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Artist Series | Emma Fern

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The Babes Ride Out Artist series showcases the art of talented people in our community. Each piece is donated to the Moto F.A.M. X Babes Ride Out raffle. Moto F.A.M.  is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping riders facing life changing injuries after a serious motorcycle accident. Meet Emma Fern @badluckgoods ! She has hand painted an ATWYLD jacket for BRO East Coast 4 raffle. Read on to get to know more about Emma!

babes ride out

Emma Fern


Where are you from originally? Where do you live now?

I was born and bred an Ohioan, but made the move from Cincinnati to Burlington, Vermont several years ago.

What first got you into art?

I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember! To me, art is how I communicate and connect with other human beings.

How would you describe your style?

Nostalgic. Maybe a little contemporary? I use old techniques/imagery and reimagine them. 

What inspires you? Have any artists in particular been an influence on you?

 I get a lot of inspiration from my own history. Appalachian art & textiles are a big part of my life and my creations. I’m definitely inspired by the resurgence of “vintage” packaging and typography. There are so many great design companies out there that are making things reminiscent of another time. 

What is your favorite medium? 

Fabric. You can do almost anything with it, and the best part is you get to wear it afterwards! I’m a pattern maker by trade, so being able to combine that with my love of art is really a dream come true.

When did you first hear about Babes Ride Out?

 I first heard about Babes Ride Out West coast a few years ago when I was living down south. I was so thrilled to learn about the East coast event when I moved back up to VT!

What is your connection to the motorcycle community? 

Many of my friends ride and I’ve done work for Burlington’s local Litas chapter in the past. 

Do you ride? If so, what do you ride? 

Not at the moment! 

If you were a motorcycle what kind would you be? 

I ain’t nothin’ fancy. Probably a Honda CL350. Not too fast. Not too built. But I’ll show you a good time!

What will you be contributing to this years raffle?

 An ATWYLD jacket, patched with turmeric dyed canvas & embroidered with my 1876 Cornely machine

 Tell us about what inspired you to create it?

 I've been really inspired by the strength women have shown in this past year. We're living in a really frightening time for women's health and well-being, and it's so incredible to see everyone come together and support one another. Community over competition!