Babes Ride Out

Girl on a Moto Presents: Camp Games at BRO6

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What is better than grown ass women sending it on a velcro wall or wrestling in sumo suits? Nothing, nothing is better than that. That is why our good friends at Girl on A Moto will be hosting CAMP GAMES at Babes Ride Out 6. Join in the fun, let loose and never take yourself too seriously! Friday evening the games are ON in the main event space, we can’t wait to see everyone enjoy the best adult summer camp around!

Let the Games Begin!!!

babes ride out

Battle it out with your favorite Babe or new friend in the Sumo suits!


Lets see who can send it the most on the velco wall!

Meet the lovely ladies of Girl on A Moto: Beulah Mae and Connie Dibartola! They will be your hosts!