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 The latest partner to jump on board for the Babes Ride Out UK debut is legendary footwear brand, Vans. A firm favourite of the VC, the London ladies rarely have anything else on their feet.

Celebrating their 50th anniversary earlier this year, Vans has a long tradition of supporting sports, art and music events that embody the brand’s ‘Off the Wall’ mentality. Enabling creative expression is at the heart of everything they do…and they make pretty rad shoes too!!

Gemma Harrison is one VC chicks who rocks the Vans sidestripe on a daily basis…


Tell us about yourself:

My name is Gemma Harrison & I run the VC. I'm 31 years old & I live in east London but I'm originally a Yorkshire lass from Leeds. I work as a luxury womenswear designer alongside running the mess that is the VC & I also design VCC with one of the fellow VC founders Namin Cho.... In a nutshell :)


Do you remember your first pair of Vans?

I can't remember how old I must have been but I was pretty young. It was a pair of old skools in black... I wore them until they literally fell off my feet. 


What connects you to the Vans brand?

For me the lifestyle aspect of Vans has always been the thing. It just seems to fit with how we live our lives here in London with the VC & The Shop. It’s all just bikes, friends, hanging out & having a damn good time whether that’s with motorbikes or whatever we do.


What does Vans stand for to you?

People doing cool shit.


Favourite style / pair of Vans?

A pair of black Sk8-hi ... I think people are pretty shocked to ever see me without a pair of these permanently glued to my feet & my leather jacket on. ha ha


What’s the history of VC London & what you do?

The best way to describe it is maybe a collective as there are so many things that go on under the VC name.  Although there are 3 of us that sort of founded VC (myself , Namin & Mai) it really started as a bunch of friends  hanging out at The Shop (the workshop we share with @five_customs & @frictionmoto ), fixing bikes, learning together how to wrench & maintain them. We just got drunk together one night & gave it a name (well actually someone else bestowed the name on us ... ha) & that’s where it all started. 


We made an instagram there & then & I just used it as a way to document what we were getting up to. I later put a post out on instagram asking if other women wanted to give motorcycles a try then we could help them out as we felt it would be a good way to get the scene here in the UK to grow on the same scale as the US after we visited Babes Ride Out 3 in J-Tree last year.  We got such a huge response and now we’ve ridden all over together, organised ride outs, flat track days in collab with the DTRA, events & parties. It sounds like a lot but to be honest it all stays focused around a few mates having a good time together & living our lives around motorbikes.


What does the BRO event coming to the UK mean to you & what are you most looking forward to?

Seeing all the months of hard work come together & getting together all these rad women from all over the world that I've been speaking to over the last year to finally put some faces to names is going to be pretty awesome! Its always been really important for me to grow the UK community of riders as when I went to Babes Ride Out in the US last year I couldn't believe how incredible the scene was over there & immediately wanted to have that same vibe at an event in the UK..... Also seeing Slowcoaches & Zealous Doxy play live is pretty high on my list. They been on my riding playlist for a while now. I’m sure there’s gonna be a few girls with me to start a mini mosh pit, am I right?

Meet BRO UK's Saturday Night Band | Slow Coaches

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Introducing our Saturday night band -  Slow Coaches 

History of slowcoaches? We're from London via Leeds. Founded by me (Heather) and Matty when we were jobless layabouts.

What's the best gig you've ever played? The Palac Kultury in Warsaw (Warsaw's tallest building)

Where is your dream place to play? A school prom night.

What’s new stuff do you guys have in the works? We have an album out in November. its called 'Nothing Gives'.

We can't wait to have you play at Babes Ride Out! We're really stoked to play and it sounds like an awesome initiative. We're a real fan of making sure our shows are inclusive and really like the idea of the event.

What do you have in store for us at this year's Babes Ride Out UK event? A lot of noise, a bit of crowd surfing and a few singalongs.

Give the Slowcoaches a listen HERE

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Babes Ride Out UK Route Teaser

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We are getting really excited to take a trip across the pond and explore a new place. The Babes of VC London have been so kind as to put together a little teaser of some of the adventures we are planning for the ride routes! Take a look! See you there! Tickets available HERE

Llyn y Fan Fach, Brecon Beacons, Wales
Tapped by Redbull as one of the UKs best wild swimming spots Llyn y Fan Fach in the Brecon Beacons  – supposedly it’s one of the most haunted bodies of water in Wales! Local legend says that at 2pm on the first Sunday in August, the ‘Lady of the Lake’ – rumoured to be a woman killed by her violent husband – emerges from the water. 

