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The Great Escape | A Weekend on the Triumph Scrambler

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I fell for the Triumph Scrambler on back roads along the Delaware River this summer. It was the lightest street bike I had ridden and taking it on off road detours with a "hey, let's go see where that road leads to" mentality was the theme of the day. I loved it so much I borrowed one for Babes Ride Out 5. I didn't know it then, but this bike was the catalyst for my great escape...

Leaving camp on the Triumph Scrambler Photo by Virginia Cagney 

Leaving camp on the Triumph Scrambler Photo by Virginia Cagney 

I won't bore you with the details that go into producing Babes Ride Out, but it's a lot of work. Often, Anya and myself do not get the chance to leave the property so when we do, we are incredibly grateful. When I was tossed the keys to a brand new Triumph Scrambler with a full tank of gas, I immediately grabbed my helmet, 1 friend, and left the campsite in my dust. As the event space distanced itself in my mirrors, I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness and an increasing sense of exhilaration. 

With wide handlebars, low seat height, and incredible suspension, I felt in control and the bike seemed more predictable. This sort of smoothness and the ride by wire system (enhances throttle response for even more control and response) gave me more confidence to pick up my speed. I headed to the Joshua Tree National Park entrance to see how it would handle on the wide twisting roads. 

Flying through the park on the Scrambler felt like a baptism of sorts with all the worry, anxiety, and tiredness washing out of me the moment I took the first corner. Floating through the pristine desert landscape with such ease almost felt like I was cheating. Time seemed to go by way too fast as I neared the exit of the park. With a renewed sense of energy and excitement from the ride, I headed back to camp. 

Once off the bike and back to work I realized just how badly I needed that time to myself. The Triumph Scrambler was my escape, a time to clear my head and appreciate the most beautiful landscape on one of the most fun machines I have ever ridden. I was able to create lasting memory with a friend, completely de-stress, and truly connect myself to nature and machine. 

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More fun than you can imagine. Photo by Maddy Talias 

More fun than you can imagine. Photo by Maddy Talias 

The Triumph Scrambler is truly a beautiful machine. Photo by Virginia Cagney 

The Triumph Scrambler is truly a beautiful machine. Photo by Virginia Cagney 

1,200 Miles of Backroads on the Triumph Street Scrambler

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Jacket and Jeans:  Atwyld  | Helmet:  Biltwell  | Boots:  Redwing  |  Sena 10C Bluetooth  | Goggles:  Equilibrialist  Duffle:  Port LBC

Jacket and Jeans: Atwyld | Helmet: Biltwell | Boots: Redwing | Sena 10C Bluetooth | Goggles: Equilibrialist Duffle: Port LBC

This year my mom turned 60 years old. There is only 1 way to celebrate that kind of birthday…. 1,200 miles on two wheels. Leading up to the trip I had been riding the Triumph Street Scrambler demo bike and I was already in love. The bike was perfect around town and ripping around my local favorite spots. I was excited to see how he handled on a longer road trip.

Our trip started by meeting up for lunch in Carpinteria. We had planned on heading out to Death Valley from there but a full-on wind storm made us change course. We decided to ride one of our favorite roads, Highway 33, through Ojai and connect to Hudson Ranch Rd. Hudson Ranch Rd is one of my favorites, particularly because there is very little traffic and it is full of perfect turns and wide open views.

My mom was on her Honda Pan-European sport touring bike and me on the Triumph Street Scrambler. She was pretty jealous watching me taking turns and easily maneuvering in and out of turn-offs and parking lots. Her bike had a couple hundred pounds on the Scrambler so you can imagine the difference.

After staying the night somewhere off the grape vine we pulled out our Butler Maps (I got her for her birthday) to see if there was any interesting roads nearby that we hadn’t tried yet. We found Lake Hughes Rd which connected to the 5 fwy in Castaic. It looked like just the fun kind of twisties we both love to ride. It took us right by Lake Hughes and over the mountain range into a fun little canyon road.

The plan was to end up in Yuma, Arizona to visit my Grandpa (her dad). We thought we would head toward Barstow and then take the back way into Joshua Tree via hwy 247. This is the way that my mom and her crew normally come to Babes Ride Out so it was super fun to get to ride it together. The views were amazing but the wind was blowing quite a bit that day. The Scrambler handled so well and even the wind didn’t bother me that much.

