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Artist Series | Corinne Bardorf

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

The Babes Ride Out Artist series showcases the art of talented people in our community. Each piece is donated to the Moto F.A.M. X Babes Ride Out raffle. Moto F.A.M.  is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping riders facing life changing injuries after a serious motorcycle accident. Meet Corinne Bardrof @anti_von_d ! She has hand painted an Biltwell helmet for BRO East Coast 4 raffle. Read on to get to know more about Corinne!

babes ride out
babes ride out
babes ride out

Corinne Bardrof @anti_von_d

Where are you from originally?  Syracuse, NY
Where do you live now?  Same place.  I’ve lived a few other places over the years, but Syracuse always calls me home.
What first got you into art?  Being born!  I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember.  It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, and what makes me feel like I’m fulfilling my reason for being. 

How would you describe your style?  I’m an illustrator so I can do whatever I’m asked to do, with the exception of like dark, evil, masculine subject matter.  If you want a tough looking Poseidon he’s gonna look a little prettier than he maybe should and his eyelashes are going to be epic.
What inspires you? Have any artists in particular been an influence on you?  Since I’m a tattoo artist, that is most of the art exposure I get right now.  I do really love working from vintage botanical drawings and old black and white portrait photography. 

As far as artists go: Camilla D’Errico, Kelly Doty, J. Scott Campbell, Lynn Akura, Ly Aleister’s eyelashes are many.  And, above all others, my high school art teacher, Mrs. Murphy, is the reason I am who I am as an artist.  She recognized and encouraged my little slacker artist soul.  Countless hours (when I was supposed to be in other classes) were spent at her desk just drawing and receiving advice from her. 

What is your favorite medium?  If I’m not tattooing, colored pencils are my medium of choice.  I also mess with watercolors a bit but I’m not as good with them...and therefore lose patience pretty fast...because artists are essentially children ;)

When did you first hear about Babes Ride Out?  One of my clients from a few years ago wound up starting a Central New York branch of the Litas. She wound up going last year and I saw the pictures on Instagram.  It looked like an absolute blast and I’m so excited to be a part of it this year.
What is your connection to the motorcycle community?  I’ve always loooooved motorcycles.  No one in my family rode, but whenever I heard those Harley pipes brap down the road it left me feeling some kind of way.  After riding on the back of a bike to Sturgis a few times and seeing all those beautiful old, turquoise adorned older women on their cruisers, I realized the driver’s seat is where I was meant to be.
Do you ride? If so, what do you ride?  I do ride.  I started on a Honda Rebel 250 and then moved onto my current bike: a Harley Street Bob. I got her in 2017 and have been clocking in as many riding hours as the temperamental CNY weather will allow.

If you were a motorcycle what kind would you be?  An old Harley with the most obnoxious, glittery paint job you’ve ever seen.  Squeaks a bit and doesn’t go very fast, but you still love it.

What will you be contributing to this years raffle?  A helmet!

Tell us about what inspired you to create it?  Tattoos, my bread and butter and constant inspiration...the wonderful, ridiculous career that allowed me to get my bike and take part in this event.

Artist Series | Jenna Blazevich

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

The Babes Ride Out Artist series showcases the art of talented people in our community. Each piece is donated to the Moto F.A.M. X Babes Ride Out raffle. Moto F.A.M.  is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping riders facing life changing injuries after a serious motorcycle accident. Meet Jenna Blazevich @vichcraft ! She has hand painted an Biltwell helmet for BRO East Coast 4 raffle. Read on to get to know more about Jenna!

babes ride out
babes ride out

Jenna Blazevich @vichcraft

Where are you from originally? Chicago, Illinois

Where do you live now? Chicago, Illinois

What first got you into art? As far back as I can remember, I’ve been driven to create things with my hands. My mom taught me how to sew at a very young age, and I made a lot of my own clothes throughout high school. I was always concerned with making “art” that had a function, and slowly realized that that’s essentially what design is.

How would you describe your style? My work is dark, DIY, intricate, and accessible.

