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Artist Series | Jessica Fife

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The Babes Ride Out Artist series showcases the art of talented people in our community. Each piece is donated to the Moto F.A.M. X Babes Ride Out raffle. Moto F.A.M.  is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping riders facing life changing injuries after a serious motorcycle accident. Meet Jessica Fife ! She has hand painted an Biltwell helmet for BRO6 raffle. Read on to get to know more about Jessica!

babes ride out

Name: Jessica Fife

Instagram Handle: fife_moto_art & fife_art

Where are you from originally? Long Beach, CA

Where do you live now? Nashville, TN

What first got you into art? I have always drawn. I was the kid that got detention for doodling all over my papers and not paying attention. Going to art museums as a kid really ignited my passion for art.  

How would you describe your style? Figurative surrealism

What inspires you? God, friends, people I meet, nature and those moments that I am so grateful to be alive. Have any artists in particular been an influence on you? Frida Kahlo, Josh Keyes, Gail Potocki, Manet, Mark Maggori, so so many

What is your favorite medium? Oil Paint

When did you first hear about Babes Ride Out? I met some girls that went to the first BRO. I was the coordinator for BRO2.

What is your connection to the motorcycle community? I have always had friends that ride. I started doing tanks and helmets about 6 years ago.  

Do you ride? If so, what do you ride? I do. I have a 74 Honda CB550. She’s Orange and named Lucile.

If you were a motorcycle what kind would you be? A Triumph Bonneville with black glitter candy bodywork. 

Have you ever been to Joshua Tree? Many times, my grandparents used to live there when I was a kid. What was your experience there? I love it there. The deep blue sky and deep yellows and oranges of the land and rocks. Mixed with the huge Joshua Trees jutting up everywhere. It’s magical.

What will you be contributing to this years raffle? A black full face Biltwell helmet. Tigers and flowers is all I’ll say.

Tell us about what inspired you to create it? I have always loved tigers and loved painting and drawing them. The ease that they walk around with such power and presence. Incredible animals. Partnered with flowers create a beautiful contrast.