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Introducing the ECOSLO x Babes Ride Out x Biltwell Collectors Pin

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We partnered with ECOSLO & Biltwell to create this limited edition “Central Coast” pin that will be sold at the event in efforts to raise funds to help aid ECOSLO’s mission to protect and preserve the Central Coast. Feel good knowing 100% of proceeds will be used towards their initiatives to support their numerous beach clean ups and public education. Pins will be available for $10 at the ECOSLO booth during Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast and if any are left over, they will be put on our website.

The Message: As we grow as a community, so does the responsibility to protect and preserve the places we call home. By wearing the ECOSLO x Babes Ride Out x Biltwell pin, you take an oath to leave no trace and to do your part to protect the beautiful landscapes of the Central Coast of California for future generations to come.

Thank you Biltwell for assisting with the art work for this year’s pin.

Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast

ECOSLO’s Favorite Destinations Along the Central Coast

Want to know more about what this pin represents and protects? The Central Coast has so much to offer - scenic highway routes, isolated back road views, geologic formations that started the foundation of the city and surrounding areas, and more. With the help of contributions, these favorite destinations remain pristine for generations to come and we want you to feel at home as you traverse them, knowing you did your part to protect them, hand and hand with us.


For the Coast: Morro Rock - the seventh of the “9 Sisters,” these peaks hold more than just value - they hold the history of the native people that lived here, as well as history of the tectonic plate movement.  All nine peaks are volcanic hills that were created over 20 million years ago! Remember to purchase and pack up an ECOSLO Bamboo Utensil Kit for your packed lunch with this marvelous view! 

  • A note from ECOSLO: there are trash cans in the parking lot of Morro Rock, however, we pick up hundreds of pounds of trash here every year. Opt for zero-waste snacks (bulk nuts or trail mix, bees wrap-wrapped sandwiches, etc.) to help us reduce the waste! 

For the Backcountry Rip: Pozo Backcountry - if you’re into the see absolutely no one, and enjoy the views of rolling hills, you need to take the roads of Pozo. Visit Pozo Saloon for a burger, and imagine seeing Willie Nelson, Ziggy Marlet, and Snoop Dogg perform live here, which did actually happen in past years. Packing your lunch? There are no trash cans out here -- pack your lunch in beeswax wrappers, or Stasher reusable ziplocs!

For the Coastal Explorer: Imagine a California State Park that has free admission -- the Central Coast has it!  Montaña de Oro is a coastal State Park where you can ride above the waves, with pull offs to take in the jaw-dropping coastal views, to the woodland eucalyptus forests.

Babes Ride Out is Partnering with the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo

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ECOSLO is excited to take part in another powerful movement on the Central Coast and beyond! The Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo, known as ECOSLO, is a half-century old non-profit with a mission to educate, advocate, and act to protect and enhance the natural environment and human well-being of San Luis Obispo County. As the only Environmental Center in the County -- and the first, their small but mighty staff work all hours educating the public on local environmental issues, removing trash from our beautiful beaches, and motivating community members to think eco-consciously. Come October, ECOSLO will have hosted over 60 clean ups in 2019, extracting over 4,000 pounds of trash from entering our waterways, and protecting marine and terrestrial ecosystems. There’s no doubt that even the smallest changes in our habits as a human species can drastically change that number. 

Babes Ride Out 7 x ECOSLO

Along with our cleanups throughout SLO County, ECOSLO has an array of programs. Volunteer with us at one of the many SLO County Parks to take part in a Nature Project such as tree planting or picnic bench building. Or take a leisurely, educational hike with one of our volunteer docents throughout the City of SLO Open Space and learn about the local history, flora and fauna. ECOSLO is also one of the spear-headers when it comes to taking action in local advocacy initiatives as it concerns to land conservation, waste reduction and renewable energy.

Babes Ride Out 7 x ECOSLO

We’re proud to be representing and protecting San Luis Obispo County. It’s our home, and we hope you will treat it as your home when you are here as well. 

Babes Ride Out 7 x ECOSLO

There are many ways to be eco-conscious when venturing outdoors - even on motorcycle (stay tuned for our next blog update!), and that’s why ECOSLO was so excited to hear about Babes Ride Out exploring Santa Margarita and all that the Central Coast has to offer! There was an instant connection between the two organizations riding on the fact that they’re both led by fearless women - we knew it would be a great match. 