What inspires you? Have any artists in particular been an influence on you? Music has been the most consistent inspiration for me in my creative career. I’ve never learned to play an instrument, and have never made music of my own, but the bands that I’ve loved over the years have been the inspirations behind most of my visual work in one way or another. Some of those include Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!, Salt N Pepa, Of Montreal, Bikini Kill and L7.

What is your favorite medium?  Learning new methods of hand-craft and figuring out how to use new mediums is one of my favorite ways to push my work. Some of my favorites have been stained glass, xacto knife paper-cutting, hand embroidery, and screen printing.

When did you first hear about Babes Ride Out? My introduction to Babes Ride Out was actually through a Chicago illustrator friend of mine Jourdon Gullett, who made a tee design for (I believe) BRO 2014. At the time, I didn’t ride a motorcycle yet, but immediately took an interest in what Babes Ride Out is about. I’d long wanted to learn to ride and get my m-class, since I’d grown up around motorcycles and had been dating my boyfriend who restores vintage bikes. My first B.R.O. wasn’t until a couple years later in Joshua Tree, and it was full of such great energy and camaraderie.

What is your connection to the motorcycle community? In addition to designing and building out my ‘72 CL 350 with my boyfriend last year, I’ve sponsored “Babes in Motoland”, which is a women-only ride and campout organized by a Chicago-based shop called Tarnish.

Do you ride? If so, what do you ride? Yes! I have a 1970 Honda CL 350.

If you were a motorcycle what kind would you be? I like to think that the design and build of my CL is as close to a Vichcraft/”me” bike as my boyfriend and I could possibly make. The design that I painted on the tank incorporated a quote from The Handmaid’s Tale (my favorite book), an illustration of one of my pet birds, as well as elements from some tarot cards I find to be meaningful. I also used a laser cutter to design and cut a custom tank badge and additional details for the side covers.

What will you be contributing to this years raffle? I hand-painted a copper colored Biltwell gringo helmet.

Tell us about what inspired you to create it? I pulled inspiration from an L7 song called “Fast & Frightening” because I feel like it’s the essence of Babes Ride Out in song format - definitely give it a listen if you’re at all curious! I used reflective paint for the main parts of the lettering so that it has an extra safe / extra fun glow while riding at night.

Babes Ride Out East Coast 4 Tickets are Live!

EventsAshmore Ellis

Ready to celebrate 4 years together!? We are too! Join us for Babes Ride Out East Coast 4, a ladies only 3 day 2 night riding event and campout that takes you on some of the most beautiful routes in the lower Catskills. If you are ready to ride some green roller coasters and camp along the Delaware River in the beautiful town of Narrowsburg, NY read on! 

Flyer art by Jodi Drew

Flyer art by Jodi Drew

Please read all FAQ's below before purchasing any tickets as all tickets are NON REFUNDABLE but you can transfer your ticket to another guest ONLY when tickets are still on sale. After ticket sales end, you will not be able to transfer. Scroll down and please read FAQ on how to transfer tickets. 

 Ticket price includes:

  • 3 days and 2 nights of tent camping along the beautiful Delaware River

  • Real bathrooms and hot showers

  • Unlimited water to fill up your canteen 

  • 1 raffle ticket to the always amazing Moto F.A.M raffle (option to buy more for $1 each)

  • 2019 event patch

  • Karaoke contest (start practicing now) 

  • 90's THEME NIGHT and cover band Saturday night! Bring on the flannel (we know you have it!)

  • Motorcycle games with prizes galore 

  • Demos rides by Harley-Davidson (sign ups to follow!) 

  • Access to the Real Deal Workshop hosted by Jessi Combs

  • Bonfires each night 

  • FREE 805 beer until it runs out each night (and it probably will, east coast ladies can drink)

  • Maps of riding route options through the lower Catskills

  • Amazing structure for inclement weather (event goes on rain or shine but you'll stay dry)

  • 24 hour security & staff 

  • Roadside assistance via our friends at Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys 

  • After hours party at the Narrowsburg Inn Sat night

  • Best time of your moto lovin' life connecting with new and old friends!

Brought to you by Harley-DavidsonBiltwellRuss Brown Motorcycle Attorneys , SENAI am the Real Deal, and 805 Beer, Atwyld


Make sure to check out our FAQ for all Babes Ride Out events by clicking HERE

What ticket do I need to purchase?! What are my driving options?

