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House of Vans

Presenting Vans Girls x BRO East Coast 2 Artist Series Skate Decks

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

This year for Babes Ride Out East Coast 2, Vans Girls is proud to introduce the House Of Vans artist series. Vans Girls have partnered with designer, Jenna of Vichcraft, and tattoo artist, Minka Sicklinger to raffle off two custom skateboard decks.

Minka Sicklinger

Minka Sicklinger is an artist who was born in The Netherlands, grew up in Australia and lived many places in between before finding her way to America, where she is now based. She collects treasures which inform and inspire the iconic symbolism and patterning of her work that finds its way onto paper, metal, flesh, and fabric. Through her art she seeks to find ritual and ceremony in the routine and practices of everyday existence.


Jenna Blazevich

Vichcraft is the independent and collaborative, multi-disciplinary studio of Jenna Blazevich. With a focus on visual storytelling, she strives to craft charmingly unique brand and product experiences. Combining hand-craft processes and tactile mediums with a digital design skill-set, Vichcraft strives to work right around the line between art and design to visually translate intersectional feminist ideas.


ROLL CALL | Get to Know Brittany from Vans Girls

Roll CallAshmore Ellis

You can hear her distinct laugh before she comes within eyesight, can usually find her kneeling on the ground petting a disinterested dog, and has one of the coolest jobs you can imagine at Vans. We are thrilled to have Brittany Wood riding with us at Babes Ride Out events this year while representing Vans Girls & House of Vans by snapping pics for social, high fiving, and spreading her infectious laughter. Take a read and find out more about Vans, what they are working on this summer, and Brittany's experience at BRO East Coast last year event (which involves a ghost or two). 

Name: Brittany @brittanywould
Location: Los Angeles, CA    
Occupation: Social Media Coordinator at Vans

Image by Genevieve Davis

Image by Genevieve Davis

Tell us about your typical day at work: Hm it’s pretty different each day. If we’re not traveling to House Of Vans events, I’m usually writing copy, producing fun content for Vans Girls and House of Vans, and helping out my boss in the office with the day to day of social media. It’s broad and I’m forgetting all the other little things that pop-up throughout the day, but that’s as granular as I can get, ha! 

Image by Genevieve Davis

Image by Genevieve Davis

Any NEW Vans or Vans Girl projects in the works?

There’s always something new happening with Vans Girls!  Cat (our editor), Alyson (our East Coast girl), and I are always planning shoots, and proposing ideas to each other, and just always encouraging one another - it’s a really great atmosphere. These ideas can span anything between cool events and organizations we really believe in and are passionate about, to rad girls we think our making an impact in some shape or form. That’s what I love so much about working at Vans - it’s the ability to really stretch your creative muscles while pushing yourself, and you’re really able to see your hard work at hand. And with Vans, there’s so many rad events in the making. House Of Vans  has a HUGE list of events going on this summer that I’m really excited about. Lots of great bands and cool workshops taking place at our Brooklyn and new Chicago venues. If you’re in the area during these events, definitely check it out!  

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into motorcycles:

Well I’m a 27 (basically 28) year old woman living in Los Angeles. I have the cutest little Min Pin in the world, whose name is Pizza. I like eating, reading Young Adult Novels, camping, and binging on The Office. I can recite any and all Office lines if you made me. I’ve always had an interest in motorcycles since my dad grew up riding them. He and my mom never really wanted me to ride in the first place, if we’re going to be honest. They were always worried something would happen to me (I mean, of course), since my dad got into a gnarly accident a while ago. It wasn’t until I was dating this guy about 4 years ago who rode, that I really was like “You know what? I can do this on my own.” I also started seeing really cool girls riding down Sunset, and in crews, and I was like “Wait, why CAN’T this be me?” I didn’t want to be just another girl riding on the back of some dude’s bike. I wanted my own bike, and I wanted to do my own thing. So I signed up for the course, passed my test, and then bought my first bike. It was really empowering for me. Not the fact that I was riding a motorcycle, but just the idea that I had accomplished something on my own.  

Image by Genevieve Davis

Image by Genevieve Davis

You came to our first ever BABES EC. Tell us about the experience:

The most magical, fun experience of my life. East Coast riding is so different from riding in SoCal. Everything is open and green, and riding through the canyons is like riding on a rollercoaster. There’s just something about the East Coast countryside that I love so much. I love the humidity, the old barns, and all the cute towns scattered along the way. The event itself is an entirely different experience than Joshua Tree. Don’t get me wrong - I LOOOOVE the Joshua Tree event, because I get to see all my friends in one place, but I also love how intimate Babes EC is. PLUS - there’s a really cool cemetery across the road. (CORINNE - GET YOUR GHOST APP OUT!)

What did you like the most?

I love the riding. The roads out there are so smooth and windy. There were times where I had to knock myself out of the trance they would put me in. 

Image by Genevieve Davis

Image by Genevieve Davis

Any words of wisdom to ladies who may be on the fence about attending Babes Ride Out EC2?

Honestly - JUST DO IT. There’s really nothing to be afraid of. Genevieve and I spent 12 hours getting there from Boston to Catskills because we kept getting lost and taking the wrong roads….it even started to pour on us, but it was all in good fun. I wouldn’t do anything different. The event itself is just so warm and inviting, and getting to know people at the event is so easy because all the girls are so nice.

Grab a ticket HERE and let's ride! 

Image by Genevieve Davis

Image by Genevieve Davis