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The Real Deal Moto Show in Memory of Jessi Combs

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babes ride out

The Real Deal Moto Show

In Memory of Jessi Combs

babes ride out

Continuing their annual tradition, Real Deal Revolution will host the Real Deal Moto Show at Babes Ride Out 7 in memory of Jessi Combs. Launching the moto show in 2017 at BRO 5, Real Deal Revolution co-founders Jessi Combs and Theresa Contreras wanted to encourage women to be hands-on building and modifying their bikes themselves.

“Jessi loved the details,” says Theresa Contreras, “Appreciating one another’s handiwork by including the moto show as part of what we do at BRO gives us another opportunity to engage and encourage women.” From making the trophies in Real Deal’s on-site welding and fabrication classes to reaching out and welcoming women to enter their bikes, the Real Deal Moto Show embodies so much that Jessi was passionate about and lived her life for.

Jessi & Theresa began Real Deal Revolution with a mission to break stereotypes and empower women to fearlessly pursue their goals. In addition to the classes and moto show they sponsor at Babes, they’ve taken part in numerous other events, held workshops on welding, painting, blacksmithing and more. The BMW R9T land speed-inspired racer the two built together will be on display during Babes Ride Out 7 as well, alongside the bikes entered into the Real Deal Moto Show.

While we will forever miss her disarming smile and laugh, Jessi’s presence will remain. Dedicating the Real Deal Moto Show is one fitting way to celebrate her heart and continue working forward in her vision.


Friday October 11th 2019

· 12pm-4pm Register at the Real Deal Revolution Booth 

· 4:30pm-6:30pm Bike show and voting 

· 6:30pm Final Votes IN

· 7pm Bike show winners announced on stage

How to Register:

Once you arrive walk on up to the Real Deal registration booth to fill out the registration form and grab you bike pass to get access to bring your bike in to the show area.

Bike Classes: