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Babes Ride Out 6 | The Official Re-Cap

EventsAnya Violet

Babes Ride Out 6 far exceeded our expectations! The beautiful high desert graced us with flawless weather and clear skies all weekend. Well over 1,000 women descended on Joshua Tree and spent the weekend riding some of the best roads Southern California has to offer.

babes ride out

The festivities were jam packed and we want to thank every single person in attendance as well as all of the sponsors that helped to make this event possible!

As Riders began filling up the 40 acres of the Joshua Tree Lake Campground they were greeted in the event space with a Free Public welcome party. Kickstands down, Wine up! Enjoying some wine, meeting new friends and hearing about their journeys is what it’s all about.

We love to highlight the creative women in our community! There was so much talent in the Makers Market this year with chainstitch art by Rowdy Cowlick, DIY leather stamping by Pack Animal and custom stamped metal by Feral Silver. Attendees got to take home a custom hand-done piece or customize their own stuff thanks to these talented ladies. Jenn Hallett was hand painting flash on Biltwell helmets so that ladies can customize their lids.

babes ride out
babes ride out
babes ride out

Kickstands were down and the 805 Beer was flowing. There is nothing quite like a cold beer after a long ride. Thank you to 805 beer for bringing the taste of the central coast to Joshua Tree for Babes Ride Out 6!

babes ride out

The Moto F.A.M. raffle was poppin’ all weekend! Thanks to everyone that donated and participated we raised thousands of dollars to help riders who have sustained life changing injuries from motorcycle accidents.

babes ride out
babes ride out

Nothing brings people together quite like karaoke. Thursday night on the main stage was filled with the sounds of the greatest hits and a few Disney songs! Hahah Babes love Karaoke!

babes ride out
babes ride out

Friday morning after some delicious cold pressed juice, coffee and a breakfast bowl, riders grabbed a Biltwell route map from Mojave Desert Land Trust booth and hit the road. Rides ranging from 60-300 miles took you to Salvation Mountain, up to Big Bear, through the National Park, up to Idyllwild or in to Pioneertown. Every single rider came back with a story about their day.

babes ride out

The Real Deal work shop was putting tools in the hands of everyone that signed up. With workshops in welding, pin striping, and blacksmithing attendees could go home with a new skill or hobby to pursue. The Real Deal bike show was our most popular yet with over 40 motorcycles entered. We love seeing how riders customize their bikes and make them their own!

We at Babes Ride Out feel that it is so important to never take ourselves too seriously. That is why we loved the Girl on a Moto camp games on Friday night. Babes were lining up to go head to head in the sumo suit wresting ring. Who ever said that a motorcycle event can’t be like adult summer camp?

Ashmore and Mich go head to head. Sumo was ALL time! Photo by Savannah Rose

Ashmore and Mich go head to head. Sumo was ALL time! Photo by Savannah Rose

The ladies of Atwyld had their full collection on display at BRO6. Their mission is to get more women to ride in protective gear by designing a line that looks good, feels good and wears well on and off the bike. So many riders got to see that riding gear does not have to be ill-fitting or bright pink. Thank you Atwyld for all that you are doing to promote safety for the motorcycle industry.   

babes ride out
babes ride out

Westside Moto Academy handed out hundreds of bright neon safety vests to riders throughout the weekend. They offered their expertise as motorcycle instructors to give pointers to new riders and talk technique with more experienced riders. Not to mention they showed us how its done in the Triumph Moto games by getting 1st place in the technical course.

babes ride out

Friday night we got to recognize some very important people up on stage. It all started with the Real Deal Bike show winners. These ladies had some very unique bikes and it was so fun to be able to recognize their efforts on stage with custom built trophies from the Real Deal workshop. Next, we invited all the ladies over the age of 60 years old to come up on stage. These are our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and friends and many of them have been riding since before we were born. The oldest rider there was 68 years young and WOW did she have a story to tell. It is so inspiring to see the new generation find joy and love in the motorcycle world but it is forever important to respect our elders and the wisdom they have gathered through the years. The diversity at Babes Ride Out events is un-paralleled.

With clear skies and perfect weather Friday and Saturday night were ideal for the Star Party and Astronomy Show in the Astronomy Arts theatre! Deep space telescopes, sky maps, and virtual reality tour to Mars were all part of this amazing experience brought to you by the Southern California Desert Video Astronomers. Joshua Tree is a dark sky community and, for many, they have never seen the night sky quite like that before.

babes ride out
babes ride out

DJ Ry Toast and La Flaca Lee kept the dance party going and the energy high throughout the night as the dance floor was packed! Some stayed up until the music stopped while others headed back to camp for some fireside hangs with new friends.

