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WLF Enduro X Babes in the Dirt 3

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BRO x WLF - This year the [WLF] pack will be coming out to bring the heat…literally! We’ll be contributing all the firewood to keep you babes warm in the cold Gorman nights! We’ll have “The Den” rig on site with stickers on the bumper (free take one / you’re now part of the pack) & filled with firewood so please come up and take all you’d like to stay toasty. 

The WMN of WLF will be participating in the Husky demo class as well so if you see them give them a twist of the throttle to show the stoke. Also look for us on the trails in our “bumble bee” sleeve strips, we are here to lend a helping hand if need be but mostly for trail high fives and hill climb hoots!

WLF is fired up to be a part of the BRO / BID3 and can’t wait to see all you ripping ladies out on the dirt doing what you do best…peace, love and 2 or 4 stroke smoke!! 


We are of humble beginnings from the hills and deserts of Southern California. Some of us have been riding and racing dirt bikes from birth, others of us picked up the sport later in life. What started as a handful of rag-tag teachers, salesmen and construction workers has turned into a PACK of riders connected around the globe. From Dual Sport/ADV bikes, technical Off-Road, Enduro riding, or just plain old black top we love it all. We are brought together by moto-comradery and the passion of exploring life on two wheels.


Besides physically riding any chance we get we do have a passion for shedding a positive light on the adventure and exploration on two wheels. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality moto-documentation that is safe for the entire family. Our audience ranges from the 3-year-old ripper on a 50cc to the 80-year-old vet on a 1200 adventure bike, and everyone in-between should be able to experience the joy of twisting the throttle.


Outreach: Giving back to the community is one of our key pillars at [WLF]. We're very fortunate to be able to enjoy this amazing sport and community and want to continuously show we are grateful to be a part of it. We work to partner with charity organizations and events to help those in need. We are a family, a PACK, and part of something greater than all of us, its truly a blessing.  

Events: Our team is active in nearly every local ride possible. We respect the handwork put in to seeing up these events and value the opportunity to participate. From charity events to visiting the local District 37 meetings we strive to give back to the moto-community.

Recent Event Participation: D-37 Ride for Kids & LA - Barstow to Vegas, Silly Sisters Shoe Drive (Local foster community), Big Bear Trail Riders Events, OC Dualies Events, Cal Poly Hi-Mountain DS & MSR Saboba Rides. 

Come & be a part of the pack, all are welcome, together we ride;


I got to ride with this crew a couple of weeks ago and we had an absolute blast! Check it out! Shot on the Sena 10C

Sign Ups | Husqvarna Bike Demo | Babes in the Dirt 3

EventsAnya Violet

Husqvarna Motorcycles will be joining us at Babes in the Dirt 3 with the fleet of demo bikes. If you have not had the chance to try out one of these amazing machines this is your opportunity. Names will be added to the list in the order the e-mails are received. See below on how to sign up and make sure you read all info before signing up!

E-Mail the following info to:

Title your e-mail: HUSKY DEMOS

Include the below info:

Full name:

Email Address:

Riding Ability: Beginner / Training Course Preferred / Intermediate / Advanced?

Arrival Time:

Demo rides start Friday at 2pm and end Sunday at 11am you will assigned a time slot so make sure you are available during those days and hours. Sorry, no time slot requests and no bike requests.

All info on bike demos, bikes and instructors can be found HERE. Read carefully before signing up.

In order to participate in the Husqvarna Motorcycles Demo Program you must be 21+ years or older and bring the following::

1.       Government issued photo ID

2.       Signed Waiver Release Form (this will be provided at the booth)

3.       Proper riding gear including but not limited to:

•        DOT approved helmet

•        Goggles

•        Motorcycle gloves

•        Motorcycle jersey or approved long sleeves

•        Motorcycle riding pants

•        Boots (Full length not work boots)

Head to Husqvarna booth to check in once you arrive.

If you have made the sign-up list you will receive and email confirmation by no later than Wednesday 4/26/17

If you have not made the sign-up list you will receive and email by no later than Wednesday 4/26/17. Definitely still stop by the Husqvarna booth and say hi and check out the bikes. They will have open demo rides on Sunday morning for those who missed out.









Husqvarna Bike Demos Info | Babes in the Dirt 3

SponsorsAnya Violet

Husqvarna Motorcycles is happy to implement a new demo riding format for this year’s Babes in the Dirt! It will feature the option to attend a training course or go out on guided rides that are on marked courses; beginner, intermediate, advanced. We are so excited that the event has grown and are even more thrilled to get as many women on our motorcycles as possible!

Training Course: We will have approximately 9 motorcycles that will be used for the training course. There will be instruction and riding tips given during these hour long sessions that will create a comfortable mindset for those who have never ridden dirt, or want to learn better ways to handle the terrain they’ve already ridden on. Towards the end of the session, riders will be taken out to the beginner marked course for a fun ride!

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Demo Ride: Each of these courses will be marked out by the Husqvarna team prior to the demo times. We will have approximately 10 motorcycles to divvy -up between each course, with a main lead rider. This allows the group to stay together and be able to help give riding pointers or aid another rider if needed. These will also be formatted to be about an hour long per ride.”


