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ITS GO TIME!!!! Babes in the Dirt 4 is in full production mode and we are on site setting up to ensure you have the best time of your life! Since we are not available to answer all your emails while we build out the experience for you, read this entire post at it will answer 99.9% of your questions. 

Registration is closed but do not fret! If you missed the cutoff for registration, you can pay the $20 per non registered guest entrance fee at the gate + $10 parking per vehicle. Cash Only (Sorry! No wifi). Thanks for understanding <3 



Welcome to our most bare'ish bones campout we produce, Babes in the Dirt. This email covers it all so if you still have a lingering question, this means you haven't (a) read this blog in its entirety, (b) gone to and read all the information pertaining to every detail, or (c) the question is not something vital <3. Grab a coffee, sit back, and give us 3 minutes of your time to review the below. 

This year we did get some MAJOR upgrades so make sure you educate yourself on the amenities the site offers (click the events tab). There are no fire pits for grilling and coals are prohibited due to fire protocols. Small camp stoves are ok (Jetboil makes a great one!). A food truck is also on site (full menu is linked on Plan accordingly.


We know these are no brainers but we have to remind all guests one more time as violation of any of these rules & regs result in the attendee being kicked out immediately and banned from all future events. We take your safety and our guests safety VERY seriously.

  • Event is 21+
  • Ladies only :) 
  • Don't forget your $10 per car/ truck rv/ etc cash fee that must be paid at kiosk
  • Must have government issued ID to enter
  • HELMETS ON anytime a bike is in motion. Nothing will get an attendee kicked out faster than riding without a helmet. We have a 0 tolerance for "stupid". 
  • No drinking and riding. A ranger will escort anyone who apprears to be riding intoxicated off the property.
  • No ripping through camp on your bike or mini bike. Keep speeds low at all times when in camp. 
  • No burn outs or hot doggin. It's not only super lame but it damages the property. 
  • Trash must be properly disposed of. Please help us keep the site clean & leave no trace. 
  • Wristbands must be worn at all times. Do not take off until you leave for good as our staff will be checking.
  • Parking decals must stay visible
  • No Eazy Ups can be set up for safety reasons (far too windy!)
  • No burning of any kind at the camping spaces 
  • No charcoal grills are permitted
  • No one is allowed to hang banners or signage at their camp site. It obstructs the natural beauty of the park and  it's not fair to our sponsors who've put a lot of work into this event. 
  • No one is permitted to sell or handout anything on site (no stickers, flyers, business cards etc). We spend countless hours cleaning these items up as people trash them 99% of the time and again, it's not fair to our sponsors. 

Alright! Now that the worst part is over, Let's get to the "what the hell do I bring" portion. By no means is this list the all mighty everything under the sun kind of list but rather necessities we think are important. As always, if you have special needs, pack what YOU need to stay comfortable. 


  • Tent (there are no trees for hammocks). Hot Tip: Pre-check your tent to ensure all parts are there. Nothing is worse than missing stakes, rods, or flys. 
  • Sleeping Pad 
  • Sleeping Bag Hot Tip (check weather to see temps to see if you'll need additional blankets)
  • Headlamp 
  • Water bottle and a gallon of water per person per day! There is NO drinkable water on site
  • Cooler full of snacks and adult beverages (extra favoritism points if you give Ashmore a Coors Light). 
  • Wet wipes / face wipes
  • Sunscreen! The weather is looking bright and cloudless! 
  • Basic toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, face lotion etc)
  • Portable phone charger
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • EXTRA toilet paper. It's for your own good. 
  • Your favorite pair of sweatpants to chill in
  • Camp chair
  • Trash bags. You are responsible for your garbage | leave no trace
  • Pillow (camp size)
  • Extra fuel for your moto
  • Clothes for warm days and cold nights (we will have Babes in the Dirt hoodies and windbreakers for sale!)
  • Your motocross gear if you have it
  • $$ always have cash on you no matter what. Where we are set up has 0 wifi so no credit cards can be used. 
  • $$ cash for merch (just wait until you see the Babes in the Dirt exclusive merch!)
  • $$ cash for food truck
  • $$ cash for coffee
  • Credit Cards (doing our best to get wifi)
  • Camera or GoPro
  • Positive mental attitude. Be nice, say hello to your neighbor, and remember, ladies are here because the love to ride dirt or are interested in it. 
  • HOT TIP: Before you start packing up, have your dirt bike serviced and ensure it has a spark arrestor BEFORE you come to the event. Tickets can cost up to $800 in fines as the state park takes fire prevention in California very seriously. As always, it is no one's responsibility but yours to fix ya hooptie so take it in and be confident that your bike will be a runner.

