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The Velveteers at Babes Ride Out 5

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Photo by Yve Assad

Photo by Yve Assad


The Velveteers are an American Rock outfit that is the epiphany of punk with the aggressive sound and grungy wisdom that transcends through the Siren like power of nineteen- year old Demi Demitro's (frontwomen/lead guitar) voice. Through the distorted guitar riffs and thunderous drums they lure their audience with vibes that come right out of a classic horror flick. 


The band released their debut single in September of 2016, titled Death Hex. The Velveteers were then invited on their very first tour where they traveled around the UK with Los Angeles duo Deap Vally.  After numerous dates in the UK The Velveteers have landed back in the USA and are currently working on their first EP set to be released in late 2017. 


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DOROTHY at Babes Ride Out 5

PeopleAnya Violet

If you have not bought your ticket yet to Babes Ride Out 5, get ON IT! In addition to camping under the stars with the most fun-loving group of women on the planet, endless perfect moto roads, tons of sponsor activations, and countless adventures to be had, we have booked none other than DOROTHY to play Saturday night! If you have not experienced this woman live yet, prepare to have your mind blown! You have exactly 12 weeks to memorize her entire album before she takes the stage! As one of our all time favorite artists we had to get to know a little more about her and what inspires her as an artist. See you soon Dorothy!

Photo by Andrea Dosouto from Babes Ride Out 3

Photo by Andrea Dosouto from Babes Ride Out 3

Where are you from originally?

-Born in Budapest, raise in Socal

Where do you live now?

-Los Angeles

Tell us about your childhood. Was music always a big part of your life?

-I started singing at a young age, was in the school choir, sang the national anthem at my high school graduation, and picked up guitar as a teen.

What inspires your music?

-Life, heartbreak, love, other people, movies, stories.

Any rock icons that you would consider to be a huge inspiration to you?

-Steven Tyler

What is something random about you that most people don’t know?

-I can cook Hungarian food and I like to paint

Tell us about your other band members.

-They’re a fun, rambunctious group of guys who love playing music. We are like family.

Can you share a story from some of your favorite performances or tour destinations?

-I went on a haunted ghost tour in Savannah, GA and had the best shrimp and grits in my life. It started flash storming and I was walking around in flip flops with my guitar player. It’s the most magical city I’ve ever been to.

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

-I’ve ridden on the BACK.

If you were a motorcycle what kind of bike would you be?

-A vintage harley!

What did you think when you first heard about Babes Ride Out?

-I thought it was badass, and a great bonding experience for women, I’m glad you guys put it on.

What was it like to play Babes Ride Out 3?

-I’ve never seen so many screaming women in one place, and we all loved it!

Are you excited about playing our 5 year anniversary BRO5 in Joshua Tree?

-Beyond excited, I just shot a music video out there for DOWN TO THE BOTTOM. I’m curious to see how many ladies show up this time and experience the growth of the festival!

Daisycutter at Babes Ride Out East Coast 2

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What happens when you bring 1 fiddle, 1 bass, 1 dobro guitar and 3 talented ladies out to a womens only motorcycle campout on the Delaware river? A whole lot of dancing and Dolly Parton requests thats for sure! Daisycutter will be back this year to kick off Saturday night with a little New York bluegrass!

Photo by Yve Assad

Photo by Yve Assad

Daisycutter is a simmering culmination of New York's musical melting pot in action. Based in NY’s Hudson Valley, this "downtown/upstate" band combines a wide-screen city view with a bracing dose of rural realism, creating a searing mix of indie roots-rock with an alt-country barbed wire edge. Fronted by singer/fiddler Sara Milonovich, and featuring inventive dobro player Abbie Gardner (of Red Molly), and Daria Grace on bass, Daisycutter blazes a unique musical trail with their "mix of bluegrass and a twinge of political-punk attitude and lyrics." (Jeff Sweatman, The Corner)

