Babes Ride Out

Introducing the ECOSLO x Babes Ride Out x Biltwell Collectors Pin

LocalsAshmore Ellis

We partnered with ECOSLO & Biltwell to create this limited edition “Central Coast” pin that will be sold at the event in efforts to raise funds to help aid ECOSLO’s mission to protect and preserve the Central Coast. Feel good knowing 100% of proceeds will be used towards their initiatives to support their numerous beach clean ups and public education. Pins will be available for $10 at the ECOSLO booth during Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast and if any are left over, they will be put on our website.

The Message: As we grow as a community, so does the responsibility to protect and preserve the places we call home. By wearing the ECOSLO x Babes Ride Out x Biltwell pin, you take an oath to leave no trace and to do your part to protect the beautiful landscapes of the Central Coast of California for future generations to come.

Thank you Biltwell for assisting with the art work for this year’s pin.

Babes Ride Out 7 x Central Coast

ECOSLO’s Favorite Destinations Along the Central Coast

Want to know more about what this pin represents and protects? The Central Coast has so much to offer - scenic highway routes, isolated back road views, geologic formations that started the foundation of the city and surrounding areas, and more. With the help of contributions, these favorite destinations remain pristine for generations to come and we want you to feel at home as you traverse them, knowing you did your part to protect them, hand and hand with us.


For the Coast: Morro Rock - the seventh of the “9 Sisters,” these peaks hold more than just value - they hold the history of the native people that lived here, as well as history of the tectonic plate movement.  All nine peaks are volcanic hills that were created over 20 million years ago! Remember to purchase and pack up an ECOSLO Bamboo Utensil Kit for your packed lunch with this marvelous view! 

  • A note from ECOSLO: there are trash cans in the parking lot of Morro Rock, however, we pick up hundreds of pounds of trash here every year. Opt for zero-waste snacks (bulk nuts or trail mix, bees wrap-wrapped sandwiches, etc.) to help us reduce the waste! 

For the Backcountry Rip: Pozo Backcountry - if you’re into the see absolutely no one, and enjoy the views of rolling hills, you need to take the roads of Pozo. Visit Pozo Saloon for a burger, and imagine seeing Willie Nelson, Ziggy Marlet, and Snoop Dogg perform live here, which did actually happen in past years. Packing your lunch? There are no trash cans out here -- pack your lunch in beeswax wrappers, or Stasher reusable ziplocs!

For the Coastal Explorer: Imagine a California State Park that has free admission -- the Central Coast has it!  Montaña de Oro is a coastal State Park where you can ride above the waves, with pull offs to take in the jaw-dropping coastal views, to the woodland eucalyptus forests.