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Babes Ride Out 5 Karaoke Night | AKA THE BEST NIGHT OF YOUR LIFE!

DIY TipsAshmore Ellis

Hot Rides SF is back as your KJ's for Babes Ride Out 5! On Thursday night, Katie Sue aka Total Recall and Lea aka Chill Mami host the biggest and best welcoming party on stage and you don't want to miss it!  Never done Karaoke? NO problem! Let us help you make your 3 minutes of fame worth every second with these tips and tricks on how to rule the stage and be considerate to others. 

Katie Sue and Lea charging up the crowd, doing what they do B E S T! 

Katie Sue and Lea charging up the crowd, doing what they do B E S T! 

  1. Pick a song you truly know by heart! This is not the time to try out Missy Elliot for the first time. You've got a little over a month to get it down so use your commute to work and practice. 
  2. Nobody likes Coldplay. Read the crowd and make sure a slow song even makes sense. If you are going to try an emotionally charged song, it may be harder for the crowd to get into UNLESS you have pipes like Adele (and a lot of you do).
  3. Keep it F U N! Most people in the crowd want to sing along with you. An obscure B side track is totally rad but maybe perform that song at home in your basement. 
  4. Shy? Get a posse! Group sing alongs on stage help ease the tension as being the ONLY one in the spotlight.
  5. HAVE F U N ! No one is judging you. Trust me, everyone will cheer for you no matter what. 
  6. Don't be a song hog. Put in one or two requests and make sure it's a good one! 
  7. Work the stage! Move, dance, point at random people and things! Movement gives the song layers and adds more fun for you and the audience. 
  8. Don't nag the karaoke Djs, they will get to your song when they get to your song. Naggin increases the chance of your request getting lost. 
  9. Stay off the stage unless invited. No one wants to get dry humped by a random or endure an unplanned duet while trying to sing their favorite tune. 
  10. Cheer for everyone! It's always fun to congratulate these bold women who take the stage no matter how good or bad they are. This is all for fun <3 
All 2,000 women will be cheering you on!&nbsp;

All 2,000 women will be cheering you on!