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SENA Demos at Babes Ride Out 7 x Are You Riding Connected?

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Sena is back for Babes Ride Out 7! The leader in motorcycle and action sports smart communication devices, Sena will be on-site to show you all the latest and greatest tech, with the opportunity to experience riding connected yourself with SF2 demo headset units. You can pre-register for a demo unit here or on a first-come, first-serve basis on Friday at our booth! You’ll have all of Saturday to experience the device in the open highways of the California Central Coast before returning it that evening.

What are we packing for this trip? Whether you want to listen to your music on the go or you want to talk with your riding buddies on the open road, Sena aims to keep riders connected. A few of the units we’re bringing with us are the following:

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  • Are you the type to record your adventures? The 10C Pro houses 4-way Bluetooth communication with a built-in camera to record the adventure. Want to share it on your favorite social media platform? Connect with your phone using the camera’s WiFi and post the content from wherever you’re at!

Babes Ride Out

  • The 10C EVO takes video recording to the next level by capturing video in 4K at 30FPS.  With Smart Audio Mix, you can record your group’s conversation via Bluetooth intercom alongside your highlight reel! Just like the 10C Pro, connect to the camera via a smartphone app and download the video on to your phone.

Babes Ride Out x Central Coast

  • The 30K features open mesh intercom, allowing a virtually unlimited amount of nearby riders to connect with a single click. The 30K also features 4-way Bluetooth intercom if you want to keep your conversation within a dedicated small group.

Photo credit: Heidi Zumburn

Photo credit: Heidi Zumburn

  • The Sena SF Series features a sleek 3-button system, perfect for those who prefer a slimmer device. you can experience the SF2 for yourself through our BRO 7 demo program. Pre-register here to make sure a unit is waiting for you when you arrive on Friday!

Even if you don’t get the opportunity to demo (or, you already have your own piece of Sena gear!), we hope you’ll stop by the Sena booth and say Hi!

Some of Our Favorite SENA Devices for Your Ride

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Babes Ride Out 6 is coming up fast! Riding in a group? Riding solo? Riding with your road dog? Check out some of our favorite Sena communication devices that will make your trip fun and easy to navigate!

Photo by Virginia Cagney for Progressive MC

Photo by Virginia Cagney for Progressive MC

Riding in a group? The Sena 30K allows you to connect with up to 16 riders at a range of 1.2 miles and features Mesh Intercom technology so that if one rider goes out of range the rest of the group stays connected!

Whether you're riding in a group or solo the 10C makes your ride so much more fun! Listen to tunes or directions to your destination, connect with friends and film your ride!


Looking for something more low profile? The 10R allows you to intercom with other riders up to .5 miles and listen to music or GPS direction all within this slim and simple design.

Getting Lost Isn't a Thing Anymore | A Day Riding Connected Through the Catskills with Sena

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Riding in new territory, especially the Catskills, when roads often have multiple names since they were forged hundreds of years ago can be a nightmare. Thankfully we had our Senas with us to make the route a breeze. Read on to see where we wandered during Babes Ride Out East Coast 3. 

Setting up and synching our Senas

Setting up and synching our Senas

After we selected our destination for the day, Dundas Castle, we synced up our Sena Bluetooth sets, tapped in the directions, and felt confident we'd make it to our destination, first stop, world famous Roscoe Diner for lunch. 

Best diner in NY! Roscoe's Famous Diner

Best diner in NY! Roscoe's Famous Diner

Babes Ride Out East Coast

The roads were a little  bet up from the harsh winter the east coast had received. Our ride lead was able to communicate dangers well in advance. 

Babes Ride Out East Coast

Once we made it to Roscoe we enjoyed one of the best diner experiences. With a full stomach we were bound and determined to find the infamous Dundas Castle. The area the castle is located is thick with trees, so much in fact you can't see the stones of the house because it blends in so seamlessly with it's environment. Even with directions, we got lost. The best part about it is that even though we split up from the group to try and located this place, we were able to stay synced to our group via Sena Bluetooth.

If you are going to get turned around... this is a great place to do it! 

If you are going to get turned around... this is a great place to do it! 

Being able to communicate "where should we go next" is simply the best

Being able to communicate "where should we go next" is simply the best

Being able to stay connected, even when lost, was a true blast. Once we decided to turn around and head in a different direction, we quickly came up on the castle. Of course it was in the last diection we tried. 

Dundas Castle is a historic house in Roscoe, New York modeled after Dundas Castle. It is also known as "Craig-E-Clare". It was built between 1915 and 1924 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

Dundas Castle is a historic house in Roscoe, New York modeled after Dundas Castle. It is also known as "Craig-E-Clare". It was built between 1915 and 1924 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

Finding our way winding through the Catskills was a blast and it was even more sharing instant laughs, "look outs", and jokes along the way. Cheers to staying connected!

Photos By: Maddy Talias

Sena Has 20 Years of Experience Encouraging Riders to "Go Out into the World"

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We've been riding connected for several years now but never got the whole story on the origins of Sena Bluetooth devices. Sena's origins started much like any of our favorite success stories, they wanted to make something BETTER. 

Sena started in 1998 as an industrial Bluetooth company and has held the title for world's best bluetooth device ever since. However, our CEO rides motorcycles and got fed up with motorcycle Bluetooth systems so figured with Sena he could make something better. Enter the SMH10 (Sena Motorcycle Headset) created in 2010, which shot Sena straight into the powersports industry. 

Babes Ride Out East Coast.jpg

There has been no looking back since and Sena has even expanded into the cycling market as well and to custom made Bluetooth helmets. 

20 years of Bluetooth later, Sena is an international company with headquarters based in Southern California, with offices spread from Germany to Korea and distributors everywhere between. Fun fact it is pronounced more like  "Say Nay" actually from two Korean words meaning to go out into the world. The US seems to be the only region with strong E in "sEEna". 

Babes Ride Out is thrilled to partner with Sena Bluetooth devices for Babes Ride Out 3! Make sure to head over to the Moto F.A.M raffle table to see their goods and buy some tickets. It's good karma :) 


The all new SENA 30K !!!

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The Sena 30K is here to change the game completely!! 

For years, Sena has been leading the industry when it comes to tech for communicating rider to rider. Their units, which can be easily installed to almost any helmet, allow you to listen to music, hear GPS directions, and even take calls straight from your bike. A couple of our favorite units are the low profile 10R and the 10C which features a built in camera. Their past units have all run off Bluetooth technology and Sena is now changing the game with their all new Mesh Intercom Technology in the 30K

What’s the difference between Bluetooth technology and Mesh Intercom technology?

Bluetooth comes with it’s fair share of limitations such as range and complicated intercom pairing. Bluetooth must be paired in a daisy chain and when one rider peels off from the group the rest of the group is cut off from communication. Mesh Intercom technology acts as a web, so when a rider falls out of range the rest of the group stays connected and when they are back in range they are automatically

How does it work?

With one click of a button, instantly and seamlessly connect to a virtually unlimited number of 30K riders within a mile range using the public mode feature. The 30K also features private mode and allows users to create different groups straight from the convenient 30K App. Listen to music, hearturn-by-turn GPS directions, and even take and make phone calls all through the 30K. The 30K offers the longest range, largest number of connections, simplest pairing, and best feature set of any Sena device to date. 


Can it still pair with older Bluetooth models?

Even with the new technology within the 30K you won’t have to leave your Bluetooth buds in the dust. The 30K houses both Mesh and Bluetooth processors so it still allows for 4 Bluetooth connections. The 30K acts as a bridge for Bluetooth intercom so users are able to bring in up to 3 Bluetooth intercom users into the Mesh group communication per device. Are you ready to #RideConnected?


Sena X Babes Ride Out

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I recently got to take a 1,200 mile road trip with my mom for her 60th birthday. I brought along my Sena Bluetooth 10C to document some fun moments on the trip. I have to admit that having the 10C made the trip so much more fun! Not only can you communicate with whoever you're riding with but you can get some great footage to share after the trip. It is such a user friendly device! I am no pro when it comes to technology and with the speaker system inside your helmet, you can clearly hear when it is recording or not recording and when the memory card is full or if you're running low on battery. Gone are the days of missing your favorite parts of your ride because you didn't know the battery was dead. Check out a quick clip of some of the footage I shot!

"The 10C is the world’s first look at a fully integrated Bluetooth helmet communication system and HD camera rolled into one powerful device.”

Click HERE to read more about the 10C

Sena will be adding a 10R dual set to the Moto F.A.M. raffle at Babes Ride Out East Coast 2 click HERE to learn more about this awesome communication device! The low profile design fits so well on your helmet.