Babes Ride Out

Babes Ride Out | Suggested Day Routes | Pioneertown Loop!

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Babes Ride Out is a true riding event which means when the sun comes up, grab a coffee, some breakfast at camp, and get outta there and explore some of the best riding in Southern California. We aren't joking when we say the camp clears out during the day. If you stay behind, you are blowing it! Stop by the Mojave Land Trust booth , pick up your Biltwell route map, and make sure to download these directions before you go. 

This route hits some of our all time favorite places in Joshua Tree. If you rode like hell to get to the event or a newer rider and just want to cruise, this mellow ride is for you. 


Pioneertown  (60 Miles)

  • 1 hour and 30 min round trip on your bike
  • Amazing little route that takes you through some winding roads with minimal stop lights
  • Pappy and Harriets is a must see, eve Paul McCartney played show on their small stage
  • Pappy and Harriets also has an insane lunch! They open at 11:00 and their mac and cheese is incredible! But you can cruise their menu HERE
  • Pioneertown is an old set created for Hollywood westerns. You'll be able to visit Sarah Tabbs at the Pioneertown General Store which is stoked with vintage and locally made items! 
  • Last time I checked, a few mini ponies were hanging at in Pioneertown (please take a photo with them)
  • Download route HERE
Pioneertown Babes Ride Out.jpg

Before you ride please note:

  • IF YOUR GPS TAKES YOU ON DIRT ROADS TURN AROUND!!! The link above has correct directions :) 
  • You are riding at your own risk so please make sure you view the route & mark your gas stops based on tank size, check the local weather where you are going, check for last minute road closures,  and have the skill set to ride comfortably.