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Babes in Borrego & The Original 50 | Meet Beulah Mae

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Photo by Daniella Renee

Photo by Daniella Renee

babes ride out

On October 5th 2013, 50 women rode out to an undisclosed location for a night of camping and camaraderie. What would follow could not have been predicted by anyone. The positivity, passion and enthusiasm for those 50 women has fueled the growth and exposure of a community that has meant so much to so many. We are highlighting each of those 50 women and sharing their stories over the past 5 years. 

Beulah Mae

·       NAME - Beulah Mae

·       INSTAGRAM HANDLE - @bornmean

·       LOCATION - Lake Elsinore CA

·       OCCUPATION - housewife/hustler

How did you find out about Babes in Borrego and what made you want to be a part of it?

---- I saw one post on Facebook from my friend Sandra, I had been riding for just over 6 months and mostly by myself. I never really had the opportunity to meet and ride with other women like me. My husband didn't ride at the time and I was too intimidated to go to most events by myself. Everyone has their biker costumes on and you can't tell which women were riders until they got on their bikes and then it was too late because they were riding home. Not that I would have run up and said "Hey, let's be freinds!!!" This campout for sure felt like it was the place to do just that.

When you arrived at the meet up, what was your first thoughts?

--- I underestimated the scene before I got there, I was still in "mom" mode at the time and I actually had my husband follow me up with a dispenser full of ice water just in case you girls were thirsty.

Did you know anyone there? Is going on an adventure solo like this something you do or was this a first time out of your element kind of thing?

--- I did not know a single person. My friend Sandra who posted about it in the first place wasn't able to go and I just wasn't going to let that stop me. I was WAAAAYYYY out of my comfort zone. I showed up with a motorcycle and a smile. I wasn't on IG so I was just following along from the FB event and the emails you sent out. I think that was probably what convinced me, seeing the kind of women that were responding with those first blog posts, it was intimidating but inspiring. I had NO IDEA what to expect or what I was in for. I had never even been on a group ride before.

To go to something like this and the destination be unknown is kind of crazy.  What did you think of riding with all those ladies and of the destination?

--- There are a few moments that stick out. When we left the Starbucks parking lot, I just got in line and tried to stay in position. The first moment that felt like I was in the middle of some real biker shit was when we all pulled over to regroup after getting separated at the lights and a few women pulled out to block the traffic so we could all get going in one group. I felt protected by these strangers. (I just got a little verklempt, that just hit me really weird right now) The next super memorable moment was cresting the hill on S22 and heading down in to Borrego Springs, I think I've been on that road once before but not on my bike. It's a whole different experience, seeing the desert and the Salton Sea, it was pretty amazing. Those are the views I now cherish when I'm riding to new places, coming up over a hill and not knowing what is on the other side.  - I also remember the last gas stop before heading to camp and Ashmore was in front of me and her dude Mike "happened" to be  there (I'm really curious to know what he thinks of the event since he's seen it grow from Borrego) and Ashmore said to him "God babe, get out of here, you're so embarrassing!"

What was that one night like for you? Tell us about your experience.

--- I was familiar with the area, I camp with my family out in Truck Haven so I knew what I would be in for as far as the weather and what the camping conditions would be. I can't really remember who I started talking with first, we were all just sort of shooting the shit with whoever was standing next to you at the time. There was no template back then, not for me at least. Everyone I met seemed very genuine, down to earth and excited to be there. I made it down that sandy road in to camp, set up my tent and then was just kind of in awe watching everyone ride around, laughing, the sun was going down, I mean it was the most perfect weather you could ask for out there. I brought a couple bottle rockets with me so after it got dark and everyone was kind of gathered around the fire it seemed like a good time to shoot them off. After that Lindsey said she knew she had to talk to me because I came prepared. I was really happy she adopted me that night and I ended up riding home with that group of ladies she came with: Caroline, Britt and Ana and we had breakfast in Temecula the next morning, I think Rebecca had breakfast with us too but wasn't riding, she came in her truck.

Tell us about the ladies you met and have your friendships have evolved over the past 5 years.  Do you keep in touch?

--- Lindsey was probably the most important person I met that night, it turned out that she knew my husband from living in San Clemente and we had some mutual friends - it was just too weird to not remain friends. I don't see her often enough but I do try to keep in touch. I met a lot of other women afterwards, connecting through social media. We would ride together or see each other at events. I definitely have made very strong friendships with a few other ladies, some friendships fizzled out and other friendships are just a logistical issue of trying to find time to meet up, but I am always happy to spend the time that I get with them.

How have you changed over the past 5 years? (jobs, relationship, location, family, feel free to tell us as little or much as you want here).

--- Well the first big change was starting my IG account, and now I can't remember what came first the IG handle or the knuckle tattoos. Big changes.... When I wrote my first intro to you I was a carpooling mom of a couple of boy scouts and now I have one son who has been in the Navy for 2 years, and another son who just graduated high school and is heading in to the Army.  Since the campout I was lucky enough to be part of the group that started Belles On Bikes, the aim was to meet and connect other female riders the same way you guys did at Babes In Borrego, show up, make friends. I am now also co-hosting a podcast called Girl On A Moto with my friend Connie, just another way to be involved and also learn more about our moto community. I have only been riding for about 5 years now and still have a lot to learn, but I also feel like I have a lot to offer as far as supporting people in the community or encouraging people to get a bike and ride. I know for sure I have inspired my family, my mom got her M1 and a Honda Rebel and rides out to BRO with me, my oldest son got his M1 and we got to ride together a few times before he left for the Navy and my husband recently got a bike and we are looking forward to taking trips together once our last little birdie leaves the nest.

Have you gone on any more camping / riding trips since that 2013 ride? If so, where and with who?

--- Yup!! Plenty, and I've even planned a few campouts with Belles on Bikes. Our last campout we had 38 girls ride up to Palomar for a night of fun and games. I've been through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona on my bike with a few girls I met in Borrego and through Belles. I went up the coast with my friend Joyce, we saw a concert in Santa Cruz and then camped in Sequoia. I went to Dream Roll last year. I've taken a solo trip to Big Sur, I've been to every Babes Ride Out event. In 5 years I've put over 50,000 miles on my bike.

What is it like coming back to Babes Ride Out as it has grown? 

--- I love it, it's close to home and all my friends are there. Every year the accommodations get nicer and the event is more thoughtful, it feels like every concern is met and then some. If you go to Babes and can't have a good time, I hate to break it to you, but you're an asshole, and if you're not an asshole then don't be afraid to have fun! That's why we're all there.

What are your thoughts on the Moto community and industry as a whole?

--- I don't know man,  my community is awesome. I try to avoid nonsense and be supportive and find people that are supportive of me. There are things in society that bother me in an equal way that there are things in parts of the moto community that just aren’t for me, so I try to avoid those situations. I don't go anywhere asking for trouble, riding my motorcycle is my happy place and I want to find and to spread as much happiness as I can in to my life and this hobby.