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The Real Deal Workshop at Babes Ride Out 6 | Put the Power Into Your Own Hands

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Ready to put the power into your own hands? Hike up your britches and prepare to get real!! The ladies of RealDeal are coming to Babes Ride Out 6 bigger than ever! They have been on huge demand at past BRO events with lines out their doors and this year things are going to be on fire!  No pre registration for classes, simply head to their booth and sign up when you arrive at Babes Ride Out 6. Read on to hear what the Real Deal is all about and what they will be teaching at the event. 

Photo by Lindsey Lohden

Photo by Lindsey Lohden

Real Deal (RD) is officially a non-profit 501c3… made up of a team of Renegades that ride, wrench, wheel, race, produce, execute and win… all of which are heavily involved in those practices from start to finish line. Their main mission on this earth is to revolutionize the perception of skilled trades… and women’s roles in them.

They will be setting up shop on site at BRO6 in Joshua Tree to offer basic training in blacksmithing, motorcycle maintenance, custom paint, welding and so much more! This is the perfect opportunity to get some tools in your hands and try something new in a like-minded environment. These skills may help build your next motorcycle, customize the one you have now, or expand your creative talents to new heights and open the possibilities to new careers and hobbies. 

One of RealDeal’s biggest goals is to get babes on a level where they feel comfortable upgrading their own bike, not only to earn pride in their hard work, but also to feel confident in entering the RealDeal bike show at BRO… and hopefully the women’s show class at ALL bike events. All of us want to see your style, hear your stories, watch and guide your progress. (details for bike show coming soon)

“We simply want to encourage and support women to get their hands dirty, because we truly believe that self empowerment comes from the ability to handle anything on your own, in any situation, no matter where you are. Our team lives and breathes that freedom daily and enjoys sharing how fulfilling that awesomeness really is. The vibe at BRO over the last few years gave a massive impression of what is really happening; it’s way more than just a ladies moto campout, its a revolution. We found ourselves compelled to be a part something so tangible and so on the forefront of morphing the way us women roll.”, says RD founder Jessi Combs.

Check out their website at for Real Deal merchandise, instructional workshop schedules, blog posts on Real Deal women, and to follow their journeys of inspiring more women to work creatively in the shop and play hard in life. 

We look forward to sharing their skills with you again! Make sure and stop by their booth onsite, sign up for a workshoppe, pick up some tools, and add a new skill or two to your gamut of awesomeness. Donations are greatly appreciated to help fund future workshoppes and expand this revolution. 

Real Deal Moto Show | BRO East Coast III

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RealDeal is all about revolutionizing the perception of skilled trades... and women’s roles in them. Not only do we set up our tools at bike/trade/car/career shows and excite people about trying a new skill, we encourage them to take those abilities and apply them to their own custom creations. Our motorcycles (furniture, jewelry, hot rods, etc) should highlight our uniqueness and ability to create. 

This year at BRO East III, Friday evening from 5-7pm we will be holding the RealDeal Moto Show! Simply stop by our booth and register your moto :) We had such a such a great turnout at BRO5 with almost 40 bikes registered, we are really looking forward to seeing what the East Coast style is all about! Shine up your scooter, install those fancy parts, make that sissy bar, or maybe even give her a new paint job AND sign up on site when you arrive to Narrowsburg for either the chopper, vintage or modern class. RealDeal will also select our favorite bike that exudes quality custom touches. 

Taking it to another level, as we teach MIG welding and pinstriping during BRO East III, you babes will put your new skills to use by building the custom trophies for the winners of the moto show!

Jessi Combs and the Real Deal Workshops at Babes Ride Out 5

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You may have seen her on hit shows Overhaulin', Mythbusters, The List: 1001 Car Things To Do Before You Die and All Girls Garage,  Science Channel's How to Build......Everything, or as this year's Grand Marshall for one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world, Sturgis. Jessi Combs is truly the RealDeal and we are so excited to have her and her crew back at Babes Ride Out 5 with workshops galore! Make sure to sign up for one when you arrive as space is limited and they get full quickly! Scroll down and learn more about the RealDeal and what classes they will offer on site at Babes Ride Out 5. 

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Last year at BRO4, some of you may have seen hot sparks lighting up the RealDeal desert metal studio as hundreds of babes learned how to MIG weld, pin stripe and leather craft. Over the course of the three evenings, Jessi Combs @thejessicombs set up her welding machines and offered the basics while putting the tools in your hands. Just next door, Theresa Contreras @designmuse was volunteering her pinstriping demonstrations and Alica Elving @motolady was guiding leather crafting techniques on keychains to all the campers. The entire shop buzzed with activity, creativity, and rad skills all night long. This year at BRO5, the RealDeal ladies are stepping it up!

It is RealDeal's mission to make the trades sexy again; to show babes it’s ok to pick up tools and get their hands dirty. To create and build anything they dream up. To follow the epic journeys to where their passions and craft will take them. To grow confidence through skills and hands-on experience. To create comfortable working environments with no judgements, intimidation or stereotypes. To tell the stories of the women who already live a RealDeal lifestyle, in hopes to inspire more into a RealDeal way of living. So please join!

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We are excited to announce that airbrushing, blacksmithing and jewelry making will be added to the RealDeal workshops this year. Beth Kearney @lildamestripes from Colorado will take over the pin striping and Theresa will be airbrushing. Joy Brenneman from Joy Fire Metalwork in Santa Ana, CA is heating it up with her forge, anvil, and hammers for some blacksmithing, and Lauren Lands from Milwaukee is serving up some methods on jewelry making. All are super cool skills to have in the back pocket and compliment what you already know. Throughout the workshops, you will have your chance to help create the trophies for the winners of the [yet to be announced] RealDeal Bike Show too! 

Jessi Combs at Babes RIde Out 1.jpg

Now, because last year was so crazy busy, a schedule had to be implemented to keep it orderly this time around. THEREFORE, signup sheets with the times of all the 6 different workshops will be posted on the wall of the RealDeal desert studio in the vendor compound… PLEASE SIGN UP upon your arrival! There will be two workshops at a time every hour on the hour with LIMITED SPACES, so make it a priority to claim a spot that works best for you. For those showing up on Friday, have no fear, we will post Saturday’s sign up sheet during the RealDeal bike show Friday night.

Super excited to meet you all! Safe travels down the road!!

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