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Lucky Wheels DIY Garage at Babes Ride Out 6

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Our friends at Lucky Wheels Garage will have their DIY garage set up at Babes Ride Out 6! Need a tool? They got ya covered! Need to check your tire pressure? No problem! Do it yourself at the Lucky Wheels booth!!!! Make sure your bike is roadworthy before you ride!

 Photo by Monica Semergiu

Photo by Monica Semergiu

Lucky Wheels is based in LA and offer monthly memberships or day use options for their full service DIY garage! They host learning clinics and events all the time so make sure and follow them at @luckywheelsgarage on Instagram! Stop by while you’re in town to say HI!

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 photo by Heidi Zumbrun

photo by Heidi Zumbrun

Reduce the Risk of Breaking Down | A Quick Checklist Brought to You by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney

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Motorcycle maintenance is incredibly important and a responsibility that each rider should take seriously. Making sure your machine is up to par reduces risk and we all know enough risk is involved in riding as is. We spoke with Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys to get a few tips on how to check your moto before you hit the road to Babes Ride Out 6.

 Photo by @twofoursixer / Geoff Kwolchuk

Photo by @twofoursixer / Geoff Kwolchuk

When is the best time to go over your bike? We recommend taking it for a spin fully packed as if you’d be on your way to Babes Ride Out. A quick inspection after you hop off the bike can help you fix situations early so you aren’t stranded with issues. Let’s get started!

Tire Inspection is key and checking pressure, for nails/bolts that may have penetrated your tires, and wear) are super important to note when examining your bike after the tires cool. Always make sure your tires are up to par (before and after your ride) and if you are in doubt, take it in! It’s not worth your life.

Clean your bike: Wiping down everything helps you notice and erosion, loose parts, stripped bolts, leaks, etc. Touch everything (obviously when pipes / engine are cool).

Are your controls dialed? Look for missing bolts/nuts, frayed & kinks, and make sure your handle bars can be easily moved with no binding. There should be no excess play in your throttle, make sure that bad boy snaps back into place.

Do your lights work? Test them! Brake, signals, headlight. These are crucial and should be kept cleaned. Check your battery while you are at it to ensure it’s charged properly and the terminals are clean, battery bolted down tight, etc.

Make sure your brake fluid, oil, final drive, transmission, coolant, and fuel levels are dialed in.

Check your luggage and the components that connect it to the bike / frame. Is your sissy bar loose? Are you packed sky high above the bar? Move your items around, shake the hell of out them to see if they still stay in place. Not having your gear tied down is a huge risk not only to yourself but to those riding behind you.

Ok so maybe you still break down even though you went through every single part of your bike. It happens! Thankfully RBMA has a rider’s network for FREE called B.A.M.

Motorcycle Roadside Assistance

BAM: Breakdown and Legal Assistance for Motorcyclists

BAM is a unique volunteer organization of bikers helping bikers. Motorcycle Attorney Russ Brown started BAM over 30 years ago to provide breakdown assistance to motorcyclists across the country. BAM’s nationwide volunteer network of roughly 2 million motorcyclists can help you in an emergency. If you experience a breakdown or mechanical problems while on the road, call 1-800-4-BIKERS, and we will search our volunteer network and send someone out to help.

Roadside Assistance for Motorcycles

BAM also provides free legal advice to members. Started by the Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys who ride, BAM is the ultimate resource for riders that we have developed and fine-tuned for over 30 years. As a result, the Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys at Russ Brown have developed trusted relationships with the best lawyers across the country. Over four hundred of the very best biker–friendly lawyers are ready to help you if you are involved in a motorcycle crash. BAM’s emergency ID card can speak for you if you are incapacitated in a crash: we list your emergency contact person, medical problems, and blood type. When emergency personnel call, we will supply this information and provide donors if necessary.

Get your FREE BAM Benefit card by clicking HERE to sign up! A little extra help could possibly be the best thing you ever signed up for.

Mixing Good Times with Good Friends | Sailor Jerry's Happy Hour Returns to Babes Ride Out

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There is nothing like a happy hour after you've had a day of excellent riding at Babes Ride Out 6. For those of you who are parking your motos for the night, our good friends at Sailor Jerry have offered free mix drinks starting at pm until they run out of each night's supply. Not into SJ or other mixed drinks? No problem! The bar offers other drinks for purchase and we will have fresh pressed juices for sale each day. The water is always free so bring your canteen down and stay hydrated. 

