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Sacha Braddock & her 2008 Harley Sportster 883XL | 1 Year in and a Lifetime to Go

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Sacha Braddock just had her 1 year moto anniversary! She didn’t grow up around bikes or have any friends that could introduce her to bikes but she found her way to a life on two wheels anyway. Through her experiences on her Harley-Davidson 883XL Sportster and her first ride to BRO6 she has found a great community of motorcyclists and a passion that will last a lifetime. Read on to get to know more about her.

babes ride out

Sacha Braddock @Sacha_braddock

How long have you been riding motorcycles and how did you get started? 

Last week, March 14th, was my first bike anniversary. For as long as I can remember I've wanted a motorcycle, I was not raised around motorcycles nor did I have anyone in my family or friend circle to introduce me to them. When I was living in Houston I decided a scooter would be my training wheels to getting a motorcycle (silly me I should have just gotten a motorcycle), so I got my license for that 150cc scooter. Finally a year ago my friend was looking to sell his bike and it happened to be perfect timing financially and I was able to buy it cash.

Why do you ride motorcycles / What do you get out of riding motorcycles? 

Honestly growing up I wanted to ride because anytime I would see a woman on a bike I could see myself on that bike. Women who rode were bad ass and strong. Now that I finally have a motorcycle I see that these women are so much more than just bad ass and strong, and being a part of such a wonderful community of women riders, getting on my bike to sum it up is simply freeing. My job requires me to spend tons of time in my car and on airplanes that when the weekend comes my goal is to not get in a car and only ride my moto!

Run us through the list of bikes you have had in your past / currently own:

My 2008 Sportster 883XL is my first and only bike, for now.

babes ride out

What first attracted you to Harley-Davidson? 

I will have to answer this question by saying what first attracted me to my particular Harley Davidson was how shiny and clean the chrome was. I always knew that I wanted a bike and when my friend rode what is now my motorcycle to the gym, I sat on it and fell in love. I began to do more research on the Sportster in particular and absolutely feel in love. Ergonomically it seems like the perfect fit for someone my height, it was just a fly looking bike that I knew I needed to have.

How did you know it was the bike for you? 

I remember asking my friend if I could cruise around the neighborhood one day after we worked out. Mind you I hadn't actually ridden a motorcycle since my safety course so the ride itself I am sure was funny to watch. For me that first ride, I just knew, this was my bike.

Tell us what it is like to ride your particular bike: 

To sum it up I would have to say powerful. Now I know my bike is an 883, but I went from an 150cc scooter to my sportser and to me it is powerful. Rolling the throttle makes you physically go faster but feeling that speed from the wind to my pipes, those 10 year old stock pipes still rip.

What made you choose your model over the other H-D models? 

I wish I had a compelling story, but in all reality all of the stars aligned and at the end was my Sportster. My friend was finally ready to sell his bike to me, I had just closed on my condo and I was able to buy this bike cash. Do not get me wrong there were plenty of bikes out there that I could have purchased but I wanted this Sportster and when everything just came together I knew this was my bike.

Any modifications? Tell us about them if so:

My bike only has a few modifications, I have Roland Sands adjustable levers because I have smaller hands. Keystone handlebars with Vans grips and I put an LED bulb in my headlight. I love the classic look of my Sportster so my next modification will be to upgrade my pipes and swap out all of my lights to LED. I need to be seen and heard!

What has been you favorite adventure you have taken on your bike? 

Babes Ride Out 6 through Joshua Tree through the park is hands down to date my favorite adventure. It was a dream come true that I didn't even know I had. Last year was my first Babes Ride out and I really didn't have much freeway experience so a few of my friends that I ride with every weekend, towed her out there for me. I am beyond grateful for those women at my camp at babes! Kim who was a Babes veteran guided us through Joshua Tree park, we cruised both sides of Pioneer town and all through 29 Palms. It was the best learning experience because I was surrounded by so many women who were helping me along the way.

babes ride out

Do you have any fun road trips planned? 

This year I am riding to Babes Ride Out 7! Thankfully my local community of women that I ride with have really been awesome and taking me out on longer freeway rides getting me ready for Babes and all the future moto adventures to come!

Tell us about your experience at Babes Ride Out?

A fucking dream come true! Babes was just about 6 months after I bought my bike and I still didn't have the time or confidence to ride that distance on the freeway so the women I ride with in long beach rented a trailer and towed my bike out for me. Being that I didn't grow up camping, naturally I had my concerns, where was I going to shower, would there be hot water and were there bugs. Lucky for me my friend was a camping and Babes professional not only did they tow my bike but I was one of the last few to check in Thursday night any my tent was all set up! Friday morning is when it really hit me, walking to "town" passing all the bikes and tents, I think I said good morning to every single babe I passed with the biggest smile on my face. I remember thinking to myself "this must be what those folks who love Disneyland feel like". Babes was my Disneyland. I met the most amazing women who really guided me on my longest rides to date. Riding through Joshua Tree 15 deep was magical to say the least. I am not a mushy woman but I probably hugged and thanked women I just met because I was simply happy to be surrounded by them.

babes ride out

Any advice for ladies who want to get started on two wheels?

Always ride your own ride. There is a whole community of women out there that you can ride with, when you are ready and even when you are not they are there. If you have no experience or decades of experience find that community, that group of riders that you have seen mashing down the freeway, they look badass and they where you were once. Have fun, I often think way too much about everything but with my bike I gear up and get out, I can ride 5 miles or 50 it doesn't matter as long as you ride. Most importantly always gear up, summer time comes, people are cruising down PCH with tank tops and Vans. It will be tempting to not wear all your gear all the time trust me. Fight that urge, there are so many companies out there with protective gear that is safe and looks great.

babes ride out

Want to learn how to ride? Harley-Davidson has riding schools across the US! Click HERE to see where you can sign up and take a step to changing your life <3