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Meet BRO UK's Saturday Night Band | Slow Coaches

EventsAshmore Ellis

Introducing our Saturday night band -  Slow Coaches 

History of slowcoaches? We're from London via Leeds. Founded by me (Heather) and Matty when we were jobless layabouts.

What's the best gig you've ever played? The Palac Kultury in Warsaw (Warsaw's tallest building)

Where is your dream place to play? A school prom night.

What’s new stuff do you guys have in the works? We have an album out in November. its called 'Nothing Gives'.

We can't wait to have you play at Babes Ride Out! We're really stoked to play and it sounds like an awesome initiative. We're a real fan of making sure our shows are inclusive and really like the idea of the event.

What do you have in store for us at this year's Babes Ride Out UK event? A lot of noise, a bit of crowd surfing and a few singalongs.

Give the Slowcoaches a listen HERE

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Roll Call | Babe Cave London

Roll CallAnya Violet


Babe Cave London


History of the Babe Cave ? Where did the babe cave originate and who founded it?

Babe Cave London was founded 2015 on a roof top in Hackney, London. 

What is the babe cave all about?

Babe Cave London is a lifestyle brand from Hackney, London.  We are all about those 70s vibes and are inspired by music / motorcycle culture.  

We design Tees / Patches / Pins and the list keep on growing.  Babe Cave London also sources gold dust vintage from Harley Davidson tees to 70s Patches.

 What is your position there?

Babe Cave London is run solely by myself, however I do get support from friends and boyfriend.  They are always up for lending a hand modeling / screen printing tees or driving me to motorcycle festivals.  

What has been the hardest part of running your own business and what has been the best part? 

The best part of having my own brand is the freedom to create something id love to wear or love my brand to stand for.  Its about turning those lyrics I love or sights I've seen into something you can hold or own.  I love the journey between initial idea and the finished product ready for customers to go purchase.  The best thing is it has never felt like a job.

The hardest thing about the job is having the idea and not having the certain skills required to do it right away.  Its been a learning curve and will continue to be.  If I don't know how to do something I have to watch hour long YouTube tutorials until I get it.  I can be a little impatient and when Ive got the product in my hands I just want to show everyone.  Its also real hard finding amazing vintage pieces and having to part with them ha.

What is your connection with the VC & how did you meet?

I met Gemma from VC a year ago, we both were put in contact through a mutual friend and had coffee at Bolt Hackney.  We both shared the same interests; motorcycles and getting more babes out there. Whilst I'm still super new to the motorcycle world Gemma was extremely friendly and really helped me follow that Babe Cave dream. 

Tell us about the motorcycle connection and what riding means to the brand?

I done my first test nearly two years and it was really liberating and fun!!  I took my test on my birthday and it was the best present to myself.  I still have a couple tests to finish but I'm enjoying my new lil whip.  The motorcycle scene gels really well with the 70s vibes and the music which inspires most of our slogans.   

Do you ride & if so what do you ride?

I've got a Honda CG125cc it's a small bike but great for buzzing around Hackney.  London is an expensive place so had to save hard for even a little whip, so really cherish it.  

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

I heard about Babes Ride Out a couple years ago.  Two years ago I visited Joshua Tree with my friend as a part of a road trip from LA to San Fran To Joshua Tree.  After the trip I was obsessed with Joshua Tree and I must of seen some pictures on instagram on Babes Ride Out. Since then I have loved following the journey of Babes Ride Out and super stoked they are bringing the party over here!

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out? 

Babe Cave is all about supporting strong female brands that share the same ethos.  BRO have done so much for the motorcycle community and they are fucking wicked girls. 

Babes Ride Out UK X Red Wing Heritage

SponsorsAnya Violet

We are thrilled to have the legendary Red Wing Heritage on board as a sponsor for Babes Ride Out UK this year ahead of the launch of their long awaited new women's range!

From the rows of vintage worker boots in the window to the lovely leather smell & rows of customers beaten up old mock toes waiting patiently to be brought back to life in the workroom at the back the London Red Wing store is a pretty special place. Located just behind the legendary Carnaby Street it sits on a small cobbled street which befits its heritage roots pretty perfectly....  so obviously we created quite a stir pulling up on our motorcycles & parking on the pavement directly outside the front window (sorry guys!)

The owner of the store, Rachel, is a pretty badass lady herself. Dressed in head to toe aged denim she's the epitome of vintage workwear chic & an absolute encyclopaedia on all things Red Wing. We stopped by to get our hands on the new ladies Red Wing range to test ride on a trip to the Babes Ride Out UK site in Wales! 

We've all always wanted some redwings but as some of us have small (and I mean freakishly small) feet the men's range has always proved hard for us to get our hands on sizes that are right for us. With twists on their staple classic styles Red Wing, their new ladies range (launching October this year) are slightly slimmer, slightly lighter in weight, run right down to small sizes & come with much more padded soles for a comfier fit & are literally perfect for riding in... Which is exactly what we plan to do with them.