 Ashley Marsh, brand ambassador for Sailor Jerry and one of our favorite rippers! 

Ashley Marsh, brand ambassador for Sailor Jerry and one of our favorite rippers! 

About Sailor Jerry Rum


Our recipe is based on the tradition of sailors improving the flavor of their on-board rum rations. (The first nation to abolish issuing sailors daily rum was the U.S., which did so in 1862. New Zealand upheld the practice until 1990). Generally there were two ways to take the edge off rum. One was to age the liquid in wooden casks, which sailors rarely bothered with. The other way was to blend in spices. This is what most sailors did and it's what we do.

Sailor Jerry was an exacting craftsman. His tattoos were precise, bold and flawless. Even the riggings on his clipper ship tattoos were nautically accurate. We craft our rum to a similar standard, going out of our way to find the best Caribbean rums to make Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum. The ones that make the cut are blended together to create the ideal base for our unmatched recipe of natural spices.

Our higher proof spirit is historically accurate. In fact, the term “proof” comes from the method whereby sailors could assure their rum rations weren't being watered down. The ship's captain would ladle out a sample from the day's rum barrel in front of the men. He'd douse it with gunpowder, then give it a spark — if the rum was full strength, the powder ignited, giving sailors “proof” of the integrity of their rum.

Staying true to the old-school tradition of spicing high proof rum results in a uniquely bold, smooth and balanced liquid – perfect in your favorite cocktails.

 Serving up good times only! 

Serving up good times only! 

Looking for Adventure? We've Got You Covered! Explore Some of Our Favorite Riding Routes During Babes Ride Out 6 via Biltwell Inc.

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Babes Ride Out has always been and always will be a riding event. Nothing makes us happier than to see camp empty out and our Instagram bursting at the seams with ladies tagging us during their adventures and taking in all the beautiful sites the area has to offer.  As we near the event, we will be posting some of our favorite places to ride to that are completely surreal. First up on that  list is Salvation Mountain....

 Photo by Virginia Cagney 

Photo by Virginia Cagney 

Salvation Mountain 

  • 5.5 hours + gas & food stops
  • 248 miles round trip
  • Click HERE to download the route and plan your gas stops
  • Note this route takes you through Joshua Tree Park ($12 per moto but pass is good for 7 days so you can hit this route and do the entire state park the next day or so!)
  • HOT TIP: Since this route starts and ends with a rip through the state park, time it right and hit an insane sunset on the way back from the day trip. Nothing is more beautiful. 
  • Salton Sea is to simply put "NUTS!" Take time to get off the bike and explore the history, the fish bones, the sulfur smell....ahhhh!
  • Salvation Mountain is magical. No words can describe it's uniqueness, you gotta see it to believe it! 
  • Ever seen the movie Salton Sea with Val Kilmer? Filmed here
  • International Banana Museum. Self explanatory (thanks for the heads up Ace!)
  • East Jesus is a must see for art installations and the Bottle Wall 
  • Slab City aka "the last free place on earth" words. Part of the movie Into the Wild was filmed here. 

This is definitely the longest of the route options but so worth it. We recommend getting an early start for this one. This amazing art installation out in the desert will blow your mind! There is simply nothing like Salvation Mountain anywhere in the world. 


Salvation Mountain is an eye-popping burst of color in the Imperial Valley desert two hours east of San Diego. Leonard Knight started building Salvation Mountain in the early 80s. Armed with half of a bag of cement, Leonard fashioned a small monument. One thing turned into another - days turned into weeks and weeks turned into years. Each day, Leonard would put a little more cement and a little more paint on the side of a forgotten riverbank. 

"I was just going to stay one week. It's been a very good week" L.Knight 1996

As his monument grew taller and taller, he would pack old junk he found at the dump onto the side of his "mountain," fill it with sand and cover it with cement and paint. As cement was hard to come by, he would mix a lot of (too much) sand with it. Leonard's mountain grew and grew - 30, 40, 50 feet and more. It was the same familiar patchwork of colors emblazoned with a big red "God Is Love" on a white background. Below that was the Sinners Prayer and a red heart. It was quite a spectacle out there in the middle of nowhere.  Leonard estimates that he has put well over 100,000 gallons of paint on his mountain. 

