Babes Ride Out

Free Roadside Assistance Provided by Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys to and from Babes Ride Out East Coast 4

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Nothing worse is to be stranded with no chase truck miles from anything familiar. We do not have a tow truck at our disposal so if you ride to any of our events, make sure to sign up for FREE roadside assistance from our good friends Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys. It only takes a min and could save you a major headache and a ton of cash if you run out of gas, run into electrical problems, or just have some bad luck on your way to and from Babes Ride Out Est Coast 4.

Be prepared! Sign up for Free Emergency Roadside Assistance from Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys to and from our event. #BAM-roadside membership (for riders only) offers the following volunteer services for life:

(1) Delivery assistance with gas, tools, or parts if you are
stranded with your bike on the side of the road
(2) Help with a Free Tow to a nearby shop in an emergency
(3) Motorcycle storage for a few days in an emergency situation
(4) Free Legal Advice! Visit to get your
membership card, it's quick and easy.