Every single lady must have GENERAL ADMISSION ticket to enter the property. If you are the driver of a car or truck you must also purchase a Car / Truck Parking Pass. We cannot accommodate RVS or Toyhaulers at this time but you can bring a motorcycle trailer of 10 ft or less behind your vehicle. Tickets to the event must be purchased in advance. If you end up having to drive, there will be car passes only available at the gate for purchase (cash only). We repeat: no tickets to the event will be sold at the gate, only parking passes to those who already have a general admission ticket.

I am only coming for 1 night, do I get a discount?

Sorry! All tickets are for the full weekend. 

Do I get a specific camping spot assigned to me?

No spots are pre-assigned but you are guaranteed a space. The camp area is first come, first serve. There is plenty of amazing spots for everyone. Car campers will be in a separate area. We have rented the entire site for you to enjoy! There are tons of trees and lean-to's on the property and we are right on the Delaware River.

What is up with food and water?

We will have a food truck on site and there is a camp store that is fully stocked! Feel free to bring your own coolers with food, water, booze etc. The WIFI doesn't work so bring cash (ATMS are in town but not on site). There are grocery stores / restaurants etc. in town less than half a mile away if you have special dietary needs. Gas stations are within 1 mile and a liquor store within walking distance. Google the area and see what is available.

I want to shoot, take video, do a social media takeover for this event for a brand, magazine, online editorial, etc Do I need permission? 

We’d love to hear more! Babes Ride Out is a private event and we do the best we can not to distract our guests so they can have the best time possible. If you want to shoot the event in any way for a media source, a brand, or other non-personal use, please email for permission as no commercial photography or video of any kind is allowed unless approved by BRO. Images for your own use are 100% awesome and appreciated! No need to ask if it’s for yourself and/or personal social media, we only ask that you be respectful to the other attendees :) 

How do I connect with other ladies to ride out?

Click HERE and post away in our Babes Ride Out East Coast 4 Facebook event page.  It’s a great way to connect with ladies who are attending the event prior :)

What the heck do I bring?

No stress! We are putting together a super rad gear guide. Stay tuned as this will be emailed to you and posted on our social, website, etc. 

Am I part of the first 150 registered motorcyclists? When will I know? What if I don't show up?

We kindly ask anyone who is wondering to please have patience and refrain from emailing in asking as they will know when they arrive if they were part of the first 150 registered motorcyclists when sales opened. These bags are a gift from our sponsors to reward those who commit to coming  and arrive on their own motorcycle. If you do not show up, the bag goes to someone who does at the end of the event.

Can I bring my boyfriend or husband?

No, this is a ladies only event. Please check for all co/ed events or check out Sierra Stake Out or Blue Ridge Stake Out.

Can I bring my kids and pets?

Nope, the event is not kid / pet friendly :(

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Must be 21+ to attend and have valid ID to drink

What can't I bring to the event?

Weapons, signage, fireworks, pets, kids, a bad attitude, hand-outs for a brand or marketing materials of any kind. 

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No ma'am! Just show up, you'll be on the list

What is the refund policy?

NO REFUNDS. Sorry, please do not ask. We have to pay for you whether you show up or not. All funds go back into the event so if you don't make it, know you made the event even better with your donation.

How do I transfer my ticket to someone else?

You can transfer your ticket to another guest but you are solely responsible for doing so. Log in to your Eventbrite and click on your tickets. You will see options to edit your ticket information. You must type in the person's first name, last name, and email address and click to save and send new confirmation. If your buddy doesn't get the confirmation, they won't be on the list so please follow up and ensure they got the transfer. Click HERE for step by step. 

****No transfers can be made after ticket sales have ended****

The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

Your ticket must match your ID. If someone bought your ticket for you and did not put it in your name, you must show up together so the ticket holder can collect both tickets. 

Alright! Let’s get you registered! Click below to sign up!

Looking for Adventure? We've Got You Covered! Explore Some of Our Favorite Riding Routes During Babes Ride Out 6 via Biltwell Inc.