Other Things Worth Checking Out on this Ride

  • Salton Sea Bay Club
  • Salton Sea Visitors Center
  • Bombay Beach Ruins
  • Buckshot Deli and Diner
  • Mud Volcanoes and Mud Pots

Before You Ride

  • NO ROUTES GO OFF-ROAD! If your GPS takes you to dirt, turn around immediately. 
  • As a motorcyclists, it's 100% your responsibility to check the route for any road closures as we near the event, plan your gas stops, organize your group or link up with new friends based on riding abilities and tank sizes, have a plan for breakdowns (check  your insurance for road side assistance or invest in AAA's towing package for motorcyclists). We are not responsible for transporting broke down bikes to and from camp. This is YOUR adventure so take pride in the planning and the process. 
  • We will have Biltwell routes maps at the Mojave Desert Land Trust booth with routes ranging from 60 miles to 300 we we strongly suggest you download the google map before you head out so you are aware of every turn. 
  • Riding in a group? Please refresh yourself and the group by having your own riders meeting to designate a sweep and lead. Plan gas stops, food stops, etc. Click HERE for a great riding in groups etiquette refresher! 
  • You are riding at your own risk
 Route overview 

Route overview 

The All New Red Wing Heritage Womens Round Toe Boot

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babes ride out

“So many of us have been loving the women’s collection of Red Wing Heritage. The women’s fit and slight refinement of the men’s styles without lowering the leather or manufacturing standards has made styles like the 6” Moc Toe, the Clara and the Iron Ranger “go to” boots for us riders. 

Since Fall 2018 is upon us we get to be first to see the brand new women’s Round Toe which will be available in Black Boundary, Copper Rough and Tough, and Colorado Atanado. 

Originally developed for farmers, Red Wing introduced the 6-Inch Round Toe work boot in 1919, making it one of our oldest models. The round toe eliminates the need for extra stitching, and the Traction Tred outsole was added in the 1950s for improved mud-shedding grip. Durable and well-designed, the Round Toe combines the comfort of an oxford with the strength of a work boot in a style that dates back almost a century.”

The Real Deal Workshop at Babes Ride Out 6 | Put the Power Into Your Own Hands

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Ready to put the power into your own hands? Hike up your britches and prepare to get real!! The ladies of RealDeal are coming to Babes Ride Out 6 bigger than ever! They have been on huge demand at past BRO events with lines out their doors and this year things are going to be on fire!  No pre registration for classes, simply head to their booth and sign up when you arrive at Babes Ride Out 6. Read on to hear what the Real Deal is all about and what they will be teaching at the event. 

 Photo by Lindsey Lohden

Photo by Lindsey Lohden

Real Deal (RD) is officially a non-profit 501c3… made up of a team of Renegades that ride, wrench, wheel, race, produce, execute and win… all of which are heavily involved in those practices from start to finish line. Their main mission on this earth is to revolutionize the perception of skilled trades… and women’s roles in them.

They will be setting up shop on site at BRO6 in Joshua Tree to offer basic training in blacksmithing, motorcycle maintenance, custom paint, welding and so much more! This is the perfect opportunity to get some tools in your hands and try something new in a like-minded environment. These skills may help build your next motorcycle, customize the one you have now, or expand your creative talents to new heights and open the possibilities to new careers and hobbies. 

One of RealDeal’s biggest goals is to get babes on a level where they feel comfortable upgrading their own bike, not only to earn pride in their hard work, but also to feel confident in entering the RealDeal bike show at BRO… and hopefully the women’s show class at ALL bike events. All of us want to see your style, hear your stories, watch and guide your progress. (details for bike show coming soon)

“We simply want to encourage and support women to get their hands dirty, because we truly believe that self empowerment comes from the ability to handle anything on your own, in any situation, no matter where you are. Our team lives and breathes that freedom daily and enjoys sharing how fulfilling that awesomeness really is. The vibe at BRO over the last few years gave a massive impression of what is really happening; it’s way more than just a ladies moto campout, its a revolution. We found ourselves compelled to be a part something so tangible and so on the forefront of morphing the way us women roll.”, says RD founder Jessi Combs.

Check out their website at for Real Deal merchandise, instructional workshop schedules, blog posts on Real Deal women, and to follow their journeys of inspiring more women to work creatively in the shop and play hard in life. 

We look forward to sharing their skills with you again! Make sure and stop by their booth onsite, sign up for a workshoppe, pick up some tools, and add a new skill or two to your gamut of awesomeness. Donations are greatly appreciated to help fund future workshoppes and expand this revolution.