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Suggested Packing List for Babes Ride Out 5 | Joshua Tree, CA

DIY TipsAshmore Ellis

Coming to Babes Ride Out 5 in beautiful Joshua Tree, CA? We can't wait to have you join us for a weekend of riding and good times. Our private campsite is located 10 miles from the heart of town where you can easily find gas, a liquor stores, ATMS, a Walmart, grocery stores, little bars & grills, incredible places for lunch or snacks, and some locally owned shops. There is also a camp store on site that has literally everything you may have forgotten to bring as well. We've got world class food trucks on site (menus coming soon for even the most sensitive eaters) and all the FREE water you can drink thanks to our hydration stations! Even though the town has a lot to offer it's best to ALWAYS come prepared so if it's been a minute since you have been camping we have put together a quick list of must haves and things to consider.

 Image is of Corinne Lan Franco. We packed up and headed to Yellowstone with everything we needed for a week. If we forgot it, we picked it up on the road! 

Image is of Corinne Lan Franco. We packed up and headed to Yellowstone with everything we needed for a week. If we forgot it, we picked it up on the road! 

•    Have your bike serviced BEFORE you come to the event. Make sure that baby is tuned up and roadworthy! You are responsible for your own bike to, from, and during the event. Go through the S&S Cycle check list and fix all the issues. Click HERE
•    Check your motorcycle insurance (does it have roadside assistance? get familiar with your options before you come) If not, add the $35 100 mile moto towing to your AAA package. It's good for a year and YES, I have had to use mine before and it's saved me a ton of cash. If you bike breaks down, this is like having a guardian angel. We are not responsible for towing your bike or getting you to the event or home after the event. 
•    Tent (there are no trees for hammocks at the campgrounds). 
•    Sleeping Pad
•    Sleeping Bag
•    Headlamp
•    Water bottle and camp mug (psst pre order ours and pick up at the event!! This is such a great way to reduce waste and are only $20 for the set (we have plenty of clean water for you to keep refilling with and proceeds go to the Mojave Land Trust. Click HERE to pre order and have the set waiting for you when you arrive). 
•    Wet wipes / face wipes
•    EXTRA toilet paper. It's for your own good. 
•    Pillow (camp size)
•    Extra fuel (check out Lowbrow Customs fuel canister at $19.95)
•    Clothes for warm days and cool nights (HOT TIP! Waterproof compression sacks can fit everything you need and more at a fraction of the space). Don't pack too much, clean underwear is key. Pants, shirts, etc can be worn over and over. 
•    Zip ties
•    A couple of sandwich bags in case it rains and you need to create a waterproof way of carrying your iphone.
•    Multitool
•    Tool kit / roll
•    Swimsuit + micro fiber towel for showers (they dry super fast and pack down great!)
•    Flip flops (super shitty ones for the shower)
•    $$ always have cash on you no matter what. A lot of times banks will cut off your card as you nickel and dime your visa at the gas pump or a state park will require a small fee. 
•    $$ for merch (wait until you see the exclusives we have for you!)
•    $$ for food truck (menus launching soon for vegetarian, vegan, non gluten folks, and those of you who are "I can eat anything" style campers. 
•    $$ for coffee and presses juices (chase a cappuccino with a green juice for maximum cleansing of the system)
•    Camera or GoPro (tag your grams #ProgressiveDarkRoom to get your images printed on site for free)
•    Positive mental attitude. Be nice, say hello to your neighbor, and remember, ladies are here for ALL different reasons so respect each other :) 

Toiletries: I typically go nuts at the Target mini's aisle. Tiny shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, lotion, razor, deodorant, advil, hand sanitizer, tooth paste, compact toothbrush, chapstick are all a must. The desert is incredibly dry. Forget something? The campstore on site will have it! There are an over abundance of portos that are cleaned daily, real flushing toilets (hell yeah!), and showers on site. We got you girl! 

