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Westside Moto Academy Motorcycle Safety Demo's at BRO6

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We are excited to announce that Westside Moto Academy will be joining us at Babes Ride Out 6 this year! With decades of experience as professional riding instructors this women owned academy will be there to give pointers on technique and provide education that will help to keep you safe on the road. Make sure and stop by their booth this year to learn more.

ALSO Click HERE to learn about a safety refresher course they are offering leading up to the event. 

Check out some of the topics they will be covering at their booth. Are you new to riding? Make sure you stop by and ask any questions you have that might help your technique!


·       Topic:  Alcohol and Motorcycling  

·       Activity: Fatal Vision Alcohol Goggles. 


Each participant will be asked to perform very simple, every day tasks, such as walking, picking up keys, touching an object, tossing a ball into a can, etc.  The participant will be asked to perform the same tasks, only now with the Fatal Vision Alcohol Goggles.  These patented goggles allow participants to experience with a sober mind what it’s like to be under the influence of alcohol. They are designed to simulate a person’s reaction, balance, and coordination if that person had a B.A.C. level of .07 to 10.00 (the equivalent of 2-3 drinks in 1 hour). 



·       Topic: What’s on your motorcycle mind?

·       Activity: Q&A with the ladies of WMA

Using index cards, we’ll ask participants to ask any motorcycle question and put it in a box.  We’ll pick a card at the beginning and end of every night, and the author of the question we choose will win a prize.



·       Topic: Conspicuity “Being Seen”

·       Activity: Hi Vis Vest Demo

Since research shows that “being seen, not heard” reduces motorcycle collisions, Erika will demonstrate the need for wearing a retroreflective vest at night.  These vests will be given out for FREE to those who will commit to wearing one.  Please Note: These vests are light weight and can be easily stored and hidden in one’s tank bag or crumpled up and stored in a back pocket, so GOD FORBID no one sees you once you’re off your bike and have arrived at your destination 😉