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BRO East Coast Raffle Contributor | Retrofit Cycleworks

PeopleAnya Violet

Company Name: Retrofit

Website: (!!!)

Instagram: @retrofitcycleworks

Where are you located? Newton, NJ

What have you guys been working on for the past year?

Jeez, I can’t believe it’s been a year already! We’ve been hard at work with some of our own personal projects, some customer projects, and we now have our official website up! Over the past year I transformed mx XS650 to go flat track racing at the Appalachian Moto Jam last October. We finished the restoration on my dad’s CB750 sidecar bike. We redid all the mechanicals, all new wiring, upgraded the brakes while leaving the original paint. We also just got my dad’s panhead back on the road. We made one of this most challenging sissybars to date, the Scorpion Bar. This was a custom sissybar made for Ian, who won a free sissybar from us at Strange Days. The love of my life Kate just got her motorcycle license and we’re scrambling to get her CB360 on the road. The day before she took her test her it blew a head gasket so we’re doing an entire top end rebuild. I’ve got a CB750 swingarm chopper I’ve been slowly chipping away at that I’m building to hopefully run cross country with next year. And lastly we’re reviving Virginia’s very own wedding present BMW K75S for this year’s BRO!

We heard your team has a few bikes in the Fuel Cleveland show this year. Can you tell us a little about those bikes?

Yes! We’re super stoked we got not one, but two bikes going to Fuel this year. One is the Strange Days 3 giveaway bike, a 1972 XS650 survivor chopper we restored. The other is my dad’s panhead we just finished up. I submitted his bike for the show on his behalf. He had no idea and it was a total surprise to him. This will be the first major show any of his bikes have ever been in. The panhead is rather special because this is a bike he’s had in his head since he was 16. It just took him 50 years to finally get the chance build it. 

You contributed 2 stainless steel sissy bars to BRO last year, one of them being a custom order. What did you end up working on for her? 

Apparently the girl who won the BRO bar also won the certificate for the custom one. Not sure how that worked out, but it’s actually a bittersweet story. I won’t name names, but the story goes just before the event this girl inherited an evo sportster from her uncle who passed away. She was unsure about keeping the bike or what do with it. She saw the raffle sissybar was for an evo sportster and thought if she won the bar it was meant to be to keep her uncle’s bike. As fate would have it I guess her uncle wanted her to keep the bike! Since she didn’t need two sissybars we allowed her to exchange the certificate for some sportster parts to help get her uncle’s bike back on the road and more comfortable for her to ride.

What are you guys building to giveaway at this year’s event?

We are building a custom stainless sissybar made from hex material for an evo sporty. We’ve have an awesome design planned but that you’ll just have to see when it’s finished!

What makes you interested in supporting an event like Babes Ride Out?

I love supporting grassroots events that are local. Even though the original Babes Ride Out is a west coast event, it’s awesome that it's has laid claim to a great area of riding in our own back yard and we want to continue to support it!