Babes Ride Out

Ride Safe, Have Fun

SafetyAnya Violet

Babes Ride Out 7 is next week!!! We are so excited and can’t wait to see you all roll in to camp. Let’s make sure that everyone gets there safely! We have compiled some helpful info on how to stay safe!

babes ride out


The importance of practicing to make sure you are ready for the roads you might encounter


Ride your own ride

Riding at your own comfortable pace


Riding in a Group

Know the proper etiquette


Tips for New Riders

Everyone finds their way to two wheels a different way. Make sure the path is your own


First Responder

Advice on what to do if you see a rider down

How to Safely Pack Your Bike

Riding with a loaded bike does feel different so make sure to get a feel for it before you set out


Tips for riding in the wind

It’s good to be prepared for anything


Getting used to the bike you are going to ride

Just a reminder to make sure to spend some time getting used to the bike you are going to ride, as you are going to ride it before you set out on a long road trip.