Packing Your Motorcycle Safely: Packing your moto safety is one of the most important things you will do. Reading this can save your life or someone else's. Please take the time and click HERE

Hot Tips

  • Keep a printout of directions and emergency #s on you
  • Plan your gas stops (ALWAYS)
  • Give your travel plans to a family member
  • Bring a battery pack to charge phones. My moto has an adapter so I can charge while riding. See if that is an option for you, it changed my life! 
  • Call your bank and let them know you are traveling
  • HYDRATE! Drink water at every single stop you make and stay hydrated at the event. I drink about a gallon of water a day while at BRO. 
  • Create a icloud folder to share your trip amongst friends! These memories will last a lifetime

Weather: As always, check the weather before you roll to know if you will need rain gear during your journey to BRO5. Click HERE to see what the forecast is calling for at the campsite. If you need to get anything, we highly recommend going to or REI  they have it all and you still have time to order these supplies online before the event. Happy camping! - Ashmore

 I didn't even wear those extra pair of shoes! 

I didn't even wear those extra pair of shoes! 

 Enjoy the adventure!! 

Enjoy the adventure!! 

Protect the Planet, Buy a Bottle + Mug Combo for Babes Ride Out 5 | 50% of Proceeds Go to The Mojave Land Trust

SponsorsAshmore Ellis

Our planet is precious. No matter where we go, we want to be conscious of the impact we have on the incredible natural landscapes we have the privilege of experiencing from the rider’s seat. One of our goals at Babes Ride Out 5 is to be more respectful of the ecosystems we enjoy. After all, we want future Babes to be able to ride around these desert lands for generations to come.

We have partnered with the Mojave Desert Land Trust to help reduce our footprint on the desert and everywhere we roam on two wheels or four. That is why we are excited to launch the official Babes Ride Out mugs and water bottles with clip on carabiners for easy moto and belt loop toting. We all need a caffeine boost for those early morning rides, and it is important to hydrate while exploring (especially in the desert), but plastic water bottles and cups take up to 1,000 years to degrade! With our reusable bottles, we can stay hydrated (in style!) while also caring for the lands we love. 50% of proceeds will be donated to the Mojave Desert Land Trust to help them keep securing and protecting this beautiful place we call home. 

 50% of Proceeds go to The Mojave Land Trust 

50% of Proceeds go to The Mojave Land Trust 

Pre-order your water bottles and mugs HERE to pick up your set at The Mojave Land Trust Booth when you arrive at Babes Ride Out 5.

Use code MDLT17 to take off the shipping for this item ONLY if you are picking it up at BRO5 (please do not add any additional items to your order, sorry!). If you want this item shipped, please DO NOT use this code. All water bottles that need to be shipped we be sent Oct 30th.


BRO5 Artist Series | Bobby Coyote

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

Babes Ride Out Artist Series highlights the talented people in our community. Every artist donates their time and creativity to create a custom piece for the BRO5 Raffle. We are so happy to be able to support Moto F.A.M. through the proceeds of the raffle each year. Moto FAM raises funds for riders that have been hurt in a motorcycle related accident, or the family of a fallen rider. Thank you so much to Biltwell for contributing the helmets for the Artist Series this year and to Vans for contributing the skate decks!

Meet Bobby!


I'm from the Bay Area, just south of San Francisco, but Los Angeles is my true home.

I started drawing when I was 4, my dad had taught me to doodle a cat but then I began to draw it better than him so he naturally freaked and became a driving force to support me in following my artistic path.

My style is very illustrative, a mixture of sex, noir, tattoo art, rebel yells, love pains and rock and roll. Influenced by classic styles of 60s-80s typography, comic books, the fashion industry and Tarantino vibes. I enjoy bad babes and am always seeking to bring them to life through art.

My favorite medium is One Shot Enamel paint on leather jackets and such, however I'm transitioning from apprentice to tattoo artist at High Art Tattoo Gallery in Los Angeles and absolutely love love love working on skin! Let me hurt you!! 

I heard about BRO a few years back from my homie Corinne, who you all surely know as the co founder and one of the dynamic forces behind ATWYLD!

I've always been obsessed with motorcycles and the culture behind it and rode dirt bikes growing up. 

If I was a motorcycle I would  be a 1970's Harley Shovelhead baby! 

Joshua Tree is one of my favorite places!!! From camping with friends to jamming all weekend at BRO events, my experience has always been hot, magical, and badass.