Babes Ride Out 6

Red Wing Heritage Womens hosted a “Mamas who ride” meet up on Saturday morning. The idea that when you become a mother you must forfeit yourself and your passions for the sake of your family has become antiquated. Children and family rise to the top but should not replace a woman’s identity. This meet-up was about getting together these inspiring Mama’s who exemplify this modern woman.

babes ride out
babes ride out

Saturday was another perfect day for riding. Aside from all of the great routes to ride, the town of Joshua Tree also has a farmers market as well as the HWY 62 art tours that many riders decided to experience on Saturday.

Thanks to Sena, Babes were able to demo Bluetooth devices throughout the weekend and see what it is like to ride connected. Their blind-folded obstacle course was harder than ever this year and required teams of two to complete the challenge bind-folded using only the guidance of their partner through their Bluetooth device. It was hilarious!

babes ride out

Rolling back to camp we went straight in to the Triumph Moto Games. This was our biggest and best year yet! There were over 70 riders participating and several hundred more there to spectate. The competition was fierce and it was amazing to see so much talent on two wheels. The technical course, the slow race and the barrel race all take certain skills and patience to complete. There were so many types of riders and so many types of bikes involved! Choppers, dualsports, adventure bikes, café racers, baggers… you name it. Nothing like doing a slalom course on a chopper. Thanks to everyone for participating and to Triumph Motorcycles for bringing everyone together.

Had a friend that could not make it to BRO6? Triumph had their mobile post office on site where you could send a post card and let them know they blew it!

As of Saturday night, the talented tattoo team counted about 150 tattoos that they had done throughout the weekend. Over 100 ladies are headed home with a permanent Babes Ride Out souvenir! Thank you to the talented artist that come out every year! We love you!

babes ride out

Saturday night everyone gathered near the main stage to see who would be taking home the amazing raffle prizes. Thank you to all the amazing artists and brands that contributed to the raffle this year! The raffle announcement were followed by one of our favorite awards of the weekend. The “Most Miles Ridden” Award! This goes to the Babe that took down the most miles to get to Babes Ride Out 6. The winner rode all the way from New Jersey and zig-zagged across the country totaling in over 5,000 miles! DAMN! Thank you for coming!

babes ride out
babes ride out

Another important recognition goes out to the mother and daughter duos that ride out to our events. This year we had over 20 which is more than ever before. What an awesome bonding experience to be able to ride out with your mom.

We had a very special guest join us on Saturday! Her name is Grace McKean. She has been riding motorcycles since 1946. In her 84 years she has seen so many changes in the world of motorcycles and Babes Ride Out 6 was her first time attending a ladies only motorcycle event. She came with photos and articles about her life on two wheels and we all walked away inspired by her. Thank you for coming Grace! See you next year!

Babes Ride Out
Babes Ride Out

No Babes Ride Out event is complete without some live tunes. This year Yachty By Nature had the crowd so pumped up! The sea of captains hats said it all. Thank you for playing the hits and keeping the crowd dancing! Babes LOVE Yacht Rock!

Smooth Sailing! Yachty by Nature

Smooth Sailing! Yachty by Nature

Before everyone hit the road home, they were able to stop by the Lucky Wheels Garage booth and check tire pressure and tighten bolts. Thanks to Lucky Wheels for providing tools for all the Babes!

babes ride out

Babes Ride Out 6 was such an amazing event! There were Babes from all walks of life and on all different types of motorcycles. Riders came from near and far to join together and connect over a love of two wheels. Thank you for coming to experience the beautiful high desert and all it has to offer. Thank you for being such an amazing community! See you next year!  

-Anya and Ashmore

 Photos by Heidi Zumbrun and Genevieve Davis

10 Cool Critters (and Plants) to Spot in the Mojave during Babes Ride Out

SponsorsAnya Violet

On long rides, sometimes it’s nice to stop and smell the roses…or spot the tortoise! During your time at Babes Ride Out 5, we hope you’ll keep an eye out for the awesome desert plants and animals that make this location so special. Here are some notable flora and fauna that is active during the month of October in Joshua Tree and beyond. Just remember to give critters their space and watch out for animals crossing the road!

Mojave Yucca

An iconic desert plant and close relative of the Joshua tree, these spiky shrubs can be seen all around Joshua Tree, Yucca Valley, and in the southern portion of Mojave Trails.

Mojave yucca_George Ollen.jpg

Desert Holly

It may only be October, but much like your local department store, the Mojave Desert is already getting in the Christmas spirit! You can spot these prickly clusters with red berries at Amboy Crater.

Desert holly_Wikimedia Commons.jpg

California Juniper

These bushy trees can be found on desert slopes in Joshua Tree National Park. Keep your eyes – and nose! – open for beautiful blue berries and that refreshing juniper fragrance.