Chat with the ECOSLO Team at our booth on Friday and Saturday and learn about the magic of SLO County and the Central Coast, and purchase your very own Bamboo Utensil Kit to carry along for the ride! 

Babes Ride Out 7 x ECOSLO

Things Just Got Spooky in the Catskills | Take a Haunted Moto Adventure to Burn Brae Mansion

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The Catskills are rich in history, especially the haunted kind. We can’t help but feel a slight chill in the air and at times, a pair of eyes watching us while adventuring through this wooded countryside. This year we are thrilled to bring in a historian from the area who will be telling the haunted tales of the Catskills Friday night by the fire from 10PM-11PM. So get cozy, bring a hot beverage, and get ready to hear about the spirits who are watching you throughout the weekend at Babes Ride Out East Coast!

Want to add a quick haunted loop to your weekend to visit Burn Brae Mansion? Read on to download yourself on one of Sullivan County’s most haunted estates.

Babes Ride Out


Burn Brae Mansion was built in 1907 by Margaret Ross MacKenzie Elkin as part of the estate of George Ross MackKenzie, third president of the Singer Sewing Machine company, who made his fortune as confidant and advisor to Isaac Merritt Singer, the company's founder.

Upon George’s death in 1892, with an estate valued at $3.5 million, seven of his children built elaborate summer mansions in Glen Spey. Margaret and her husband Charles Elkin built Burn Brae Mansion as the last family mansion and one of only three still surviving. It is believed that the house was designed by prominent architect Henry J. Hardenberg, who worked on a number of projects for Singer executives.


Burn Brae Mansion has had five owners since the Elkins, and over the years it has served as a boarding house, a tea room during prohibition, and a bed and breakfast. The current owners, Mike and Pat Fraysse, have lovingly restored the character of the home and brought back many of the original elements. They currently operate the house as a bed and breakfast, along with a 12-room motel on the site of the former horse stables.

At least the last two owners – whose combined ownership spans more than four decades – and their guests, have reported unexplained occurrences, such as doors opening and slamming, children’s voices, balls bouncing, and the apparitions of a woman in white, a man in turn of the century clothing, and a more modern man in overalls. Visitors also often report the sounds of animals when no animals are present and the distinct sound of an organ playing, when there is no organ in the house.

More recently, an elderly couple in their 90s, the Hapijs, both died in the house. Guests say that they can still see them from the front yard playing chess by the big window, hear his classical music and smell her daily baking.

On a beautiful night in August, 14 Ghosthunters from SJGR arrived at the Mansion complete with motion sensors, digital cameras, digital voice recorders, and Infrared thermometers, as well as some sensory abilities of their own.Their research uncovered evidence that was off the charts compared to an average investigation. They found 186 positive photos 2 positive videos and 5 motion sensor readings, which were described as well above average. They also picked up 47 EVPs and 32 Positive Anomalous EMF readings, which is extremely high. Almost all of the sensory investigators reported an overwhelming sense of spirit activity accompanied by cold patches, pressure and emotional swings.

Click  HERE  for directions for the loop to Burn Brae Mansion from Babes Ride Out East Coast

Click HERE for directions for the loop to Burn Brae Mansion from Babes Ride Out East Coast


Haunted History Returns to Babes Ride Out East Coast 4

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Just 24 minutes away from camp is a town called Honesdale Pennsylvania. This town has grown considerably over the years but one thing remains in place……the ghost of Hotel Wayne. Stop in for brunch or lunch, but please don’t bring the spirits back to camp!

Honesdale Pennsylvania’s Wayne Hotel is rife with apparitions, and has been for many years since it’s ground breaking in 1827. According to the current owner, they know of at least a couple of murders having taken place in some of the rooms. The unfortunate women who were the victims still reside there today, as does a former hotel cook whose spirit is said to inhabit the basement of the building. These are only the tip of the ghostly iceberg, as 15 separate spirits have been identified on site. If the eyes of the portrait of town founder Philip Hone seem to be following you...they probably are!

Charles Forbes built the first public house in Honesdale in 1827 on the corner of Park and Main Streets

Charles Forbes built the first public house in Honesdale in 1827 on the corner of Park and Main Streets

It shortly thereafter became the Wayne County House (or Hotel) and provided accommodations for the superintendents of the D & H Canal company and for travelers who stopped in at the popular stage coach station. It's now called simply the Hotel Wayne, a 20-room hostelry with the restaurant/tavern Bistro 1202 at street level.