Have more questions? We have a feeling you might want to cruise as everything that is slightly important can be found there w/ clickable links. If it's not there, relax, we promise it will be ok! 

Safe travels and see you at noon on Friday! 

-Babes in the Dirt 

Babes in the Dirt 4 Registration is LIVE!

EventsAshmore Ellis

Ready to ride some dirt? We have rented the Honey Valley Group Camp Site at Hungry Valley SVRA April 27th-29th for a ladies only weekend of off road fun! You must be registered to attend this year and even though the event is still free, we strongly encourage a small donation when you register online to help us keep it going. Any amount is amazing but we do have some gifts to give those who give back based on donation.

  • Donate $10 - FREE Babes in the Dirt Patch
  • Donate $20 - FREE Babes in the Dirt Patch & Stance x Babes Ride Out Socks
  • Donate $35 - FREE Babes in the Dirt Patch, Stance x Babes Ride Out Socks, and Vans x BRO canvas tote.

Donations are non refundable and the gifts associated are not transferable & must be picked up in person at Babes in the Dirt 3 event. No exceptions <3. 

Art by @Desirae201&nbsp;

Art by @Desirae201 

Who it's for:

This is a ladies only dirt bike & ATV campout for those who want to explore dirt and learn riding fundamentals. We cater to ladies who: 

  • Have only ridden street bikes and want to see what dirt is about.

  • Have never sat on a motorcycle. We HIGHLY recommend that new riders start on a dirt bike (so bring those "bike curious" friends with you that always say "I wanna try").  This is a great learning event and we will have workshops, basics, etc. They do get full quick so stay tuned for sign ups! "How will I know when I can sign up?" - easy! Register for the event and you'll be the FIRST to know when that information is released. 

  • Have a lot of experience as a dirt rider. We have some pro ladies coming out that you can hit the hillclimbs and black diamonds with. 

The Basics

Rain or shine, gates to the group site will open at 12pm sharp on Friday.The group site is first come first serve but if the limited vehicle passes for the site run out before you get there, no problem, you will have to pay $10 per vehicle at the park's kiosk to cover your camping and may have to park in the adjacent site once we are full but you can still come hang out and enjoy the event. The park also offers $5 day passes per vehicle if you are not camping with us and just want to park and ride for the day.  There is max camping capacity in the group site is 250 people. This weekend is about off-roading, camping, and good times with friends. Babes Ride Out will be providing the group campground ONLY so BYOE (bring your own everything) and please make sure to scroll down to see what will be on site and what won't be.  

Don’t have a dirt bike but want to learn? No problem! You can rent a bike from Gorman Motorsport Rentals!  Ask for Glory 805-620-2620. They are ONLY open on weekends so please please be patient as they are family owned and you ladies always bring in a surge of calls <3 They have a wide variety of dirt bikes and gear to rent and they drop it all off right at our campsite. Glory can help you choose the right bike for your size and style of riding. Tell them you are attending Babes Ride Out and reserve your bike as soon as possible before they run out (and they ALWAYS run out). 

*We will have Husqvarna on site with a limited # of demo bikes (please stay tuned for more information on how to get on the list to give one a spin). These bikes will be on rotation so if you want to ride all day, please rent from Gorman Motorsports so you are guaranteed to have your own bike. 

Honey Valley Group Camp Site in Hungry Valley SVRA is nestled within the park. Please do not hesitate to ask the front kiosk, rangers, etc on how to locate the site, they are pros. They will have maps of this area that also show all of the riding trails and their levels so get one when you arrive. Enter at the "North Entrance" because it's close to where Gorman Motorsports is, there is a gas station for water/snacks, a McDonald's is there, AND it's a straight shot from there to the group site. 


Please note, these are just a few FAQs that are dirt specific. To know all FAQ for all BRO events click HERE

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? All our events are 21+ and ladies only.  IDs will be checked before you enter the site so make sure it matches the name you register with. Everyone MUST be pre registered to attend this year.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event? Due to space, camping in the group site is for cars and trucks. If you have a RV or towing a trailer, you'll be asked to park in the Sterling Campground across from where the main activities are. 