Events, Riding Routes, SponsorsAshmore Ellis

Babes Ride Out has always been and always will be a riding event. Nothing makes us happier than to see camp empty out and our Instagram bursting at the seams with ladies tagging us during their adventures and taking in all the beautiful sites the area has to offer.  As we near the event, we will be posting some of our favorite places to ride to that are completely surreal. First up on that  list is Salvation Mountain....

Photo by Virginia Cagney 

Photo by Virginia Cagney 

Salvation Mountain 

  • 5.5 hours + gas & food stops
  • 248 miles round trip
  • Click HERE to download the route and plan your gas stops
  • Note this route takes you through Joshua Tree Park ($12 per moto but pass is good for 7 days so you can hit this route and do the entire state park the next day or so!)
  • HOT TIP: Since this route starts and ends with a rip through the state park, time it right and hit an insane sunset on the way back from the day trip. Nothing is more beautiful. 
  • Salton Sea is to simply put "NUTS!" Take time to get off the bike and explore the history, the fish bones, the sulfur smell....ahhhh!
  • Salvation Mountain is magical. No words can describe it's uniqueness, you gotta see it to believe it! 
  • Ever seen the movie Salton Sea with Val Kilmer? Filmed here
  • International Banana Museum. Self explanatory (thanks for the heads up Ace!)
  • East Jesus is a must see for art installations and the Bottle Wall 
  • Slab City aka "the last free place on earth" words. Part of the movie Into the Wild was filmed here. 

This is definitely the longest of the route options but so worth it. We recommend getting an early start for this one. This amazing art installation out in the desert will blow your mind! There is simply nothing like Salvation Mountain anywhere in the world. 


Salvation Mountain is an eye-popping burst of color in the Imperial Valley desert two hours east of San Diego. Leonard Knight started building Salvation Mountain in the early 80s. Armed with half of a bag of cement, Leonard fashioned a small monument. One thing turned into another - days turned into weeks and weeks turned into years. Each day, Leonard would put a little more cement and a little more paint on the side of a forgotten riverbank. 

"I was just going to stay one week. It's been a very good week" L.Knight 1996

As his monument grew taller and taller, he would pack old junk he found at the dump onto the side of his "mountain," fill it with sand and cover it with cement and paint. As cement was hard to come by, he would mix a lot of (too much) sand with it. Leonard's mountain grew and grew - 30, 40, 50 feet and more. It was the same familiar patchwork of colors emblazoned with a big red "God Is Love" on a white background. Below that was the Sinners Prayer and a red heart. It was quite a spectacle out there in the middle of nowhere.  Leonard estimates that he has put well over 100,000 gallons of paint on his mountain. 

Other Things Worth Checking Out on this Ride

  • Salton Sea Bay Club
  • Salton Sea Visitors Center
  • Bombay Beach Ruins
  • Buckshot Deli and Diner
  • Mud Volcanoes and Mud Pots

Before You Ride

  • NO ROUTES GO OFF-ROAD! If your GPS takes you to dirt, turn around immediately. 
  • As a motorcyclists, it's 100% your responsibility to check the route for any road closures as we near the event, plan your gas stops, organize your group or link up with new friends based on riding abilities and tank sizes, have a plan for breakdowns (check  your insurance for road side assistance or invest in AAA's towing package for motorcyclists). We are not responsible for transporting broke down bikes to and from camp. This is YOUR adventure so take pride in the planning and the process. 
  • We will have Biltwell routes maps at the Mojave Desert Land Trust booth with routes ranging from 60 miles to 300 we we strongly suggest you download the google map before you head out so you are aware of every turn. 
  • Riding in a group? Please refresh yourself and the group by having your own riders meeting to designate a sweep and lead. Plan gas stops, food stops, etc. Click HERE for a great riding in groups etiquette refresher! 
  • You are riding at your own risk
Route overview 

Route overview 

Artist Series | Emma Kirk @lonewolfandco

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

The Babes Ride Out Artist series showcases the art of talented people in our community. Each piece is donated to the Moto F.A.M. X Babes Ride Out raffle. Moto F.A.M.  is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping riders facing life changing injuries after a serious motorcycle accident. Meet Emma Kirk @lonewolfandco ! She has hand painted an Biltwell helmet for BRO East Coast 3 raffle. Read on to get to know more about Emma!

