Babes Ride Out

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Artist Series | Mikey Ayres @pinstripingbymikey

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

The Babes Ride Out Artist series showcases the art of talented people in our community. Each piece is donated to the Moto F.A.M. X Babes Ride Out raffle. Moto F.A.M.  is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping riders facing life changing injuries after a serious motorcycle accident. Check out this insane custom tank by Mikey Ayres @pinstripingbymikey ! He has hand painted a Lowbrow Customs Gas Tank for BRO East Coast 4 raffle. Thank you so much for your contribution Mikey!

Jen Hallett | Custom Painted Flash at BRO5

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

We are so excited to have Jen Hallett on site this year at Babes Ride Out 5 doing her custom painted flash for you ladies. Jen has been working with us for several years now and has become one of our favorite artists. Stop by her art station on site and get your helmet painted with one of these rad designs by Jen!


"My name is Jen Hallett and I'm a freehand painter located in Orange, CA.  I primarily work in the automotive field painting motorcycles and helmets, but can really sling paint on whatever you need.  I specialize in lettering and freehand design work, including pinstriping.  I've been painting in this field for almost 13 years and my brain never stops thinking of the next project to paint or the next skill to try to tackle.  I've been working with the awesome crew at Babes Ride Out for a few years now doing raffle pieces or merch design and this year we decided to do something a little different.  I'll be set up by the merch booth with all my paint supplies and a ton of different "flash" style pieces to choose from that I can paint on your helmets or cell cases or bikes or whatever!  We want to give you something to commemorate and remember this awesome experience so stop by and let me paint you something to take home and wear with pride!!  See you ladies sooon!!"

Artist Series | Theresa Contreras

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

Meet Theresa Contreras! Theresa will be painting a custom Lowbrow gas tank for this years raffle at Babes Ride Out 4!

Where are you from originally?

Born and raised in Southern California!

How long have you lived in where you live now?  

I started life in San Dimas in 1974, have moved all over the area locally along the foothills, and currently reside in Ontario. 

Tell us how you became an artist?  

In third grade, my uncle drew me an amazing pencil sketch of a unicorn.  I was baffled at how he drew it exactly like the picture, and I was just in awe of it.  I knew then, I wanted to be an artist!  

How would you describe your art?  

I am graphic designer first and foremost… so I would describe my art as “graphic simplicity with playful textures and pops of color.”  

Do you have a favorite medium or materials you like to use? 

I love color!  So anything that uses pigment, I love… OK, I love automotive paint the best since I am typically painting cars, trucks, and motorcycles!  I use mostly PPG and One Shot. 

What inspires you?  

Life around me!  The desert, cars, architecture, junk yards, flowers, landscape, museums, motorcycles…

When were you introduced to Motorcycles?  

I went to Pismo beach when I was 3 months old.  My parents have always taken me to the desert, and my mom and dad both rode dirt bikes!    I got my first ATC 70 at 2 years old, and my parent’s had “Theresa’s Toy” pinstriped on the tank!  

How do motorcycles and the community play a role in your life?  

For me, it’s always been more dirt bikes and ATC’s, but that was everything to me.  It’s what we did once a month or more growing up, and it was such a cool way to bring everyone together.  To me, it’s still that.  When I think of motorcycles, I think of community.  Even if you’re riding alone, you’re really not. 

What kind of bike do you ride and why?  

A custom Harley.  Being short, it’s always hard to find something that I feel comfortable on.  One day I sat on a Zero Engineering frame, and I knew I had to have it, so a few years later we picked it up a rolling chassis from Vegas, purchased a salvaged 1997 1200 Sportster, and started working on it for the next 5 years in the garage with my dad and husband. One of my favorite things is going to LB Cycle Swap and one trip I found my 1980 Husky dirt bike tank that really gives my bike its signature look… along with my custom painted air cleaner, to add my touch and make it uniquely… mine! 

Best moto trip you have ever been on?  

I do a lot of dirt bike trips, and I love them all, but I would have to say that our BRO last year was amazing!  It wasn’t just the hanging out and getting to know everyone that was so easy and refreshing… but it was the riding, and the fact that we all loved doing it!  Not only did we have a fun photo shoot down dirt roads in Joshua Tree, but on the Sunday, we left through Yucca Valley into the backside of Johnson Valley, then up into Big Bear, where we enjoyed being silly, but then the ride down the front of Big Bear… was EPIC!  Amazing sweeping turns, a picture perfect sunset, and 3 other women beside me that loved it as much as I did! 

What are your goals as an artist?  

To always grow in my art, and further my skills in new forms and mediums… whatever they may be! 

What did you create for the Babes Ride Out Raffle this year?  

I was given a sportster tank to paint, and when I am given the freedom to come up with my own direction of subject matter, I tend to have a couple ideas, and allow them to organically evolve, allowing the medium or whatever is going on in my head right then… dictate how it ends up!  Hope you like it ;-)

How did you first hear about Babes Ride Out?  

My friend Jessi had told me about it, and I had seen some posts about it as well.  Since I love the desert and riding, it was a no brainer!  We had to go!  That time of year is crazy busy for both of us.  I had actually emailed Anya and we ended up being able to get in!  

What was your experience at the events?  

My experience was one of camaraderie.  Getting to find out other women’s stories and the journeys they are on with their motorcycle, and how it affects their life.  And I loved being silly, having fun, dancing, riding, and the beautiful desert sky at night… I sleep under the stars!