 min away and there is an air vac close by. Please contact the park with any questions or concerns. All riders will ride at their own risk (916) 324-4442. 

What should I bring into the event?

  • Protective boots, helmet, goggles, and any motocross gear you own! You can also rent gear at Gorman Powersports. Trust us, this is important because you will "eat it" at some point during the day. Fox will be on site with some extra boots and helmets but there won't be enough for everyone so plan accordingly. 
  • WATER! Make sure to bring plenty of water as the site does not have it
  • Camping gear if you plan on staying the night (sleeping bag, headlamp, tent etc)
  • Warm clothes! Remember when it hailed? (LOL! but seriously WTF was that about?)
  • Snacks! (always)
  • Drinks (the fun kind to enjoy when the bikes are shut down for the night).
  • Cash for the coffee drinks and for food trucks (cards are not accepted)
  • Firewood! Please everyone bring 1 bundle to ensure we stay warm :) 
  • Battery pack to charge phone. There is NO power at this site at all. Reception is terrible too. 
  • Extra toilet paper
  • Extra gas for your moto

What can't I bring into the event?

  • Kids. This event is 21+
  • Dogs :( 
  • Easy Ups (sorry, far far too windy)
  • Marketing materials (flyers, stickers, banners etc unless you are sponsoring)
  • Your boyfriend / husband (he will have to find his own trails to braaap this weekend)

What amenities will be on site? 

  • A food truck with food for purchase (CASH ONLY)
  • A coffee truck with drinks for purchase (CASH ONLY)
  • Non flushing toilets (kinda like an outhouse but nicer and cleaned twice a day)
  • Huge pavilion 
  • Fire pits for bonfires. We do recommend you use the food truck as the weather is crazy windy at night and I for one have burned my food 2 years in a row. 
  • Please remember there is no power at the 0 
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Games 

A detailed schedule will be released via EMAIL to those who have registered to attend the event closer to the event date. Info for group rides, learning demos, Husky demos, rules regs, on site fun stuff, food truck, coffee menu etc will roll out between now and April so please stay tuned to the blog and your email after you register <3

Ok, so now that you know 90% of what to expect, let's get you registered! 

1,200 Miles of Backroads on the Triumph Street Scrambler

SponsorsAnya Violet
Jacket and Jeans:  Atwyld  | Helmet:  Biltwell  | Boots:  Redwing  |  Sena 10C Bluetooth  | Goggles:  Equilibrialist &nbsp;Duffle:  Port LBC

Jacket and Jeans: Atwyld | Helmet: Biltwell | Boots: Redwing | Sena 10C Bluetooth | Goggles: Equilibrialist Duffle: Port LBC

This year my mom turned 60 years old. There is only 1 way to celebrate that kind of birthday…. 1,200 miles on two wheels. Leading up to the trip I had been riding the Triumph Street Scrambler demo bike and I was already in love. The bike was perfect around town and ripping around my local favorite spots. I was excited to see how he handled on a longer road trip.

Our trip started by meeting up for lunch in Carpinteria. We had planned on heading out to Death Valley from there but a full-on wind storm made us change course. We decided to ride one of our favorite roads, Highway 33, through Ojai and connect to Hudson Ranch Rd. Hudson Ranch Rd is one of my favorites, particularly because there is very little traffic and it is full of perfect turns and wide open views.

My mom was on her Honda Pan-European sport touring bike and me on the Triumph Street Scrambler. She was pretty jealous watching me taking turns and easily maneuvering in and out of turn-offs and parking lots. Her bike had a couple hundred pounds on the Scrambler so you can imagine the difference.

After staying the night somewhere off the grape vine we pulled out our Butler Maps (I got her for her birthday) to see if there was any interesting roads nearby that we hadn’t tried yet. We found Lake Hughes Rd which connected to the 5 fwy in Castaic. It looked like just the fun kind of twisties we both love to ride. It took us right by Lake Hughes and over the mountain range into a fun little canyon road.

The plan was to end up in Yuma, Arizona to visit my Grandpa (her dad). We thought we would head toward Barstow and then take the back way into Joshua Tree via hwy 247. This is the way that my mom and her crew normally come to Babes Ride Out so it was super fun to get to ride it together. The views were amazing but the wind was blowing quite a bit that day. The Scrambler handled so well and even the wind didn’t bother me that much.

Once we got to Joshua Tree I told my mom that I had never actually rode my bike all the way through the park. I am normally so busy planning for the events when I am out there that I don’t always take the extra time that I should. Needless to say, we had to check it off the list. OH MAN is it stunning!!!! From one end to the other just so amazing! From rocky boulder fields, to Joshua Tree forests, to yucca fields and Ocotillo bushes. This National park is like a piece of another planet. We stopped at a few little pull-offs and every time we did, the Scrambler stole the show. So many people stopped to ask what kind of bike it was and some older Triumph fans wanted to know what year it was since it still has such a classic look. The site of an older gentlemen scoping out the lack of carburetor just never gets old. It has became a running joke over time between my mom and I, how many Scrambler fans would we meet at each gas stop. I think we landed at a grand total of 12 throughout the trip. Not bad!

The road out of the park drops you on Box Canyon Rd which is the creepiest most awesome “the hills have eyes” kind of road ever. We both dug it so much that we had to pull over and snap some photos.