What sticker does my bike need? Does my bike need a spark arrestor? Red or green! and YES you will get ticketed if you do not have a spark arrestor. Please read all the rules and regs for your offroad vehicle by clicking this link 

Can I bring my pet into the event? No animals can be in the group site unless they are service dogs. This is not a pet friendly environment. 

How will I know when the Husqvarna registration,  classes, etc are open for registration? If you are registered to attend, you will get an email announcing it. If you aren't paying attention, you may miss it! We do not have a date for when the email will go out so please do not ask. 

I donated, can I get a refund? We are going to pretend you didn't ask that :) But for real, all donations go back into the overwhelming cost to make this event happen. We will have much better amenities thanks to ALL who donate. 

I donated but now I can't attend can I get my free stuff mailed to me? 

Sorry, we do not have the bandwidth to accommodate this request. Please remember, this is a true donation so please only donate if you want to support the event <3 

How do I contact the park for additional information about the trails, weather, terrain, longitude and latitude, wind speed, composition report of the dirt substance?!

  • Public Information Inquiries: (916) 324-4442
  • Email: 
  • Website: OHV Parks CA GOV
  • Link to view our campsite: Click HERE

Are there medics on site? Every ranger is trained as a first responder. An ambulance is within 15-20 min away and there is an air vac close by. Please contact the park with any questions or concerns. All riders will ride at their own risk (916) 324-4442. 

What should I bring into the event?

  • Protective boots, helmet, goggles, and any motocross gear you own! You can also rent gear at Gorman Powersports. Trust us, this is important because you will "eat it" at some point during the day. Fox will be on site with some extra boots and helmets but there won't be enough for everyone so plan accordingly. 
  • WATER! Make sure to bring plenty of water as the site does not have it
  • Camping gear if you plan on staying the night (sleeping bag, headlamp, tent etc)
  • Warm clothes! Remember when it hailed? (LOL! but seriously WTF was that about?)
  • Snacks! (always)
  • Drinks (the fun kind to enjoy when the bikes are shut down for the night).
  • Cash for the coffee drinks and for food trucks (cards are not accepted)
  • Firewood! Please everyone bring 1 bundle to ensure we stay warm :) 
  • Battery pack to charge phone. There is NO power at this site at all. Reception is terrible too. 
  • Extra toilet paper
  • Extra gas for your moto

What can't I bring into the event?

  • Kids. This event is 21+
  • Dogs :( 
  • Easy Ups (sorry, far far too windy)
  • Marketing materials (flyers, stickers, banners etc unless you are sponsoring)
  • Your boyfriend / husband (he will have to find his own trails to braaap this weekend)

What amenities will be on site? 

  • A food truck with food for purchase (CASH ONLY)
  • A coffee truck with drinks for purchase (CASH ONLY)
  • Non flushing toilets (kinda like an outhouse but nicer and cleaned twice a day)
  • Huge pavilion 
  • Fire pits for bonfires. We do recommend you use the food truck as the weather is crazy windy at night and I for one have burned my food 2 years in a row. 
  • Please remember there is no power at the 0 
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Games 

A detailed schedule will be released via EMAIL to those who have registered to attend the event closer to the event date. Info for group rides, learning demos, Husky demos, rules regs, on site fun stuff, food truck, coffee menu etc will roll out between now and April so please stay tuned to the blog and your email after you register <3

Ok, so now that you know 90% of what to expect, let's get you registered! 

Babes in the Dirt 3 Event Schedule

EventsAshmore Ellis



The main event site holds 250 people and only has 50 vehicle passes. If you miss out on getting the pass at the front entrance, you’ll have to pay the park directly and park outside the gated event area. The fee is $10 per vehicle to stay the night or $5 for day pass which you will purchase at any park entrance. We have also reserved the Sterling Group site across the way for all overflow (it will be clearly marked). This area is walking distance to main event so you can walk or ride over easily. PLEASE carpool to help make room for all campers.

Bike rentals are SOLD OUT at this time but feel free to check in with Gorman Powersports to see if anyone has cancelled.


HUSKY DEMO SCHEDULE HAS BEEN E-MAILED OUT SO IF YOU SIGNED UP PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL. If you missed out on sign ups and want to demo, check in at the Husqvarna booth on site to see if there are any cancellations or openings. 