The psychic Crystal Boehmer investigated the Hotel Wayne for paranormal activity. And boy, did she ever encounter a houseful of eerie guests!

Taking the grand tour, she first felt the spirit of a race horse in the Philip Hone room, which when the hotel first opened was a passageway to the stables. Boehmer even came up with a name, more or less - she thought the quarter horse answered to either "Sparky" or "Spartacus." 

SIDE NOTE: This painting of Philip Hone hangs in the stairwell. of the hotel. Watch for his lurking eyes which will follow you up the stairs.

Constantly distracted, Philip Hone amassed membership in a variety of clubs and associations, became a trustee in New York’s  first insane asylum , (seen below) and dabbled early in canal building as president of the Delaware and Hudson Canal company (later to become the basis of the D&H Railroad).

Constantly distracted, Philip Hone amassed membership in a variety of clubs and associations, became a trustee in New York’s first insane asylum, (seen below) and dabbled early in canal building as president of the Delaware and Hudson Canal company (later to become the basis of the D&H Railroad).

Philip Hone’s Lunatic Asylum, isn’t it beautiful!?

Philip Hone’s Lunatic Asylum, isn’t it beautiful!?

When she passed the office, she sensed a Civil War soldier who paced the Hotel and seems to be a chivalrous guardian for the womenfolk who visit the hotel. Boehmer also heard gunshots from the basement, and when she went downstairs, she could smell gunpowder.

Crystal also found the shadow of Paul, who provides a noticeable presence in the basement and likes to move things around. The hotel says that could be the spirit of their old cook who was named Paul and who spent a lot of his working hours in the cellar.

She had a talk with the spook of a young alcohol and drug abuser named "Cookie" who had OD'ed and died in one of the Wayne's rooms. Beohmer told him he was forgiven and to go to the light, so there may be one less spirit in the hotel to deal with if he took her advice. In Room 208, she discovered Margaret still occupying her old room, along with an elderly schoolteacher who likes to gaze out from the balcony overlooking Main Street. 

Not a real image, rather a rendering of how the ghosts appear.

Not a real image, rather a rendering of how the ghosts appear.

On the third floor she found a prostitute in red, a much battered lady of the night who died there, possibly at the hands of a client. She kept referring to "the Captain," perhaps recalling her seafaring boyfriend.

There was lots more ethereal flotsam floating around the hotel. She also said that she found:

  • A doctor in the bar area,

  • An "Adams" and a "Smith" in the building, 

  • A few children in the hotel, and

  • A mother who sits in Room 210 singing "Rock-a-Bye Baby" to her child and cooking.

And hey, that's nearly not all of the haunted roster. A couple of paranormal teams have probed the building including “Ghost Finders,” who have their findings posted on youtube, and come away with readings, messages, EVPs and visions from the many spirits who are said to inhabit the Hotel Wayne. They added to the ghostly list: 

  • A tall man with a long beard who strongly resembles Abraham Lincoln (but isn’t),

  • A baby crying in Room 208,;

  • A man in Room 321 who told one of the psychics to “lie on the bed” in a chilling voice (maybe one of the lady in red's clientele), and

  • Shadowy reenactments of lively parties that used to be held on the third floor in the hotel's main hall.

Article by Ron Ieraci

Narrowsburg, NY | Home of Babes Ride Out East Coast & So Much More

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The logistics & requirements that go into finding an event location are longer than a CVS receipt. This event was designed for the adventurous types who love the beauty of nature, road side oddities, and a good place to grab a bite to eat. Whether this is your first time coming to Babes Ride Out East or if you’ve been coming for the past 3 years, there is always something new and amazing around every corner.

By no means is this “it” as the Catskills are vast with incredible routes and scenic stops, but rather a few places we feel deserve a mention. We will be adding to this, but figured this would be a great place to list some of our favorites and if you have a few of your own, post a comment in the Facebook event page dedicated to Babes Ride Out East Coast 4. Let’s start with Narrowsburg, NY, the town itself that has so much to offer and is walking distance.

 Narrowsburg, NY

Our favorite coffee shop in town, The Tusten Cup, offers every espresso drink you can imagine, has bottles juices, kombucha, bagels, sandwiches etc for meat eaters vegetarians & vegans.

Babes Ride Out East Coast

Nora’s Lovin’ Spoonful makes a killer ice Sunday and has every flavor of ice-cream you can imagine. Want a shake? NO problem!

