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Babes Ride Out Zine and Gallery Show


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Stephanie Pacheco is a 32-year-old SoCal native with a passion for photography, motorcycles, and hot rods. Having spent the better part of her life in a shop atmosphere, she started capturing her surroundings through a lens. Her driven personality has led her on many adventures, from her very first project bike (a 1973 CB350) to helping launch and manage a hot rod and custom shop. And most recently shoot BRO 2 & 3. Through her images, she hopes to encourage and excite others to experience their very own moto-life.

Meet Zine and Gallery Contributor Andrea DeSouto

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We just got done approving the proof of our first ever Zine. Flipping through the pages and seeing Babes Ride Out 3 through the eyes of these 10 talented women is so inspiring and makes us nostalgic beyond belief. Each photographer has their own unique style and you can see it flow across the pages. Although photographing the same event; the subject matter varies drastically as we follow each of them on their adventures throughout the weekend.

Meet Andrea Dosouto; world traveler, photographer and owner of a newly acquired M1 motorcycle license.

Andrea DoSouto was born in Galicia, Spain. At 18 years old she moved out her small town to Barcelona, studied Photography in University and got her degree in photo journalism at 25. She discovered her passion to capture moments in time, spending countless hours in the streets photographing the hustle and bustle of city life, including her many friends skateboarding, with who she been traveling all around for over a decade. In search of other city streets and life of spontaneity, the people she mets around the world and the stories they have to share are what inspire Andrea the most. Actually residing in Los Angeles

Career highlights: RVCA Advocate, Highsnobiety, Oakley, Nike SB, Transworld, Monster Children, Huck Mag, Kingpin Best Skate Photo of the year.

Babes Ride Out Zine Contributor Virginia Hall

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After driving a prius most her life Virginia Hall wasn’t exactly the first person people thought would get on a motorcycle. She always had a knack for doing what she wasn’t “supposed” to though, and as soon as she got on a bike - she never looked back. With a background in art and sculpture, working in the garage was naturally alluring. Virginia built the bike she rides today, and hopes to continue working on it as her vision and needs evolve. Photography is just another outlet to get the creative juices flowing and keep on dialing in the miles.


Website: or @virninja

Zine and Gallery Contributor Monica Semergiu

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Monica Semergiu is a freelance editorial and commercial photographer based out of San Francisco, CA. Originally from Romania, Monica came to California thirteen years ago to study abroad for a year, but ended up never leaving. Her love for photography and two-wheeled vehicles have common roots: while studying photography in college she met the founders of the moped club Creatures of the Loin. She joined them, started riding at rallies all over the country, learned how to fix them, and made life-long friends in the moped community. A few years later, Monica and her moped friends “upgraded” to motorcycles, which seemed like a natural progression. Monica loves photographing people and telling their stories through images. Monica loves the outdoors, and some of her favorite activities are road trips, backpacking, climbing, hiking, gardening and cooking. She is passionate about sustainability, community building, conservation of resources, and is striving to live a simpler, healthier and more mindful life.


Monica Semergiu Photography

(415) 602 – 6706

Meet Tammy from The Black Tibetans

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To be frank- I am not the fastest or most naturally talented motorcyclist that ever was.  I do not win, or even find myself on the podium, of many of the racing events I participate in.  I have ridden far, but not the farthest.  But it should be said that I have infinite passion for all things two-wheeled.  Being out there and in the saddle and with friends is all that matters, along with the accompanying smiles.  All that matters is being out there and inspiring others to just shut up and ride.

I do not consider myself to be the typical motorcyclist, but more of a fanatic really- someone who will jump at any opportunity to go somewhere new or try a new disciple in riding.  From vintage scrambles to motocross and flat track, from desert trails to camping and long distance “iron butt” rides- I love, respect and ride it all.  I have even tried my hand as the “monkey” on a Formula 1 AHRMA Side Car.  I’ve cried, laughed, screamed and bled over motorcycles since the day this wild adventure began.

But the most important and meaningful aspect of motorcycling, to me, comes in the freedom that they provide.  The escape from the day-to-day, the solace and solitude that come from a desert trail sprawling before you, the clarity in life that only the open road can offer.  It never ceases to amaze me how I am humbled by these two-wheeled fun machines- historically, mechanically, and by the myriad of adventures they are capable of facilitating.  I learn more every day, about the past and of the future, because I ride more every day.  Talk less, ride more, have fun and never take yourself too seriously.  I live my life “On Any Sunday”- every day of the week.Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul.

The Black Tibetans, a three-piece Rock N’ Roll machine formed in 2011, consists of Dinst (vocals/guitar), Tammi Tibetan (bass), and Ryan KH (drums).  The band fuses motorcycle-centric culture with old-school sound combining elements of classic Rock N’ Roll, blues and punk influences.  The Black Tibetans have been on countless tours and have shared the stage with bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Eagles of Death Metal, Brody Dalle (The Distillers), Social Distortion, The Supersuckers and more.  2016 is shaping up to be an exciting year, with shows announced in the UK and a possible stop-over in France.

The Black Tibetans have had the opportunity to make an impression on the fans of many.  Through this, they have earned a fan base of their own that continues to grow.  With three records and working with well-established musicians in the industry, The Black Tibetans are destined to make a name for themselves- if even just through their bar tab. Their most recent releases, The Nashville Session produced by Dan Auerbach and sophomore album Go Like This are out now and available for download on iTunes.


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"Genevieve Davis enjoys s'mores, rock n roll, old American things, red hair and red lipstick. She believes in the power of a positive mental attitude and is usually the first one on the dance floor. A 25 year old SoCal native with a lust for life, when she's not working her day job as the in house photographer at the Vans US headquarters, you can find her ripping around on her Harley, roller skating bowls or beaches, splashing in the pacific ocean, or hiking with her best furry friend Bandit-always with a camera by her side. Enamored by light and inspired by her fiery females friends, photographing lady motorcyclists came as a natural progression of her love of both women and wheels. Genevieve yearns to commune with the roads she rides on, to smell and taste and feel each landscape, and hopefully capture some of those feelings through photography as she explores this great big beautiful country on her little red freedom machine."

photo by Lanakila MacNaughton\Women's Moto Exhibit