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Biltwell Gringo S

A Personal Look into My Riding Gear

REVIEWSAshmore Ellis

I have never been a thrill seeker rather I find the "fun" in motorcycling in long sweeping turns with views of national forest and lakes. Since my favorite rides and destinations are determined on campsites and scenic routes in search of food, I've had to really dial in my gear over the years to be functional and diverse in any riding situation. This isn't a sales pitch or an advertisement, but what I personally ride in and have invested in with my own scruples that have held up through some pretty sticky situations (<--- that is a BBQ sauce joke) - Ashmore 

HELMET: Full face. I used to ride in a 3/4 but after riding an entire summer with chin protection, I don't think I can go back cause it feels like I am way too exposed. I've been wearing the Biltwell Gringo S ($199) for over a year and added a black with chrome shield that flips up for $35 for extra. Something about this helmet always makes me feel so cool (even though I'm not) when wearing it blacked out  because it's not over designed but functionally designed. I slapped a Prince sticker ($3.00) on the side of it cause why not? Also, you can choose a ton of different shields to mix and match your scoot or vibe. It's an incredible helmet at a great price. Total head protection $237

Biltwell Gringo S $199

Biltwell Gringo S $199

GLOVES: I've had the same gloves for 4 years, the Moto gloves via Biltwell. They smell terrible at this point but dry fast, break in nicely, and fit my hands perfectly. I probably should wash them. Price $29.95

Biltwell Moto Gloves $29.99&nbsp;

Biltwell Moto Gloves $29.99 

PANTS: Up until this past year, I'd been wearing Urban Outfitter skinny jeans which are similar to tights. I traded them in for the ATWYLD Commuter Moto Jeans which are lined with kevlar and have enough stretch in them to give a little after taking down a plate of ribs. When I ride a day or even 10 straight, I only bring 1 pair of pants, the ones I have on. These can take the stank, grease, grimes, and BBQ sauce. Price $310

ATWYLD Commuter Moto Jeans $310&nbsp;

ATWYLD Commuter Moto Jeans $310 

JACKET/TOP: Layers, my favorite. I typically ride in a leather jacket I picked up forever ago or the Convoyed Armored Shirt by ATWYLD depending on weather. I wear the armored shirt under my flannel, military jacket, or crew neck sweater. It wicks away the moisture so it dries fast and you don't overheat. The armour in the shirt keeps you protected at impact zones so when I don't feel like wearing my leather jacket, this is my go to. Armored Shirt $175, I won't tell you how much I paid for my leather jacket #insaneeeeeeee

Hot Tip: Also check out ATWYLD's Navigate Fleece. It's lined with Kevlar and has a solid crew neck sweater fit. Dual use gear is the  B E S T ! It's next on my wish list. 

ATWYLD's Convoyed Armored Shirt $175&nbsp;

ATWYLD's Convoyed Armored Shirt $175 

SHOES: One time I wore a pair of Sanuks (1 step up from a flip flop) on my Yamaha. I ripped the entire sole off going 35mph. It sucked and it hurt. I then tried Ariats which were great just not on the bike as the leather is much thinner than it looks so my shifting foot was getting worked. I landed on Red Wing Heritage Boots when they came out with their women's line and was sold on the  Iron Rangers. They quickly became my favorite riding boot because of the comfort and durability. The rubber on the bottom has a great grip too which is always nice when you step in a bit of oil while waiting for the light to turn green. RWH Iron Ranger $319

Red Wing Heritage Women's Iron Rangers $319.99

Red Wing Heritage Women's Iron Rangers $319.99

Each person is different and finding the right gear is important so take your time and ask questions if you are unsure on fit and function. Quality and protection is never cheap because these items are designed to last and protect you and girl, you are so worth it! 

Love, Ashmore