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Fly Girls LA at Babes Ride Out 5

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Each year, we are always looking for ways to step up our game to provide and unforgettable weekend at our events. This is our 5 year anniversary so we are going all out! We have invited the talented ladies of Fly Girls LA to come out and do a live performance on Friday night at Babes Ride Out 5. You will not want to miss this!!!


Ellen Kim: 

Ellen Kim is the lead choreographer for the Fly Girls! She began her dance dream from the community starting at Future Shock SF making her way to Funkanometry SF. Through her choreography and dance experience within the dance community, she has been blessed to be able to teach around the world for over 10 years, also, work in the industry with artists like Pharrell, Diplo, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Zayn, etc. Including commercials, tv shows and movies. She would like to thank her supporters for giving her the inspiration and motivation after having her first baby, Kaya!


Sabrina Fernandez:
Sabrina is from Ontario, California, raised in Rancho Cucamonga. Dance became a passion and creative outlet around the time her older sister had Leukemia. Sabrina’s sister was able to go to school for a little bit and for an elective, she took dance. After Sabrina, age 10,  first attended her sister’s dance performance, it inspired her to do the same. She soon had the determination to move to Los Angeles and shortly thereafter found an agent.

“I enjoy dancing because it makes my Spirit feel free. It is one of the ways I can express myself through movement and not words. I am a woman of God. I am passionate, loving, outgoing/ friendly, and I enjoy writing and reading and I’m always looking forward to be used by God and be the best version of myself.”


Lydia Paek: 

Lydia is a dancer and singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. She got into dancing at church..there was a popping, b-boy, hip-hop crew called Step Off Dance Crew. She quickly moved on to to collegiate level, then Quest, Boxcuttahz, and transitioned to industry work on So You Think You Can Dance, ABDC, and alongside K-Pop idols at YG Entertainment.

“I do this ‘cause it's fun. I'm blessed ‘cause I get to do what I enjoy with people I enjoy. For me, it's to express and hopefully through what I express being that it comes from God, others will be inspired in whatever way. I also sing, I'm weird, and I love it.”


Sheela Awe:

Sheela is a creative artist currently residing in Los Angeles. She was born in South Korea and raised in Asia. She gained her experience in the arts, while teaching dance in Shanghai, China, while performing with companies such as Jazz Du Funk and Dragon Dance Studio China.  After training in New York City, She moved to Los Angeles and developed her own artistry as a member in the girl group: Syd Youth, releasing an EP and several music videos. She has worked with artist such as Pharrell Williams, Fat Joe, Redfoo, Anderson Paak, The Internet and more. Sheela is part of the all female dance group Nailcuttahz and Flygrls and performs around California. She is currently teaching and choreographing also hosts different fashion & lifestyle programs which is another one of her passions.