Once we got to Joshua Tree I told my mom that I had never actually rode my bike all the way through the park. I am normally so busy planning for the events when I am out there that I don’t always take the extra time that I should. Needless to say, we had to check it off the list. OH MAN is it stunning!!!! From one end to the other just so amazing! From rocky boulder fields, to Joshua Tree forests, to yucca fields and Ocotillo bushes. This National park is like a piece of another planet. We stopped at a few little pull-offs and every time we did, the Scrambler stole the show. So many people stopped to ask what kind of bike it was and some older Triumph fans wanted to know what year it was since it still has such a classic look. The site of an older gentlemen scoping out the lack of carburetor just never gets old. It has became a running joke over time between my mom and I, how many Scrambler fans would we meet at each gas stop. I think we landed at a grand total of 12 throughout the trip. Not bad!

The road out of the park drops you on Box Canyon Rd which is the creepiest most awesome “the hills have eyes” kind of road ever. We both dug it so much that we had to pull over and snap some photos.

After a quick stop for tacos in the funky little farm town of Mecca we hit the 111 hwy and back into the wind. Riding by the Salton Sea made me all kinds of inspired. I had read so much history about how it used to be such a posh place to hang out and now it is just this stagnant sea with run-down old buildings. Again, so creepy and rad all at the same time.

Grandpa on his KTM 600 in Colorado Grand Mesa back in the day. 

Grandpa on his KTM 600 in Colorado Grand Mesa back in the day. 

Heading into Yuma you just about hit the border and the Scrambler kept asking me if we could just cross on over and find some dirt roads that lead down to Baja. Sorry Scrambler, next time! To  Grandpa’s house we went. After a great visit with him, filled mostly with old stories of all the motorcycles he’s had over the years, and a good night’s sleep, I was excited to finally take my mom to Borrego Springs where it all started.  Yep the very first Babes Ride Out event ever back in 2013 took place in Borrego California.

I showed my mom all the amazing statues that are out in the middle of the desert in Borrego before we had lunch at Carlee's and motored up the epic Montezuma Valley Rd then dropping onto the 79 and eventually the 371 the took us to the Palms to Pines highway into Idyllwild. The 371 has one of the most epic views and my mom had never been on that road so I loved to share it with her. As the palms turned into pines I made sure to pull over at one of my favorite spots near Lake Hemet to grab a photo.

I feel so fortunate to be able to ride motorcycles with my mom! She is the one that got me into it in the first place and being able to share adventures like this with her is priceless! After Idyllwild we stayed the night and then took the Ortega Highway over to Silverado Canyon and back to Long Beach. After the trip was all said and done we had gone over 1,200 miles. I could not have been happier to have taken that trip on the Triumph Street Scrambler. It was the perfect road trip bike on one of the best road trips ever!

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Jacket and Jeans:  Atwyld  | Helmet:  Biltwell  | Boots:  Redwing  |  Sena 10C Bluetooth  | Goggles:  Equilibrialist  Duffle:  Port LBC

Jacket and Jeans: Atwyld | Helmet: Biltwell | Boots: Redwing | Sena 10C Bluetooth | Goggles: Equilibrialist Duffle: Port LBC

Roll Call | Meet Meghan, BRO EC Alumni and Proud Owner of Her Dream Bike, A 2016 Triumph Scrambler

Roll CallAshmore Ellis

At last year's first BRO in the East Coast we weren't sure what to expect. With fingers crossed for decent weather and a group of incredible women, we set out to produce our first event outside of California. I can honestly say we met some some the most sincere, kind, and good time loving ladies in the world at Babes Ride Out East Coast and because of them, we decided to make the event annual (you are stuck with us ladies!). Meet Meghan, BRO EC alumni, lover of street and offroad, and proud new owner of her dream bike, a 2016 Triumph Scrambler

Name: Meghan Milligan @meggymilly
Location: Pittsburgh, PA 

Bike(s): 2016 Triumph Scrambler/1996 Kawasaki KX125/1992 Suzuki DR350

Meghan's Dream Machine 2016 Triumph Scrambler 

Meghan's Dream Machine 2016 Triumph Scrambler 

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into bikes: 

I’ve been living in Pittsburgh for about four years now and work in digital production at American Eagle/Aerie Corporate. Motorcycles were never in my life growing up. There wasn’t a family member to pass the torch or a friend that exposed me to the joys of two wheels. When I lived in Chicago I was addicted to the adrenaline of riding my road bike through moving traffic and weaving between lanes — but I wanted more. I started studying the motorcycle manual, but before I ever got to taking the next step I moved to Pittsburgh for a job. A few months later I met my boyfriend, Adam, the one who has completely changed my life with riding. He first taught me how to ride on his 2011 KTM EXC 450, which was definitely an intimidating bike to learn on. At that moment, I just wanted to ride street and would have never thought I would become as obsessed with riding off-road as I am today.

What is your favorite kind of riding?