Babes Ride Out East Coast

The Blue Heron – breakfast & lunch are next level here.

Babes Ride Out East Coast

The Narrowsburg Inn – Low key bar and grill that has beers on tap and whom host the after party on Sat night. If you get back to camp early and we aren’t serving a brew just yet, park your bike and walk over to enjoy a cold one and say hello to Allison. Fun fact, this hotel / bar is super haunted… I am talking R E A L L Y haunted since the 1840s!

Babes Ride Out East Coast 4

The Launderette - sit on their beautiful back deck that overlooks the Delaware River and enjoy a wood fired pizza & a cold one.


Other amenities within a mile from camp:

Grocery store- Pete’s Market – If you are the particular sort and not wanting to partake in the food truck this year, Pete’s Market has you covered!

Gas – Sunoco is the closest gas station to camp. Fill up and hit the road ladies!

Spirits – Narrowsburg Liquor is right across from the gas station. If you need extra libations, they can help you out.

Don’t let this small list stop you from exploring the area on your own. Narrowsburg is full of amazing shops and restaurants so if you are staying local , give the area a good google / yelp / TripAdvisor :)

Mojave Desert Land Trust x Biltwell x Babes Ride Out Pin | A Commitment to Leave No Trace

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Our planet is precious. No matter where we go, we want to be conscious of the impact we have on the incredible natural landscapes we have the privilege of experiencing from the rider’s seat. One of our goals at Babes Ride Out 6 is to be more respectful of the ecosystems we enjoy. After all, we want future Babes to be able to ride around these desert lands for generations to come.

We have partnered with the Mojave Desert Land Trust to help reduce our footprint on the desert and everywhere we roam on two wheels or four. That is why we are excited to launch the official Mojave Desert Land Trust x Biltwell x Babes Ride Out pin. $5 from every pin sold will be donated to the Mojave Desert Land Trust to help them keep securing and protecting this beautiful place we call home. 

Babes Ride Out

Stop by the Mojave Land Trust Booth when you arrive at Babes Ride Out 6 to purchase this limited edition lapel pin and know you are truly making a difference.

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Visit the Park and Monuments Respectfully

One of the greatest joys of exploring on two wheels is capturing special moments to share with your family and friends. We want your loyal Instagram followers to see your stunning snapshots of that earth-splitting desert sunset or that adorable desert tortoise, but we also want these special landscapes and habitats to stay the way they were before we rode into town.

There are a few things to keep in mind when striking out to take pictures in fragile ecosystems. Our friends at the Mojave Desert Land Trust are experts on how artists (yes, Instagram artists count, too!) can consciously engage with the desert. Their Reading the Landscape program, guides artists through the process of creating in a way that ensures the desert will provide inspiration for generations to come.

 Going off road can create irreversible damage to the ecosystem. Here are MDLT’s tips for reducing your impact on the desert while still getting that perfect shot:

·         Stay on designated roads and trails. Avoid loose sand and soil – especially if you’re setting up a tripod! Designated areas are always a safe bet.

·         Take what you brought, including debris, chemicals, equipment, and liquids. Pack it in, pack it out!

·         Leave what you find, including rocks, vegetation, animals, bones, and historical trash.

·         Know who owns the land prior to your site visit, as well as how to access the land through legal routes and using an appropriate vehicle.

·         Identify and avoid on-site cultural resources, historic debris, and wildlife burrows. For example: A desert tortoise burrow entrance looks like the letter “D” lying on its side.

·         Respect the wildlife by giving them space. For close-up shots, make sure you have your zoom lens on hand.

·         Review the rules and regulations of the land management agency specific to your project. Obtain a commercial permit, when appropriate. If you intend to create art within Joshua Tree National Park’s boundaries, determine if your project requires a Special Use Permit. Commercial filming or photography requires a filming permit, but permits are not required for news crews or visitors photographing for personal use. All permit applications can be emailed to JOTR_Special_Use@NPS.Gov

·         Use Instagram as an educational platform for other photographers! If you see a photo on Instagram that is less-than-respectful of our desert ecosystem, politely let the user know. Our citizen Desert Defenders in Joshua Tree have used Instagram as a tool to educate visitors to great effect.

With these tips, you will be able to reduce your impact on the desert – and share its beauty with all your family, friends, and followers!

When you follow these simple rules, you are protecting all these beautiful creatures and their home :)