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Name: Matylda Mcilvenny

Instagram: @matyldam

Website: +

Where do you live? Stockholm, Sweden

Where are you from? Born in Poland, raised in South Florida

What do you do and how long have you done it? I'm a designer and illustrator, since about 1999.

How did you start illustrating? How did motorcycles become involved in that?? I started designing on the side when I was a web designer in the early 2000's. I used to skate back then, and got my first taste of true freelancing with work for Element Skateboards. Later on, my professional career was so focused on being on the computer all day, that I began doing illustration and hand-lettering with a pen and a paintbrush on the side. I got involved with motorcycles about 10 years ago, and it only seemed natural that it took the place of skateboarding in my life and my artwork.

Do you have anything in the works? I started Gone Undone ( about a year ago as an outlet for my motorcycle illustrations. Recently I started selling original paintings of bikes -- little one-off watercolors of Harley engines for example -- and I'm hoping to do more of that in the coming months.

What has been the hardest or best (or both) parts of your job? The hardest and best part is learning new skills. I just started designing my own typefaces, which has been both rewarding and a pain in the ass.

Tell us about your life in motorcycling. How long have you been riding / favorite bike / what are you currently riding, etc.: I started riding in 2006, and my first bike was a 2004 Triumph Thruxton. Last year I got a 1982 Yamaha SR400 as a beater, and it's been a blast to ride.

Tell us about your best moto trip: Up to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights, when my kickstand got embedded in my rear tire and I couldn't get off the bike for the whole ride. Best trip ever!

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out? Through Instagram

What did you first think about Babes Ride Out? I thought it was a great way for women riders to get together. Most bike events I've been to, I'm usually one of a handful of women, so it would be great to feel like there's other girls like myself out there.

Can you tell us a little about what you donated to the BRO raffle? A zippered pouch with a moto pattern, a tote featuring my pinup girl illustrations, as well as a tank top with one of the girls on it.

Anything we left out? Shout out to all the crazy cat ladies out there!

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