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Stance Moto is Coming to Babes in the Dirt 3

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We are thrilled to announce Stance Moto will be at Babes in the Dirt 3. Feel the difference in performance and comfort with Stance's new line of women's moto socks. Once an overlooked piece of rider equipment, Stance changes your perception of moto socks with art and technology that hone in on the specific needs of an MX athlete and enthusiast. Stance's line of moto socks feature an elastic arch support and engineered compression to provide lasting fit and support. Each pair is knit with a custom blend of proprietary fibers that offer durability, superior moisture wicking, and breathability to help feet stay cool and dry during even the hottest of rides. 

Check out the line of women's moto socks HERE

Meet Mikey Rangel of Stance

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When Mikey showed up at Stance I was excited, this meant our moto category was about to make some major waves. He soon became one of my favorite humans at Stance due to his sense of humor and ability to be incredibly positive and encouraging to those around him. This past year Stance Moto has come out with Women's Fusion Moto socks, and to us, that is a big deal as it's a testament that women's technical gear is taking a shift in the right direction and becoming a focal point. When we asked him to be a part of Babes in the Dirt 2, Mikey didn't hesitate. 

Stance Moto is covering the group campsite fee this year, hosting a s'mores party on Sat night, giving away 150 ladies moto socks on site to the first 150 at their booth on Sat am, AND bring the address of your friend cause you'll have the chance to pick a FREE pair of women's lifestyle socks to send to a buddy who couldn't make it (Stance booth open Sat am after mandatory riders meeting).

Get to know Mikey and make sure to give this guy a high five if you see him, he deserves it! 

Mikey the Hitchhiker 

Mikey the Hitchhiker 

Name: Mikey Rangel

Tell us about yourself:

I work at Stance Socks as the Category Directory for Moto and Bike and live in Laguna Niguel. I spend quite a few weekends out of the year at the races but when I’m not on the road for work I’m most likely out in the hills on my mountain bike or as close to the beach as possible. 

How did you get into riding?

I initially got into riding/racing through my pops who ran race teams my entire childhood. It was cool being able to grow up with athletes staying at the house and being surrounded by the lifestyle of those guys and the team's long night grinds wrenching away. He had me start with BMX for quite a few years then made the transition to motocross my early teens and that has led to where I’m at now 

Where is your favorite place to ride?

I don’t know if I can say I have a favorite place in specific. I more just enjoy riding when I am around my buds and the track or trail conditions are good. I don’t ride as much anymore, so anytime I’m out there I’m stoked. 

Two stroke of 4 stroke? 


Do you have a favorite bike? 

KTM lended me a 350 and it was badass on the track or trail riding, but growing up in the 90’s Factory Honda was the team to beat so I still have a soft spot for Red.

Best riding adventure?

No pressure situations like camping and trail riding as a kid or some trips to Glamis when I was working at Fox. For a track, I’d say Mammoth MX is a fun trip.

Home is where you park it @stancemoto 

Home is where you park it @stancemoto 

What is it like to work for Stance? 

Stance is epic, the culture at the office is something I’ve never experienced in my career. They’ve recruited a solid crew here and everyone is so damn smart! My day to day typically shifts based on where we are in the seasonal go to market process. My focus is split across all aspects of the business whether it be Product,  M&D, Marketing/PR, or Sales for both Moto and Bike categories.

Stance Fusion Moto @stancemoto 

Stance Fusion Moto @stancemoto 

Brap City @stancemoto

Brap City @stancemoto

How did you first hear about Babes Ride Out and what did you think?

I first heard about BRO from working alongside Ashmore here at Stance, and I think the event and brand are awesome. I really support the overall intent of just organically rallying groups of women to enjoy a shared passion of riding.  

What do you have planned for us at Babes Ride Out 2?

Ashmore said I’m not allowed at Babes Ride Out! But for Babes in the Dirt we’ll be out there gifting some Moto and Casual in an activation call “A Pair to Share”. We plan to host a rad little S’more campfire hangout as well on Sat. 

What does Stance Moto have planned in 2016 

Babes in the Dirt! We actually just launched our second season so we’ll continue to try and make waves in the market and further establish ourselves in the Moto world. Aside from that, just continue to bring a fresh new vibe to the sport. 

Stance Moto athlete Cole Seely on a Husky @stancemoto

Stance Moto athlete Cole Seely on a Husky @stancemoto

Stance proudly supports Ken Roczen, Chad Reed, Cole Seely, Jason Anderson, Justin Hill, and more on and off season.

Thank you Mikey Rangel, Stance Moto, Stance Women's, and Stance's events team for making Babes in the Dirt 2 next level! See you this weekend! 