There will be food available for purchase from the food truck, click HERE to see menu and prices. CASH ONLY. There are no grills on site. All burn units will be in use as fire pits. We kindly ask that each car/truck brings 1 bundle of firewood to contribute to the bonfire. There is no water or electricity anywhere in the park. Please make sure to bring enough water for the entire weekend and extra toilet paper (trust us). 

The weather can be unpredictable out there so make sure to check the weather and plan accordingly!


Friday April 28th

12 PM SHARP: Gates open to guests. Everyone MUST sign a waiver and get a wristband.

1:45PM: MANDATORY Riders Meeting at pavilion. (for those who have arrived)

2pm: Husky Demo

4pm: Husky Demo

6pm: Husky Demo

5 PM Food available for purchase

7 PM STANCE Smores

8 PM Karaoke Qualifiers  

10 PM Unwind, quiet campfire hangs,  time to rest up for the next day of riding

Saturday April 29th

7 AM Breakfast / coffee for purchase

9:30 am: MANDATORY Riders Meeting at pavilion. Intros to Fox / Husqvarna / Stance  / SEE SEE / Thousand Oak Powersports.

10am: Husky Demo

12pm: Husky Demo

2pm: Husky Demo

4pm: Husky Demo

6pm: Husky Demo

(Lunch & snacks for purchase all day)

5:00 Dinner for purchase

6:00 See See Motorcycle Games

8:00 Karaoke Round 2 | WINNER’S CIRCLE

10 PM Unwind, quiet campfire hangs.

Sunday April 30th

8am-10am: Husky open Demo’s

11am: Pack up and go home. See you next year!

Alegria Food Truck at Babes in the Dirt 3

EventsAnya Violet

To have a successful day Braaaping in the dirt with friends you need to keep your body fueled. This year at Babes in the Dirt 3 we are so excited to bring you the yummiest food truck we could find!!! No need to pack food throughout the weekend or do a run to the McDonalds EW!, Alegria has got you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner all weekend! Check out the menu below! Make sure to bring cash as the truck is CASH ONLY!

Here at Alegría Gourmet Food Truck, we consider ourselves “Professional Foodies”– we love the idea of trying new flavors, dishes, and recipes in the company of our family and friends. We believe that there is no greater pleasure than that of great food. For us, the most important of the five senses is taste.

After observing the large amounts of preservatives, antibiotics, pesticides, hormones, etc. that are added to the food we eat today, we developed the idea to offer an exquisite menu without these added chemicals.

The person to whom we have entrusted this task to is award-winning chef Kalissa Krejcik, who defines herself as: “[A] craving-driven food obsessive artist and owner of C & M Cafe in West Los Angeles. I’ve been in the industry for 26 years from front of the house service, management, and dishwasher to executive chef and consultant. I have a degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu California School of Culinary Arts and cook fresh American style fair with rich European influence.

I believe in fresh, clean, beautiful and flavorful food that is affordable and approachable for all. I believe in a happy and fulfilling work environment where service is king and where the word “no” is not used.

Food is an expression of my love, food is life”.

Kalissa (our friend and Executive Chef) did a wonderful job of creating a delicious menu that combines some of the best flavors of American and Mexican cuisine; always using ingredients without hormones or antibiotics, and with special emphasis on organic and locally grown products. With this approach, we are not only looking after the health of our guests, but also supporting the local economy and reducing the impact of our carbon footprint on the environment.

Whether you put taste first or prefer lighter food options, our menu caters to a wide range of dining lifestyles with many items under 600 calories. Regardless of diet preferences, our guests can be confident that all of our dishes are prepared fresh with organic, locally grown ingredients free of hormones and antibiotics.

Alegría was born from the desire to find delicious dishes that are guilt-free, nutritious, and that excite the appetite.


Alegría Gourmet Food Truck

Stance Moto is Coming to Babes in the Dirt 3

SponsorsAshmore Ellis

We are thrilled to announce Stance Moto will be at Babes in the Dirt 3. Feel the difference in performance and comfort with Stance's new line of women's moto socks. Once an overlooked piece of rider equipment, Stance changes your perception of moto socks with art and technology that hone in on the specific needs of an MX athlete and enthusiast. Stance's line of moto socks feature an elastic arch support and engineered compression to provide lasting fit and support. Each pair is knit with a custom blend of proprietary fibers that offer durability, superior moisture wicking, and breathability to help feet stay cool and dry during even the hottest of rides. 

Check out the line of women's moto socks HERE