This year I'll be contributing a Biltwell helmet and a Vans skate deck, both hand painted by yours truly and I'm super psyched about them as I'm always inspired to put my paws on custom skate decks as well as anything moto related!!!

BRO 5 Artist Series | Katie Campbell

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

Babes Ride Out Artist Series highlights the talented people in our community. Every artist donates their time and creativity to create a custom piece for the BRO5 Raffle. We are so happy to be able to support Moto F.A.M. through the proceeds of the raffle each year. Moto FAM raises funds for riders that have been hurt in a motorcycle related accident, or the family of a fallen rider. Thank you so much to Vans for contributing the skate decks for the Artist Series this year!

Meet Katie Campbell!



VANS is super excited to be heading down to this year’s Babes Ride Out West Coast event. We supplied several talented BRO artists with decks to customize, and we’re excited to chat with artist and designer Katie Campbell whose Labyrinth-inspired board is absolutely out-of-this-world. Based in Long Beach, CA, Katie’s love of music along with her printmaking background led her to a career designing gig posters, album packaging and merchandise graphics.  We’re featuring Katie’s work and talk to her about her background, how she came up with her BRO deck, and the meticulous process she used in creating it.  ENJOY! 

Photographs courtesy of the artist | Interview by Anya Violet

Introduce yourself.
I’m a Southern girl, originally from Tallahassee, FL, living, working and eating tacos in Long Beach, CA . I’m a graphic designer and illustrator working in the Entertainment & Music Industry with focus on consumer products and apparel graphics.

How did you end up where you are design and illustrating wise? 
My passion for music led me to designing gig posters, album packaging and merchandise graphics, all right before the industry transitioned to digital. My roots are in print, shaping my style of the screen-printed, illustrated aesthetic. I eventually built an online presence which allowed me to work with bigger and bigger clients.

Who were some of your early artistic influences?
I’d say some of my early artistic influences came from watching tv and movies in the 80s and 90s. I loved “behind the scenes” and “making of” videos for things like “MJ’s Thriller”, Jim Henson creature creations, and the process behind animation. This fascination with art in pop culture continued throughout my life and influenced my creative career path.

What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t an artist?
I can’t imagine not doing anything that didn’t involve art or creativity, but if I weren’t an artist I think I would consider any job that allowed me to travel the world - working with movies, but be more of a coordinator or liaison for the art departments.

How did you first hear or get involved with Babes Ride Out?
I first heard of Babes Ride out through my girlfriend, Vivian. She rides and attended her first BRO in 2016. I was living in Florida at the time, so of course I wanted to see all of the photos and videos of the cool things she did and people she met. She told me I had to go to BRO 2017, so packed up my bags and moved to California! Turns out my girlfriend also lives in California, :) I’m super stoked to attend this year- I don’t ride yet, so I’ll be enjoying the view from the backseat, but hope to take some lessons next year.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?
If someone wanted to follow in my footsteps I would first tell them to create something every chance you get, stay aware of old and new trends, whether it’s online, street art, advertisements or art openings. Never doubt yourself or let criticism effect you negatively. Always keep a library of ideas, unused work, textures, inspiration, fonts, etc. Try to keep an online presence and create relationships with other artists from around the world. Don’t let the need for money or success guide you. If you love what you do, it will come eventually and you’ll be a happier person overall. I got to where I am by coming home at night after my day job and taking on freelance work that allowed me to illustrate and have creative freedom. I’m competitive by nature, so I constantly jumped on design competitions and local art contests. This was key to exposure, development of styles, and networking – though the cash/money/hoes was a nice perk. I eventually gained an online following, built a strong portfolio and had bigger and bigger clients ask to work with me.

Best part of what you do?
I love what I do! I get to create art that has meaning for fans. Heck, I’ve been collecting concert tees since my first New Kids on the Block show! There are still days that I have to pinch myself and think, “wow, 13-year old me would nerd out knowing I was designing shirts for Madonna.”  Overall, I just want to make art that makes people happy.