OFF-ROAD! I love riding street (especially with my brand new baby — my Triumph Scrambler), but in my opinion, there is nothing better that riding dirt. I first started learning off-road with my 1992 Suzuki DR350 and have now moved on to the sweet life of two strokes with my 1996 Kawasaki KX125. You’re always challenging yourself with riding off-road. I love ripping through single-track trails coming across rocky terrain, log crossings, and other obstacles that our planet’s natural playground throws your way. And no matter your skill level, you’re continuously learning new obstacles. Riding enduro fuels your body with such an adrenaline rush that even when you wipe out you’re eager to jump right back up on your bike & go. It’s an addiction.

Photo by Sarah VanTassel

Photo by Sarah VanTassel

What has been you bike evolution? Walk us through your first bike to current bike and tell us a little about each:

My first bike was a 1972 Honda CL175 Scrambler — just a little guy to get comfortable with riding, however, I grew out of it pretty fast. Then I moved on to my 1992 Suzuki DR350 that was later stolen from our garage when I didn’t even own it for a full year. Miraculously it has recently been recovered by the police after almost two years of it being stolen, but it’s in very rough shape (I now have a project bike on my hands)! I was out of an off-road bike and then was surprised with a 1996 Kawasaki KX125 from Adam two Christmas’ ago — had a big red bow & everything! Since then, I learned how to rebuild a 1972 Honda CB500 with Adam showing me the ropes of moto mechanics, and also rode a 1976 Honda CB750 Super Sport. I was continuously putting money into my unreliable CBs and finally decided to take the plunge and put my money towards a brand new bike — my 2016 Triumph Scrambler.

Tell us about your new bike, that pristine Triumph Scrambler!

My moto dreams came true this past November when I bought a 2016 Triumph Scrambler from Mosites Motorsports — a local dealer outside of Pittsburgh. The older bikes I owned were not 100% reliable so I needed something that I wouldn’t have to constantly worry about. I always dreamed of owning a Triumph and finally decided it was the right time to make it happen!!
The Scrambler originally caught my eye since I ride off-road. It was everything I was looking for — a modern bike that notes to the classic street scrambler look from the 60s. Not only does the Triumph Scrambler look absolutely beautiful (especially with those head turning high-side pipes), but the bike handles great. I can take it on mild dirt roads without a problem thanks to the suspension and semi-knobby tires. Whenever I ride my Scrambler it feels like I’m starting up my own personal spaceship. The ride is so smooth it’s as if I’m flying through the road.

You came to our first ever BABES EC. Tell us about the experience:

Babes Ride Out East Coast was seriously one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Whenever I first heard of BRO I was dying to head out to the West Coast event, but it was difficult for me to attend living on the other side of the country. I couldn’t tell you how excited I was when I saw that there would now be an East Coast event. Last year I wasn’t able to ride since I got in a motorcycle accident two days before BABES EC, but it was still everything I thought it would be. As soon as you pull up you are surrounded by positivity and feel as if you have known these ladies your whole life — nice girl central! The campsite is ideal and the roads throughout the Catskills are filled with beautiful scenery. It’s so great to be surrounded by hundreds of moto lovin’ ladies and party with them all weekend long!  

What did you like the most?

The amazing ladies you connect with! I met so many incredible women at last year’s BABES EC and felt like I knew them my whole life. It’s great meeting so many female riders that live all across the country — near & far. It’s kind of like summer camp — you’re just so excited each year to go back and ride/party with all the rad people you met. 

Who are you rolling with this year?

I’ll be rolling up this year with my ladies — The Maulies. We are a Pittsburgh female riding group where we strive to carve out a space for female riders in our area. Recently we have been working on events such as hosting a Ladies Season Kickoff Party so women who ride in our area can connect, along with a local event for International Female Ride Day that we have been planning with other female riders in Pittsburgh. I’m just super stoked to actually be able to ride this year. Not only am I excited to ride all throughout the Catskills with my ladies, but the journey itself to BABES EC will be great! After Babes Ride Out East Coast, I’ll also be riding my way down to North Carolina to spend a week in the Smokey Mountains (so I’ll definitely be breaking in that new Scrambler this June)!!

Any words of wisdom to ladies who may be on the fence about attending Babes Ride Out EC2?

DO IT! I was on the fence last year because of my accident, but after attending, I would have been full of regret if I didn’t go. The awesome energy of BABES EC made it seem like I wasn’t injured at all! I had the most incredible time, even without my bike. Once you get to Babes Ride Out East Coast you are immediately welcomed and feel at home. If you want to experience one of the best weekends of your life, BUY A TICKET! 

Grab a ticket and let's ride to Babes Ride Out East Coast 2! Click HERE