Frontwoman/singer/songwriter/fiddler Sara Milonovich cut her teeth as a highly sought-after side person in the bluegrass, folk, rock, americana, and celtic music worlds, and has performed and recorded throughout North and South America, Europe and beyond. Growing up on a working farm in rural upstate New York, she began playing when she was four, and by nine was leading her own band (around the same time she learned to drive a tractor.) After a collection of awards for fiddling, singing, and composing, she left school at sixteen to hit the road with bluegrass band The McKrells. A diverse trajectory led her from there through a busy career as an accompanist and collaborator with such artists as Richard Shindell, Pete Seeger (including on his Grammy-winning At 89 album), and Eliza Gilkyson, among others. In 2011, Sara toured Kosovo, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Turkey as part of The Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad, a cultural diplomatic program administered by Jazz At Lincoln Center and the US State Department. She is also the founder and president of Rootstock (, a nonprofit music festival dedicated to supporting farmers in the Northeast through grants for emergency funds.

Abbie Gardner, the fiery dobro player with an infectious smile toured with Americana darlings Red Molly for eleven years. After gracing stages from Denver to Denmark, from Australia to Austin, the band took an indefinite hiatus in 2015, so Abbie is having a blast doing gigs with different bands, backing up her friends and stepping out into the spotlight for her own gigs!  No stranger to solo performing, she has three CDs to draw from, each with award-winning songs.  Tales of love and loss, both gritty and sweet, ride the back of her by-now familiar, formidable slide guitar licks. She channels Lucinda and Bonnie, but remains pure Abbie. Her first songbook was published in December 2016 and she’s looking forward to recording a new solo CD in early 2017.

Daria Grace is a bassist, singer and ukulele player based in NYC for the last 20 plus years. She currently leads the Pre-War Ponies, who specialize in obscure tunes from the 20s, 30s and 40s. Daria has also toured and recorded with avant-rockers God Is My Co-Pilot, pop-noir sextet Melomane, Americana weirdos The Jack Grace Band, and was a founding member of Hawaiian swing quartet The Moonlighters. More recently Daria has been playing and singing with singer/songwriter Sasha Dobson and former B-52 Pat Irwin.

WARGIRL to Play Babes Ride Out 4

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One might experience WARGIRL as a sort of time portal to a 70’s music festival where War, The Upsetters, Fela Kuti and maybe Black Sabbath became one damn sexy, revolutionary band with Latin and surf rock sensibilities. Sometimes subversive lyrics are counterpointed against groovy, danceable rhythms that become a hip-swaying affair, couched in a rainbow of musical flavors and colors touching on psyche rock, afrobeat, reggae, and good old fashioned garage rock.

Musically, WARGIRL is made mostly of crazy talented ladies approaching music in a unique kind of way. Artist Marika Dahlin handles lead vocals and Long Beach’s motorcycle riding Tamara Raye is on bass. Enya Preston plays organ and keys, and then it’s a 3 piece rhythm section with Erick Nieto and Charis Ashcraft on percussion and Jeff Suri on drums. The music is produced by Matt Wignall, who plays guitar for the band and is best known for producing the best loved, early Cold War Kids tracks.

The Velveteers to Play Babes Ride Out 4

PeopleAnya Violet

It wouldn't be BRO without killer entertainment. First up on the stage on Friday night is the Velveteers. The rock and roll duo is fairly new, but their sound is distinct—it’s loud, always on the edge of becoming uncontained, but that’s just good rock and roll right? The Velveteers go on Friday night at 8 pm and you won't want to miss it! 


BIO: The Velveteers are an American Rock outfit that is the epiphany of punk with the aggressive sound and grungy wisdom that transcends through the Siren like power of Demi Demitro's (front women/lead guitar) voice. Through the distorted guitar riffs and thunderous drums they lure their audience with vibes that come right out of a classic horror flick.

Instagram: @TheVelveteers

Twitter: @TheVelveteers