Where are you from originally?

I grew up in a small town called Port Perry in Ontario, Canada.

Where do you live now?

I now live in the Beaches in Toronto, Ontario and have for 12 years or so.

What first got you into art?

I've always loved creating, drawing, painting, crafting, so I can't really say any one particular thing got me into art.

How would you describe your style?

I think I'd have to describe my "style" as a total clusterf*ck. I'm all over the place with everything, I paint on less traditional materials like old pieces of wood, rusty saws, windows, helmets..

What is your favourite medium?

Im not sure if I have a favourite medium to be honest. I tend to focus on something for a couple months and then switch it up. From painting to sewing and anything else I feel inspired in the moment to do.

When did you first hear about Babes Ride Out?

I've probably been following Babes Ride Out for a couple years at least on insta gram. I followed so many motorcycle themed accounts before I had my license. It was such a huge draw to me and a natural thing I needed to make part of my life. Watching the Babes Ride Out videos gave me goosebumps and so much desire and confidence to do it and I can't wait until I can one day attend a B.R.O event (hopefully this years east coast in June!)

What is your connection to the motorcycle community?

In the past year my connection has slowly grown from knowing just a small handful of riders when I started, to meeting a couple of my neighbours who ride and meeting my boyfriend! 

My friend Kate and I have recently co-founded The Litas Toronto and are so excited to connect more with the moto community this summer, get as many kms on our bikes, learn more, meet more ladies and explore as much as possible in our far too short Canadian summers.

The community for me has been so welcoming, friendly and inspiring. One day after work I came back to my bike and someone had crushed a pop can and put it under my kickstand cause I had (embarrassingly) parked on some slightly fresh and still soft cement. That small act made me so happy that someone would stop and do that for a stranger! 

Best Moto trip you have ever been on? 

I have yet to be on a big moto trip. But I've had some pretty awesome day trips around Ontario and can't wait to explore more of it this summer. My boyfriend and I have some plans for the summer to tour around Ontario and we'd both love to someday take a trip down to America to see whats out there!

Do you ride? If so, what do you ride?

I do! I got my license last year when I turned 30 and I am KICKING myself for not doing it sooner. I'd been wanting to for years and told myself I had to do it for my 30th. I bought a 2005 Honda Rebel (Dahlia) that had only 5300kms on it and told myself I was going to double the kms that summer and I put about 6000 km on! This year I bought a 1978 Yamaha xs650s chopper (named Poppy) built by Jake Elstone (stonesshopjake on IG) and I can not wait for summer on this one.

Dream bike?

Right now Poppy is my dream bike! I never actually dreamed I'd have a chopper, let alone my second year riding and almost still don't believe it (as I don't have it in my possession yet) but soon. Going out to any bike show or meet up; most bikes didn't really hold any appeal or draw to me, it was always customs and choppers and rat style ones that got my full attention and made me want to look at all the awesome details. My dad builds rat rods so thats definitely been a major influence on my good taste in bikes :)

What will you be contributing to this years raffle?

I will be painting a sierra green biltwell gringo helmet, which are my favourite helmets! I was playing around with lots of ideas but I kept coming back to just wanting to do some flames and script! so stay tuned :)

ig: lonewolfandco


A Minute With Biltwell |Top Reasons to Replace Your Helmet

DIY Tips, SponsorsAshmore Ellis

We've been exploring Biltwell's "How To" YouTube channel to find out how easy it is to personalize your moto and keep it maintained. Since this channel serves as a rabbit hole of knowledge we wanted to start with the biggest issue, making sure your helmet fits! Here is the easiest way to measure your head to understand what size helmet you need. 

Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Helmet

  • Has it been over 5 years? Replace
  • Did you crash? Replace
  • Did you drop it hard enough to do some damage? Replace
  • Is it a novelty? Replace
  • Doesn't fit? Replace

Still not sure? Stop by the Biltwell headquarters and get fitted or scroll their assortment HERE. The friendly staff is always happy to help in person or on the phone. Your helmet decision is totally up so ask questions, do the research, and you'll find your perfect fitting helmet (you'll thank yourself later) - Ashmore