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Meet the Ladies of Stumptown Coffee | Proudly Serving FREE Cold Brew at Babes in the Dirt 2

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Name: Malia, Lael, and Monika from Stumptown Coffee



Lael's scoot! 

Lael's scoot! 

Tell us about yourselves: 

Malia: Live in Silver Lake and work in DTLA, I hardly ever leave because these two areas have everything that I like to eat, see and do. It's got all my favorite ramen spots, places to hike with my dogs, my incredible friends, and an easy commute to work. That's all you need right?

Lael: I live in the tropical oasis Portland, and am one of the Production Managers at Stumptown coffee Roasters. I love getting out to the coast and hiking around the gorge. NW camping and summers can’t be beat.

Monika: I work for Stumptown Coffee in Downtown LA. I'm a service technician and repair all coffee equipment affiliated with Stumptown Coffee. I also live and run my fashion design company out of the Arts District in Downtown, LA.


How did you get into riding?  

Malia: My girlfriend -- she's been riding for years and her dad's a pretty incredible moto mechanic. Runs in her blood and its starting to run in mine.

Lael: My dad bought me a moped instead of a car as my first mode of transportation, and I’ve been cruisin’ ever since. Last year I upgraded from moped world and inherited my Grandfather's 1980 Yamaha Exciter. I spent the spring fixing it up, and after a little blood, a fair amount of sweat and a shit ton of cursing, I got it running. Now I just have to learn how to ride it!

Monika: I always knew I was interested in riding motorbikes since I was young. A few years ago I jumped the gun and bought a motorcycle, a non running motorcycle. Without ever worked on motorcycles, I learned how a 60's two stroke worked and rebuilt the motorcycle. Then I learned how to ride.


Where is your favorite place to ride? 

Malia: Baja! In the dirt! It's where I just learned :P

Lael: Any street not in the city, preferably at night.

Monika: Big long backroads are great. So are the canyons north of Los Angeles. But really just sweeping the city streets at night is loads of fun.


Two stroke of 4 stroke? 

Malia: I'm hoping and praying to inherit my father-in-laws Beta two stroke, so until then, I guess I'm all 4 stroke.

Lael: Single 

Monika: 4

Do you have a favorite bike? 

Malia: Our 1996 Suzuki DR200 

Lael: My 1980 Yamaha sr250 Exciter. It’s a good first bike.

Monika: I do love my CB350. Mostly because I understand every single aspect of the bike and can troubleshoot, repair and dial in every mechanism and component of the bike. It's an era where bikes were designed very simple.

Best riding adventure?

Malia: Baja, learning in the dirt, riding in the dirt, with palm trees, turquoise waters, and cactus as a backdrop.

Lael: TBD. I’m sure this weekend will set a high precedent.

Monika: Back and forth from San Francisco to Los Angeles on that little Honda CB350.

Do you prefer track riding or trail riding?

Malia: Trail, cause it's all I've done!

Lael:  Probably trail. I like getting dirty.

Monika: Haven't experienced either, but I believe trail riding would be my go to. I love backroads and solitude.

What is it like to work for Stumptown?

Malia: The average day in Stumptown production is mixing the power of really great music and really strong coffee and using it to fork up to 4000lbs of coffee out the door. Keeps me fit, sharp, and happy.

Lael: Best job I’ve ever had. I might stand for 10 hours scooping beans, but when the music is bumping and everyone around the table is talking about Magic the Gathering and their favorite comic books, the monotony of my task is the last thing I care about. The “work hard, play hard” mentality translates throughout every department and every market. It’s my family, my social network and my passion (cheeesey, but true).

Monika: I absolutely love being a field tech. Everyday is different and you never know how the day will end up. Today is a good example - Today I'm finalizing a full cafe build-out in a yoga studio in Beverly Hills. I've been helping the company design their cafe since the beginning and today I finally install their gorgeous La Marzocco FB80. After that I go to a Cooking School that happens to have a cafe to fix their espresso machine and do a routine check on the rest of their equipment. I love working with a company that cares about every aspect of the experience. From farm to roastery to bag to cup, we obsessively perfect every step of the process. All while creating a delightful product that anyone can enjoy.

How did you first hear about Babes Ride Out and what did you think?

Malia: I went to BRO 2 years ago with my girlfriend and some pals but I was so sick with a cold and a fever that I couldn't hang so I bailed mid-weekend. I was so bummed cause it seemed like such a blast and of course I got to see all the pictures afterwards. This upcoming weekend will make up for that one. 

Lael: Instagram, ha! I thought, “um, take me there”


I heard about BRO from Instagram. My first thought was, yea I'm going. But truly I had no motorcycle that could bring me out. I ended up towing a 1978 Honda CB125 on the back of my 1985 Volkswagen Cabriolet. It was a riot to see. I made so many friends that I still write to and keep in touch with frequently.

What do you have planned for us at Babes Ride Out 2? 

Malia: Slangin' cold brew and stokin' yall out with coffee

Lael:  COLD BREW. As much and as often as you’d like.

 What does Stumptown have planned in 2016?

Malia: We just opened up in NOLA and have big plans to party with the folks at Levitation Fest in Austin, Pickathon in Portland, Newport Folk Fest in Rhode Island and throw a couple of hoedowns at Feast 2016!