California juniper_Wikimedia Commons.jpg

Pinyon Pine

Harvested for timber and firewood over the centuries, the sweet pinyon wood fragrance invokes the image of pueblos and adobe homes. You can find these majestic, twisting trees throughout the desert on rocky, southern-facing slopes and mesas.

Pinyon pine_Wikimedia Commons.jpg

Honey Mesquite

Known for its beautiful beans that sustained travelers in the frontier days, the mesquite is the most common shrub of the desert southwest. You can find honey mesquites and their pods in Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

Honey mesquite_Wikimedia Commons.jpg

Red-Tailed Hawk

True to its name, the red-tailed hawk has a broad, rounded tail with a rich, russet hue. You can see these amazing aerial acrobats circling around in the sky throughout the desert, especially in north Mojave Trails.

Red-tailed hawk_Julianne Koza.jpg

Bighorn Sheep

Mature male bighorn sheep have curled horns that can reach up to 33 inches, while juvenile and female horns never exceed a half-curl. These majestic creatures can be seen scrambling up mountain slopes during the day, especially in the morning when they feed, at the Whitewater Preserve.

Bighorn Sheep_Julianne Koza.jpg

Desert Tortoise

With their domed shells and ambling gait, the California state reptile is one of the most recognizable species in the Mojave. October an active time of the year for the desert tortoise, so maybe you’ll get lucky and spot one among the shrubs. If you see a desert tortoise on the road, follow Joshua Tree National Park’s guide on when and how to move a desert tortoise.

Desert tortoise_Bart Oud.jpg


These plump, peaceful lizards are usually the size of your forearm and emerge in the morning to bask in the sun before hunting for food. Look for these regal reptiles at Amboy Crater amongst the lava rock.

Chuckwalla_Julianna Koza.jpg

Sphinx Moth

The sphinx moths are among the largest flying insects in the desert and have fabulously flashy pink hind wings. You may confuse these beautiful bugs for hummingbirds when they are flapping around in the early evening throughout the desert lands.

Sphinx moth_Wikimedia Commons.jpg

Fly Girls LA at Babes Ride Out 5

PeopleAnya Violet

Each year, we are always looking for ways to step up our game to provide and unforgettable weekend at our events. This is our 5 year anniversary so we are going all out! We have invited the talented ladies of Fly Girls LA to come out and do a live performance on Friday night at Babes Ride Out 5. You will not want to miss this!!!


Ellen Kim: 

Ellen Kim is the lead choreographer for the Fly Girls! She began her dance dream from the community starting at Future Shock SF making her way to Funkanometry SF. Through her choreography and dance experience within the dance community, she has been blessed to be able to teach around the world for over 10 years, also, work in the industry with artists like Pharrell, Diplo, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Zayn, etc. Including commercials, tv shows and movies. She would like to thank her supporters for giving her the inspiration and motivation after having her first baby, Kaya!


Sabrina Fernandez:
Sabrina is from Ontario, California, raised in Rancho Cucamonga. Dance became a passion and creative outlet around the time her older sister had Leukemia. Sabrina’s sister was able to go to school for a little bit and for an elective, she took dance. After Sabrina, age 10,  first attended her sister’s dance performance, it inspired her to do the same. She soon had the determination to move to Los Angeles and shortly thereafter found an agent.

“I enjoy dancing because it makes my Spirit feel free. It is one of the ways I can express myself through movement and not words. I am a woman of God. I am passionate, loving, outgoing/ friendly, and I enjoy writing and reading and I’m always looking forward to be used by God and be the best version of myself.”


Lydia Paek: 

Lydia is a dancer and singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She got into dancing at church..there was a popping, b-boy, hip-hop crew called Step Off Dance Crew. She quickly moved on to to collegiate level, then Quest, Boxcuttahz, and transitioned to industry work on So You Think You Can Dance, ABDC, and alongside K-Pop idols at YG Entertainment.

“I do this ‘cause it's fun. I'm blessed ‘cause I get to do what I enjoy with people I enjoy. For me, it's to express and hopefully through what I express being that it comes from God, others will be inspired in whatever way. I also sing, I'm weird, and I love it.”


Sheela Awe:

Sheela is a creative artist currently residing in Los Angeles. She was born in South Korea and raised in Asia. She gained her experience in the arts, while teaching dance in Shanghai, China, while performing with companies such as Jazz Du Funk and Dragon Dance Studio China.  After training in New York City, She moved to Los Angeles and developed her own artistry as a member in the girl group: Syd Youth, releasing an EP and several music videos. She has worked with artist such as Pharrell Williams, Fat Joe, Redfoo, Anderson Paak, The Internet and more. Sheela is part of the all female dance group Nailcuttahz and Flygrls and performs around California. She is currently teaching and choreographing also hosts different fashion & lifestyle programs which is another one of her passions.

Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater at BRO5

EventsAnya Violet

Joshua Tree is a dark sky community which makes it a perfect location for night sky viewing. For Babes Ride Out 5 we have invited back the Southern California Desert Video Astronomers to host  an evening of looking at the stars. They will have deep space telescopes available for viewing an amazing array of celestial bodies as well as be available to talk space with BRO5 attendees. AND the Orionid meteor shower will be putting on quite a show all weekend. This is  a must see experience and will take place from 8pm-11:30pm on Both Friday 10/21 and Saturday 10/22 of BRO5 weekend. Read on to hear more about the Astronomy Arts Theater and make sure and bring $5 for entrance. The $ goes to a great cause and allows the SCDVA to be able to educate the community about the universe. See you there!


Welcome to the World famous "Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater" where we share the adventure of exploring our Cosmos through some of the most powerful astronomical equipment and technology available. 

JTAAT is the World's one and only live deep space astronomy theater where the images we capture live have been called "Hubble like "! 

Visitors will see Galaxies, Nebulae, Stars and Planets projected on to our giant 24 foot screen as we tour the night sky searching for deep space wonders. 

Our powerful visual telescopes will be available to bring images of amazement to everyone. If you have never seen the Rings of Saturn with your own eyes, get ready! 

We will tour the beautiful Joshua Tree night sky pointing out the constellations of the Zodiac and add stories of Mythology as we share the science and lore of the stars.

Route Maps | Babes Ride Out 4

Events, SponsorsAnya Violet

Our good friends over at Biltwell have put together some killer route options for your day rides at Babes Ride Out 4. Pick up the route maps at the Merch booth and tape them to your tank & follow the directions. Enjoy Babes!!!!

This ride is so close to the campsite that you can make this trip as long or as short as you would like. 

Joshua Tree National Park is out of this world! This is a must see! Joshua Tree's for miles, amazing rock formations and lots of easy hiking and walking trails for you to explore. There is a fee to enter the park and they do not prefer riding groups larger than about 8 but it is easy to meet up once you get into the park. 

3- 3.5 Hours round trip (without stops)

Watch the scenery change from desert to mountains and pull into Big Bear for a lakeside lunch. 

4-4.5 hours round trip (without stops)

One of our all time favorites! This route has it all. Lots of fun twisties, beautiful look outs and such a wide a variety of scenery that you can only find in California. Grab some lunch in Idyllwild! There is a reason why this route is called Palms to Pines. This route is 100% NOT for beginners!!!!

1- 1.5 hours roundtrip (without stops)

This is a great easy loop that doesn't take you too far from the campsite but you get to see some of the best that Joshua Tree has to offer. Check out Pioneertown and maybe you will catch the old western style shoot-out. Grab some lunch at Pappy and Harriets!

5-5.5 hours round trip (without stops)

This is definitely the longest of the route options but SO worth it. We recommend getting an early start for this one. This amazing art installation out in the desert will blow your mind! There is simply nothing like Salvation Mountain anywhere in the world.

Enjoy babes and ride safe!!! Lots of fun waiting for you back at camp!

Roll Call | Meet Ashley of Sailor Jerry

SponsorsAnya Violet

My name is Ashley Wednesday and I’m the Brand Ambassador for Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum here in the West. Unless you know someone in the industry that’s usually followed by, “What does that mean?”

Basically it’s my job to educate, entertain and enhance the brand. I get to tell the story of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins and beyond being able to serve great drinks, I get to tell a truly authentic story. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum was created to honor Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, a Navy Veteran and the undisputed father of old-school tattooing. Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum embodies Norman Collins’ spirit, a man who was often quoted saying, “My work speaks for itself”.

A lot of people know that Sailor Jerry was a tattoo artist in Hawaii but did you know that at a young age Norman began hopping trains and travelling the back woods of the US tattooing people he met? Or that he had a Harley?! Norman Collins was a poet, a cruise boat captain, electrician and everything else in between. He had a love for life and doing things his way.

"If you don't think you have [salty term for male anatomy] enough to wear a tattoo, don't get one. But don't try to make excuses for yourself by knocking the fellow who does!" Signed, "Thank you...Sailor Jerry," this note was placed prominently in Jerry's Hotel Street shop and it gives you some idea of the attitude that he brought to his work. The same can be said for living life on two wheels. It’s not for everyone but it is for us. So let’s pay homage to the man, drink some Sailor Jerry this October and live life outside the lines.

What to expect from Sailor Jerry at BRO4

The Jerry Home Basewith the Aloha Oasis during the day and firepit at night

Friday & Saturday night SJ bar

Sunday morning Bloody Mary bar

$20 Tattoos 

Come by, drink some bold spiced rum and learn a little Norman Collins history! Follow my adventures on IG @theoriginalashe and check out