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Roll Call | We Are Thrilled to Have Karen Davidson Attend Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast (Yes, THAT "Davidson")

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We are thrilled to welcome Karen Davidson of the Harley-Davidson family to Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast. We had the pleasure of meeting her several times and can honestly say she is a genuine motorcycle riding enthusiast that is easy to talk to about any and all things two wheels. We are thrilled for you to meet her at the event, but until then, get to know Karen and what she does to push the Harley-Davidson brand forward, it’s pretty impressive!

Karen Davidson was born to ride. The great-granddaughter of Harley-Davidson's co-founder William A. Davidson, daughter of industrial design legend Willie G. Davidson, she degreed in fashion design, schooled in couture, joined the Motor Company in 1989 and was one of the original co-creators/visionaries of the Harley-Davidson MotorClothes line of apparel and accessories. She has been instrumental in the launch of high-level performance riding gear for men and women, and has been involved with the design, brand positioning and expansion of the Harley-Davidson apparel collections in the US, Europe and Asia.   As Creative Director for General Merchandise Davidson gives direction for future development of casual and functional merchandise, which in 2018 was a $240 million business. Based in Southern California and Milwaukee, Davidson enjoys riding year-round.

Karen Davidson x Babes Ride Out

What is your role as creative director for Harley-Davidson General Merchandise?

I assess macro forecasted and current trends and innovations on the casual side and the functional side of our business. On the casual side I’m really looking at macro apparel directions that involve emerging trends, fabric and silhouette proportion changes and opportunity for H-D to lead with our own uniqueness. I evaluate and choose new material, innovate function, and identify opportunities, build prototypes, everything to do with new ideas. I review apparel industry analysis and market evaluations. H-D has incredible brand strength and depth of meaning unlike other apparel brands and deserves an approach that leverages quality and innovation.  The design/production group in Milwaukee executes final product. On the functional side I can leverage my riding experience, my lifetime of riding, as we develop new designs and materials in riding gear that emphasize comfort in all elements, style and protection. Climate and conditions change when riding distance, so I value tech fabrics and innovation. I appreciate having great gear you can count on to be diverse, like our FXRG Collection.

What are your sources for inspiration? Also keeping relevant to growing diversity

We monitor trends specific to the apparel industry, casual and functional trends, current and future.  I take a deeper dive into functional apparel and invent with new technologies, specifically at a start point of finding the right partners, creating new innovation that will improve protection and comfort. I also observe the custom nature of Harley-Davidson culture and our riders. I go to many events, from national US events to local events and events in Asia and Europe, and I come away from those events with clear inspiration. H-D inspires individuality and that speaks strongly throughout the world. There’s also an on-going dialogue with the motorcycle styling department on design language and color direction.

Introducing the ECOSLO x Babes Ride Out x Biltwell Collectors Pin

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We partnered with ECOSLO & Biltwell to create this limited edition “Central Coast” pin that will be sold at the event in efforts to raise funds to help aid ECOSLO’s mission to protect and preserve the Central Coast. Feel good knowing 100% of proceeds will be used towards their initiatives to support their numerous beach clean ups and public education. Pins will be available for $10 at the ECOSLO booth during Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast and if any are left over, they will be put on our website.

The Message: As we grow as a community, so does the responsibility to protect and preserve the places we call home. By wearing the ECOSLO x Babes Ride Out x Biltwell pin, you take an oath to leave no trace and to do your part to protect the beautiful landscapes of the Central Coast of California for future generations to come.

Thank you Biltwell for assisting with the art work for this year’s pin.

Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast

ECOSLO’s Favorite Destinations Along the Central Coast

Want to know more about what this pin represents and protects? The Central Coast has so much to offer - scenic highway routes, isolated back road views, geologic formations that started the foundation of the city and surrounding areas, and more. With the help of contributions, these favorite destinations remain pristine for generations to come and we want you to feel at home as you traverse them, knowing you did your part to protect them, hand and hand with us.


For the Coast: Morro Rock - the seventh of the “9 Sisters,” these peaks hold more than just value - they hold the history of the native people that lived here, as well as history of the tectonic plate movement.  All nine peaks are volcanic hills that were created over 20 million years ago! Remember to purchase and pack up an ECOSLO Bamboo Utensil Kit for your packed lunch with this marvelous view! 

  • A note from ECOSLO: there are trash cans in the parking lot of Morro Rock, however, we pick up hundreds of pounds of trash here every year. Opt for zero-waste snacks (bulk nuts or trail mix, bees wrap-wrapped sandwiches, etc.) to help us reduce the waste! 

For the Backcountry Rip: Pozo Backcountry - if you’re into the see absolutely no one, and enjoy the views of rolling hills, you need to take the roads of Pozo. Visit Pozo Saloon for a burger, and imagine seeing Willie Nelson, Ziggy Marlet, and Snoop Dogg perform live here, which did actually happen in past years. Packing your lunch? There are no trash cans out here -- pack your lunch in beeswax wrappers, or Stasher reusable ziplocs!

For the Coastal Explorer: Imagine a California State Park that has free admission -- the Central Coast has it!  Montaña de Oro is a coastal State Park where you can ride above the waves, with pull offs to take in the jaw-dropping coastal views, to the woodland eucalyptus forests.

Introducing Twisted Gypsy | Fleetwood Mac Cover Band Coming to Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast

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Its like watching the real thing! Introducing Twisted Gypsy, a Fleetwood Mac cover band coming to rock n roll with you Saturday night at Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast! Bring your scarves and get ready to dance as Twisted Gypsy plays your favorite hits.

