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Stance Moto is Coming to Babes in the Dirt 3

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We are thrilled to announce Stance Moto will be at Babes in the Dirt 3. Feel the difference in performance and comfort with Stance's new line of women's moto socks. Once an overlooked piece of rider equipment, Stance changes your perception of moto socks with art and technology that hone in on the specific needs of an MX athlete and enthusiast. Stance's line of moto socks feature an elastic arch support and engineered compression to provide lasting fit and support. Each pair is knit with a custom blend of proprietary fibers that offer durability, superior moisture wicking, and breathability to help feet stay cool and dry during even the hottest of rides. 

Check out the line of women's moto socks HERE

From Street to Dirt | My First Rip on a Dirtbike

People, Roll CallAshmore Ellis

I live in Temecula and I worked in MX for 4 years (past life you don't even know about!)  I was always too shy to give it a shot because every time the opportunity came around, I was surrounded by colleagues who seemed to be almost pro. I loved going to supercross and seemed to be just fine spectating the sport until Babes in the Dirt was created in 2014. Back then, all I knew about dirt bikes was they were fast, can take one hell of a beating, and the rider often eats it hard. Deep down I was dying to try it.

When we decided to create Babes in the Dirt we wanted it to be an annual event where women can learn, try something new, and test themselves in a safe environment. If you have ever been to a Babes Ride Out event you know the ladies who attend are incredibly encouraging. With that sort of positive motivation in front of me, I  threw a leg over a brand new Husqvarna for the first time at Babes in the Dirt 2 years ago. 

Me about to rip for the first time ever on a Husky! Photo by @lohdy (under helmet I am petrified)

Me about to rip for the first time ever on a Husky! Photo by @lohdy (under helmet I am petrified)

As a street rider I can say my first hand experience was eye opening. I am taught sand is the devil and will get you in trouble so at first I was scared when I hit patches of it and the back tire got squirrely. It takes way more core strength and the mental ability to let the bike do what it needs to do to get through sand washes, over rocks, etc. I wouldn't say you give up control, you just have to trust the machine a bit more and let it do what it was designed to do. Once I got over that mental barrier (1 hr later BOOM!) I was hooked and by the end of the day I was riding intermediate trails with the Husky crew through Gorman. I had never been so proud of myself for completing that first trail and when I came out at the bottom, the girls cheered for me knowing that I had just accomplished something huge for myself (thank you ladies,  you know who you are!) It instilled a confidence that I had not felt in a long time as nothing is more rewarding than overcoming a fear and challenge with tons of ladies there to support you.  Babes in the Dirt will forever be a pivotal moment for me personally and I am so thankful to Husqvarna, Fox Racing, Stance, SeeSee Motorcycles and Thousand Oaks Powersports for supporting this event to ensure it gives all ladies a chance to get out of our comfort zone, challenge us, and help us become better riders. 

About to rip the intermediate trail ride with 20 other ladies cheering me on. Photo by @lohdy

About to rip the intermediate trail ride with 20 other ladies cheering me on. Photo by @lohdy

I am still a beginner on the dirt with a lot to learn but I can't wait to ride and test myself with the rest of you at Babes in the Dirt 3. I encourage you to sign up for this free event if you want to see what riding a dirt bike is like in a safe environment with a ton of support from a posse of ladies there to encourage you (including me). This event was created for you and you may surprise yourself with how fast you pick it up and how much fun it is, God knows I did.

- Ashmore co/founder Babes Ride Out 

Sign up HERE




Stance Muse x Babes Ride Out

SponsorsAshmore Ellis

We get to work with some amazing people and brands that add so much value to Babes Ride Out, one of which I get to call my workplace. I've been with Stance for a little over 2 years now. If you are unfamiliar with the brand...we make socks. Sounds weird but its actually the most creative space I have ever had the pleasure to work in. Stance is focused on culture and the socks they design come from each artists own inspiration or interpretation.  From Rihanna to Cycle Zombies, Napkin Apocalypse to D Wade, the inspiration well is never dry. 

We are so thrilled that they are joining us at Babes Ride Out 4 and furthermore, have collabed on a limited edition Babes Ride Out sock that will be for purchase on site! This is Stance Socks 3rd year with Babes Ride Out and they are bringing back the United Nations of Babes wall where ladies can pin where they came from (you'll be surprised)! You'll also get to iron on a limited edition Stance patch to your favorite jacket as a memento from the weekend. 

Take a look at their video from last year and don' forget to stop by and pin where you are from



Meet Mikey Rangel of Stance

People, Roll CallAshmore Ellis

When Mikey showed up at Stance I was excited, this meant our moto category was about to make some major waves. He soon became one of my favorite humans at Stance due to his sense of humor and ability to be incredibly positive and encouraging to those around him. This past year Stance Moto has come out with Women's Fusion Moto socks, and to us, that is a big deal as it's a testament that women's technical gear is taking a shift in the right direction and becoming a focal point. When we asked him to be a part of Babes in the Dirt 2, Mikey didn't hesitate. 

Stance Moto is covering the group campsite fee this year, hosting a s'mores party on Sat night, giving away 150 ladies moto socks on site to the first 150 at their booth on Sat am, AND bring the address of your friend cause you'll have the chance to pick a FREE pair of women's lifestyle socks to send to a buddy who couldn't make it (Stance booth open Sat am after mandatory riders meeting).

Get to know Mikey and make sure to give this guy a high five if you see him, he deserves it! 

