Babes Ride Out

The Real Deal WorkShoppes

Event InfoAnya Violet

The Real Deal Workshoppes are going to be pretty damn amazing this year! Welding, pinstriping, leatherwork, hand painting. These babes have rallied to come together and carry on the vision of helping to revolutionizing the perception of skilled trades ..and women's roles in them. Jessi would be so proud. Check out the schedule and join in the fun!

babes ride out
babes ride out

There is a ton of awesome hands-on learning opportunities provided by this awesome organization. A suggested donation of $20 per workshoppe is greatly appreciated and goes right back in the Real Deal Revolution and allows them to keep putting tools in the hands of women and teaching hands-on trades! Donate what you can and join in the fun!

No need to sign up ahead of time, just stop by the shop to see which demos you want to join in on!

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