BABES IN THE DIRT 2 April 22-24th

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Babes in the Dirt 2 is on!!! April 22nd, 23rd and 24th (main riding day is Saturday 23rd ) at Hungry Valley SVRA

Flyer art by Desirae Samantha @Desirae201

Let’s go ride some DIRT !!!  April 22nd-24th at Hungry Valley SVRA in Gorman, California we have rented the Honey Valley group camp site in the park. There will be 50 vehicle passes waiting that the north entrance under Babes Ride Out. This event is FREE, you don't need to buy a ticket, all you need is to grab the vehicle pass. There is max capacity in the group site of 50 vehicles so please carpool if possible! First come first serve! If the vehicle passes run out before you get there, no problem, you will just have to pay to camp somewhere else in the park but you can still come hang! This weekend is about off-roading, camping, and good times with friends! Babes Ride Out will be providing the campground location ONLY so BYOE (bring your own everything)  Hungry Valley has a wide variety of tracks and trails that are fun for both beginners and experienced riders.

What its all about:

  • If you have only ever rode street bikes then you are missing out! Dirt is the best, come try it!
  • This is a great opportunity if you have never been on a motorcycle as well. We HIGHLY recommend that new riders start  on a dirt bike!
  • If you are an experienced dirt rider then grab some friends, come on out and lets ride 12 0'clock wheelies and do some gnarly hill climbs!

Don’t have a dirt bike but want to learn???? No problem! You can rent a bike from Gorman Motorsport Rentals!  Ask for Glory 805-620-2620 !

They have a wide variety of dirt bikes and gear to rent and they drop it all off right at our campsite. Glory can help you choose the right bike for your size and style of riding! They are offering 15% off for Babes Ride Out so reserve you bike as soon as possible before they run out!



*Gates are at 3 PM sharp* No early birds please :) 

Our site holds 250 people max and only has 50 vehicle passes. PLEASE carpool and click on link below to get ALL info on what gate to enter at. If you don't get a pass at gate, you can park on the outside of the site at the campground next door and walk your stuff over. Husky Demos are 100% full but feel free to check in with them to get added to waitlist when you arrive! 

Click link for ALL info, if it's not there, it doesn't matter :)

April 22
3:00 pm: Gates open to guests / guests check in with FOX and sign waiver and get wrist band. 
3:00-? Girls setting up tents, drinking beers, relaxing by fire pit area, aka social time
April 23
8:00 am: Gorman Valley Motorsports open and girls will go in to sign for their bikes if they rented one.
9:30 am: Riders Meeting at pavilion. Intros to FOX / HUSKY / STANCE  / SEE SEE / 
POLER Stumptown
10:00 am: Riders can sign up for mini bike races with Poler x See See
10:00 am Beginner Class #1 with Fox Racing. Husky Demos commence
Noon: Beginner Class #2 with Fox Racing
2:00 pm Beginner Class #3 with Fox Racing
3:00 pm Intermediate Husky Trail Ride #1
4:00 pm Intermediate Husky Trail Ride #2
4:00 Poler x See See Mini Bike Race Rider Meeting & Practice
·         Signs up are FREE and starts the day of the event (Sat April 23rd) 
·         Riders can start signing up at our booth at 10:00 am
·         60 rider cut off (give or take.. we'll see how it goes) this is first come first serve & must have a bike to use.
3 classes
·         MINI - 85 cc and smaller
·         MED - 100c-250cc
·         BIG - Open Size
o   1 practice per per rider    
o   16-20 riders per class
o   8-10 riders per heat, meaning two heats per class
o   Top four riders of each heat will move forward to their class main
o   Top racer in each Class Main gets an award! 
4:30 Poler x See See Mini Bike Commence
6:30-8:00 pm: Fox BBQ Dinner
8:00 pm: Stance Moto hosts S’mores party
8:00 pm: Hot Rides Karaoke  
9:30 pm: AWARDS
9:45 -? am: Karaoke and party commence!
April 24th
9:00am- 2pm Husky Demo
2:00 pm pack up and go home
3:00 pm: Site must be vacant

What are the brands doing?
 FOX: Bringing additional helmets and boots for ladies to use. Free BBQ on Sat night for ladies, co/ hosting Karaoke on Sat with Hot Rides SF. 
Stance: Pair to share. 150 moto socks to first 150 and girls have the option to pick a 2nd pair of lifestyle socks to send to a friend. Packaging and mailing on site. Hosting s'mores night on Sat. Bring the address of your BFF who couldn’t make it!

Stumptown Coffee: Free cold brew, YEW!
805 Beer: Pirating the event to hand out free beer after bikes are parked. Thank you JESUS!
Husky: Demo bikes (50 ladies) Sat / Sun.
Poler: Hosting mini bike race on Sat!

Huge Thank You to our Sponsors for this event!!!

FOX Womens  @foxwomens

Husqvarna @husqvarna_usa @husqvarnacanada

STANCE   @stancemoto @stancesocks @stancemuse


Poler and See See Motorcycles @seeseemotorcycles @polerstuff