How did you come up with the idea for your board? 
I get my best ideas when I’m driving. I commute from Long Beach to LA for work, so I get a lot of time to think. I was listening to one of my mix CDs (keeping it old school) and Dance Magic Dance, from the Labyrinth soundtrack, came on. I started singing “You remind me of the babe. What babe? The babe with the power?….” and it just clicked! I instantly pictured David Bowie’s character (the Goblin King) on a motorcycle with cool hand lettering of the words “the Babe with the Power”. Majority of my work consists of apparel graphics and screen printed gig posters for the music industry, so naturally I wanted to do a gig poster-like feel with the vertical space of the deck. 

What materials did you use?
I wanted the wood to show through and keep the colors minimal. I started drawing out the design in Photoshop using my tablet. I printed out the design, taped some charcoal transfer paper to the deck and then tiled the printouts on top. I traced over everything with a stylus, which was very tedious, but allowed me to get everything just right. I used black acrylic paint for larger areas/paint marker for details and gold liquitex paint markers. Then sprayed it with a gloss varnish. 

What do you love best about participating in BRO this year?
I’m stoked to be working on a Vans skate deck for this years BRO raffle. Art, badass babes and a good cause - It’s a dream job :) 

Follow Katie Campbell
Website |
Instagram | @campkatie

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Pack Animal at Babes Ride Out 5

PeopleAnya Violet

Pack Animal started after a three day motorcycle camping trip through Washington’s North Cascades — the first moto trip my husband Mike and I went on. After getting home all we wanted to do was head right back out again, but we knew we needed proper luggage since the big backpacks we used left us feeling super sore. Both of us ride old Hondas and didn’t really expect it to be difficult to find luggage that would carry everything we needed and fit with the vintage aesthetic of our old bikes. 

We searched to the ends of the internet and only found two options, neither of which were very promising. With the help and encouragement of some friends we decided to try our hand at making saddlebags for ourselves. The first bag was finished just in time for me to head south to the second annual Babes Ride Out. 

Babes Ride Out is pretty special to me because it marks the beginning of a lot of things, personally and for Pack Animal. It was my first big solo moto trip and I remember heading home feeling inspired — it boosted my confidence as a motorcyclist and introduced me to this group of badass, diverse, and super friendly lady riders who are now some of my closest friends.

After bringing that first saddlebag to BRO2 and sharing a few photos online, the requests to make more started pouring in and we realized we weren’t the only ones looking for a new kind of luggage system. We spent a year planning, prototyping, and testing, before we launched Pack Animal on Kickstarter one week after Babes Ride Out 3, and it’s been a whirlwind ever since.

Today, all of our luggage is made by hand in our Seattle workshop with a small team of four (including Mike and I). We’ve learned so much and we’ve made a lot changes since that first saddlebag. It’s been three years and we’re excited to now offer saddlebags, tool rolls, backpacks, a collection of small leather goods, and so much more to come.

We’re SO pumped to come to Babes Ride Out 5 this year with a booth to show everyone what we’ve been up to, and I can’t wait to give all these ladies an opportunity to see if our bags might be the right fit for their next moto adventure! 

Vans at Babes Ride Out 5

Anya Violet
 Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Genevieve Davis

Mobile House of Vans Photos by Laura June Kirsch


Mobile House of Vans Workshop at Babes Ride Out 2017:
Vans is pleased to announce that the Mobile House of Vans will be on site at Babes Ride Out 2017 with an exclusive artist workshop. The Mobile House of Vans will open its doors in Joshua Tree to host an artist-led workshop by chainstitch and embroidery artist, Lacy VanCourt. The first 180 guests will have the opportunity to receive a limited-edition Vans x BRO patch or bandana personalized with chainstitch name customization performed on site by Lacy. 500 additional visitors will receive a commemorative embroidered patch designed exclusively for Vans x BRO 2017. Over the three-day event, Lacy will lead four hand sewing workshops (limited to 45 people per workshop) to teach guests how to apply patches to their own garments.


Vans Customs Raffle Contribution:
Vans is excited to contribute five Vans Customs Gift Certificates for the Babes Ride Out 2017 raffle. Five lucky winners will be able to design one free pair of their own custom Vans shoes. Vans Customs have been a tradition since 1966, when Paul Van Doren made shoes with any fabric people brought by the shop. Today, the creativity is still in your hands. Pick your shoe, pick your colors and patterns, and make them yours.

Customs photo provided by