Meet the Instructors

Andy Jefferson

Andy Jefferson of Victorville, CA began racing in 1976 and won his first professional purse race at De Anza Cycle Park in 1979. He raced as privateer on a Suzuki until an injury in 1981 and in October of 1981 he received a phone call from Mitch Payton of Pro Circuit Husqvarna offering him the opportunity of a full factory ride. This began Andy’s career on a Husqvarna racing all over Southern California chasing the CMC Series number 1 plate. He also raced selected nationals and supercrosses with his best finish in supercross at 17th place and earning a 10th place at Saddleback National 500cc Motocross overall. Andy retired from professional racing in 1985 due to injury. After 1985 he continued riding and remained relevant to the industry. In 2010 Andy took an after sales manager position with the re-branded Italian made Husky’s and followed the brand after the 2013 acquisition by KTM Group. He now currently serves as the Media Relations Manager for Husqvarna Motorcycles. This will be his third year at Babes In The Dirt, affectionately known as Andy’s favorite event of the year.  Vintage photos circa 1983

Ashley Fiolek

Ashley Fiolek began riding with her family as a young girl and started racing by the age of 7. Ashley won the 2004 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National in the girl’s 9-13 class. 4 years later in 2008, she made her professional racing debut at the WMA Women’s Motocross Championship marking her first professional win at the WMA Pro Hangtown National. That year she went on to win three more of the six rounds earning her the overall title and record of youngest female to win the Championship in WMA history. She signed to American Honda Racing in 2009 making her the first-ever female to receive a full factory ride. Ashley is a 3x WMX National Motocross Champion, 2x ESPN X Games Gold medalist and the only woman to do both which she accomplished despite being born deaf. In the spring of 2015 Ashley founded her MX school to teach a new generation of riders and racers and share her inspiring story. Ashley is currently serving as a Husqvarna Brand Ambassador and will be attending Babes In The Dirt to offer support to beginner riders.

Mike Brown

Tennessee native, Mike Brown, is an American former professional motocross, supercross, and off road- racer with a number of championships in all disciplines. He started his racing career in 1985 and won his first professional race in 1994. He has been an Endurocross  X-Games competitor multiple times for which he won 3 gold medals and a silver as well as an AMA National Motocross Championship. He is also a playable character in the 2004 motocross video game MTX: Mototrax.

Mike retired from full time professional racing last year at 44 years old and is currently a Brand Ambassador for Husqvarna Motorcycles. In this role, Mike has been helpful and supportive of the brand’s internal efforts for women’s motorcycling by coaching many female staff members for their first time on a motorcycle. 

Meet the Bikes


FC 250; lowered with Rekluse auto-clutch

TC 85; Rekluse auto-clutch

TC 65; Rekluse auto-clutch


Husqvarna Womens Ride Day | Cahuillo Creek

SponsorsAnya Violet

When your moto family invites you out for a womens ride day at Cahuillo Creek you say YES!!! We had the track to ourselves this past December for a day of grabbing all the ladies that work in the Husqvarna offices plus a few lucky souls such as myself and hitting the dirt. Some had never been on a dirt bike before and it was so rad watching them conquer the mini technical course that the team had set up. Throughout the day they built up their confidence before they were ready to try their hand on the vet track. 

The full fleet was out and available to demo that day. I spent a lot of time on the TE 250 myself, as I am a two-stroke girl at heart, but I also got to ride the FC 350 and the TE 150 with a Rekluse clutch. After riding my vintage bike so much these modern machines feel like a dream come true!

Ashley Fiolek is just about the sweetest person you could ever meet! I tagged along with her and a group of about 5 or 6 ladies as we left the table tops and sweeping turns of the vet track to take a rip on the single track off-road loop that is tucked away behind the track. I didn't really know what I was getting into but it didn't take long to fall into a rhythm of tight turns and hopping over mini boulders on some really fun and technical sections. This was my first time riding at Cahuillo Creek and I had heard a ton of great things about the vet track there but no one told me about this awesome secret single-track section in the back. It was the highlight of my day!

This was one of the first times that I have been able to play on a track like that with such few people on it. It was an absolute blast to hop on a track I have never seen and a bike I have never ridden and spend the day working on technique and trying out different lines to find the fastest lap I could. I am a sucker for taking the outside line on a turn so on this day I was forcing myself to practice the inside line where I thought it might be a faster route. There was one step up jump in the back of the track that was pretty peaked at the top and would kind of launch you whether you liked it or not. After rolling it a few times I thought I would gas it a bit more which landed me about mid way onto the landing and I could feel the suspension compress as I landed pretty hard. After watching a few of the fast girls completely clear it I realized that this is one of those mind over matter type of obstacles that is really much easier and smoother if you just go faster over it. The step up had a nice rounded landing and if I could just land more toward the flat part I would be in good shape. As the day went on I gave it a bit more each time but definitely did not quite clear it. I guess I will have to save if for another day.

This particular table top was one of my favorites! Perfect line up, perfect landing and sent you right into a tight turn right after. So much fun!

Looking forward to spending more time on this bikes at Babes in the Dirt 3 on April 28th-30th! See you there!