Babes Ride Out


Photography Collaboration | Cindy Dulong

PhotographersAnya Violet

For the Babes Ride Out Volume II Zine we have featured 9 talented photographers that captured BRO4 through their lens. Meet Cindy! You can pick up one of the limited edition Zines by clicking HERE. 

Cindy DuLong is a Los Angeles- based photographer, residing in South Pasadena, CA. At 19, she was gifted with her first camera - a Minolta X700, which inspired her lifelong love and practice of photography. Born in Chicago but having spent most of her formative years in Phoenix, Cindy has played a vital part of documenting the things she loves, including the motorcycle community in both California and Arizona.

Her fascination with the art form has inspired the use of any camera she can get her hands on - including both digital or film. She started photographing motorcycles and the people in the motorcycle community eight years ago - having found it to be a great community to be involved in. She enjoys being a part of the kinship that shares her love of motorcycles and riding. She loves street photography, dogs, creme brulee, traveling, and red wine.