Through forests, valleys & up mountains we really gave these boots a real good first wearing in. We went for the tan moc toes & the black engineer boots & both were a dream to ride in. Comfy as hell & not one blister in sight having them welded to our feet all weekend after about 15 hours riding time in & around the Beacons, these babies look even better the more scuffed & worn they get. We have a feeling these boots will be on our feet for many a road trip to come. 

A massive thanks to Red Wing, The Red Wing London Store & staff!

Come say hi to them at our Babes Ride Out UK event!



All London store images & video by Alex Grant

Meet Boots of UK's Rebels Alliance

SponsorsAshmore Ellis

There are a lot of amazing things going on in the UK and we are thrilled to spotlight some of the people, places, and things that make their motorcycle community uniquely diverse. Get to know Boots from Rebels Alliance 

Name: Boots.


Where did Rebels Alliance originate from and who founded it/ the history of Bike Shed? Born rather than formed, Rebels Alliance has grown through the passions of like minded individuals and the driving force/vision of the artist D*Face.  The first bike, a CB550 was built around 6 years ago over a period of months in the stolen hours at the end of the day, born more as a form of escapism than a desire to build a 'custom bike’, a project away from daily thoughts and a passion to create something different.  That 550 was D’s baby and call me biased, but I think it still stands as the best looking CB550 out there!

What is your position at Rebels Alliance? Head down, elbows in and full throttle.

What is the Rebels Alliance all about?  Rebels is the result of a melting pot of subcultures and influences that encompassed our lifestyles, motorcycling, skateboarding, punk music, rag trade, graffiti and our individual involvement within these subcultures, the spirit of doing it yourself and doing it differently.

Tell us about your life in motorcycling. How long have you been riding / favorite bike / what are you currently riding?  Having ridden all sorts of bikes for a large part of adult life and a sudden realisation, brought around by a speeding camera on Tower bridge followed by a hefty fine, that there was little need to have a bike capable of doing crazy speeds in a city with 20 to 30 mph limits… it was only going to lead to a loss of licence!  Something needed to be done, not wanting to give up on bikes the idea of a classic bike seemed like the perfect fit.  Of course you start by making them look good then thoughts turn to making them faster so the problem doesn’t really go away. We're big fans of 70’s Japanese bike’s in the yard, mostly Yammies and Honda’s. There were millions of them built and spares are readily available so there is no need to feel overly precious about cutting them up,  the CB550 and ever popular SR500 are firm favourites, although both are getting harder to come by now day’s. Lately we’ve been concentrating on smaller bored bikes and have been having a whole lot of fun on them, the year started with a couple of kickstart only Puch maxi’s, bored out to 75cc, lowered with racing forks, a racing carb and race exhaust these little beauties will leave you beaming from ear to ear…so much fun!  Currently we have two early 70’s CB125’s, both bored out to 190cc, they are perfect for the London commute, quick of the line and small enough to cut though spaces where bigger bikes hold you back.  

Tell us about your best moto trip: Working with D, we’ve had the privilege to travel the world and visit most of the major cities to paint large murals of his artwork on the side of unsuspecting buildings.  Once we land are our first thoughts always turn to finding the best coffee shop to get our morning caffeine fix, shortly followed by the local bike builders to give us something to look at while we are away from our own loved ones.  Hawaii though offered us something different to try our hands at, something new… surfing!  Both being absolute novices we thought the 'big island', home of surfing would be the perfect place to break that duck.  We spent three days painting in full Hawaiian sun with the goal of spending our last day becoming master wave riders. However we woke to find the beaches closed due to an encroaching storm!  ARSE!!  What now, we pondered over our morning coffee, if we can’t ride the waves. lets ride bikes!  A quick search online gave up the name ‘Big Kahuna Bikes’, too good to missed, we downed our coffee’s and headed out to find some Harley's to ride, when in Rome and all that.  An exchange of readies and we were off, with the choppy North Pacific to our right, the lush green volcanic mountains to the left and nothing but a strip of black tarmac dividing the two we followed the coast of the island, mile by mile each in our own thoughts with nowhere to be, no destination in mind, just the view and the ride our only focus, the freedom to ride a bike for the pure joy of it. 

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?  I first heard of Babe’s Ride Out, through following the work of the Portland based photographer Lanakila MacNaughton.  I spotted an image of her's while back and was really taken with it. I made note to look out for more of her work and found the ‘Women’s Moto Exhibit’ and her images of the Joshua Tree ride out.  I love that she shoots medium format film and the spirit she captures through her lens.

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out UK? London’s is a pretty tight community and the bike riding community is even tighter, although welcoming finding your way in could be pretty daunting, we are all for supporting any event that encourages people, guy’s and girls alike to pick up some glove’s, slip on a helmet and give it a go.