Mikey the Hitchhiker 

Mikey the Hitchhiker 

Name: Mikey Rangel

Tell us about yourself:

I work at Stance Socks as the Category Directory for Moto and Bike and live in Laguna Niguel. I spend quite a few weekends out of the year at the races but when I’m not on the road for work I’m most likely out in the hills on my mountain bike or as close to the beach as possible. 

How did you get into riding?

I initially got into riding/racing through my pops who ran race teams my entire childhood. It was cool being able to grow up with athletes staying at the house and being surrounded by the lifestyle of those guys and the team's long night grinds wrenching away. He had me start with BMX for quite a few years then made the transition to motocross my early teens and that has led to where I’m at now 

Where is your favorite place to ride?

I don’t know if I can say I have a favorite place in specific. I more just enjoy riding when I am around my buds and the track or trail conditions are good. I don’t ride as much anymore, so anytime I’m out there I’m stoked. 

Two stroke of 4 stroke? 


Do you have a favorite bike? 

KTM lended me a 350 and it was badass on the track or trail riding, but growing up in the 90’s Factory Honda was the team to beat so I still have a soft spot for Red.

Best riding adventure?

No pressure situations like camping and trail riding as a kid or some trips to Glamis when I was working at Fox. For a track, I’d say Mammoth MX is a fun trip.

Home is where you park it @stancemoto 

Home is where you park it @stancemoto 

What is it like to work for Stance? 

Stance is epic, the culture at the office is something I’ve never experienced in my career. They’ve recruited a solid crew here and everyone is so damn smart! My day to day typically shifts based on where we are in the seasonal go to market process. My focus is split across all aspects of the business whether it be Product,  M&D, Marketing/PR, or Sales for both Moto and Bike categories.

Stance Fusion Moto @stancemoto 

Stance Fusion Moto @stancemoto 

Brap City @stancemoto

Brap City @stancemoto

How did you first hear about Babes Ride Out and what did you think?

I first heard about BRO from working alongside Ashmore here at Stance, and I think the event and brand are awesome. I really support the overall intent of just organically rallying groups of women to enjoy a shared passion of riding.  

What do you have planned for us at Babes Ride Out 2?

Ashmore said I’m not allowed at Babes Ride Out! But for Babes in the Dirt we’ll be out there gifting some Moto and Casual in an activation call “A Pair to Share”. We plan to host a rad little S’more campfire hangout as well on Sat. 

What does Stance Moto have planned in 2016 

Babes in the Dirt! We actually just launched our second season so we’ll continue to try and make waves in the market and further establish ourselves in the Moto world. Aside from that, just continue to bring a fresh new vibe to the sport. 

Stance Moto athlete Cole Seely on a Husky @stancemoto

Stance Moto athlete Cole Seely on a Husky @stancemoto

Stance proudly supports Ken Roczen, Chad Reed, Cole Seely, Jason Anderson, Justin Hill, and more on and off season.

Thank you Mikey Rangel, Stance Moto, Stance Women's, and Stance's events team for making Babes in the Dirt 2 next level! See you this weekend! 

Meet Ryan Kingman | Founding Member of Stance

SponsorsAshmore EllisComment

Stance Socks is a major sponsor of this year’s Babes Ride Out. It will be their 2nd year supporting the event and we couldn’t be more grateful for all the amazing features they are providing to make this year one for the books. One of the many things we love about Stance is their love for all things uncommon. If you’ve ever been to the Stance office, you’ll see a powerhouse of creative minds reshaping the industry. Meet them man behind the creation, founding member of Stance Socks, Ryan Kingman

“Creating  a sock brand seemed like a bad idea at first, which can often times turn out to be a good thing, which I’m hoping in this case is true” says Kingman. If you take a look at you see an array of Punks and Poets  (creative ambassadors of Stance), tons of collabortations, and collections so unique they’d make your head spin. On any given day a professional baseball team may be in testing product and punishing employees on the in-house dodgeball court. Artists visit frequently and skaters are always hitting the built in bowl. Socks are not the limit anymore, as the brand is forever expanding to take on new projects. “We’re about to launch a men’s underwear program to compliment the socks…we got your feet and your buns covered! We also have some fun projects with Star Wars and the NBA. Never a dull moment around Stance…come visit and say hi!” and you should stop in and say hi, the first thing that will greet you in the lobby is 58 pan-shovel which belongs to Ryan. “I mostly ride a Dyna Lowrider. My first bike was a Dyna and I really like it so I got another. I also run around on a 58 pan-shovel that Big Scott Stopnik built, we had it built for Stance but I just took it over. Going back and forth between push button start and a suicide shift kicker can be pretty interesting. Also have this crazy chopper with a newer sporty moto in it that T-Rod built, gonna make that thing badass! Jason Webber (ATR) is gonna put some magic unicorn dust on it. I started riding motorcycles in Hawaii when I got into motocross…fast forward many years and it was the Stopnik’s (Chase, Turkey and Scotty) that got me amped to get after it. Like so many people, Jason Jessee first got me psyched on bikes…and tattoos. His Transworld interview in..19__….well, a long time ago. One of the best trips I’ve been on  would have to be “Sturgis To Fakie” this year with Adrian Lopez, Luke MacMaster and Andy Beaumarchis. It was more the journey than the destination. Epic trip with an epic crew!”.

If you were one of the first 500 registered ladies for Babes Ride Out, you will get the custom Stance x Babes Ride Out sock in your gift bag <3 Not one of the first 500? Stop by the Stance booth to see how to win a pair.