Lael: What Malia said! We also just released our Coconut Cold brew with milk. It’s fucking delicious, and vegan.



BABES IN THE DIRT 2 April 22-24th

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Babes in the Dirt 2 is on!!! April 22nd, 23rd and 24th (main riding day is Saturday 23rd ) at Hungry Valley SVRA

Flyer art by Desirae Samantha @Desirae201

Let’s go ride some DIRT !!!  April 22nd-24th at Hungry Valley SVRA in Gorman, California we have rented the Honey Valley group camp site in the park. There will be 50 vehicle passes waiting that the north entrance under Babes Ride Out. This event is FREE, you don't need to buy a ticket, all you need is to grab the vehicle pass. There is max capacity in the group site of 50 vehicles so please carpool if possible! First come first serve! If the vehicle passes run out before you get there, no problem, you will just have to pay to camp somewhere else in the park but you can still come hang! This weekend is about off-roading, camping, and good times with friends! Babes Ride Out will be providing the campground location ONLY so BYOE (bring your own everything)  Hungry Valley has a wide variety of tracks and trails that are fun for both beginners and experienced riders.

What its all about:

  • If you have only ever rode street bikes then you are missing out! Dirt is the best, come try it!
  • This is a great opportunity if you have never been on a motorcycle as well. We HIGHLY recommend that new riders start  on a dirt bike!
  • If you are an experienced dirt rider then grab some friends, come on out and lets ride 12 0'clock wheelies and do some gnarly hill climbs!

Don’t have a dirt bike but want to learn???? No problem! You can rent a bike from Gorman Motorsport Rentals!  Ask for Glory 805-620-2620 !

They have a wide variety of dirt bikes and gear to rent and they drop it all off right at our campsite. Glory can help you choose the right bike for your size and style of riding! They are offering 15% off for Babes Ride Out so reserve you bike as soon as possible before they run out!



*Gates are at 3 PM sharp* No early birds please :) 

Our site holds 250 people max and only has 50 vehicle passes. PLEASE carpool and click on link below to get ALL info on what gate to enter at. If you don't get a pass at gate, you can park on the outside of the site at the campground next door and walk your stuff over. Husky Demos are 100% full but feel free to check in with them to get added to waitlist when you arrive! 

Click link for ALL info, if it's not there, it doesn't matter :)

April 22
3:00 pm: Gates open to guests / guests check in with FOX and sign waiver and get wrist band. 
3:00-? Girls setting up tents, drinking beers, relaxing by fire pit area, aka social time
April 23
8:00 am: Gorman Valley Motorsports open and girls will go in to sign for their bikes if they rented one.
9:30 am: Riders Meeting at pavilion. Intros to FOX / HUSKY / STANCE  / SEE SEE / 
POLER Stumptown
10:00 am: Riders can sign up for mini bike races with Poler x See See
10:00 am Beginner Class #1 with Fox Racing. Husky Demos commence
Noon: Beginner Class #2 with Fox Racing
2:00 pm Beginner Class #3 with Fox Racing
3:00 pm Intermediate Husky Trail Ride #1
4:00 pm Intermediate Husky Trail Ride #2
4:00 Poler x See See Mini Bike Race Rider Meeting & Practice
·         Signs up are FREE and starts the day of the event (Sat April 23rd) 
·         Riders can start signing up at our booth at 10:00 am
·         60 rider cut off (give or take.. we'll see how it goes) this is first come first serve & must have a bike to use.
3 classes
·         MINI - 85 cc and smaller
·         MED - 100c-250cc
·         BIG - Open Size
o   1 practice per per rider    
o   16-20 riders per class
o   8-10 riders per heat, meaning two heats per class
o   Top four riders of each heat will move forward to their class main
o   Top racer in each Class Main gets an award! 
4:30 Poler x See See Mini Bike Commence
6:30-8:00 pm: Fox BBQ Dinner
8:00 pm: Stance Moto hosts S’mores party
8:00 pm: Hot Rides Karaoke  
9:30 pm: AWARDS
9:45 -? am: Karaoke and party commence!
April 24th
9:00am- 2pm Husky Demo
2:00 pm pack up and go home
3:00 pm: Site must be vacant

What are the brands doing?
 FOX: Bringing additional helmets and boots for ladies to use. Free BBQ on Sat night for ladies, co/ hosting Karaoke on Sat with Hot Rides SF. 
Stance: Pair to share. 150 moto socks to first 150 and girls have the option to pick a 2nd pair of lifestyle socks to send to a friend. Packaging and mailing on site. Hosting s'mores night on Sat. Bring the address of your BFF who couldn’t make it!

Stumptown Coffee: Free cold brew, YEW!
805 Beer: Pirating the event to hand out free beer after bikes are parked. Thank you JESUS!
Husky: Demo bikes (50 ladies) Sat / Sun.
Poler: Hosting mini bike race on Sat!

Huge Thank You to our Sponsors for this event!!!

FOX Womens  @foxwomens

Husqvarna @husqvarna_usa @husqvarnacanada

STANCE   @stancemoto @stancesocks @stancemuse


Poler and See See Motorcycles @seeseemotorcycles @polerstuff