Meet UK Based Rebecca Morris of Vagabond Tattoos

Roll CallAshmore Ellis

Meet Rebecca Morris of Vagabond Tattoos in Hackney, East London. After taking her first go on 2 wheels last year with the VC ladies & soon after taking on her first bike project Rebecca & Vagabond are supporting Babes Ride Out Uk this year by contributing some great vagabond goodies for our raffle!

Name: Rebecca Morris


What is your position at Vagabond?

I am the owner and studio manager

Where did vagabond originate from and who founded it?

My fiance Paul and I opened Vagabond in 2012 and it was the coming together of his tattooing and my graphic design background.

What is vagabond all about?

Good tattoo's in a fun and professional environment. 
We pride ourselves on great customer service and want everyone to leave having something unique that they are proud to show off.

Tell us about your life in motorcycling & how you met VC: 

I met the VC over a year ago after the Bike Shed show and hit it off straight away. I was drawn to their welcoming/wild nature and before I knew it Gemma and Namin had me on an impromptu whizz around a carpark on an SR. From there I was sold. There's been so many great parties, and I recently took the honour of smashing apart their boob pinata with brute force at their 1st birthday party! I'm looking forward to the summer finally kicking off and getting out for some ride outs. 

How long have you been riding / favourite bike / what are you currently riding etc

I have been riding for coming up to a year and with the help of my fiance I have turned my 90's Yamaha SR into a mad max style little ripper with a bit of a chopper influence. She mostly came together by just choosing the various elements I liked without much consideration for the overall style, somehow I think it worked!

Tell us about the motorcycling connection to Vagabond?

Our studio is the home of our lovely Jawa bobber bike which sits pride of place in the front window. She's a real talking point and was one of Paul's first custom projects. She's more of an ornament nowadays and the shop wouldn't be the same without her. Through this we've met so many other like minded custom bike builders with some naturally then becoming regular tattoo customers.

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

I knew about the US Babes Ride Out through social media at first . It was such great news when I heard it was heading to the UK and the VC were hosting it!

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out? 

Like the VC ethos, I also support any other girl who gives riding a motorbike a go. I never thought I'd be into it but it turns out it's so much fun and there are lots of rad ladies out there ready and waiting to go for a spin. 

Babes Ride Out UK Route Teaser

EventsAnya Violet

We are getting really excited to take a trip across the pond and explore a new place. The Babes of VC London have been so kind as to put together a little teaser of some of the adventures we are planning for the ride routes! Take a look! See you there! Tickets available HERE

Llyn y Fan Fach, Brecon Beacons, Wales
Tapped by Redbull as one of the UKs best wild swimming spots Llyn y Fan Fach in the Brecon Beacons  – supposedly it’s one of the most haunted bodies of water in Wales! Local legend says that at 2pm on the first Sunday in August, the ‘Lady of the Lake’ – rumoured to be a woman killed by her violent husband – emerges from the water. 

Carreg Cennen Castle-

With amazing view of the surrounding valleys Carreg Cennen Castle is ruined castle built in the 13th century at the peak of a limestone hill. Completely mid blowing scenery & a bit of Welsh history, you can ride the black mountain road & pop here along the way tying two of our routes together.


Tapped as one of the worlds best driving roads we are lucky enough to have the famous black mountain pass is right on our doorstep. The Black Mountain pass is 27 miles of long picturesque scenery, switch back twists with a total of 81 corners & takes you right thought the west side of the Brecon Beacons countryside. Whether you're looking for a roller coaster ride out or an idyllic route through the national park this view is pretty much unmissable! 

Talybont on usk Reservoir, village & waterfalls

Dipping right down into the valley you will reach this absolutely stunning reservoir location by a ride through the most amazing twisty narrow countryside pine covered forest roads we've ever ridden.  a perfect place to stop off for lunch, with a traditional village (complete with traditional country pub for a quick pint) & beautiful waterfalls less than 10 minutes away theres a lot to see when you reach Talybont on usk, but the ride there more than equals your destination.

Lower Ddwli Falls, Waterfall Woods, Brecon Beacons

In the south-west hills of the Brecon Beacons, near Ystradfellte, you'll find some of the most amazing waterfall plunge pools in the UK. There are more than 20 pools along five miles of the Fechan and Mellte rivers, so you could try dipping in every one of them on a long day's walk. Lower Ddwli Falls is the best, a huge open pool with a great arc of a waterfall. Spray lifts up through the leaves and on a sunny day there are rainbows everywhere. Just downstream is Horseshoe Falls, with a great jump and rope swing. 


For those who want to venture further afield on Saturday Tenby Fishing village is a beautiful picturesque fishing village roughly 1 hour 45 mins ride from camp. With pretty pastille coloured houses, iconic harbour, cobblestone roads& a beach voted the best in all of the UK Tenby is a dreamy little addition to our Babes Ride Out routes.