After a quick stop for tacos in the funky little farm town of Mecca we hit the 111 hwy and back into the wind. Riding by the Salton Sea made me all kinds of inspired. I had read so much history about how it used to be such a posh place to hang out and now it is just this stagnant sea with run-down old buildings. Again, so creepy and rad all at the same time.

Grandpa on his KTM 600 in Colorado Grand Mesa back in the day.&nbsp;

Grandpa on his KTM 600 in Colorado Grand Mesa back in the day. 

Heading into Yuma you just about hit the border and the Scrambler kept asking me if we could just cross on over and find some dirt roads that lead down to Baja. Sorry Scrambler, next time! To  Grandpa’s house we went. After a great visit with him, filled mostly with old stories of all the motorcycles he’s had over the years, and a good night’s sleep, I was excited to finally take my mom to Borrego Springs where it all started.  Yep the very first Babes Ride Out event ever back in 2013 took place in Borrego California.

I showed my mom all the amazing statues that are out in the middle of the desert in Borrego before we had lunch at Carlee's and motored up the epic Montezuma Valley Rd then dropping onto the 79 and eventually the 371 the took us to the Palms to Pines highway into Idyllwild. The 371 has one of the most epic views and my mom had never been on that road so I loved to share it with her. As the palms turned into pines I made sure to pull over at one of my favorite spots near Lake Hemet to grab a photo.

I feel so fortunate to be able to ride motorcycles with my mom! She is the one that got me into it in the first place and being able to share adventures like this with her is priceless! After Idyllwild we stayed the night and then took the Ortega Highway over to Silverado Canyon and back to Long Beach. After the trip was all said and done we had gone over 1,200 miles. I could not have been happier to have taken that trip on the Triumph Street Scrambler. It was the perfect road trip bike on one of the best road trips ever!

For more info on the Triumph Street Scrambler click HERE

To find a Dealer in your area and test ride one click HERE

Jacket and Jeans:  Atwyld  | Helmet:  Biltwell  | Boots:  Redwing  |  Sena 10C Bluetooth  | Goggles:  Equilibrialist &nbsp;Duffle:  Port LBC

Jacket and Jeans: Atwyld | Helmet: Biltwell | Boots: Redwing | Sena 10C Bluetooth | Goggles: Equilibrialist Duffle: Port LBC

Off Road adventure with my SENA Bluetooth 10C

Anya Violet

The SENA Bluetooth 10C has become an essential tool on all of my two wheeled adventures! I can easily rig it to either my dirt or street helmet. It is not only a communication device that allows me to chat with other riders but it is a HD camera too! I took it on an off-road aventure in Johnson Valley with my friends at WLF Enduro  and was able to catch some of the fun terrain we tackled ! I cannot recommend a better device to bring on a  road trip out to Babes Ride Out 5! Being able to communicate with the group makes things so much easier and a ton of fun! Editing your footage when you get home will take you right back to all the incredible adventures! Check out the video and click HERE to read more about the 10C.

Photo by WLF Enduro. Riding in Johnson Valley wearing my SENA 10C

Photo by WLF Enduro. Riding in Johnson Valley wearing my SENA 10C

The View From My Sena 10C | BRO East Coast 2

REVIEWSAnya Violet

Riding through the Catskills, moto games, camping by the river and getting lost down dirt roads..... Babes Ride Out East Coast 2 was such an amazing weekend! Hop aboard the adventure via my Sena Bluetooth 10C!

My 10C has come with me on many adventures. It is so fun to be able to chat with friends on your ride or listen to music. The camera is super easy to operate, you can easily turn it on and off to film certain sections of your ride. The installation into any helmet is really straight forward and easy. This device is so perfect for your road trip out to Babes Ride Out 5 whether you're traveling alone or in a group.


The 10C is the world’s first look at a fully integrated Bluetooth helmet communication system and HD camera rolled into one powerful device. It’s capable of full HD video (1080p:30fps and 720p:30/60fps) with 3.5 MP still shot image capture and shot, burst and time-lapse photo modes. Built to handle with ease the rigorous demands of outdoor sports, motorsports, and first responders, it is the complete solution for in-helmet communication and action videography under challenging conditions.

Check out the 10C HERE

Sena X Babes Ride Out

SponsorsAnya Violet

I recently got to take a 1,200 mile road trip with my mom for her 60th birthday. I brought along my Sena Bluetooth 10C to document some fun moments on the trip. I have to admit that having the 10C made the trip so much more fun! Not only can you communicate with whoever you're riding with but you can get some great footage to share after the trip. It is such a user friendly device! I am no pro when it comes to technology and with the speaker system inside your helmet, you can clearly hear when it is recording or not recording and when the memory card is full or if you're running low on battery. Gone are the days of missing your favorite parts of your ride because you didn't know the battery was dead. Check out a quick clip of some of the footage I shot!

"The 10C is the world’s first look at a fully integrated Bluetooth helmet communication system and HD camera rolled into one powerful device.”

Click HERE to read more about the 10C

Sena will be adding a 10R dual set to the Moto F.A.M. raffle at Babes Ride Out East Coast 2 click HERE to learn more about this awesome communication device! The low profile design fits so well on your helmet.