Meet the Band

Twisted gypsy.JPG

Katie Shorey (Stevie Nicks)

Katie is a recording artist, musician, and songwriter.  Previously signed to Interscope Records, she's worked with Quincy Jones, Jimmy Iovine, Will Smith, and Robin Thicke, among many powerhouse talents.  Influenced from an early age by the magic of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac, Katie was discovered by Twisted Gypsy for her Youtube covers.  She's been called 'the new Stevie' with her modern take on a classic goddess.  Katie will mesmerize and transform you with windblown hair, legendary tambourine skills, booty drops, and keytar slaying.

Sean Patrick Bangert (Lindsey Buckingham)

Sean wishes he was alive in the 70s, except that he has anxiety over the idea of meeting his parents. What if he didn't like them? What if they didn't like him!?!?! In 1993 (or 1976), Sean climbed a mountain and turned around. True story. He likes learning new things, the show Three's Company, and carrot cake, and he's turned off by rude people and beans (all of them). Sean is not sponsored by Gibson Guitars or Fender Amps, nor is he sponsored by Dress Barn. A deal with Chest Hair Club for Men may, however, be in the works. The band thanks Sean for his sense of humor, a discounted rate on lawyering, and his abundance of sweaty, post-show hugs.

Alex Nester (Christine McVie)

 From beating cancer at 16 years-old to recently sharing the stage with Carlos Santana as a guest artist, Alex Nester has always been a force to be reckoned with. Her unique blend of soul, funk, and r&b, coupled with her refusal to conform to the cookie-cutter industry standard, is infectious and invigorating. Though her voice will cut right through to your soul, she is far more than just a singer. She is an artist determined to push the boundaries of music making. Her third full-length studio album entitled “Someone Better” is due out summer 2019. 


Milo Todesco (Mick Fleetwood)

Born and raised in Southern California, Milo took advantage of growing up near a metropolis. He attended concerts, classes, and clinics, and heard his favorite drummers while discovering new ones. His lifelong path of music has been vast. Cherished moments such as playing tympani behind the great Choral master Roger Wagner, grooving behind Delaney Bramlett, and jamming with Slash and Brad Paisley. He spent years traveling the world performing in Europe, South America, Australia, Canada, and the USA with punk rockers Down by Law and Zerodown. Recently, Milo recorded and toured with Foo Fighter guitarist Chris Shiflett and the Dead Peasants.

Tim Gilmer (John McVie)

 Tim fell in love with playing bass by accident. And, he played in his first band with Billy Derian in STEEL WOLF - on purpose! Tim played all over the Sunset Strip during from the mid 80’s thru the mid 90’s. Bands such as Steel Wolf, Marcus, Cactus Groove, Dark Chapter, Idelwood, and was guitarist and lead vocalist in his own blues band, Timmy G and the Kenny’s. Tim is the fifth generation of performing artists in his family.

Aaron Kusterer (Lead Guitar)

Aaron is a guitarist, composer, and producer.  He's performed around the world for the past 10 years as a member of the United States Air Force Band.  He's led several bands with the Air Force as a tour manager and musical director, traveling from exotic places like the Kwajalein Atoll and Antigua, to Kuwait City and Melbourne. His repertoire ranges from Top 40 pop/rock to jazz and everything in between.  Aaron's played with Eddie Money, Juanes, Danilo Perez, Barry Dunaway (ex-bassist for Yngwie Malmsteen), Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck), and J.K. Kleutgens (Cirque du Soleil), to name a few. He recently co-produced several commercials, including the “Let Hawaii Happen” national marketing campaigns for the Hawaii Visitor’s Bureau. He resides with his wife, Nicolle, in Long Beach, CA. 

SENA Demos at Babes Ride Out 7 x Are You Riding Connected?

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Sena is back for Babes Ride Out 7! The leader in motorcycle and action sports smart communication devices, Sena will be on-site to show you all the latest and greatest tech, with the opportunity to experience riding connected yourself with SF2 demo headset units. You can pre-register for a demo unit here or on a first-come, first-serve basis on Friday at our booth! You’ll have all of Saturday to experience the device in the open highways of the California Central Coast before returning it that evening.

What are we packing for this trip? Whether you want to listen to your music on the go or you want to talk with your riding buddies on the open road, Sena aims to keep riders connected. A few of the units we’re bringing with us are the following:

Babes Ride Out Sena.jpg

  • Are you the type to record your adventures? The 10C Pro houses 4-way Bluetooth communication with a built-in camera to record the adventure. Want to share it on your favorite social media platform? Connect with your phone using the camera’s WiFi and post the content from wherever you’re at!

Babes Ride Out

  • The 10C EVO takes video recording to the next level by capturing video in 4K at 30FPS.  With Smart Audio Mix, you can record your group’s conversation via Bluetooth intercom alongside your highlight reel! Just like the 10C Pro, connect to the camera via a smartphone app and download the video on to your phone.

Babes Ride Out x Central Coast

  • The 30K features open mesh intercom, allowing a virtually unlimited amount of nearby riders to connect with a single click. The 30K also features 4-way Bluetooth intercom if you want to keep your conversation within a dedicated small group.

Photo credit: Heidi Zumburn

Photo credit: Heidi Zumburn

  • The Sena SF Series features a sleek 3-button system, perfect for those who prefer a slimmer device. you can experience the SF2 for yourself through our BRO 7 demo program. Pre-register here to make sure a unit is waiting for you when you arrive on Friday!

Even if you don’t get the opportunity to demo (or, you already have your own piece of Sena gear!), we hope you’ll stop by the Sena booth and say Hi!