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The Velveteers at Babes Ride Out 5

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Photo by Yve Assad

Photo by Yve Assad


The Velveteers are an American Rock outfit that is the epiphany of punk with the aggressive sound and grungy wisdom that transcends through the Siren like power of nineteen- year old Demi Demitro's (frontwomen/lead guitar) voice. Through the distorted guitar riffs and thunderous drums they lure their audience with vibes that come right out of a classic horror flick. 


The band released their debut single in September of 2016, titled Death Hex. The Velveteers were then invited on their very first tour where they traveled around the UK with Los Angeles duo Deap Vally.  After numerous dates in the UK The Velveteers have landed back in the USA and are currently working on their first EP set to be released in late 2017. 


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