Carreg Cennen Castle-

With amazing view of the surrounding valleys Carreg Cennen Castle is ruined castle built in the 13th century at the peak of a limestone hill. Completely mid blowing scenery & a bit of Welsh history, you can ride the black mountain road & pop here along the way tying two of our routes together.


Tapped as one of the worlds best driving roads we are lucky enough to have the famous black mountain pass is right on our doorstep. The Black Mountain pass is 27 miles of long picturesque scenery, switch back twists with a total of 81 corners & takes you right thought the west side of the Brecon Beacons countryside. Whether you're looking for a roller coaster ride out or an idyllic route through the national park this view is pretty much unmissable! 

Talybont on usk Reservoir, village & waterfalls

Dipping right down into the valley you will reach this absolutely stunning reservoir location by a ride through the most amazing twisty narrow countryside pine covered forest roads we've ever ridden.  a perfect place to stop off for lunch, with a traditional village (complete with traditional country pub for a quick pint) & beautiful waterfalls less than 10 minutes away theres a lot to see when you reach Talybont on usk, but the ride there more than equals your destination.

Lower Ddwli Falls, Waterfall Woods, Brecon Beacons

In the south-west hills of the Brecon Beacons, near Ystradfellte, you'll find some of the most amazing waterfall plunge pools in the UK. There are more than 20 pools along five miles of the Fechan and Mellte rivers, so you could try dipping in every one of them on a long day's walk. Lower Ddwli Falls is the best, a huge open pool with a great arc of a waterfall. Spray lifts up through the leaves and on a sunny day there are rainbows everywhere. Just downstream is Horseshoe Falls, with a great jump and rope swing. 


For those who want to venture further afield on Saturday Tenby Fishing village is a beautiful picturesque fishing village roughly 1 hour 45 mins ride from camp. With pretty pastille coloured houses, iconic harbour, cobblestone roads& a beach voted the best in all of the UK Tenby is a dreamy little addition to our Babes Ride Out routes. 

VC London | Helping Ladies Get on Two Wheels with London Motorcycle Training

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Our partnership with VC London to produce the first ever international Babes Ride Out is more than just a weekend, it's a commitment to build each other up and continue support to all those willing to learn. One of our favorite parts of being involved with BRO is meeting ladies who put in the time and effort to help grow the motorcycle community in incredible ways. When we met the ladies of VC at BRO3, we immediately fell in love with what the were doing in the UK, teaching women to ride with proper instruction and continued learning. Take a minute and read how they are shaping their community one rider at a time. 

Words by Gemma Harrison: 

"We started by putting up a post on our insta asking anyone who wanted to start riding to get in touch. The response was incredible! We've now given over 50 women their first try at riding. This then led to wanting to be able to hook them up with a proper training facility to be able to get their CBT certification so they could get on the road. That's when we met London Motorcycle Training & cooked up the ladies CBT training weekends. 

We basically get girls discounted CBT rates & they get to do their tests with a bunch of other likeminded ladies making it pretty fun. A lot of the girls that have done the CBT Training have gone on to get bikes & ride together growing the Moto community here in London , which is incredible! 

The training starts from scratch (although any experience already riding is a plus). There is the option to do the test on either a geared bike or an automatic with a top up class to train with a geared bike later. The ladies learn slow speed control, gears, U- turning & general bike skills & control. The second part of the day is beginning road riding once everyone is confident enough.

You don't need much to get started. Come wearing jeans, good boots, a leather jacket or similar and some gloves. Bikes and helmets are provided for everyone!

You'll learn everything starting right from the basics. Slow speed control & manoeuvres, geared bike control, road riding skills and all the skills you need to pass the CBT and get you road ready! 


These classes are definitely doing its bit to help grow the community here in London and it's something we're really proud to be a part of ! So many of the girls have all gone on to become great friends, riding together, going on trips,  coming round to The Shop to talk about their bikes / how to wrench & coming to our monthly meet up nights at Bike Shed in East London. In fact a lot of them will be joining us as part of the Babes Ride Out UK event team this year! Weeeew!

Want to sign up !? Click HERE to contact the London Motorcycle Training Course