Babes Ride Out

A Tribute to Jessi Combs

Event InfoAnya Violet

This year, at BRO7 we would like to pay tribute to our friend Jessi Combs. Jessi brought so much to this community over the years. Right next to the Real Deal workshop we will have the “In memory of Jessi Combs” gallery tent. We encourage everyone attending to bring a photo you have taken with Jessi OR a photo of yourself that you feel embodies Jessi’s mission: “To reveal to this world what they are capable of, by showing them the confidence and abilities they already possess.” Maybe it is a photo of you on your first ride or on the day you reached a goal you didn’t think you could reach. Maybe its the photo of the day you met Jessi. In addition to the photos that you bring, we will have “Do it for Jessi” intention cards available for you to share with us a way that Jessi and her message have impacted your life. This space will be an evolving gallery dedicated to this inspirational woman and the impact she had on this community. #DOITFORJESSI


For more info on The Jessi Combs Foundation please follow